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LLANIDLOES. CLUB FEAST.—On Wednesday, July the 11th, the third annual feast of the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society, Court of St. Idloes, Branch No. 6,071, was held at the Van Vaults, the clubhouse. At about 1 p.m. the officers and members assembled at the lodgeroom, wdiere they were formed into a procession and were adorned with the regalia of the order. They, then headed by the brass band of the place, paraded the principal streets of the town, and proceeded to St. Idloes Church, where the lessons were read by the Rev. J. Lewis, B.A., curate, and an appropriate discourse was delivered by the Rev. R. H. Pones, M.A., Rector. At the close of the service, the procession reformed and proceeded back to the Van Vaults, whence they came, where an excellent dinner was provided for them by Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamer, the host and hostess. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY, JfL-y 12.-Before R. U. Ureenhow (mayor), and W. Thomas, Esqrs. Nuisances.—Meredith Hamer, inspector of nuisances for the borough, charged a number of persons with allowing nuisances on their premises.—A case against Richard Marpole was ad- journed one against Henry Clifton Carver was dismissed Edward Hamer was fined 2s. 6il. and costs Thomas Williams was ordered to pay costs two other cases of nuisances were ad- journed. Drunkenness, <( c.- -P.C. Lewis charged Mary Blythe with this offeiiee.- Fine(I 10s., and cost- allowed a week to pay.-Sergt. Sibbald charged Benjamin Powell.—Fined los., and costs. Charge of Tl,eft.Tlie last-named defendant, Benjamin Powell, was further charged with stealing 19s. ï ¿ù., the property or William Powell, farmer (his cousin). -Complainant said I live at Brynliafod, in the parish of Llandinam. I was at the Trewy- then Arms Hotel* in Llanidloes, on the 26th May last, being Llanidloes fair-day. Thomas Griffiths and the prisoner Benjamin Powell were with me. I called for three glasses of ale, and ten- dered a sovereign in payment. I went out after 1 gave the sovereign to the waitress. I remained out a few minutes and then came in again, f, asked the waitress for the change when I came in. She replied that'she had given it to my cousin (meaning the prisoner). The waitress went to the prisoner and asked him for the change, which he denied having. I said nothing further. 1 then went to .Sergeant sibbald and p^t the case into his hands.—Elizabeth Ashton, waitress at the hotel, deposed to serving complainant and defendant. Complainant ordered three glasses of ale, and gave her a sovereign in pay- ment. The took it to the bar and asked Mis. Russell to take for three glusses of ale out of it. her 19s. 7id., the change, viz., one half-sovereign, two nait-crowns, the remainder in small silver and copper She went hack to the smoke-room, and found that the last witness had left the room. The prisoner held out his hand and she gave him the change (19s 7Jd). She knew that the prisoner and the last witness were cousins. She told the prisoner tO give the change tij iii.,i cousin, the last witness. Prisoner said, All right. When the last witness came back he asked for his change. Witness said, I have given it to your cousin to givo you." She then went to the prisoner and told him to gIVe. the change to the last witness. Prisoner denied having had it. The police- officer was then called m. The last witness then said he would look to witness and the prisoner for the charge.—P.C. Edwards said his attention was called, at the Trewythen Arms Hotel, to prisoner, at having received the wrong change, and re- fusing to give it up. 'Ihe first witness said he had given a sovereign in payment for some drink, and asked prisoner if he (the prisoner) had received any change. Prisoner replied, "l have not received any." Prisoner said he had no money about him. Witness presswt prisoner to show what money he had, when the latter then threw a quantity of silver and copper on the table, viz., Ss. 6d. in silver and 8d. in copper. The prisoner handed witness his purse, and in it there was one half-sovereign and a sixpenny piece. Prisoner had previously shown the purse and said there was no more in it. Prisoner was drunk —Sergt Sibbald gave corroborative evidence, and Added that the first witness went afterwards to the police station and made the charge against the prisoner, and said he should look to witness for the change.—The prisoner, having been crutioned, made the following voluntary statement, viz. I was in the Trewythen Arms Hotel on the day in question, and gave the waitress 2s. (a 2s. piece) in payment for a glass of gin and a glass of ale. The waitress^came and gave me some money, saying, "There's your change." I put it into my pocket without countin"it. The first witness came in and asked the waitress for his change and she said I had got it. I was going to look for it.-The Bench dismissed the case, but ordered the defendant to pay expenses.




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