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^TIPYN 0 BOB PETH. ./"v-o¥-"'-,-",-",-,",--"",-""""",-",,


TIPYN 0 BOB PETH. .v-o¥- KnSe Pwllheli Town Council are about to borrow £ 1,000 to.. purposes.. ^ancient church, of Llantood, near Cardigan, is about to be Jrdi silyer mounted baton has been presented to Mr. J. P. ^tton, the conductor of the promenade band at Llandudno. v;lr- Alfred Kimner, of Chester, has been commissioned bv essrs. Ca.- sell ami Co. to write a work on the surroundings of and Cambridge, Md to illustrate it with sketches. *he ratepayers of Llandwrog, Carnarvon, have decided to have h'i» r'a' ground for the common use of the parishioners, and \te Netted a Burial Board. I T- F T\ h,dr- J°hn Bancroft, M.A., son of the county analyst of TKn- K,.? ''as been appointed one of her Ma.ieety s Inspectors of ta^0°ls. Mr. Bancroft distinguished himself at Oxford by rfin? a first-class in lb73. Ilks e Iil,)tes the following from a eish paper:- the virtue of Llandrindod waters tha* there are always j.ji 'y of crutches offered for sale at the ho-el oy their ungrate- °\vner.s crutches are, in fact, a regular drag m the market. a proof of the prosperty of Rhyl it is stated tnat the ^'cultural land on the Dvserth-road, close to the town, has sold at ±-.«o per acre to'Mr. Joseph Evans, Haydock Grange, ^caahirp thp total amount of the purchase being £ 15,000. Lord Chief Baron was engaged until midnight on Wod- Sr^ay, July 11, at Carnarvon, in hearing a special jury case, si!.vhich Mi- Bradley a Llandudno tradesman, sued the \ork- fivlre Insiu-anre Company for the recovery of £ 75 on a policy of Misurain'e The judge summed up strongly against the ami a t ten minutes before midnight the jury, after a iy consultation returned a verdict in favour of the company, h: death is announeed, at the age of sixty-nine, of Mr. John V&tett, of the firm of Messrs. Barker and Hignett, of Chester. «. Hignett-.vas held in the highest esteem by the members of jegai profession in Chester, about twenty of whom attended fe' funeral The deceased was the oldest member of the pro- °n in the city, havii.g been enrolled in 1830. He has left a and four sons. loll a sl»ecial meeting of the Carmarthen Town Council, the Co ding resolution was unanimously adopted That this V ?ncil desires to express its regret at tlie death of the late Mr. Cystine Davis, and to recognise the valuable services rendered the se K.tii during the many years lie was a member of this Corpo- 1Q'"H, and also its deep sense of the loss which the poor and Parities of the town especially have sustained by his h,, Writer in last week s World gives a very interesting and iatk c account of a visit to Llanthony Monastery, over which ;u,her Ignatius rules as Abbot. The monastery is situated on Shaping ridge of one of the Black Mountains of Monmouth- twelve miles from Abergavenny, and three miles from the *Wof Llnnthony Priory. The inmates live in strict accord- to e with the Benedictine rules, and each novice before he be- <C?-S a monk is required to take the three vows of poverty, TJ'ence, and chastity. 12 °pen-air preaching meeting was held on Thursday, July ALln the Llvsfaen Hills, situated between Colwyn Bay and lirrt ?e^e* On the previous evening the Hugh Hughes, W eai', delivered his popular lecture on the late eminent *th'"listic nreaclier, John Elias, of Von, to a large congregation. W,Preachers on Thursday were the Revs. John Evans, Liver- Itah,' and Hugh Hughes, Holyhead. The congregations were tfjJJJeHse, people having gathered from all the surrounding dis- fi 'Thursday, .July 12, in presence of the troops in tlie garrison w^ester, Lieut.-Colonel Gillespie commanding the 196th Foot, ♦tinted to Bugler Olney the bronze medal of the Royal W^ane Society, and the silver medal of the Liverpool Ship- Kji6* and Humane Society, for his gallantry in saving a young Ifjj a native of Liverpool, from drowning on the Bee last Good aajjj-y, on which occasion two Liverpool youths, who were her inn boat, which capsized, losttheir lives. Bugler received the sum ofe26, which was subscribed by the O!J. ns Of in recognition of his bravery. Thursday, July 12, the ceremony of laying four memorial boain connection with Sunday Schools for the Wesleyan Llandudno took place in a piece of ground immediately ^Jping the chapel, erected some twelve years ago. The h chapel stands in the centre, and has on either side of it ttje Par.s°n:lge house, while the schools form the other wing of hy Structure. The foundation stone of the chapel vas laid tool Jate Alderman Farnworth, at one time mayor cf Liver- T>, The first of the memorial stones of the schools was laid by Miss Farnworth, the daughter of Mr. Farn- ili ,'?