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BUSINESS ADDRESS. "r_r,J'_ ABERYSTWYTH. E. P. TAYLOR, New Market Hall, Terrace Road, DEALER IN GAME, FRUITERER, AND GENERAL PRO VISION MERCHANT. M. JONES, COACHBUILDER, Moor Street, Aberystwyth. CARRIAGES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE TO ORDER Repairs executed by First-class Workmen. COALS. RICHARD JONES, Lewis Terrace Coal Yard and Weighbridge, SUPPLIES all kind of Coals as follows:- per ton. NEWPORT 18s- BEST CANNOCK SMALL 13s. Best Ruabon Coal AT 16s. per ton in QUANTITIES of not Jess than 5 tons. Delivered to any part of the town for Is. per ton extra. Fresh burnt Lime always on hand at the Bridge End Kilns. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. "\TOW discharging a PRIME Cargo of PITCH PINE the logs are fresn, clean, and sc.imd. SELECTED CURLY LOGS FOR PANELS, &c., APRIL, 1876. Our Brig" Martha" has arrived with a very good 11 Martl Cargo of Red Pine Deals, Battens, Red and White Floor 1. LVds. MAY, 1876. The above cargoes, added to our former stock of PITCH PINE, RED PINE, YELLOW PINE, 0.4 K, ELM, BIRCH, MAHOGANY, RED AND WHITE FLOOR BOARDS, will be found an excellent Lot from which to .make selection. Windoics, Doors, all sorts of Mouldings, Angle Beads, .&c., manufactured on the Premises. JONES AND GRIFFITHS, ABERDOYEY, YNYSLAS, AND MACHYNLLETH. JGGR Orders to be sent to Aberdovey. Saw Mills at Ynyslas. We are now yarding a cargo of RED and WHITE Prepared FLOOR BOARDS. July, 1876. JOHN BAKER, Rhydypenau Farm, Bow Street. BY the request of numerous friends has been in- duced to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he will be happy to attend to the commands of gentlemen leaving their farms or requiring a Valuer's services con- mected with land or stock. E. & J. JONES, ..c.t. .;¡; J- u,- SUMMER CURTAINS in Ecru and White Lace. Early'English.: Designs. '1 CARPETS, FRENCH CHINTZES, CRETONNES, DIMITIES, &c., in | Early English Design. CABINET FURNITURE. One of the Largest Stocks in -the pro- vinees to select from. SPECIAL DESIGNS prepared on the premises, aad Estimates given for Artistic FURNISHING. MMIIHUI A* 1 CABINET IANUFACTURERS, I OSWESTRY. I 0' 'K EDUICATION. COLLEGE, LAMPETER. (INCORPORATED BY ROYAL CHARTER.) MICHAELMAS TERM will commence on MON- DAY, OCTOBER 1ST, and^examination for Scholarships and Exhibitions on I 11 1 LSDA Y, HJIII'- TEMBER 27. The following are vacant 1 230, 1 £ 25, 2 k24 (Phillip's), 1 Eldon Welsh, 1!2:i. 1 Martha More (Theological) £ 20. The Phillips' Scholarships are restricted to natives of the Principality. The rest are open. For the. Eldon Welsh and Martha More Scholarships an examination in the Evidences of Christianity is essen- tial. Exhibitions of £10 each for Hebrew, Classics, and Physical Science are also vacant. For particulars, apply to the VICE-PRINCIPAL .on or before September 22. INSURANCE. g UN F I E E O F F I C E, LOX DON. ESTABLISHED 1710. ■HENRY F. SHAW LFFEYRE, Esq., Chairman and Treaswec. FKANTIS B. RELTON, Esq., Secretary. Total Sum insured in 1B76, £ 248,980,367. Claims paid during