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Æ.A • • 1 TEA AND COFFEE 44, LORD STOUT. LIVERPOOL. ESSRS ELLIS DAVIES & COMPY. f I beg to inform the Residents of and Visitors p- Rala and district that arrangements have now MI completed by which Parcels may be obtained liy Rail from Liverpool at a very small cost. Families may thus obtain their customary supplies of good Tea and Coffee while residing in this neigh. bourhood, and can now rely upon receiving their Parcels on the day following receipt of orders. The following are a few selected quotations for the present Season TEA. £ »• Tie Choicest Kaliow Tea .3/6 The Extra Fine Souchong 3/4 First-class The Very Fine Congou 2/8 Fine Congou 2/4 Strong Good Sound Congou 1/8 And intermediate prices. PURE COFFEE. ?*- The Choicest Mountain jamalea -I/s Fine Jamaica plantation Ceyloa. .1 I. Ceylon Coffee 1/2 The aboft may be had Ground or In the Berry. Plantation Ceylon— ) Mixed with PURE GROUND CHICORY, H/a r obtained from the Beat English Root ) Ceylon Coffee— ) Mixed with PURE GROUND CHICORY, ll/. Mixed with PURE GROUND CHICORY, I obtained from the Beet English Root ) E. D. &CO. recommend Ground Coffee to be kept ta air-tight Tin Canisters, whidh they supply when requested. Ticitxs-Strictly Net Cash on receipt of Goods. Remittances may be made by Bankers' Cheques, or Pnst-oftice,the-Genug Post OS% LiveqteoL } THE West Coast of Wales ,.1 DIRECTORY. ( Signifies that there are apartments to let. (bi) Willing to let the whole house furnished. A BERYSTWYTH. Marine Terrace. No. €.—Mrs. n. DBLAHOTDE, Dresden House Mrs. and Miss Penrose, Haverford West; Mrs. George, Miss, and Master Spurrell, Carmarthen. No. JONES- Dr. Burd and family, Newport House, Shrewsbury; Miss Lycott, Shrewsbury Mr. and Mrs. Allday, Birmingham Mrs.(Brown and family, Wolverhampton Miss Baldwin, Wolverhampton Mrs. Thompson and family, Shrewsbury Mr. Daws, Shrewsbury Miss Goldsmith. No. U-Lvfrs. T. H. LLOYD- Mr. and Mrs. Hands, Rugby Miss Buckley, Barton, near Manchester; Miss Hall, Barton, near Manchester; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Marshall, Ashton-under-Lyne; Miss Brooks, Hyde. No. 16.—Mrs. E. J..TONES (a)- Mrs. and Master Berger, St. James's Vicarage, Bolton; the Wisses Knowles, Bolton. No. 25.—Mrs. M. NELSOS (a)- Miss Evans and Miss Perry, Shrewsbury; Mr., Mrs., and Miss Smith, Stafford. No. 30.-M-rs. JONES, Claremont House (a)- Miss Weston, and Mrs. Weston, and family, Northwich, Cheshire; Mr. and Mrs. John Studwick and family, Alexandra Lodge, Stroud, Gloucestershire. No. 52.—Mr. D. R. aOSES (a) (b)- No. 60.—Mrs. GREEN (a) (fJ)- No. 61, Miss DAVIES (a) (b)- Mrs. Price, London.; Edmund Burton,ITenby. Queen's Road. No. 4.-M-r. THOMAS ABBOTT, Crystal Palace Hotel (a)- Evan Humphreys, Esq., Newtown, Montgomeryshire John Abbot, Esq., Kensington, London. No. 5.-Mrs. WILLIAM WILLIAMS (a,)— No. 6.—Mrs. JONES, Glanayron House (a)- Mrs. EDWARDS, Wesley House (a)- Mr. Roberts, solicitor. Pier Street, No. 3.—Mr. E. P. WYNNE, Family and Dispensing Chemist- No. 32.