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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ■• ARERYSTVRYTH. I SLATE WORKS, JONES AND MORRIS, N I QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, BIIO I r KG in a position to supply CEMETERY MEMORIALS of every f I 1 1 1 J\, Description in lied and Gre Granite Marble, Stone, and Slate, at '^j. 1 r —L| moderate charges. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN AND ENAMEL SLATE AND MARBLE WORKS, VrASUFACTURERS WMowtms', I>J"r sSp H°Sh Sm'S; Fta*!riug\'Skirting?, r.3 e V description it ftata and Enamelled Slate Work. CRESTS, &c., ENAMELLED ON KEYSTONES OF CHIMNEY PIECES. Designs o/every description executed to order. An Artist sent to take Views when required.. The First Prize for Slate Caryin:r ,vas awar(lerl to this Firm, hoth at the Chester Exhibition (1866), and the Cannarthen (18Gï), of the National Eisteddfod of DAVID ELLIS, IRONMONGER, HAS in "stock best ELECTRO PLATE and CUTLERY, suitable for Presents and also, BEST LAMP OIL at 2d. per pint. GOOD PAINTS injTins ready for use at bd. per lb. THE HIGHEST QUALITY- THE LOWEST PRICES-AT DAVID ELLIS'S, IRONMONGER -(Opposite, the Police Station), ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS ELLIS, DRAPER AND, MERCER (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. SPECIAL ATTENTION SHOWN TO THE HOSIERY & C0LLARS' SCARFS' TIES, RIBBONS, LACES, AND HABERDASHERY. NOTE THE ADDRESS! OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST (FROM PICCADILLY, LONDON), T) EGS to intimate that he has opened a 'CHEMIST'S BUSINESS m TERRACE-ROAD, |) ABERYST>V\ IH. FOUR DOORS LFROM THE IMARINE TERRACE. L—" OSWESTRY. THE BIDDULPH VALLEY COAL COMPANY ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY BEST WREXHAM AND WELSH WALL'S END COALS IN TRUCK LOADS," AT FOLLOWING PRICES Best Welsh Best Welsh Station. Wrexham, Wall's End, Station. Wrexham Wall's End Station. perr ton_ per ton> per ton. per ton. } ws.7d. i&, M. SgaSr5. :}15s-m 17s-3i TierrJ;'„ 14c q,i 16s. 2(1. All stations south of) Dolwen 15s' ldl 16s. 6d. Machynlleth to Aber-1 16s. 2d 17s. 7d. T 'l.Sw. i.V..Vt. l&.lOd. ystwyth and Towyn .f Caersws Pontdolgoch 's 13s# 7(j 17s. Od. Carno ( Llaabrynmair t Prices for other stations not^mentioned above"forwarded on application. WIGAN, STAFFORDSHIRE, AND SOUTH WALES COALS AT MARKET PRICES. Orders to be addressed to the Secretary, ED WD. LLOYD, COMPANY'S OFFICE, 1, HERBERT VILLAS, OSWESTRY. JULY, 1877. CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S PURE PICKLES, MALT VINEGAR, SAUCES, POTTED MEATS AND FISH, PREPARED SOUPS, CALVES' FEET JELLY, JAMS, JELLIES, AND MARMALADES, ALWAYS BEAR THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESS ON THE LABELS, And may be obtained of Grocers and Italian Warehousemen throughout the World. CROSSE & BLACKWELL, PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. SORO SQUARE, LONDON. DOLGELLEY. JAMES B. MEE, 1 FISH M O N G E It, GAME D E A L E R FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &c., according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice ahvays on hand, and supplied by the pound and Upwards. KU Note the Address:- Bridge End House, Dolgelley. RICH.A,RI-) ELLIS, Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER, MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers. PORTMADOC EGBERTS, LEWIS, & CO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, PORTMADOC. ROBERTS, LEWIS, & Co., beg to announce that they have opened new and commodious premises near the Cambrian Railway Station, Portmadoc, where they have a large assortment of goods. The Builders' Department. consists of Kitchen Ranges—close and open fire, Regis- ter Grates, Sham Registers, Mantel Shams, Mantel .Pieces, Marble Chimney Pieces, Cast and Sheet Iron 'Ovens, Sash Weights, Eaves Troughs, O.G. and other Ornamental Guttering, Rain Water Pipes, Stove Pipes, Wrought Iron Pipes- black and galvanized, Sheet Lead and Zinc, Glazed Sanitary Pipes, Bricks, Paving and Ridge Tiles, Chimney Tops, Cement, Plaster Paris. The Agricultural Implement Department. consists of -.