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ABERYSTWYTH. PILLAR POST.—We understand a pillar post-office will be fixed in a day or two near Mr. Edwards's, the draper, in Pier-street. CANON PHILLIPS.—We are pleased to hear that Canon Phillips, vicar of Aberystwyth, who, with his family, has been seriously indisposed recently, is now much better. MR. DOWNIE'S BEQUEST TO THE SICK AND PooR.Lmt Saturday the committee appointed at the large public meeting held about two months ago, met to consider the amended scheme for the distribution of this fund. To- gether with the amended scheme there was laid before the committee a letter written by the Rev. Canon Phillips, and counsel's opinion on the scheme. The committee went through the amended scheme, and made alterations which seemed to them necessary in order to bring it into accord with the requirements of justice and equity. ABERYSTWYTH MARKET..—Wheat sold at 7s. 9d. to 8s. 3d.$ bushel; barley, 5s. Od. to 5s. Gel.; oats, 4s. Od. to 4s. 6d.: eggs, 00 to 18 for a shilling; salt butter, Is. Id. to Is. 2d. tl lb.; fresh butter, ls.^2d. to Is. 4d. 12 lb.; fowls, 3s. 6d. to 5s. Od. couple; ducks, 5s. Od. to Us. Od. %) couple geese, Os. Od. to 6s. Od. each turkeys, Os. Od. to OOs. Od. each potatoes, Os. Od. to 4s. od. V measure; new potatoes, 2d. to 3d. 1JIlb. THE TALK OF THE Towx.Twas very warm one day last .week, and the trains from the north brought into the town large numbers of excursionists longing for a deep, deep draught of the life-giving ozone at the seaside, and a cooling dip in the pellucid waters of_ Cardi- gan Bay. Among them came three ladies, hailing, it is believed, from the county of Merioneth and, calling upon a lady friend, they desired her company to the refreshing waves. This lady friend, however, being busy in the morning, promised her company in the afternoon if her companions would wait until that time. The afternoon came, the heat increased, and the waters of the Bay looked additionally tempting; but the bathing machines stood high and dry on the beach, and the lady attendant was nowhere to be seen. Picture the situation. There were the three excursionists, who had not seen the sea for months, perhaps there was the sun pouring down its broiling rays, and before them was the sea, with its tiny breakers lapping the shore invitingly. What would you do under the circumstances? These young ladies—these excursioitbts-asked a man standing by to wheel the bathing machines down to the water; but, no, he could not as the horse had done its day's work, and was possibly enjoying at that moment some refreshment for the inner horse. The excursionists were not to be baulked, however, so taking up a bathing gown apiece, they trudged off to the gentlemen's bathing ground, where they found the attendant indulging in a comfortable snooze on the beach, and one bathing machine close to the edge of the water. They then asked the atten- dant to get other machines down as they could not get a bathe at the ladies' place. After some questioning he consented and went to fetch a horse. Three minutes elapsed and no attendent came, neither did he at the end of five minutes. There was not a soul about and,-honi soit qui mal y pense-the ladies entered the machine, and presently appeared in the water enjoying a pleasant dip, coming out again greatly refreshed and laughing heartily at their exploit. The affair has been put down to some ladies in Queen's-road, but there is not a particle of truth in the statement. Ix THE BOARD SCHOOL.—Six pupils from this school have succeeded in obtaining the honours certificate granted under Lord Sandon's Act. This certificate entitles its holder to gratuitous schooling for three years. Appended are the names of the boys and a copy of the certificate :— Henry Thomas, aged 10, son of Capt. Thomas Thomas, "Lovina," Evan Hugh Jones, aged 9, son of William Jones, 9, Powell-street, William Lewis, aged 10, son of John Lewis Queeni-street, Richard Hughes, aged 10, son of Richard Hughes, grocer, David John Lewis, aged 8, son of Thomas Lewis, Custom House, Copy of Certifi- cate Scholars' Honour Certificate.