—Mr. C. M. WILLIAMS, General Drapery and Millinery Establishment- Mrs. SMITH, Pier House, Pier-street (a)- Mrs. JONES, Victoria Hotel, Baker-street (a)- Mr. and Miss Barnes. Neath J. R. Pryae and family, Park Braia, nearlhnidloes. Portland Street. No. 13.—Mrs. EVANS (a) (b)- The Misses Garret, Hay-;].Ifrs..Goorge and family, and Miss Stewart, Builth. No. 23A.—Mrs. A. EVASS, (a)- Mr. Everall and family, and Miss Jones,^Shrewsbury and Mr. J. R. Morgan, Llanelly. New Street.. • No. 11.—Mre. COLLINS (A)— Mr. F. W. CCLLIFORD, Welch Harp, Terrace Road (a)- Monsr. Jules Merchier. Miss TRUBSHAW, Caerleon House, Victoria-terrace— Ladies School. M. JONES, 14, :North-parade,(a)- Mrs. J øns, Victoria Hotel, Baker-street (a)- Mr. W. Minors, Fisherwick, Lichfteld, Staffordshire; Mr. Jones, Bristol. QUEEN'S HOTEL (Mr. W. H. PALMER, proprietor) (a 7J)- Professor Palmer, Mrs. Palmer, and family, Cambridge Anthonv Benn, Esq., and party, Bodynfol Hall, Oswestry; Henry Edwards, Esq., Cambridge A. R. O'Regan, Esq., and the Misses O'Regan; Captain E. Willis, Cheltenham; Mr. and Miss Hey ward, Swansea Mr. and Mrs. Wingfield, Bolton Mr. and Mrs. George Kilgour, London; -Bartlett, Esq., London. ABERDOVEY. Glaadovey Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. BELL (a)- No. 2.—Mrs. EVANg (a)- C. F. Thruston, Esq., Mrs. Thruston, and Miss Thruston, Talgarth Hall No. 4.—Mrs. BLACK- Mrs. John Leech and family, Marple, Cheshire. Mrs. JONES, Plas Dovey- Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brown and family, Dingle Ptiory, Liver- pool. Mrs. JOHN OWENS. Brooklyn House- Mrs. LEWIS, Glanvor House (a)- Mr. EDWARD NES, Linen Draper and Grocer, Cambrian House (a)- Mr. RICHARD DAVIES, Draper and Grocer, Manchester House (a)- Mr. EDWARDS, Pier House (b).- n — BARMOUTH. Porkington Terrace. No. 2.—Mrs. ElUGH JONES- Mrs., Miss, and Miss M. F. Maiden, Bridgewater Villa, Stockport; Ifrs. G. W. Simpole, CheethamMU Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. West and family, Stoneycroft, Liverpool. No. 3.—Mrs. JANE JONES (a) (b)- Mrs. and Miss Isabel Laycock. Keighley Mr. and Mrs. Durcan G. Law, London Mr. and Mrs. James Pickup, Seaforth Misses Paget. Chester. No. 4.—Mrs. W. WILLIAMS- Mr. and Mrs. Pemberton, Master Ernest. Miss Nelly, Master Xoel Pemberton, baby, and two nurses, Orton, Birken- head Dr. and Mrs. Rawdon, Miss Caw, Miss NeBy Caw, Master Fred Grimsdale, 42, Rodney-street, Liverpool; Rev. and Mrs. 'Hewitt, Miss Hewitt, Rathgar. No. 6.—Mrs. RICHA«»S— Mrs. Fussell, Miss Tennent, Misses Craigie, Scotland; Mrs., Master, Miss, and Master W. P. Dennis, and servant, Ruabon; Mrs. W. H. Glennie, Edgbaston; Mrs.. ox, Kibworth, Leicester-: Miss Coleman, East Langton Wm, Thomas, Ashover, Derbys. No. 10. (Brogyntyn House).—Capt. EDWARD GRIFFITHS— Mr. and Mrs. Dutton, Broughton Miss Dutton, St. George's; Mr. Lloyd and family, Newtown. Aelydon, No«. 1 and 2.—Mrs. EDWARDS (a) (b)- Walter Cookes, Esq., Leamington the Misses Cookes, Lea- mington Miss Tyler, Birmingham; Miss Robinson and maid and Miss M. E. M. Robinson, Liverpool; Mrs.Harper Miss Righton, Stratford-on-Avon Mrs. Salter, Berriew- street, Welshpool. ;No. 3.—Mr. Jos. WM. COTTON, F.G.S.