—Mowing and Reaping Machines, Haymakers, Horse Rakes, American Rakes, Chaff Cutters, Turnip Pulpers and Slicers, Machinery for bruising, grinding, ■and splitting Grain, Winnowing Machines, Ploughs, Cul- tivators, Chain Harrows, Zig-zag Harrows, Clod Crushers, Field Rollers, Mangold and Turnip Drills, Wrought Iron ,Gates, Hurdles and Continuous Fencing, Waggons, Carts, and Market Cars, by all the leading makers. The Mine And Quarry Department. consists of Circular Slate Saws, Files, Octagon -4 lo,t Steel (1..), Blister Single and Double Sheer Steel, «,teel and Iron Hammer Moulds, Crucible Cast StTel Wa-on Wheel and Axles, Bar, Rod, Hoop and Sheet°Iron, Pump*, Crane and Rock Chains, Wire Ropes for inclines. Anvils, ices, Smiths'Bellows and Tue Irons, Portable Hearths, Machine Belting, Oils for Machinery, Fuse, Dynamite. AGENTS FOR NOBELS EXPLOSIVES CO. Applications for quotations are invited. Second Hand Quarry Materials bought and for siue.^ BARMOUTH. HUGH OWEN, GOMERIAN HOUSE, BARMOUTH, I PHOTOGRAPHER. BEDFORD'S AND OTHER ARTISTS" VIEWS. VVH-PSOR AND NEWTON'S ARTISTS' MATERIALS AND COLOURS. STATIONERY. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING. ID R A r E R y A GOOD STOCK OF HATS, BONNETS, & IILLINERY Always on hand. BARMOUTH. m MR SELLIS, SURGEON DENTIST, Barmouth. Consultations at home every MONDAY, and on other days by special appointment. Reduced fees made to patients attended to on Monday. Attendance at the following places DOLGELLEY—Mr. Owen Rees, printer and bookseller, First and third Saturdays in each month. LLANIDLOES—Mrs. Ashton, Betliel-street. Second and Fair Saturdays in each month. NEWTOWN—Mr Hugh Davies, grocer, Broad-street, Every Tuesday. PORTMADOC—Mrs. Bennett Williams, dress maker, &c. 126, High-street. Second and Fourth Friday in Each Month. TOWYN—Mrs. Jones, Cantrev House, High-street. First and Third Friday in Each Month. BIRMINGHAM. SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES. We will forward on receipt of stamps as under a sample half-dozen needles of the best quality made—viz.:— For Willcox and Gibbs' Machine, 13 stamps. For any other Machine, 9 stamps. SEWING NEEDLES. OUR BIJOU NEEDLE CASE (Registered) is at once elegant and appropriate for either a Christmas, New Year, or Birthday Present. It contains One Hundred best Needles of an improved make, the easisest to thread and sew with ever invented, and wherever used have always given satisfaction. A Bijou Case sent on receipt of 19 stamps. Needles without cases or for re- filling the same, 12 stamps per hundred. Either of the above may be returned if not approved. THE PARK WOOD MILLS CO., XEEDLE MAKERS. 230, BRADFORD STREET, BIRMINGHAM. =,-=====-==-===-= BEST QUALITY LONDON PORT- LAND CEMENT. ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED FROM PORTMADOC DEPOT. PRICES ON APPLICATION. ASHTON AND GREEN, 11, 12, 14, and115, Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, LONDON, E C. THE "BLUE BOOKS" FOR TOURISTS IN NORTH AND MID WALES. Just Published: Popular Edition, Is. 6d., with small maps; Half-crown Edition, with small maps, Routes,andPANORAMA of SNOWDON, 2s. Gd. and Crown Edition, with 12 maps, Panorama, and additional chapters (superior paper), 5s., the GOSSIPING GUIDE TO WALES, x By ASKEW ROBERTS, We have not seen a book about Wales more useful than this gay and clever guide."—Public Opinion. Full of interesting and intelligent gossip."—Spectator. By far the most amusing guide we have seen."—Standard. Not only amusing, but instructive."