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LLANFACHRETH, NEAR DOLGELLEY. CLUB ANNIVERSARY AND LITERARY MEETING.—On Monday June 25th, the Friendly Society established in this village held its anniversary meeting. About eleven a.m.. a procession was formed, with the village brass band at its head. At the parish church the lessons were read by the Rev. R. Roberts, vicar, and an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. W. S. Williams, rector of Trawsfynydd. At one p.m. the members sat down to a sumptuous repast, supplied by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, at the Blue Lion Inn. Dinner being over, the chair was occupied, by Mr. Griffith Jones, president of the Society, when the usual business was transacted. Four new members were admitted. It was announced that all the officers would continue to hold their posts until the end of 1877, when the annual election will take place in accordance with the new rules. Dr. J. E. Jones, Dolgelley, was for the twentieth time re- elected as the society's medical officer. Dr. Jones was present, and made an excellent speech in thanking the Society for the confidence they had so long placed, in him. At 5 p.m. a literary meeting was held in the schoolroom, under the presidency of Mr. John Vaughan, Nannau. There were also on the platform Mrs. Vaughan, Nannau, Miss Train, Mrs. Watts, Woodside, Mrs. Roberts, Vicarage, Mr. and Mrs. Pagb, Hely- ao", Dr. John E. Jones, the Rev J. Hughes, Dolgelley, and the Rev. R. Roberts, Vicar, who acted the part of conductor. The whole proceedings passed off most satisfactorily- Alter a few introductory remarks from the Chairman, the programme was gone through as followsCompetition in angingI *n mreichiau fy Ngwaredwr" (confined to children under iourteen,, 1st, Catherine Jones; 2nd (equal), John and Catherine^ugh- Song by Eos Ffestin. Awarding prizes for the best snirts, 1st, Ellen Lewis 2nd, Laura Jones; 3rd, Ellen Janes. For she best pinafores, 1st, Ellen Lewis., 2nd, Jane Thcraas. Examina- tion upon the history of Samuel, the prize was .divided between three. Song by Mr. Lewis Jones, accompanied on the hoT nium by Mrs. Watts. Adjudication by E, is, Wyn o Wyrfai, on the epitaphs (englynion) Adferiad lechyd aer Nannau." Prize .ti ls. (given by Dr. J. E. Jones, Dolgelley). Eight compositions were received, and were stated to be all of high merit. The best was the one signed "CynlaV who turned* out to be Ma. Wm. Jones (Graienyn), RhydyKuun, near Dolgelley. The li.-aes.were as follows d(J ggujiadwr angau—iiach le, At nehel Aer Nannau; A'i drwm fys. drwy ymhyaiau, A reddodd ar ei ruddiau, MFT&IYLIWYD mai ei ddilyn-i ddu fe Id, Fyddai raid i'r plentyn Yn nwylaw cryfion ei elyn, Aeth i glyw rhyferthwy y glyn. Ond, ust! lor a dosturiodd,—a rhingyll Yr angau geryddodd; Ac yntau i'w ffau a ffodd, Ar air Duw'r Aer adawodd. -Gosod cyfryngau'n gyson-wnt Duw lor, I wneud ei amcanion; A'r meddyg a fu'r moddion, I weithio'i air y waith hon. A rhoddwn i Dduw'r heddweh-un ac oil, Ein gwir ddiolchgarwch; Am ei ffyddlon dirionweh I ni, rai llesg, awn i'r llwch. Tra daw mor i olchi traed Meirion,—tra B'o trwst dwfr yr Wnion, Arhosed heb ymryson, Y Nannau fawr yn enw Vaughan. For the best letter, first, Jane Price, Corsygarnedd; second, E. James Evans, Dolgelley. Song by Llew Cynfal. Competition in singing Fy Mrawd," best, Evan Price, Friog. Best woollen stockings, prize divided between Margaret Rees, Tynymynydd, and Mary Lloyd, Tycanol Cwm. Song by Eos Brychan. Adjudication on the song to Chwarel y Tyuchaf," first, Morris Griffiths, Tyddyndu, second, William Williams, Ganllwyd. Essay, "Iawnderau Merch," prize awarded to Jane Price, Duet by Eos Ffestin and Llew Cynfal. Singing, Y chwaer a'r Brawd (duet), prize awarded to D. Thomas, Porthyreuog, and Miss Pugh, Tyddynbach, the only competitors. Essay, "Elfenan gwir foneddigeiddrwydd," best, Rice Price, Friog. Compositions (poetry)' •' Y Tri llanc yn Babilon," best, Samuel Williams (Gwyiiedd Fychan). Song by Ltew Cynfal. Adjudica- tion on the musical compositions to the words, Cynghorion fy mam," prize divided between J. M. Rees (loan Machreth) and Thomas Davies, Rhydymain. For the best workman's shirt, first Sarah Jones; 2nd, Ann Ellen Moss. Essay, ''Dyledswyddau plentyn," pnze awarded to Robert Pugh, Dolgelley. Compositions (poetry), Ysgoldy y pentref gwledig," best Gwynedd Bychan. Competion in singing "Gelwch y fyddin yn ol," prize divided between David Thomas and Rice Price. "YBedgwn Stvrmp,' best, Jane Owen. Song by Eos Ffestin. Adjudieation on the englynion, Yr Oriawr" (Watch) best, Griffith Ed wards, Rhydymain. For besttrendering of the glee, O! Gymru Anwylaf, only one choir came forward, viz., the Rhydymain United Choir, conducted by Mr. Evan Evans, and they were awarded the prize. Englyn, Blodeuyn Llygad y Dydd," best, loan Machreth. Sons by Eos Brychan. The best tune for the service of the Sunday School, W. Evans, Pontrhyd- ygroes, Aberystwyth. Rendering" Y Gwanwyn," prize awarded to the Rhydymain United Choir. The best butter, Mrs. Williams, Coeetmawr, and Mrs. Anne Jones. The prize offered for the best englyn in honour of the chairman was awarded to Lewis Evans (LIywetyn), Brithdir. There were eleven competitors. The adjudicators were--Elis Wyn o Wyrfai, Graienyn, Wnionydd, Alaw Manod, the Rev. R. Roberts, vicar, Dr. J. E. Jones, Dolgelley, Mr. D. H. Jones, Goleuad office, Canon Lewis, M.A., Dot- gelley, Mrs. Vaughan, Nannau, and Mrs. Roberts, Vicar- age, Professor J. Pritchard, Dolgelley, acted as accompanist. The room was crowded. A vote of thanks was carried with en- thusiastic cheers to the Chairman, who suitably acknowledged it. The committee deserve praise for providing such a treat, and we are glad to hear that a similar meeting next year is already thought of. We ought to mention that in addition to consenting to preside, Mr. Vaughan liberally subscribed three guineas to the funds. The singing of tbe National Anthem brought the meeting to a close about nine p.m.