• About £ l.r>0 was announced as having been collected l",i) options v,-ithin the last fortnight. CW the direction of Captain Pearson, chief constable of livi'arv on shire, and Mr. Robert Griffith, an amateur diver, tbe Æ at Carnarvon, Llyn Cwmlyn aud other mountain lakes in of Caerhun were on Thursday, July 12, fully it in quest of the body of the woman who has been kis "lice for «wlng since April last, anil for whose recovery the county have i rnented the £ 30 reward offered by tlie relatives by £ 100. Iiifl Griffith.the farmer in whose employ she was housekeeper, Statp i 0 alleges that he paid her £ 140 on the morning she is ^ipri to ^;lve lelt house, is undergoing eighteen months' to vls°nment in Carnarvon gaol for sending a threatening letter fkp- 'lias, the local agent for Lord Newborough. tfhio, the use of which the Admiralty have granted as the training ship for North Wales and the border Jfoft16. is expected at her station in the Menai Straits in i»bout ilito^ht's time. A (lovernment hulk from the Clyde has been t ? the Straits waiting the arrival of the moorings, which Pi *a'11 down in Bangor Pool, between Garth Ferrvhouse 'ynvgai-th. on the Anglesey side of the Straits. According es>ent arrangements, the formal opening is fixed for -ypn- Cotv,'v5u^Ust oo and the Duke of Westminster, chairman of the ^olri tee, Lord Penrlivn, Sir R. Bulkeley, Mr. Whalley, M P, 1 Owen Williams, and other noblemen and gentlemen who fyee Winced an active interest in the establishment of the slrip, Mo»e*Pectcd "to take part in the inaugural proceedings. Mr. ?> tlie lessee of'the Gartii ferries, has conceded to boits ftBPnging to the ship the privilege of using his landing staces toll conlm;.sSi,,n for the Chester Assizes will be opened at Jten'p Castle on Saturday, July 21, and the business will com- the Mojidav following, liefore the Lord Chief Barm ^eiit'r°-T Kelb') :,n'(^ I'or(l Justice Bramwell. There are at tity. 4 prisoners for trial, 22 from the county, and 2 from the county charges are -.—Bigamy, 1; burglary, 7; coiv of birth" 1 manslaughter, 2; murder, 3 (Harry Leigh, "aver, ff,r the murder of a child at Macclesfield, and Johr "!I!J.Pt e Probert, for the murder of a canal boatman); at- SoCed murder, 1 l^st-office larceny, 1; rape, 3 robbery by Serv'1 an(l feloniousl>' woun(linS> !• The city cases are~ Clwm^r'y^iv'ision, on Thursday, July 12, before the •HoK- r of tlie Bolls the suits Chantler v. Royle, Chantler v. were heard. Tlwse were consolidated actions The V ^as -i mrtition sale action the second was for the re- tijfy of nn undivided half of property. The property in ques- > £ ,*88 the Hull's Head, Chester, and was worth £ -i,r.oo, the «li&y rental being between £ 200 and £ 250. The plaintiffs as appointees under the will of John Royle, .minor, who Sectioned the property in moieties. The plaintiff in the Mtv> action was a married woman, who made an agreement, Mtv> action was a married woman, who made an agreement, Sale ?t the concurrence of her husband, for the purchase and property. The money paid to lier, it was alleged, W^ijihled out a few pounds at a time. After hearing argu- ■Uoyip' ",s lordship said tlicre must be a sale in Chantler v, <,0» D1' appointed a receiver in the other suit. pf,v' Saturday, July 14. Mr. S. J. Smith, C.E., held a Local i'°n <^InG"t l^oard inquiry at Denbigh concerning the applica- ble t t!lf! Town Council for a loan to complete the drainage of he improve streets, and erect some small buildings. In -se of the examination of the assistant surveyor, the s'">i"r elicited that whilst the estimate for the drainage ■fcj or^Vas nearly ^5 000, the Council had actually only applied for W/J. it be;j,,v ^-plained that certain economical members carried siirj, a sn'in The Commissioner condemned such "penny erfe Poli, aiiti sdll Government would never sanction an im- Iji™ ^heme To ?ive tl,e Council an opportunity of amend- 16 implication, and obtain information as to the outfall of he a,i'o;uned the inquiry to the end of August. W*;<U*ision of the Denbighshire Quaker Sessions in the ap- ^Ihh 0 fl»ash a conviction (with endorsement of licence) of a felin lluthin for permitting drunkenness is to be appealed T'ic main question raised, which is one of considerable t ^"noe, turned upon the construction Oi the 13th section of V4c<msin~ \ct wHh regard to permitting ih-nnkenness. It tWcoi,tendeti on behalf of the appellants that it was not enough K drunken man should be found in a public house, but th;u of his bcinsr supplied with drink there must be proved, took the same view of the meaning of the section, d th. I of the magistrates were of an opposite opinion, IN- -w:is therefore affirmed. The Kecorder of eetioh'l1n (Mr. Adams, Q.C.) has however in4erpreted the Huiw 'n the same wav as the Chairman of the Denbighshire er Sessions, and has accordingly quashed several convic- publicans and erased the endorsements upon their kil authoritative decision in the question is thorefore Ah -efl- ^<lh lTlrlnest was concluded on Friday, July 13, at Peel, Isle of f°n the bodv of Elizabeth Ann Evans, aged 40 years, wife rrner and cattle dealer of P.osset, near