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t- BUSINESS ADD. BARIIOUTJI. 0B MR. SELLIS, SURGEON DENTIST, Barmouth. "Consultations at home every MONDAY, and on other days by special appointment. Reduced fees made to patients attended to on Monday. Attendance at the following places:- DOLGELLEY—Mr. Owen Rees, printer and bookseller, First and third Saturdays in each month. LLANIDLOES—Mrs. Ashton, Rithel-street. Second and Fair Saturdays in each month. NEWTOWN—Mr Hugh Davies, grocer, Broad-street, PORT5U[J>OC—-Mrs. BewwSt Williams, dress maker, &c. 126, High-street. Seoend and Fourth Friday m Each Month. tt. TOWYN—Mrs. Jones, Cantrev House, High-street. 1 irst and Third Friday in Each Month. KLLEY. JAMES B. MEE, FISHMONGER, GAME DEALER, FRUITERER, &c., &c. Bridge End House, Dolgelley. Constant Supplies of yarious kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &c., according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not un hand procured on the shortest notice. Ice always on hand, and supplied by the p<mnd and Upwards. <?* Note the Address:- Bridge End House, Dolgelley. RICHARD ELLIS, Unicom Lane, Dolgelley, GENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTE R MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers. ABERYSTWYTH. SAVE YOUR MONEY. CUT NAILS 2D. PER LB. BEST PAINT, READY MIXED, In Canisters, 6d. per lb. WOOD TAPS, 2AD. EACH. KNIVES AND FORKS, 6D. PER PAIR. TABLE MATS AND DOOR MATS AND ALL KINDS OF BRUSHES. At DAVID ELLIS'S, IRONMONGER, (Opposite the Police Station,) 19, Great Darkgate-Street, ABERYSTWYTH. HEART OF. OAK HOUSE GROCERY, ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, .23¡ Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, DAVID RICHARDS, PROPRIETOR. > ,ROBERTS, LEWIS, & CO., GENERAL MERCHANTS, PORTMADOC- ROBERTS, LEWIS, & Co., beg to announce that they have opened new and commodious premises near the Cambrian Railway Station, Portmadoc, where they have a large assortment of goods. The Builders' Department. consists of :—Kitchen Ranges-close and open fire, Regis- ter Grates, Sham Registers, Mantel Shams, Mantel Pieces, Marble Chimney Pieces, Cast and Sheet Iron Ovens, Sash Weights, Eaves Troughs, O.G. and other Ornamental Guttering, Rain Water Pipes, Stove Pipes, Wrought Iron Pipes-black and galvanized, Sheet Lead and Zinc, Glazed Sanitary Pipes, Bricks, Paving and Ridge Tiles, Chimney Tops, Cement, Plaster Paris. The. Agricultural Implement Department. consists of :—Mowing and Reaping Machines, Haymakers, Horse Rakes, American Rakes, Chaff Cotters, Turnip Pulpers and Slicers, Machinery for bruising, grinding, and splitting Grain, Winnowing Machines, Ploughs, Cul- tivators, Chain Harrows, Zig-zag Harrows, Clod Crushers, Field Rollers, Mangold and Turnip -Drills, Wrought Iron Gates, Hurdles and Continuous Fencing, Waggons, Carts, and Market Cars, by all the leading makers. The. Mine And Quarry Department. consists of Circular Slate Saws, Files, Octagon Cast Steel (L), Blister Single and Double Sheer Steel, Cast Steel snd Iron Hammer Moulds, Crucible Cast Steel Waggon Wheel and Axles, Bar, Rod, Ho«p and Sheet Iron, Pumps, Crane and Rock Chains, Wire Ropes for Jnólineø, Anvils, Vices, Smiths' Bellows and Tue Irons, Portable Hearths, Machine Belting, Oils for Machinery, Fuse, Dynamite. AGENTS FOR NOBEL'S EXPLOSIVES CO. Applications for quotations are invited. Second Hand Quarry Materials bought and for sale. HUGH OWEN, < GOMEEIAN HOUSE, BARMOUTH, PHOTOGRAPHER. BEDFORD'S AND OTHER ARTISTS' VIEWS. WINDSOR AND NEWTON'S ARTISTS' MATERIALS AND COLOURS. -STATIONERY. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING. DRAPERY— A- GWD STOCK. OF HATS, BONNETS, & MILLINERY Always on hand. LMPLISSIMUS-THE AUTOMATON CLERK. Mahogany, Ofck, or Walnut. This new patent Letter ed Invoice File and Manuscript Holder super sedes Letter-Copying Books, Pigeon Holes, and Boxes, dispenses with Docketing, Folding, Piercing, Binding, or Fasfceningof any kind, SIMPLISSIMUS FILES need no uapleorents or extras of any kind. SIMPLISSIMUS lasts for ever. When filled, transfer contents, just as c they are, to Simplissimns Case. This is all the direction required: Simplissimui; Case and Index complete, Five Shillings per dozen. No Invention has been more honoured by notices of the Press, a few extracts of y'hich are subjoined. n uUlioniM.—A triumph of mechanical ingenuity and skill. The coat is a mere'sritie. Money Market Review.