—Era. Remarkably accurate." Fiyaro. This admirable guide book Certainly one of the most accurate and complete text books for tourists in the Principality we have ever seen."—Manchester Examiner. Supplies all things needful to astranger."—Liverpool Courier. Chatty and amusing as well as useful." -Leisure Hour. As a whole, beyond comparison the best tourists' handbook to Wales yet published. "-Chester Chronicle. London llodder J: Stoughton Oswestry: IVood(ill t. Yenables j BUSINESS ADDRESS. w- — TQWYN j -r CORBET ARMS, TOWYN, MERIONETHSHIRE. I I tA I I < I I u Posting in all its branches. An OMNIBUS meets every Train. Billiards, &c. Good Fishing in the. neighbourhood. Splendid Beach and Sea Bathtng. Choice Wines and Spirits. Burton Ales and Dublin Stout in Bottle and on draught. T. SKATON, Proprietor. COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL. ABERYSTWYTH. GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, ;)2. PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Summer Fashions. C. M. WILLIAMS, In accordance with his usual custom, begs respectfully to announce his return from the LONDON MARKETS, with a large and well-selected stock of the Newest Styles in all departments, which are now ready for inspection at such prices as cannot fail to please every one. u • -u- C. M. W. beo-s to intimate that he has recently completed extensive alterations and enlargements m his_ present premises, which his rapidly increasing business made necessary and that he is now in a position to exhibit a very much larger variety of goods in every department than could possibly be done in a mora limited space. It is therefore with great pleasure that he calls your special attention to the undermentioned Departments, which will be found replete with all the novelties of the season. LIST OF DEPARTMENTS. Plain and Fancy Dresses in all the new shades. Fancy Stripe and Coloured Silks, from Is. lUd. per yard. Black Silks in best makes, commencing at 2s. 6d. per yard. French Merinos, French Poplins, Wool and Silk Repps, in all shades. Silk Velvets, Velveteens, and Crapes, in all makes. Prints, Muslins, and Grenadines, from 3d. per yard. Holland, Camlet, Alpaca, and Fancy Striped Skirts, from Is. llid. A well selected stock of Shawls and wool Wraps for sum- mer wear. French and English Millinery in all the latest styles. Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats, in all the new shapes. Straw and Chip Bonnets, a large variety in newest shapes. French and English Flowers of every description. Ostrich and Fancy Feathers in all the new shades. A great variety of Plain and Fancy Ribbons, Satins, and Turquoise, in all the new shades to match. All the latest novelties in Ladies' Silk Scarfs, Embroid- ered Squares, &c. Ladies' Linen Setts, Cuffs, and Collars, Muslin and Lace Frillings, &c. A large variety of Kid Gloves (one and two buttons) in black and all shades. Ladies' Silk Umbrellas in great variety, from 4s. lid. up- wards. Sun Shades in Brazilian Shot Silk and Cotton, at very low prices. Ladies' Plain and Fancy Hosiery of every description. A large stock of Fringes, Trimmings, and Buttons. Fancy Wool and Shetland Goods, a large lot to be cleared cheap. The Gentlemen's Department is well stocked in West of England Broad Cloths, Fancy Coatings and Trowser- ings, in all the newest patterns. Scarfs, Ties, Collars, Shirts, Hats, Umbrellas, &c. A large assortment of real Welsh and other Shirting Flannels, in sood patterns. Calicoes and Long Cloths in all makes, Linen and Cotton Sheetings in all widths. Toilet, Marsella, and Honey Comb Quilts, in all sizes and prices. Wool Damasks and Repps, Table Covers, Cretonnes, and Dimities. Muslin, Leno and Lace Curtains from 2s. 6d. to 18s. lid. per pair. A SPECIAL TO VISITORS. C M. W. holds a large and well selected stock of Plain and Fancy REAL WELSH FLANNELS, and SHAWLS, also of the NEW PATENT FLANNEL in all colours, Shetland and Wool Goods, comprising Promenade Shawls and Wraps, Scarfs, Squares, Breakfast Shawls, Ladies' and Children's Costumes, Capes and Fichues in great variety, and which will be sold at such astonishing prices as cannot fail to give unqualified satisfaction to every one. ALL DEPARTMENTS WILL BE FOUND WORTHY OF YOUR INSPECTION. YOUR PATRONAGE AND RECOMMENDATION ARE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. /1 u vir ..i..