— 'Mrs and Miss Lulie Barlow, Stockport; Mrs. and Miss Lenton, Mr-S-. an<l Miss Cheekland, and Miss Collyer, Coventry Miss Turnbutl, Stoke-on-Trent" Miss Owen and the Masters A. C. and W. Owen, Wilde Green, Bir- mingham. SS'o. 4—Mrs. GRIFFITH ..Mr and Mrs. Cooper and family. I.iverpool Miss Cooper. Miss West, Eastham, Mr. Lloyd and family, ,BkkmheaAL J, Glanwerydd Territoe. JOHN LLOYD— >Ir., ajtil Mrs. AWred and daughter, Aughton, «r*j8kirk Wedgw»od, Liverpool. :NQ.>Mt.8. EVANS— '.W-.Basaauo and faway, Haden Cross. VW Hill; Mrs. Thom- iiugs, neafcon; ^tev. G. R. Chell, Jvneesall Vicarage, ;Jfce,w,ark. Mrs. NOCH. Goiaeriaii House, High Stwet- Mr. and )k. Gowani and family, Market Harbopoiish, LigioesteraWire Mr. miA Mrs. Gill, and Master S. E. Gill, ]Bxa%oni, Yorkshire; An and Mrs. Margejte. Mrs. MORRIS, C;ianglaafor -Uouse- Mr. and Mrs. tfewbolt, LeMnington Mrs. asd Mits Pear- rurui; Miss Burton Miss Webb, Birmingham the child- ren "t. Evaats, Esq., Tn^s v-Parc, Denbigh; Mr. a«d Mrs. Elwefl and children, Neyoddfraith Miss Ward. Mn. SMITH, 1, Mou«fc Pleasaat (n)~ Miss Boston. 0^>NCAJ<ER Miss EOPKIA Boston. Miss DEDWITH, 1, Brynhyfryd— Mr. and Mrs. Colemasi,, Liverpool; the Misses Wood and servant, London: Mr. J as. Pecktup, Beachiield, Seaforth. | Mrs. EVANS, Quay Cottage, fhurch Street fa)— Mrs. George Abbott and Miss Abbott, Leicester; Miss Robinson, Manchester; the Misses Male, Sumner, and; powers, Birmingham; Mr, SiaQW, Leicester. I powers, Birmingham; Mr. SiaQW, Leicester. ) Mrs, TIMOTHY, Panteinion FA)— Mr. SCOTT, Arthog Hall- Mrs. JOHN EVANS, Glanymor House- James Backhouse, Mary Backhouse, M. L. Backhouse J. Backhouse, and W. E. Backhouse; Jemima Spence and Charlotte Spence William Robinson. Glaafor Terrace. No. 1.— Mrs. PETERS (a)- Rev. G. A. and Mrs. Jones. Wiltshire; Rev. and Mrs. Cleaver, and family, Walsall, Staffordshire Mr. Cooke. z7- BORTH. Mr. CHARLES MYTTON, Cambrian Hotel- Mrs. William Parker, baby and nurse, and Misses Scott (2) and nurse, Trelydan Hall, Welshpool; Mr. and Mrs. Bear- croft, Carmarthen. Cambrian Terrace. No. 1.—Mrs. PRITCHARD— The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Joyce, Bath. No. 3.-ELLENOR WATKINS (a)- No. 4.-Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS (a)- Miss E. A. Davies and Miss E. A. Rees, Birkenhead. No. 12.-Mrs. JANE EDWARDS (a)- No. 14 (Uppingham House).—Mrs. MCCLELLAN (a)- Picton Terrace, No. 2.—Mrs. MARY JONES (a)- Prince Street. No. 8.-Mrs. JONES- Miss Richards, Montgomery Misses M. Richards, C. Richards, M. Black, and Reynolds, Birmingham. Mrs. MARGARET JENKINS, (Osprey House)- JANE JAMES, Ocean View (a)- Mrs. Evans and family, Welshpool. Mr. THOMAS GOUGH THOMAS, No. 1, Libanus-terrw-(a)- Miss Hughes, Llanbrynmair; Mrs. S. Davis, Mr. Joseph Davis, Mr. Hugh Davis, and Miss M. A. Davis, Voel, Welshpool; Mr. Samuel Tudor, Pontdolgoch; Mr. Wm. Roberts, Grithionog, Mallwyd. Mrs. JONES, Picton House- Mrs. Evans and family, Salop School, Oswestry Mrs. Thos. Roberts and son, Bethesda; Miss Evans, LiverpooL ELIZABETH REES, Gloucester House- Mr. Gilbert Theldon, and