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PORTMADOC. NATIONAL SCHOOL.—The result of the Government Drawing Examination which took place in March last, has just come to hand. Forty-nine boys were presented in freehand and geometry. 1st grade, of these ten have shown that they were satisfactorily taught drawing, while the remaining number (thirty-nine) have passed "excel- lent" and "good." All who took geometry passed, and two thirds of them got excellent." One boy was successful in 2nd grade geometry. The pupil teachers have acquitted themselves well. Four of them have only one subject more to pass, to entitle them to a full certifi- cate oj drawing. We are also pleased to find that John Jones, pupil teacher, was successful in obtaining 2nd class in Physiography." THE BRITISH SCHOOL.—On Thursday afternoon, June the 27th, a tea was given at the British Schools to the pupils of those schools. There were about 350 children present, both the juvenile and the infant school being quite full and even inconveniently crowded. The school- rooms were tastefully decorated and elaborately festooned. The window sills were nicely dressed with ferns and evergreens, and the effect was very pleasing. The decor- ation was done by the master and mistress, assistod by the pupil teachers and the older pupils. The tables, which were heavily laden with good things, were also gay with flowers. The following ladies gave the tables, viz., Mrs. W. E. Morris, who was assisted by Mrs. Jones, Lombard- street; Miss Griffith, High-street, assisted by Mrs. Evans, Chapel-street; Mrs. William Evans, Dora-Street, and Miss Vaughan; Mrs. Robert Rowland, Osmond View, Miss Pritchard, and Mrs. David Roberts, Garth Villa Miss Morris, Bank Place, assisted by Mrs. William Jones, Snowdon-street, and Mrs. McLean, Bank Place; the Misses Hughes, Belle Vue Villa, and Miss Lizzie Jones, Bank Place, assisted by Mrs. Roberts, Borth; the Misses Williams, Britannia Foundry, assisted by Mrs. Owen Williams, Snowdon-street; the Misses Roberts, iron- monger, assisted by Miss Lloyd, Denbigh; Mrs. Williams, assisted by Miss Williams and Mrs. Roberts. The tables in the Infant School were given by Mrs. William Jones, High-street, assisted by Miss Roberts, Bank Place, Miss Lloyd, High-street, and Miss Humphreys, North and South Wales Bank, assisted by Miss Roberts, Bron- gudair. The following gentlemen were present and as- sisted :—The Rev. R. Morgan (W.M.), Dr. W. Jones Morris, Mr. Owen Morris, Captain Griffith Griffiths, Captain John Owen (Winifred), Mr. John Owen, Paris House, Mr. Owen Williams, Britannia Foundry, Mr. John Roberts, Steam Mills, Mr. Morgans,. Steam Mills, Mr. G. Prichard, Mr. J. Jones Morris, Rev. William Jones, High-street, &c. Mr. Breese sent a donation of one pound, to be distributed in prizes to the children. The children sang several pieces with much spirit. The Infant School is in an efficient state, and is conducted by Miss Ford, who is ably assisted by Miss Williams, a pupil teacher in her fifth year. For the past six months the boys' school has been superintended with much energy by William Davies, formerly a pupil teacher at the Portmadoc National-school, but who has passed with much credit his certificate examination. A SCHOOL BOARD VESTRY.—Some two months ago a vestry was held here, at which a resolution was passed, with only four dissentients, in favour of applying for an order for the formation of the formation of a School Board for the parish of Ynyscynhaiarn. That vestry was, however, informal, being called by the vestry clerk, and not by the returning officer, as [required by the Edu- cation Act, and the Education Department declined to act upon the application. The managers of the Portmadoc and Tremadoc British Schools had given the Education Department notices to close their schools, and those notices expired on the 30th June. Meanwhile the managers of the National and British Schools in the parish twice met, at the invitation of the committee of the Portmadoc National Scfiool, and exchanged their views as to the future educa- tion of the parish. These friendly interchanges of opinion led to a thoroogh agreement amongst the managers of the schools, that it was desirable to have a School Board, and this agreement prevented all dis- cussions and bitterness of spirit. It was agreed to call a vestry formally in accordance with the Act, and Messrs. O. Williams, Britannia Foundry, John Thomas, Wharf, and O. M. Roberts, architect, were appointed to take the requisition to call a vestry to Mr. G. S. Jones, the