(K.r fi, (.Jocular be1 rs most sincerely to return his best thanks to his numerous friends and cuSomers Tor the perii he was in business at 9, Little Darkgate-street; and hopes with increased facilities in his new premises, and by selling all goods at the smallest possible profits, to be favoured with a continuance of the same kind patronage so liberally accorded him in the past. SYSTEM OF BUSINESS. C. M. W. begs to state that his system of business is one price to all and no abatement. It is conducted strictly on the ready money system, so that every description of goods can be sold at prices considerably lower than it is pos- sible to obtain them at shops where a large credit system is carried on. The motto at this shop is-" SMALL PROFITS AXD QUICK RETCRNS."—" COMPARISON THE TRUE TEST." Observe the Address, C. M. WILLIAMS, GENERAL DRAPERY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMEET, A 32, Pier-Street, Aberystwyth. %V T. POWELL & CO., MARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE NOW OFFERING HARRIS'S WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON, CHEDDAR AND OTHER CHEESE, AND A SELECT STOCK OF FIRST CLASS GROCERIES. ANDERSON, ABBOTT, & ANDERSON, 1 INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 16 and 17, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, MANUFACTURERS of India Rubber Sheet, India Rubber Washers, India Rubber Valves, India Rubber and Cotton Canvas Driving Belts, Leather Driving Belts, Gutta Percha Driving Belts, India Rubber Packing for Pistons, Patent Chalk Packing, Patent Plumbago Packing, Cotton Waste, Hemp, Oils, Grease, Tallow, &c., &c. Agent for Aberystwyth :—MR. GEORGE GREEN—ENGINEER. ———— — -— BARMOUTH. -v. "r- "v" v" -r.J .r. BARMOUTH, NORTH WALES, Barmouth Hotel, opposite the Church. mills HOTEL is pleasantly situated in the centre of this rapidly rising Watering Place. The scenery is 1 varied and beautiful. Capital Lake and River Fishing in the immediate neighbourhood. Good Sea Fishing in the Bay. There is a spacious Coffee Room and Private Sitting Rooms, and the accommodation is such as to afford every comfort and convenience to Visitors. Charges moderate. Boats can be had from the Hotel. An Omnibus meets all trains. PRINTED TARIFF ON APPLICATION. » Burton Ales and Dublin Stout on Draught and in Bottle. WINES AND SPIRITS OF A SUPERIOR QUALITY. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE CIDER CASK AND BOTTLED. BILLIARDS. T. P. EVANS, Proprietor. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED. MARCH BREWING, THE GUINEA WREXHAM PALE INDIA ALE. Delightful Tonic of a delicate straw colour and fine flavor, brewed expressly for family use at the Brewery, Wrexham. The Celebrated India Pale Ale. The Guinea Wrexham, 18 Gallons, for 21s. 9 Gallons, 10s. (id. DELIVERED CARRIAGE PAID. PRIVATE F A M I L Y PRICES. MILD ALES. y 36 galls. 18 galls. 