the last ten years upwards of Two MILLIONS STERLING. .s&Il information respecting Fire Insurances may be ob- tained from any of the undermentioned Agents of the SOCIETY. Agents:- _^3BE.YSTWYTH Messrs Hugh Hughes and SON. ABEBUVERON Mr Barrett P. Jordan. Mr Richard Davies. BARMOUTH Mr Francis C. Rawlings. BUY^IIHION, BALA Mr Jorwerth Jones- CAOJDIC^N Mr R. R. Stovey. D<W.G £ H-'EY Mr Thomas P. Jones-Parry. LLASMTSEW Mr John D. Thomas. iNIr John Owen Davies. TALSSIW, Mr. Jenkin Jenkins. TT X 1.0 N BANK OF AUSTRALIA. U ESTABLISMBB >1837. jPaid-^«Vital, Reserve Fii;d, £ 425 000 REA D 1, BANG^-BL'LLDLNGS, LOTHBUKY, LONDON. LETTERS OJ' CREDIT AND BILLS ON DEMAND, or at tVsirty days' sight AIRE granted on !he Bank's Branches, AS fellows, In VICTORIA. — Melbourne, SANDHURST Bendigo), Rochester, TMylesford, lantagulla, Alexandra, Gee- long, BaHaraefc. Smythes<L&:Uunes, StaweJl, (Plea- sant Creek), Maryborough, S ■ortlaiKi. In NEW SOUTH' WALES.0^ Demliqvuu, Hay, N N NSLF^D. -Brisbane, B^fctuunptoi,. >IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA.—ADELAIDE Port Adelaide. TASMANIA {Van Dicmcn's L&^d),. llobart lown, Oatlandri, ljaTus £ ce3uQn, Xjatrobe- IN>NEW ZEALAND.—Auckland, G»^^TOWN(THSAIES 'Gold Fields), Wellington, R)3VI'HN *(Hawke's Bay); Gistorne (POVERTY BS*H Nelson, tew- .SStelmry): Dune<Ji„, BnSf t>NTHe'SSSES are «1 for collection.. j £ n i DEPOSITS ARE RECEIVED, at notice ana for fixed periods, <*» terms which may be ascertained on appiica ion. W. R. MEWBURN. Manager. OVELTY, AS RULE, IS A })ELFSJOX.fhe truth of «ieabwe ntl.ce was never more clearly proved, than in ase of Puhb.c Meditane, during ifre 38 yearn Jones' IVemaaoc Pills kv e u«e» before and benefitting the Public. Hundreds of novelticfa in that tiijvj apoeared, fc'id most of them disappeared. lilt- medicine still remains ijJ name and quality and&o fortl1 to bene- fit sufferkiv Immanitv, sv if anyone is troubled with TJOS, snd long traia .of diseases, use JONKS IREMADOC PILLS. TO h* had of all or per post from the pro- prietor, Cumbrian Pill Deput, Tremadoc, North Wales, 14 stti iip-, tor the Is. lid. box, 33 for ;?s, t)0 for 4s, 6d. lb? will ept per ret i; ni of post. THE LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY, PLUMES, FEATHERS, FLOWERS, &e., at MRS. HAWKIN8 8, 23, Pier Street, ABERYSTWYTH. MRS. HAWKINS Wishes to inform the Ladies of the town and neighbour- hood that she has returned from London with a well selected stock of FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY GOODS, Mrs. Hawkins wishes to call especial attention to her 10s. Gd. Bonnets. FOR SALE, 800,000 BRICKS, Ready for delivery at any station on the Cambrian o Manchester and Milford Ralways. Also GLAZED AND COMMON DRAIN PIPES, RIDGE AND FLOORING TILES, COAL AND LI M E, & c. & c. APPLY TO WM. THOMAS, Wholesale Merchant and Commission Agent, STATION YARD, ABERYSTWYTH. Sole Agent to the Powell Dyffryn Coal Company, whose Coal will be forwarded to any Station on the above Railways. A Cargo of WHITE'S CEMENT will arrive shortly.





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