-David John Lewis, a scholar in the Aberystwyth Board School, having at the age of eight years made the required number of school attendances and passed the prescribed standard, is qualified to claim payment from the parliamentary grant of school fees for the three years commencing on the 1st of February, 1877, in accordance with the tarms of the orders of the Education Department, issued under the 18th section of the Elementary Education Act, 1876.— (Signed), SANDON, Vice President of the Committee of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council on Educa- ion. L PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 4TH.—Before John Watkins, Esq., and J. W. Szlumper, Esq. j1 Breaches of the Peace.— Elizabeth Miles, Moor-lane, mmmoned Moriah Wilson, wife of Thomas Wilson, of ;he same place, for a breach of the peace.—The defend- mt was bound over to keep the peace for six months.— fane Jones, Gray's Inn Lane, summoned Margaret 1 Davies, of the same place, for using abusive language to- vards her.—The defendant was bound over to keep the )eace for six months. 1 BOARD OF GUARDIANS, MONDAY, JULY 2:m.- ( Present: Mr. H. C. Fryer, chairman, Mr. Morris lj Davies, and Mr. Abraham James, vice-chairmen Mr. 1 Lewis Pugh Pugh, ex-officio; Messrs. T. H. Jones, I Griffith Wiiliams, James Jones, John Jones, Tre'rddol, 1 John Morgan, Gwarallt, William Jones, Edward Lloyd, John Jenkins, Richard Morris, John Paull, J. I Jones, Elerch, David Jones, Llanafan, David Rees, ,an David Morgan, Hugh Hughes, clerk, David Jones, assistant-clerk, Morris Jones and J. E. Hughes, medi- cal officers. 1 Statistics. --NLumber in the house, 67, last year, 68. Vagrants relieved, 18. Out-relief: Aberystwyth dis- ] brict, per Mr. T. G. Thomas, t.52 5s. to 233 paupers Llanfihangel Geneu'rglyn district, per Mr. John Jones, C51 12s. 6d. to 214 paupers; liar district, per Mr. Joseph Morgan, JE65 6s. to 294 paupers Balance in the bank, ] £1,203 17s. 3d. The Workhouse Servant.-There being two applications for the office of servant in the Workhouse, both from paupers, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Pugh Pugh, seconded by Mr. Jones, Tre'rddol, that Mary Jones, Taliesin, should be appointed general servant. TOWN COUNCIL, TUESDAY,# JULY 3.—Present: The Mayor, Aldermen Williams (in the chair), Thos. Jones, Phillip Williams, Messrs George Green, John Jones, Bridge-end, Thomas Griffith, Peter Jones, John Jones, Great Darkgate-street, J. W. Thomas, T. H. Jones, W. H. Thomas, Town Clerk, David Jones, borough accountant, Rees Jones, borough surveyor. THE HARBOUR. After the bills had been passed, The MAYOR said he had received a letter, which he thought he could not do better than read. It was as fol- ^°WS Aberystwyth, June 29, 1877. Dear sir,—We, the undersigned, Aberystwyth shipbuilders and masters, most respectfully beg to draw your Honour's atten- tion to the many casualties which occur to vessels, especially strange vessels in coming into Aberystwyth harbour. These casualties arise, we believe in many instances, from the fact of there not being a thoroughly capable man on board the vessels as pilot. We therefore think it is highly desirable for the safety of shipping and general trade of this port that three or four of the most competent men in the locality should be appointed as branch pilots, and most respectfully request that your Honour apply to the secretary, Trinity House, London, and recommend that such an appointment be made. Such application to be made on behalf of the Corporation as the Harbour Authorities. (SignedJ Thomas Jones, merchant, Thomas Jones and Son, mer- chants and shipowners, R. R. Roberts and Son, timber merchants and shipowners, Morgan Owens, shipowner, Edward Jones, harbour master, David Jenkins, master mariner, John Jones, master mariner, Thomas Richards, master mariner and shipowner, David Lloyd, master mariner, John Lloyd, master mariner, John Hughes, master mariner, Thomas Morris, master mariner, Grif- fith Jones, master mariner, David Jones, master mariner, Thomas Jones, shipowner. The MAYOR thought the time had come when something ought to be done. It was necessary for