returning officer. That requisition was signed with alacrity by all who were asked. On Monday, the 2nd July, the vestry was held at the Assembly Room, Port- madoc, but the number present was comparatively small, something like thirty, as the parishioners considered the business only formal. The proceedings were short and perfectly unanimous. On the motion of Capt. Griffith Griffiths, seconded by Mr- Robert Rowland, Major Matthew was called to the chair, on taking which he said he was very glad to find that all the inhabitants of the parish without dis- tinction of creed or politics had amicably joined in this movement. They would always find him ready to join in any movement that was in harmony with the feelings of the people in general.—Mr. G. Solomen Jones then read the notice calling the meeting.—Mr. E. S. Greaves moved, "That it is expedient that a School Board be formed for the parish of Ynyscynchaiarn, and that an application for that purpose be made to the Education Department. This resolution having been seconded by the Rev. William Jones (B.M.), was unanimously passed.—A vote of thanks to the Chairman, jmoved by Mr. O. Williams, and seconded by Capt. Griffith, brought the proceedings to a close.-It was a happy feature to find the gentry moving in harmony with the parishioners, instead of in opposition, and Major Mathew deserves a word of recognition for his sacrifice of time to the public good, for between his attendance at the petty sessions at Portmadoc and Penrhyndeudraeth, at the Board of Guardians.. the Quarter Sessions and Assizes of the counties of Carnarvon and Merioneth, and other public meetings, he has to devote often about one half of his time to the public service. Mr. Robert Rowland showed time to the public good, for between his attendance at the petty sessions at Portmadoc and Penrhyndeudraeth, at! the Board of Guardians^ the Quarter Sessions and Assizes of the counties of Carnarvon and Merioneth, and other public meetings, he has to devote often about one half of his time to the public service. Mr. Robert Rowland showed his devotion to the cause of education by coming over from Barmouth at some inconvenience to attend the meeting. ± PETTY SESSIONS, JUNE 29TH.—Before Major Mathew (chairman), and Mr. E. S. Greaves. Selling British Wines without License. —Mr. Damerel, g Supervisor of Excise v. John Williams. Defendant's j daughter appeared for him.—Mr. J. J. Mulqueen said he ti called at defendant's house, obtained a glass of gingerette r. wine, drank it, and paid two-pence for it. Deiendant had J no license to sell British wines. A fine of £ 5 was inflicted 4 with a recommendation that it be further reduced to £ 1.— H. Damerell v. Jane Williams. Mr. J. T. Mulqueen c said that on the 15th May, the day of the Penmorfa cJ fair, he called at defendant's house, at Penmorfa, c and called for a glass of raspberry wine. Defen- JI dant supplied him with a glass of gingerette, for which he paid two-pence. He then observed e to defendant, that if that were raspberry wine she was g selling wine without a licence, and she said it was sent 1 her by Jennet Evans, and he did not then know but a that Jennet Evans had a licence for it. The following i day he called on defendant and told her that Jennet Evans said he supplied her only with beer, c whiskey, rum, and gin, and defendant replied that it was so, and she further said that she I bought it and sold it on her own account, but that what « she had sold him the day before was gingerette. The fol- lowing day she called on him and handed him_ the.bill pro- duced.—Jannet Evans said she was a publican at Port- madoc. On the 15th May she obtained an occasional i licence for the fair day. She had authorized defendant to i sell beer and spirit for her, she sent defendant ale, rum, 1 whiskey, and gin to be sold, but no gingerette or wine. J She did authorize her to sell soda water. She paid de- fendant 10s. for the use of her house. Defendant was fined JE12 10s., with a recommendation that it be further < reduced t»o £ 1 The Public Health Act.—William Jones, sanitary in- spector v. Edward Owen. -Complainant said that on the 21st June he went to Rhyd-ddu, and found that defendant had not filled up a certain drain, as ordered. The case was further adjourned, defendant to pay the costs. Drunk and -Riotous.-O. Griffiths was charged with this offence at the Gest Inn, Borth, on the 23rd June, and fined 7s. 6d. and lis. 6d. costs. Transfer of Liceace.-The licence of the Gest Inn, Borth, was transferred from Catherine Thomas to Wm. Williams.