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LLANBADARN. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 25TH.—Before J. G. W. Bonsall, J. T. Morgan, and T. W. Bonsall, Esqs. Stealing a Wire Post.—Mary Davies, Penrhiw, was charged by David Jones, nuisance inspector, with stealing a wire post, value 6d., from a field in his occupation at Llanbadarn on the 9th of June.—The prosecutor produced a map of the field and gave his evidence in great detail to the effect that he saw defendant in the field between four and five in the morning of the 9th of June. Accused had a wire post in her hand. Told her to put it down and she did so. Had missed posts and rails on former occasions. —Sentenced to two months' hard labour. Wilful Damage to Crowing Hay.—Eliza Davies, Pen- rhiw, the mother to the former accused, was charged by David Jones, nuisance inspector, with doing damage to the amount of bd. on the 11th of June to some growing hay in a field in his occupation, On that morning about five o'clock he went to his field and saw marks of grass having been newly cut. Had often missed grass before. Did not see any one there that morning.—David Davies said that on the morning of the 11th he got up at twenty minutes to five. Went to the top of the garden. First thing lie saw was the accused cutting hay in the com- plainant's field. Got on the top of the hedge and watched her. Accused's daughter, who was not far off, called "chick, chick," to warn her mother, who stopped ami went towards her house.—One month's imprisonment, with hard labour. Assault and Inciting to Breach, of Peace.—James Riley and Isaac Williams, Nantsiriol, Clarach, farm servant, were charged by William Dawson, railway accountant, with assaulting him and inciting him to commit a breach of the peace on the night of the 5th of July.—Complainant said that he was going home with Mrs. Dawson and was met by four men who were abusive and one of them struck him. He got Mrs. Dawson through the men and put her in a cottage. On returning the men had gone.—Sergt. Morgan said he had two of the men who were present as witnesses. He could get no other information and that was why he had brought them to prove the case.—Jacob Williams admitted that one of the men took hold of com- plainant and struck him on the shoulder. They did not intend to do any harm.—William Hughes also gave evidence.—The magistrates said the offence had become a public nuisance and must be put down. --A fine of £ 2 and costs each was inflicted.. Wilful Damage to a Tree.—Edward Davies. labourer, Aberystwyth, was charged by Griffith Rowland. Londdu, with wilful damage to a tree, at Llangowsa on the 2nd of May.—It seems that four cottages held at Llangowsa, had been sold to complainant. The deiendant pulled some of the trees up and left them lying on the ground. The defendant had been the tenant of the garden in which the trees were growing.—Mr. J. J. Atwood said the defend- ant was entitled to possession until the 12th of May.— Ordered to pay-the damage Is., and fined 5s. and costs. Trespass in Search of Came.— John Roberts, sawyer, Aberystwyth, was charged by Alexander Richardes, with trespassing in search of game in the daytime on the 12th of July.—John Mytton, gamekeeper, gave evidence and said that he saw defendant go over a hedge into a hay field near which was a notice board warning persons not to tresr) 10s., and costs. Assault.—JANE Benjamin, Brynllwyd, Llanbadarn, charged Annie E. Lewis, Aberystwyth, with assaulting her on the 12th of July. The defendant's cow trespassed in a field of theirs, and when defendant came for it she was told the cow was going to be sent to the pound, but complainant could milk it. On the complainant going to fetch a can defendant sent the cow into the road. Com- plainant went into the road to send the cow back, and de- fendant got hold of complainant's hair.—Mary Jane Ben- jamin gave evidence to this effect.-A cross summons had been issued., and Annie E. Lewis, as complainant said her mother rented a piece of land near Benjamin's land. The cow had trespassed on their land. She went and offered them 2s., but Mrs. Benjamin wanted a sovereign, Thought that was too much. The mother and daughter rushed at her with a pitchfork, and behaved towards her in a most violent manner.—The magistrates said tbe.1 really could not tell which party to believe, but there D evidently been fault on both sides, and each side WOW" be fined 2s. 6d., and costs, lis. in all. 4 Wtltu.l Damage.—Thomas Jones, Llangowsa, Jane Roberts of the same place, with doing wilful DAIR^G to some bed clothes which were hung up to dry. IA damage was laid at is., and the offence was said to H»V been committed on the 14th of July. — Elizabeth said the defendant had on the 14th July thro wn the CLOT"?; on the ground. It transpired there was a dispute AS the hedge on which the clothes were placed. AFTER patient hearing, during which it apjxsared the NEIGHBOUR did not live peaceably, the magistrates dismissed case, and bound both sides over to keep- the peace twelve months. Drunkenness.. — John Boundrv, miner, Steddfa, charged with drunkenness, on the 21st July. DefendaIl who did not appear, has been fined for thisofience befoIj P.C. Joshua Lewis proved the,Fine,J,. 30s., all costs. ALLEGED HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Edward Leesing, an Irish tramp, wa.s charged b Thomas Hughes, Waunhir, labourer, with stealing watch from him on the highway near Aberystwyth, °F the 21st July.—Complainant said that on Saturday NIG^' the 21st, he saw defendant near Rowlands', the iJUtch ) in Xonh Parade, Aberystwyth. There was a J11. named Lewis with complainant, who went to the ACCUS6 and asked him to come away, as the children ^EIJ making fun of him. Accused said he wanted BR^ and meat. WITNESS told accused thai if he was B*T up, and would come with him, he would give hlJII supper, abed, and breakfast next morning. Was sorrf for him. John Lewis then went awav, and left wit»ES? to take care of him. As soon as Lewis went AECUS^ asked witness if he had. money about him, and WITN13^ answered NI. om, I will give you SUJ^R AND LODGING and breakfast if you are hard up." This was.near the W Vaults. Took hold of the accused's arm, and walked WI. him as far as the Northgate. Accused again asked ness if he had any money. Told accused he had no mon")'' but said if he would come with him he would be rig'1 enough. Went together through the gate a little DISTAO^ beyond the workhouse, where the accused A^AIN ASK^ witness if he had money about him. Accused' berrall,t<) come very close to witness, who told him to keep ata tance. Two men passed, and when they got about si yards away accused jumped at witness, and got HOLD0* his watch chain, and began to go as fast as lie could the lull. In a short time missed the \yatch, and ran AFK accused. Overtook the two men, and told them ACCIIS^ had robbed him of his watch. Witness went on caught accused near Penglaise Lodge. Threw accused 011 his Jnek in the road. Told him there was a police-offic coming, and he gave up the watch which he had in b" haiiu. Three men came up and assisted witness to PI the accused up. With the assistance of David Davie6 took the accused to the police-station, and him illto the custody of Sergeant Evans. Did hot know whethet the accused was drunk or pretending to be drunk. t 0 Davia Davies, Commins Coch, carpenter, said abol t quarter-past 11 -he left Aberystwyth to go home. As he going up Rhiw-dais-hill he overtook two MTM M"IIJ!" up to them they all heard a noise ahead of them. Wei1' on, and found two men on the ground. One was the cotf' plainant, and the other was the prisoner. Asked | on, and found two men on the ground. One was the covil plainant, and the other was the prisoner. Asked wh | was the matter, and Thomas Hughes said that accus ( had stolen his watch. Accused asked if lie should be lowed to get up from the ground. Witness and complain- I ant tooK accused to the lock-up at Aberystwyth Sergeant Evans said he received the accused about f 0 clock on Saturday night from the complainant and la,st witness. Complainant said he had been robbed 0 his watch. i Committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions. I



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