—Very valuable in business h°nnancier —A New Invention.—1The newest article for office use is the Siimplissimiis," which commends itself Ic- for its to b "VE) gim,Iicity and its usefulness. DAVID LLOYD, Printer and Stationer, Portmadoc Sole Agent for Portmadoc and surrounding district. = PONTERWYD. W 1 L L IA M "CLAR I D GE VETERINARY SXJEGEOX, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER Posterwyd. EDE'S PATENT AMERICAN EYE LIQUID has proved a blessing to thousands. The Cures this Liquid is effecting every day are The Cures this Liquid is effecting every day are ^Dimneasf aged, weak, watery, sore, bloodshot, keels, cataracts, specks, oolds, inflamed, near-sight over-worked, and every disease of the Eyecan be cured in a few dressings. Sold by aU Chemists, Is. lid. and 2B. 9dL; from EDB'S Birmingham, 15 and 33 stamps. Book on the human eye three stamps. Sold by all Chemists. Is. lid. and 28. 9d.; from EDB'S Birmingham, 15 and 33 stamps. Book on the human eye three stamps. MEETINGS. "Ar'V"'v"'v"J'V"V"J'V" A GRAND FANCY BAZAAR WILL BE HELD ON THE 30TH AND 31ST OF AUGUST, 1877, AT THE OLD ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CHURCH STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. The proceeds will be applied towards the Restoration of the Tower and two Transepts of the Parish Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, for which purpose about £2,000 is re: quired. Contributions will be gratefully received by the follow, ing ladies, who will preside at the stalls No. 1. LADY PRYSE, Gogerddan. No.2. MRS. BONSALL, Fronfraith, and MRS. MORGAN, Nantcaerio. No. 3. MRS. PUGH, Llanbadam Vicarage. Refreshment Stall-MRS. PUGH, Abermaide. Doors open each day at 11 a.m., and close PUNC- TUALLY at 6 p.m. LLANBADARN-FAWR. A SPECIAL MORNING PRAYER & SERMON, IN ENGLISH, WILL be held in the Nave of the above Church tV EVERY SUNDAY at 11.30 a.m, during the Summer Months, commencing on the First Sunday in June. Hymns Ancient and Modem (Old Edition.) Offertory towards the Restoration Fund. MERIONETHSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW WILL TAKE PLACE AT B A L A ON TUESDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, 1S77. PRESIDENT :— SIR W. W. WYNN, BART., M.P. ENTRY FORMS, List of Prices, and all other in- formation can be obtained from THOMAS ELLIS, Sec., Henblas, Bala. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH. 187 187 ESTABLISHED 1850. E. S, 0 N W O E S N& CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILORS, DRAPERS, HOSIERS, HATTERS, AND GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTERS, PARIS HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH, IN returning thanks for past support, beg most re- spectfully to intimate that their establishment is abundantly stocked with Fabrics, in the latest Novelties, and superior Plain Goods, suitable for the present season. YACHTING, BOATING, AND CRICKETING SUITS. RIDING TROUSERS, AND BREECHES. LADIES' RIDING HABITS LIVERIES, &c. ESTIMATES FOR UNIFORMS. E. OWEN & SONS Have just received a large Stock of NICOLL'S SUMMER COATS. Nicoll's Connaught Overcoats for summer wear, from 42s. Nicoll's Light Cover Coats for summer wear, from 21s. Nicoll's Alpaca Coats, from 12s. Nicoll's Boys' Suits. E. OWEN & SONS Have also received a Large and Choice Assortment of Gentlemen's Scarfs and Cravats for the present Season, from the Leading Manufacturers. E. OWEN 1& SONS Have in Stock -all "the Latest Shapes in Silk, Felt, and Straw Hats, Shooting, Cricketing, and Football Caps. Lincoln, Bennett, & Co.'s Hats. DENT & FOWNES BROS.'s GLOVES. MORLETS HOSIERY. GENTLEMEN'S UNDERCLOTHING. COLLEGE GOWNS AND CAPS. Umbrellas, Ruga, Macintoshes, &C^, &C. Coupons, or 5% given for Cash Payments. ESTABLISHED 1830. GOOD NEWS. CHEAP COAL. Owing to a favourable contract PETER JONES, Railway Station, Aberystwyth, Is now able to sell fcr cash on delivery BEST NEWPORT, 168. per ton. t BEST RUABON, 16s., Booking Price, 2s. extra. SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES. We will forward on receipt of stamps as under a sample iitif-dozen needles of the best quality made—viz.:— For Willcox and Gibbs' Machine, 13 stamps. For ary other Machine, 8 stamps. SEWING NEEDLES. OUR BLJOtJ NEEDLE CASE. fregister") is at once elegant and appropriate for either a Christmas, New Year, or Birthday Present. It contains One Hundred best Neetoes of an improved