Irs. Henderson, Handsworth, Birmingham. CAPT. HUGH REES, Beach Grove- Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family, Vine.Cottage, Salop-road, Oswestry. MARGARET DAVIES, Diana House (a)- Mrs. and Masters John Morgan and Edward Davies Rees, chemist and druggist, Machynlleth Mrs. and Miss Owen and Misses Hannah Maria, Harriet Annie, Sarah Jane,, and Grace Ellen and Master David William Owen and servant, Brynawel, Corris Mrs. Owen and Robert Owen Davies, Maldwyn House, Machynlleth. R. P. ROBERTS, Garibaldi House (b)- Mrs. JONES, Sea View (a)- A. L. LEWIS, Post-office,, London House (a)- CRICCIETH. Ormsby Terrace, No. 2.-Mrs. WILLIAM JONES (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Congl y wal, Ffestiniog. No. 3.—Mrs. R. P. THOMAS (a)- No. 4.-Mrs. R. ROBERTS fa)— Mrs. Fagan and Miss Griffith, Nantlle, Llanllyfni. Salem Terrace. No. 5.-Mrs. PARRY (a)- No. 7.-Mrs. OWEN (a)- Miss Clara Patton, Miss Kathleen Patton, and Miss Magill, Dublin. No. 8.—Mrs. Capt. OWEN (a)- Cambrian Terrace. No. I.-Mrs. WK. ROBERTS (a)- No. 3.—Mrs. OWEN (a) (b)- Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and family, Rhiw, Ffestiniog. Corporation Terrace. No. 5.—Mrs. EDWARDS (a)- Mrs. Roberts and family, Ffestiniog. Parkla Place. No. I.-R. W. JONEB- Mr. E. Mitchell, and family, New York. No. 2.-Misses FFARN-(a) Mrs. Hiller and family, and Miss Hayward, LiverpooL Mrs. Captain JONES, Arvor Villa (a b)- Edward Parry, B.A., Esq., and G. A. Pemberton, Esq., Edgbaston, Birmingham. Mrs. JOHN ROWLANDS, Taleivion House (a)- Mrs. Casson and family, Blaen-y-ddol, Festiniog. Mrs. WM. GRIFFITH, Fair View (0.)- Mr. and Mrs. Nield, family and maid, Dingle Bank, and Master Gore, Altrincham. Mrs. EVANS, Castle View (a)- Mrs. JONES, Tynewydd (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bateman. Mrs. PRITCHARD, Causeway View (a)- Mrs. EVANS, Tynewydd- Mr. H. W. Collins and family, Rainhill, Prescot. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Manchester House (a)- Rev. C. Cary, family, and maid, Warrington. Mrs. JONES, Plasgwilym (a)- Mrs. ELLIS, Cambrian House (a)- I Miss Martley and Miss Hopkins, Dublin. Mrs. PRICE, Cardigan House (a b)- Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Clerk and family, Altrincham. DOLGELLEY. Mrs. PUGH, Corner Shop, Queen's-square (a)- Mrs. DAVIES, Eldon House (a)- Mrs. Arthur Field, and Mr. Sydney Young, Farnworth, Widnes. Mrs. H. PUGH, Vale View, Springfield-street (a)- Mrs. C. LLOYD, Springfield-street fa)— 11 1 1 • » Mr. J. C. Hughes. J S } 3 Mrs. THOMAS, Springfield-street (a)- Mr. JAMES B. MEE, Bridge End House (a)— Mrs. JONES, Springfield Villa (a)- Mrs. ELLIS, No. 1, Frondirion Terrace. The Rev. Mr. Abbott and party, and the Rev. Mr. Smith and party. DOLYDDELEN. THOMAS T. WILLIAMS, Benar View (aj- GRIFFITH ROBERTS, Elen Castle (a)- I J. F. BROWN, Fairy Glen, Bettws-y-Coed- Rev. G. Soper and family, Grove, Hoylake, Cheshire; Rev. J. P. Maud and family, Ancaster Vicarage, Lincolnshire Mr. and Mrs. Pollock and family, Birkenhead. JOHN JONES, Pont-y-Pant Hotel, near Bettws-y-Coed (a) A. G. Mclntyre, Esq., Sandhurst, Australia (Trinity Hall, Cambridge) Murray Wilson, Esq., Preston; C. Roylance, Esq., Bramhall; W. Dodwell, Esq., London; D. Bates, Esq., E. Stephan, Esq., and G. Bradley, Esq., Worcester; T. Kenney, Esq., Upper Parliament-street, Liverpool. HARLECH. Mrs. BARROW, Bronwen Terrace— PWLLHELL Mrs. WALKER, Westfield (a)- TOWYN. Pier Villa. No. I.