9 galls. XXX ) Royal Extra S. ) 1 Wrexham 80s. 40s. 20s. XXX 2 66s. 33s. 16s. Gd. XXX 3 60s. 30s. 15s. XXX 4 48s. 24s. 12s. XXX 5 40s. 20s. 10s. XXX 6 36s. 18s. 9s. PALE INDIA ALES. W1 60s. 30s. 15s. W 2 ;)4s. 27s. 13s. M. W 3 48s. 24s. 12s. W 4 (Guinea Wrexham) 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. SOLE AGENT IN BARMOUTH— T. P. EVANS. FINDLATER & CO'S NOURISHING DUBLIN" STOUT. Dr. Cameron, Public Analyst for "Dublin," says-" I have never examined a specimen of porter in which the solid or nutritive constituents were so abundant as in this Stout, and so remarkably free from teidity." Their XXX, XX, and X qualities in good condition, Direct from the Mountjoy Brewery, Dublin or through their AgCnt' T. P. EVANS, I Barmouth Hotel (opposite the Church), Barmouth. ^BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ^^ABERYSTWYTH. HEART OF OAK HOUSE GROCERY, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, 23, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, DAVID RICHARDS, PROPRIETOR. GOOD NEWS. CHEAP COAL. Owing to a favourable contract PETER JONES, Railway Station, Aberystwyth, Is now able to sell for cash on delivery BEST NEWPORT, 16s. per ton. BEST RUABON, 16s., Bookingt Price, 2s. extra. MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. A large Stock of PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS, FOR SALE OR HIRE. An immense Stock ot) NEW AND POPULAR SHEET MUSIC, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS AND FITTINGS, &c. Pianofortes and Harmoniums tuned and repaired, in town and country, by W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS. T. & W. BUBB, PAINTERS, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, GAS- FITTERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, PAPER HANGERS, & GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS, Terrace-Road, Aberystwyth, and Newtown. Agent for Broner's BURNERS, and Wright's GAS STOVES. b ESTIMATES FOR WORK ON APPLICATION. Agents for Atkins & Co.'s Patent CHARCOAL BLOCK WATER FILTERS. GADD'S PATENT REVERSIBLE HANDLE PERAMBULATORS. BATHS AND PERAMBULATORS ON HIRE. IRON SCHOOLROOM FOR SALE, 40 BY 20. ALSO, AN IRON CHURCH, 200 SITTINGS. Apply to S. C. HEMMING and Co., 25, Moorgate- street, London. The only manufacturers who were awarded a medal at the Vienna Exhibition for such build- ings. Established 18.51. Payments by instalments if re- quired. 1877. 1877. ESTABLISHED 18.50. E. S, 0 N W 0 E S N & CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILORS, DRAPERS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, AND GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTERS, PARIS HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH, IN returning thanks for past support, beg most re- -L spectfully to intimate that their establishment is abundantly stocked with Fabrics, in the latest Novelties, and superior Plain Goods, suitable for the present season. YACHTING, BOATING, AND CRICKETING SUITS. RIDING TROUSERS, AND BREECHES. LADIES' RIDING HABITS LIVERIES, &c. ESTIMATES FOR UNIFORMS. E. OWEN & SONS Have just received a large Stock of NICOLL'S SUMMER COATS. Nicoll's Connaught Overcoats for summer wear, from 42s. Nicoll's Light Cover Coats for summer wear, from 21s. Nicoll's Alpaca Coats, from 12s. Nicoll's Boys' Suits. E. OWEN & SONS r.. Have also received a Large ac, Assortment of Gentlemen's bcarxs and el Cravats for the present Season, from the Leading Manufacturers. E. OWEN &SOm, & SONS Have in Stock all the Latest Shapes in Silk, Felt, and Straw Hats, Shooting, Cricketing, and ootball Caps. Lincoln, Bennett, & Co. s Hats. DENT & FOWNES BROS.'s GLOVES. MORLEY'S HOSIERY. GENTLEMEN'S UNDERCLOTHING. COLLEGE GOWNS AND CAPS. Umbrellas, Rugs, Macintoshes, <tc., &c. Coupons, or 5% given for Cash Payments. ESTABLISHED 1850. PUBLIC NOTICES. "J''V''V'v'r- DINAS LOCAL BOARD. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the local rates and expenditure of the above named Board up to the 25th day of March, 1877, will be audited on Monday, the 27th day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, at the Buckley Arms Hotel, Dinas Mawddwy in the county of Merioneth, by William Williams Jones, Esquire, auditor, pursuant to the provisions of the Public Health Act, 1875. A copy of the accounts, together with all rate books, account books, bills, vouchers, and receipts, will be open during office hours for the inspection of all persons inter- ested at the Buckley Arms Hotel aforesaid, for seven days previous to such audit. Dated this 18th day of July, 1877. JOHN JONES, Clerk to the said Board. PROMENADE AND TOWN BAND. MESSRS. WATERS & ADIE having commenced £ he season at Aberystwyth with their celebrated Dana, beg respectfully to inform the visitors that the sub- scription book will be presented once each week-the band being entirely supported by voluntary contributions—and hope by a careful rendering of a choice selection of music, they will meet with that liberal patronage an earnest at- tention to the musical requirements of the town deserves and, while thanking resident subscribers for their patron- age, beg to remind resident non-subscribers that it is only fair the band should receive that support, while having to act as their own committee, they would receive were a resident committee collecting for them but still hope to have a favourable resident list to publish at the end of the season. Each subscriber will receive a printed subscription list at the end of the season. The_ band will play on the Terrace every evening and in various parts of the town from 9 till 11 in the morning. ENOCH LEWIS, DECEASED. XTOTICE is Hereby Given that all persons having -L* any Claims or Demands against the estate of Enoch Lewis, late of Taliesin, who died on the sixth day of August, 1876, and whose will was proved by Messrs. Richard Morris and Richard Griffiths, both of Taliesin, executors, on the 16th day of September, 1876, are here- by requested to send in the particulars of claims or de- mands to the said executors on or before August 6th 1877, at the expiration of which time the said executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled, having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice, and that they will not be liable for the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person of whose debt or claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 6th day of July, 1877. RICHARD MORRIS, ) „ RICHARD GRIFFITHS, J Executors. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPAN Y NOTICE is Hereby Given, that the Books for the Registration of Transfers of the undermentioned Preference Stocks of the Company, viz., Llanidloes No. 1 Preference Stock, Ditto No. 2 Ditto Machynlleth No. 1 Ditto Ditto No. 2 Ditto Will be Closed from the 25th to the 30th inst., both days inclusive, preparatory to the Payment of Dividends on such Stocks, at the rates respectively guaranteed for the half-year to the 30th ulto. Dated this 16th day of July, 1877. GEO. LEWIS, Secretary. Company s Offices, Oswestry. WANTED, TO LET, &c. -J'J"f.r- -J Prepaid Advertisements. The Charges for the insertion of PREPAID ADVERTISE- ME NTS referring to HOUSES TO BE LET, I APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND Are as follows:- 3 Lines (seven words to a line) 1 0 Ditto, Three insertions 2 0 4 and 5 Lines (seven words to a line).. 1 6 Ditto, Three insertions 3 6 Ditto, Six insertions. 6 0 For each additional line over five lines, when there is one inser- Etion, 4d.; when there are three insertions, or more, 3d. Remittances may be made in Postage Stamps; Halfpenny Stamps preferred. No Credit Advertisement is charged not less than Is 6d. NOTICE TO MINE AND QUARRY AGENTS. purchase all kinds of OLD MACH INERY, METAL and SCRAP IRON. Address MCILQUHAM, Machine Broker, Aberystwyth. N.B. Mining Plant, &c., Bought and Sold on Commission. PORTMADOC. HOUSES ON SALE. NO.4, Madoc-street, containing 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens (1 fitted up will all modern cooking ap- paratus), 1 parlour, 1 pantry, 