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DOLGELLEY. SUDDEN DEATH.—An inquest was held at Caellwyd, in the parish of Llanuwchllyn, upon the body of Gwen Rowlands, aged 27, wife of Robert Rowlands, farm labourer.—Catherine Lewis, Caellwyd, examined I am a sister of the deceased. She died last Thursday evening in the field belonging to Caellwyd. I went to her before she died. She said she was very ill. She said nothing more. Deceased was taking food to Thomas Williams and others, who were mowing higher up than Caellwyd. Her face was rather black when I first went to her, especially about the lips.—Edward Jones said I am a surgeon at Dolgelley. I have examined the body of Gwen Rowlands this day, and of opinion she died of apoplexy. Verdict accordingly. GRAMMAR SCHOOL.—OLD BOYS AT THE UNIVERSITIES.— No incentive to work hard for honours at the Universities can be greater than the smile of approval and the hearty hand clasping of congratulations which greet a successful lad on his return to the scene of his early struggles. On the other hand, there can be no better spur for those yet at school to strain every nerve than seeing the reception given to a young man who is doing his best to represent well his county, his school, and his family, in either of the two great Universities. In the Oxford Class Lists (Honours) lately published, three old Dolgelley boys have figured more or less prominently. Mr. Owen Evans at- tained the high honour of a first in Natural Science, Mr. W. Roberts managed to obtain a respectable second in Mathematical Moderations, and Mr. J. C. Evans got a fourth in Classical Finals. Messrs Owen and Evans and J. C. Evans were brought out as school boys by the present Head Master of Friars' School, Bangor, Mr. Lloyd, when with energy, prudence, and skill, he had resuscitated the Grammar School in this town. From Cambridge we hear that Mr. J. Gillart, who read at Dolgelley, has passed his previous examination in the first class. DR. WILLIAMS'S SCHOOL. -A meeting of the governors of this school was held at the Public Rooms on Tuesday, July the 3rd.—Present Air. Samuel Holland, M.P., chairman, Mrs. Beale (Bi- :tirion), Mrs. Griffith (Glyn), Mrs. Jones (Penmaen), Roberts (Frondirion), Mr. W. D. Jeremy (Loudon), Mr. R. Davies (clerk). This being the first meeting of the Governors since the death of Mrs. Holland (who was also one oftL.) Governors), a vote of condolence with Mr. Holland hi sad bereave- ment was passed. New Governor.—Miss Roberts (the ne, -ovem.ooj%tL- tended and signed the necessary d^ j. u a,tip« £ ;flie acceptance of the office of governor. i&f Site of the School.—-The conveyance -of uie^school site was produced (by Mr. R. Davies, solicitor', approved of, and executed by the Governors present, r a cheque for 2500, being the amount of the purcha Money of such site, was signed. Laying Oat of the School Grounds, <iv Owing to Mr. Bull, the architect of the school, being nrable to attend this meeting, the following Governor ire deputed to meet Mr. Bull on Saturday, the 7th in: \o decide as to the laying out of the grounds, &c., Mr. Holland, Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Jones, and Miss Ro i ts. Architects Fees.—A cheque was drav-n for account of the Architect's fees. Clerk's Salary.—This matter was adj arned aBjgSJjljae? next meeting. *2 BOARD OF GUARDIANS, SATURDAY, JUNE 30.— Present: Mr. John Vaughan, chairman, Mr. Charles Jones and Mr. Griffith Williams, ex-officio, the Rev. W. Hughes, Messrs. Edward Griffith, David Jones, J. M. Jones, J. R. Davies, E. D. Evans, Evan Jones, D. Williams, Robert Evans, Owen Owen, J. Scott, Job Jones, Talyllyn, Joseph Roberts, clerk, and Edward Jones, medical officer. Statistics.-Cheques for 2100 and 258, Barmouth and ralyllyn districts respectively, were drawn. Balance in the bank, 2238 lis. 9d. The Charge against the Master.-The allegations made against the Workhouse master were partly gone into at 1 bhis meeting, the statements of P.C. Vaughan having j been taken.—Mr. Griffith Jones Williams, solicitor, ap- 8 peared to watch the case on behalf of the Master.—At t the commencement of the enquiry, Mr. J. R. Davies said I bhe Board did not charge the Master with anything. All t they wanted was to enquire into the truth of certain g statements that had been made. He did not, therefore, j see that the Master should be represented by a solicitor.— ( Mr. Griffith Jones Williams replied that he was there by ( permission of the Board, and would retire immediately if they desired it. The Board did not desire it, and con- sequently the Police Constable made his statement (which is withheld at present). At the end a discussion ensued t respecting the right of cross-examination, one or two per- sons thinking the persons who made statements should not be allowed to commit themselves in their answers under cross-examination, and when they had no legal ad- I viser to defend them. Mr. Griffith Jones Williams said no enquiry would be satisfactory unless both sides were { heard. The master would be able to entirely refute the statements that had been made. He (Mr. G. J. Williams) 1 therefore protested against any further enquiry until a proper enquiry was held.—Mr. Charles Jones proposed i the adjournment of the enquiry, and that Mr. Murray i Browne, Local Government Inspector, be asked to attend the next meeting and hold an enquiry.—-Mr. J. Scott] seconded the proposition.—Mr. J. Meyrick Jones said he believed the affair would end in smoke, and therefore the sooner it was over the better. He proposed that the en- i quiry shohld be gone on with that day.—The amendment was seconded by Mr. R. D. Evans, but, on being put to ■ the vote, was lost by a majority of one.—The enquiry was consequently adjourned for the presence of Mr. Lloyd Murray Browne. < Relief.-A petition, signed by ratepayers in Talyllyn, was read. It prayed that the relief of a cripple, named Humphrey Humphreys, should be increased from 2s. 6d.. —The petition was placed on the table. Sanitary.—Two applications for the office of inspector of nuisances of the union had been received-one from Richard Jones, which came a day late, offering to perform the duties for £ 40 a year; and the other from William Jones, the former inspector, asking P,75, including travel- ling expenses.—Mr. D. Jones moved, and Mr. E. Jones seconded, that Richard Jones be ap- pointed at the salary he asked. The Rev. W. Hughes proposed, as an amendment, William Jones, at a salary of £ 75. Mr. J. M. Jones seconded. —The amendment was lost.—Mr. E. Griffith proposed a second amendment, that the matter be postponed for a fortnight.—This was unanimously agreed to, and an ad- vertisement ordered to be inserted in the Cambrian News, inviting applicants for the office at a salary of £ 50. Vttlitation.-The Rev. W. Hughesmadeinquiries respect- 1 ing. the revaluation of the railway, but this was thought to be a matter to be inquired into by the assessement com- mittee, and not for public discussion.