-Mr. EVAN HUMPHREYS (a)- Rev. J. Barton. Mrs. Barton, and sons. No. 2.—Miss JONES (a b)- Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and Miss Smitheles, Rivington, Lanca- shire Mr., Mrs., Miss, and Master Frank Bradbury, Bir- mingham; Mrs.. Miss, and Mr. A. Grice, Birmingham. No. 3.—Mrs. HAMMANS fa)— Miss Steele, Mrs. Warnham, Birmingham. No. 4.—Mr. OWEN (aj- The Misses Lowth. Plas Edwards, No. 1.—Mrs. RICHARDS fa)— The Misses Collins, Warwick. No. 2.—Mr. WILLIAMS— Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Tyler, three children, and servant via Ruabon the Misses Mathews, Master Powell, Master G. Powell, and nurse, London. High Street, No. 2.-Mrs. JONES, Railway Terrace (a)- Miss Lewis, Machynlleth. No. 4.—Mrs. THOMAS WILLIAMS (a)- Mrs. Jacks and children, Bromley Hall, Baschurch near Shrewsbury. Mrs. STEPHENS, Belmont House (a) (b)- Warwick Place, No. 2.-Mrs. J ONES- Mr. Jones, Shrewsbury; Mrs. Cooks, Miss Cooks, Mr. Rees, and Mr. Wilding, Welshpool; Miss Dixson, New- town Mr. Bagley and Mr. Thomas, Llandrinio; Mrs. Cleaver and Miss Barratt, Birmingham; Mrs. Day and Miss Day, Kerry Mrs. Bars, Montgomery. Mrs. JAMES— E. Davies, Esq., Kerry; Wm. Bebb, Berriew; the Misses Langford and the Misses Higgins, Berriew; Mr. Lloyd and family, RalIt; Mrs. Kirklan, Shrewsbury; Mrs. Goulston, Bridgnorth; Mrs. Evans, Mrs. and Miss Davies, Halfway House. Mr. THOMAS SEATON, Cerbet Arms Hotel (a)- Miss and Miss A. Dodwell, Shrewsbury Mr. S. Davies; Mr Cleaton and Mr. Hughes M. R. Lee, Esq., Wolverhamp- ton Mr. J. Kaye, Clayton West; Mr. J. Brown, Spring- £ relt MrJ V,- P"est'e> Mr- H- Priestley, Clayton West, Hiuldersheld; Mr. T. Ashley; Mr. R. Roberts and A. Poole, Esq., Liverpool Mr. and Mrs. Mac Row, Douglts; fr. and ilrs. Sherrington, Oxford. MJ. WATKIN, Pen llyn Farm fa b)- Mrs. Orrell and Miss Edwards, Liverpool; Mr. James Mr. W. J. and Mr. J. Arnot, Birmingham* Mr. T R Jones, Llanfair, Montgomeryshire. Mr. EVAN NEWELL, Escuan Hall (a)- Mr. and Mrs. Townley, Miss Kdith Townley, Master Fred. Townley.Miss Bertha Townley, and servant, Elm Mount, Pgnkett Road, Liscard, Cheshire. Mr. E. M. JONES, Bronprys (a) (b)- Mrs. JONES, Bryngoleu (a)- Mr. and Mrs. John Atkins, and Miss Atkins, Manchester. Mrs. J. D. JONES, Cantrev House (a)- Rev. E. and Mrs. Jones, amd Miss Jones, Trewythen, Llaadifiam. Mrs. WILLIAMS, Cambrian Place (a) Mrs. ANNE JONE., Glanymor Farm — Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Davies, Mrs. Davies, and child, Llanfi- 5*55 ^rs" alu* M'ss Breeze, Newtown; the Misses iJeaaoes, Montgomery; the Misses Williams, Welshpool. Mr, JOHN WYNNE, Brynymor (a)- G. J, Shakertey, Esq. Mrs. DKIVV, Morfa House (a)- Mr. andlfrs. UH.c1, family, and servant, Shrewsbury; Mrs. HiU, family, governess, and servant, Newcastle, Stafford- shire.