1 laundry, and built sub- stantially. Rails in front; back yard, and W.C. Water in the house. Unexpired lease, 47 years. Nos. 3 and 4, Smith-street, containing 2 bedrooms 1 kitchen, pantry, laundry, water, W.C., °and everything compact. Unexpired lease, 48 years. Apply to Mr. R. JONES, smith, Madoc-street. CARDIGASHIRE. FARMS TO LET, on the CROSSWOOD ESTATE, From 29th September, 1877 :— Pentredu, in the parish of Lledrod, containing 194 acres. Nanthenfoel Fawr, in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad, and near Lampeter, containing 350 acres. Apply to Mr. R. GARDINER, Crosswood Estate Office, Birchgrove, and on Mondays at 12, New street, Aberyst- wyth. TO LET, at once, a HOUSE and SHOP, suitable for grocery or general business, situate at Tre'rddol, midway between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. Rent moderate.—Apply for further particulars to THOMAS JONES, Post-office, Taliesin. ARMOUTH. —APARTMENTS" WANTED, for jD first weeks in August—sitting and 3 or 4 bed rooms. —Address, stating terms and position, to Mr. J. C. WHITE, 93, New-street, Birmingham. rTVO BE LET. All that Iessllage or Inn, Out- ± buildings, and Premises, known as VICTORIA INN, situate at the junction of Baker-street with Little Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. For full particulars apply to GRIFFITH JONES, Solicitor, Aberystwyth. TO BE SOLD BY PR1VATE~TREATY, all that Messsuage or Dwelling House called "Wesley House," situate in Queen's Road, Aberystwyth, with the yard and premises at the back thereof, all which premises are held under a lease dated the 24th day of October, 1864, for the term of 65 years from the 12th day of November, 1864, at the yearly rent of £ 9. Applications to be made to GRIFFITH JOXES, solicitor, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. Dated this 21st day of June, 1877. REGISTRY OFFICE ?OR I FAMILIES AND SERVANTS AT N O W E L L S FANCY WAKEHOUSE, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Opposite the Infirmary, 'ABERYST W Y T H MEETINGS. -v-I'V- "ro. '-<'M'' LLANBADARN-FAWR. A SPECIAL MORNING PRAYER & SERMON, IN ENGLISH, x in the Nave of the above Church AX Y SUNDAY at 11.30 a.m, during the Summer youths, commencing on the First Sunday in June. Hymns Ancient and Modern (Old Edition.) Offertory towards the Restoration Fund. =-==-=.===-==-=-==-===-=-u- ==-===: SDIPLISSIMUS-THE AUTOMATON CLERK. Mahogany, Oak, or Walnut. This new patent Letter and Invoice File and Manuscript Holder super sedes Letter-Copying Books, Pigeon Holes, and Boxes, dispenses with Docketing, Folding, Piercing, Binding, or Fastening of any kind. SIMPLISSIMUS FILES need no implements or extras of any kind. SIMPLISSIMUS lasts for ever. When filled, transfer contents, just as they are, to Simplissimus Case. This is all the direction required. Simplissimus Case and Index complete, Five Shillings per dozen. No Invention has been more honoured by notices of the Press, a few extracts of which are subjoined. bulliollist.-A triumph of mechanical ingenuity and skill. The cost is a mere trifle. Money Market Rcviev;.—Very valuable in business houses. Financier.—A New Invention.—The newest article for office use is the "Simplissimus," which commends itself to business people for its simplicity and its usefulness. DAVID LLOYD, Printer and Stationer, Portmadoc Sole Agent for Portmadoc and surrounding district. DE'S PATE-NT AMEPICA.N EYE LIQUID JjJ has proved a blessing to thousands. The Cures this Liquid is effecting every day are Marvellous! Dimness, aged, weak, watery, sore, bloodshot, keels, cataracts, specks, colds, inflamed, near-sight, over-worked, and every disease of the Eye can be cured in a few dressings. Sold by all Chemists, Is." Ud. and 2s. 9d.; from E I)E'S Birmingham, 15 and 33 stamps. Book on the human eye thiee stamps.