Wrexham, it Wij,y.:ire<l that on Wednesday, Julv 11, the deceased, with her SseJ'd nnd a party, drove to Cilenmaye. On returning, the ^HK Parted at full gallop down a steep hill. One of the woke, the driver lost control of the horses, and turning a at the foot of the hill the waggonette turned completely tlia The whole party inside were thrown on the road under '"lp- whilst the deceased and her husband who were deee^ °n tlie driver's seat, were thrown some distance. The ^eair sustained a severe wound in the head, was unable to SaihoJ111'! exm'red in a short time. Her husband was thrown a stone wall, and severely lmru on the lie ad and back. s 'conscious for some time. The whole party, numbering ^"ere more or less injured. One gentleman sustained r)C0ri,'i!ssion of the brain, and the recovery of another lady >?u^tful. The jury returned a verdict of -ccKlental ?»lv ^e.Meeting of the Chester Town Council, on Wednesday, i, a long discussion, suggested by the Bath accident, Q.Uep?, a,'e< «s to the safety of the Dee Suspension Bridge m J!s Park. Reports had been made to the Watch ('ommittee -111) ,-f bridge was not safe, and that there was risk to life and U ;tj. any considerable number of persons should collect upon one time. In the result it was wisely agreed that a 1 bfj °f the bridge should be made. The question of building \iv 'across the Dee connecting Queen's Park with the rail- ?'iiB» tif>n was referred to the Watch Committee. Several ^mounting to nearly £ 2,000 were voted towards City tbe Gr enlpb. l'e conditions of the lease to be granted to he v.„r:incl Stand Committee were read and discussed. Although }Waces are to be in future for three days instead of four, the 7he ,Sed rental is £ 2")° instead of £ ioo, as under the last lease, the B^nsideration of the matter was adjourned. A motion to vi(l6fi >er,t that a time (to oe nred by electricity) be pro- ^iftu ior f 'hester in order to correct the bewildering discrenan- ^of the rniblic clocks was earned nnanirnouslv. rS of Mr. Walter Orlando Corbet, the eldest <>n\v ,SirV R. Corbet, Bart., of'ActonReynal, wascelebrated ^i^dnesday. July 11. by the tenantry and other friends and 0urs, with much rejoicing. A congratulatory address ^rp^nted to sir V. R.. Lady Corbet, and their so, Mr. CorViet was also presented with a silver inkstand by the 4 Silv1^ 'i piece of plate bv the tradesmen of Shrewsbury, and by the inhabitants of Stanton The address pre. d by the tenantry was bound m the form of a handsome each nnge being illuminated and engrossed m medieval acei?;ers- with capitals unon solid panels of colour, relieved Y>v and scroll work. The address was enclosed in a beautiiul ?»i(lt casket- The Shrewsbury address was also very richly h thastefullv executed and bound. A timepiece was presented fve Bryants, and a number of gifts were nmde, by lnembers Vrut familv. Dinner was afterwards provided at Preston «ve cMurstforiinwarN of three hundred persons, and in the women and children, over five hundred in number, variet^ipnlied with tea. Then there "ere balloon asc. t. *1 °*iOi. s^orts and mistimes. At Wem the hells f 0>clocjT °f the occasion, and the shops were closed aftei two .the annnnl moofinc of the subscribers and donors to the r, r Xoi niai College held on Tuesday, June 10, the report of ^■A ^nittcn, which was read by the Rev. Daniel Kowlan< s, tolit:, the Principal, congratulated the subscribers upon the ^a.s prosperity of the institution. Although the Colie-fe ^econri0^* sen dim' out about thirty teachers annually, of too l^asssJi y^ftr students examined at Christmas, 12 (or 42 per een«.) ieac^p,,n the first division, although not one of th"lil the first class in the admission examination, and t:iKiii- 6fe l.ears together, the passes in the first and second divisions "^rly 90 per cent, of the entire number, whilst there Jr'y l>er cent, of the third division, none of the fourth, £ lves rIa'lure. Her M.'iestv s Inspectors had ex;>ressed tlieni- ^entsft,shlV satisfied with the teaching and domestic arranse- Mr. Hullah_ spoke with enthusiasm of the musical > \v. n' The examination for admission held the previous }Vere Cl'>,s1?ttendfd by ninety-three candidates, and six others »ie f!jdates for admission. This was more than three times litioi/'i1' that could be admitted in 1S78, and several applications had been refused owing to the want of j d in p 0<tion. The Committee earnestly appeal forpecuninry J^'ltip].ry,n;r on their work. Reference was made to the vast f the '!t'tinn of nnsectarian schools in Wales in consequence > Sectari ation of the Education Act of 1S70. A Jist of 71)f) (l? schools in Wales is given in an appendix to the •T .^catioTi • 1'°''evc that the main hindrance to the progress of ],)n frmn"a'es' ''ls ln other parts of the United Kingdom, "eir Cn. t-he reluctance of the local authorities to exerci-e mPulsory powers.





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