some men to be appointed to preventinjury to ships, especially to strangers, on entering the harbour. Mr. Thomas Jones had been a great sufferer. The Hope, one of his vessels, had been injured on entering the harbour, and he thought the Coun- cil ought to do something. Mr. J. W. THOMAS observed that a Portmadoc vessel had sustained damage on entering the harbour, and it was now a. fact that vessels insured at Portmadoc were not allowed to come to Aberystwyth, except at their own risk. Mr. THOMAS JONES related how the Hope came to be damaged to the extent of 2M, and said that great care would have to be taken in making arrangements about pilots. Hoblers would still be required, and cables were necessary. The whole matter was referred to the Harbour Com- mittee for consideration. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. Mr. JOHN JONES (Bridge-end) read the following re- port A meeting of the committee was held on the Marine Terrace, at 11 a.m., on the 22nd inst. Present: Mr. John Watkins, mayor Mr. Thomas Jones, Mr. David Reberts, Mr. John James, Mr George Green, Mr. J. Jones, Bridge-end, Mr. Rees Jones, surveyor and Mr. Morris Davies, Ffosrhydgaled. Shed for Terrace Lionkeys.-The committee do not recom- mend the erection of a shed w covering for the Terrace donkeys, but, that all owners of donkeys for hire shall keep them at their respective stables, and that they be permitted at their own expense to fix painted boards on the present stand, acquainting visitors and others of the places where donkeys can be obtained on hire. Also that Sergeant Evans be appointed to see that all donkeys for hire are fit for the work, and are properly fed, watered shod, and treated, that none be permitted to be let on hire unless they and saddles, trap- pings, &c., are to his satisfaction further, that every boy driv- ing shall be approved by Sergeant Evans, and none be permitted besides. There was a long conversation, spun out to fill up the time, as there was a very light agenda paper. Ultimately Sergeant Evans was appointed, at a salary of two guineas a year, to look after the donkeys, &c. APPLICATION FOR LEASE. An application was granted, subject to plans being produced and approved, for lease of sites of houses at Shipbuilder's-row for the term of seventy-five years, at the respective ground rents of 30s. per annum. THE MEAT MARKET. Mr. T. H. JONES made some remarks respecting the meat market, which, he was understood to say, needed repairs. A conversation ensued, and it transpired that a resolution had been passed that some work should be done, but it had never been touched. The SURVEYOR, who by inference was blamed, said he had received no order to do the work, or it would have been carried out. After some remarks by Mr. J. W. THOMAS, the old resolution was strengtened by a new one. The work is to be done under the supervision of a committee. THE TEMPORARY WATER SUPPLY. An irregular conversation made clear that about a month may yet elapse before the temporary supply of water for the snmmer will be available. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. The meeting for the purpose of fixing the prizes for the ensuing show in September was held at the Town Hall, at three o'clock on Monday, July 2nd. Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart., presided, and there were also present Captain Hughes, Alltlwyd, Messrs. J. Pell, J. Baker, J. Jenkins, Blaen- plwyf, Captain Cosens, Messrs. Morris Davies, H. S. Richards, R. Gardiner, Captain John Paul, Messrs. J. R. Richards, H. C. Fryer, John Edwards, Blaendyffryn, Richard James, Brynllys, Lewis Lewis, Tanycastell, Lewis Williams, Abraham James, John Rowlands, Richard Jenkins, Morgan Jones, Lewis Pugh Pugh, Thomas Jones, John Edwards, Rhiwarthen, E. B. Morgan, Bonsall, Glanrheidol, &c. Sir PRYSE PRYSE, on taking the chair, said that he had been asked by Colonel Powell to preside, and did not like to refuse, although he wished to be in another place that day. Whatever had to be done he hoped it would be done quickly and quietly. The chief alteration in Class A section of the prize list was the abolition of a prize of S2 given in sheep, for the best pen of five cross-bred lambs. A suggestion by Mr. JENKINS, Blaenplwyf, to devote the prizes given to two-year-old oxen to the best bull. and cow calves. This suggestion received no support. Mr. PELL said the two-year-old oxen were very poor, and the prizes were given with a view of getting them brought up to a 1 igher standard. Mr. JENKINS said in his opinion calves were very much neglected by the Society. The CHAIRMAN pointed out that there were several prizes in each class, which would induce farmers to look after their calves. The only way to have good yearlings was to attend to the calves. In Class B the prize of JS1 given for the second best pen of five ewe lambs in any breed except Welsh was abolished, and an extra prize of 21 in the mountain sheep was given for the best pen of five yearling ewes. The prize offered for the best pen of five cross-bred lambs was abolished. It was felt that cross-breeds are sufficiently plentiful in Welsh sheep without offering prizes for crosses. In Class C it was jocularly remarked that two-year-old oxen ought not to be more than five years old. One pair were mentioned which had been exhibited as two-year- olds, and which a man had known for four years, and they were not calves then! In the mountain sheep in this class a new prize of kl for best pen of five yearling ewes was agreed to. In Class D (open competition) the prize of 21 for second best stallion in mountain pony class was struck out. It was then resolved to offer two new prizes, namely a prize of £3 for the best two year old entire colt in agri- cultural horses and a prize of JB2 for the best two year old entire colt in roadsters. An important alteration was made in the prizes offered for butter, which reduced the money offered in this class by k2 15s. The prizes now stand, For the best cask, tub, pot, or pan of butter." In former years three prizes were offered for butter in casks or tubs, and three in pots or pans. There was a debate on Welsh skim cheese. Ultimately, it was decided to continue the prize. On poultry there was a good deal of discussion. A suggestion to throw this competition open was rejected, and the prizes and conditions remain unaltered. The second prize of 15s. for the second best four bushels of wheat was withdrawn, and the prizes for wheat now stand-El 10s. for white wheat, and 21 10s. for other sorts of wheat. The second prize of 10s. for potatoes, and the awards were amended as follows-Best red potatoes will have a prize of 21 best whites, 21 and best of other kinds, 91 best mangels, 10s.; Swedes, 10s.; and other turnips, 10s. In Class E the 210 offered for the best farm of annual rent of £100 and upwards remains. The next prize of 26 is now offered to the best cultivated farm under 9100 rental the second best farm will get 24. There is no prize now offered for the best cultivated farm of less annual value than 240. A similar change in root crops. The result of the revision was that rather more money will be offered this year than last, and some of the points which gave rise to dissatisfaction have been removed. Mr. Fryer asked if the Agricultural Society would make a grant of money towards advertising the quarterly horse fairs, and the Chairman said not a penny," a decision which seemed to be pretty generally endorsed. In a conversation respecting these fairs, it seemed to be the opinion of Mr. Fryer that a horse show might be held with advantage after the show in September, and it was said that Mr. Lewis Pugh Pugh's suggestion would have met the case. ] Mr. MORRIS DAVIES said he had seen an excellent j suggestion in one of the local papers respecting prizes for I :lonkeys, and asked if the society would give prizes for < those animals. The question was greeted with loud laughter, and not entertained. It was the opinion of the meeting that the revision of 1 ;he prize list ought to take place earlier in the year, not 1 .ater than May, so as to give time for members to prepare e ;heir entries. After arranging about the judges the meeting separated. Mr William Morgan. announced that there is a balance ] in hand of about JS116.