make, the easisest to thread and sew with esrer invented, and wherever used have always given satisfaction. A Bijou Case sent on receipt of 19 stamps. Needles without cases or for re- I tilling the same, 12 stamps per hundred. Either of the above may be returned if not approved. THE PARK WOOD MILLS CO., NEEDLE MAKERS, 230, BRADFORD STREET, BIRMINGHAM. "'V'r'I"V'v.V'v'V.V'V"I"rV" "r- iAn BUSINESS ADDRESS. ABERYSTWYTH. "A/[" JONES AND MORRIS, SLATE WORKS, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE in a position to supply CEMETERY MEMORIALS of every Description in Red and Gre Granite Marble, Stone, and Slate, at moderate charges. ANDERSON, ABBOTT, & ANDERSON, INDIA RUBBER MANUFACTURERS, 16 and 17, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, MANUFACTURERS of India Rubber Sheet, India Rubber Washers, India Rubber Valves, India Rubber and Cotton Canvas Driving Belts, Leather Driving Belts, Gutta Percha Driving Belts, India Rubber Packing for Pistons, Patent Chalk Packing, Patent Plumbago Packing, Cotton Waste, Hemp, Oils, Grease, Tallow, &c., Ac- Agent for Aberystwyth :-MR. GEORGE GREEN-ENGINEER. T. POWELL & CO., MARKET-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE NOW OFFERING HARRIS'S WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON, CHEDDAR AND OTHER CHEESE, AND A SELECT STOCK OF FIRST CLASS GROCERIES. ELLIS AND OWEN, ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN AND ENAMEL SLATE AND MARBLE WORKS, MANUFACTURERS of Enamelled and Plain Slate Chimney Pieces, Baths, Cistgnis, Milk Coolers, Headstones, Urinals, Mangers, Cattle Troughs, Dairy, Larder, and Wine Cellar Shdwtes; Window Sills, Door Steps, Hearth Stones, Flooring, Skirtings, and every description of Plain and Enamelled Slate Work. CRESTS, &c., ENAMELLED ON KEYSTONES OF CHIMNEY PIECES. Designs of every description executed to order. An Artist sent to take Views when required. IfF The First Prize for Slate Carving was awarded to this Firm, both at the Chester Exhibition (1866), and the Carmarthen Exhibition (1867), of the National Eisteddfod of Wales. BARMOUTH, NORTH WALES, Barmouth Hotel, opposite the Church. THIS HOTEL is pleasantly situated in the centre of this rapidly rising Watering Place. The scenery is varied and beautiful. Capital Lake and River Fishing in the immediate neighbourhood. Good Sea Fishing in the Bay. There is a spacious Coffee Room and Private Sitting Rooms, and the accommodation is such as to afford every comfort and convenience to Visitors. Charges moderate. Boats can be had from the Hotel. An Omnibus meets all trains. PRINTED TARIFF ON APPLICATION. Burton Ales and Dublin Stout on Draught and in Bottle. WINES AND SPIRITS OF A SUPERIOR QUALITY. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE CIDER CASK AND BOTTLED. BILLIARDS. T. P. EVANS, Proprietor. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED. MARCH BREWING, THE GUINEA WREXHAM PALE INDIA ALE. A Delightful Tonic of a delicate straw colour and fine flavor, brewed expressly for family use at the Brewery, Wrexham. The Celebrated India Pale Ale. The Guinea Wrexham, 18 Gallons, for 21s. 9 Gallons, 10s. 6d. DELIVERED CARRIAGE PAID. PRIVATE FAMILY PRICES. MILD ALES. 36 galls. 18 galls. 9 galls. XXX ) Royal Extra S. | 1 Wrexham 80s. 40s. 20s. XXX 2 66s. 33s. 16s. Gd. XXX 3 60s. 30s. 15s. XXX 4 48s. v 24s. 12s. XXX 5 40s. 20s. 10s. XXX 6 36s. 188. 9s. PALE INDIA ALES. 7 W1 60s. 30s. 15s. W 2 54s. 27s. 13s. 6d. W 3 48s. 24s. 12s. W 4 (Guinea Wrexham) 42s. 21s. 10s. SOLE AGENT IN BARMOUTH— v T. P. EVANS. FINDLATER & CO'S NOURISHING "DUBLIN" STOUT. Dr. Cameron, Public Analyst for "Dublin," says-" I have never examined a specimen of porter in which the solid or nutritive constituents were so abundant as in this Stout, and so remarkably free from acidity." Their XXX, XX, and X qualities in good condition, Direct from the Mountjoy Brewery, Dublin or through their Agent' T. P. EVANS, Barmouth Hotel (opposite the Church), Barmouth. CROSSE & BLACKWELL S PURE PICKLES, MALT VINEGAR, SAUCES, POTTED MEATS AND FISH, PREPARED SOUPS, CALVES' FEET JELLY, JAMS, JELLIES, AND MARMALADES, ALWAYS BEAR THE lIt NAMES AND ADDRESS ON THE LABELS, And may be obtained of Grocers and Italian Warehousemen throughout the World. CROSSE & BLACKWELL, PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN. SORO SQUARE, LONDON. ABERYSTWYTH WATER SUPPLY. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. NOTICE. TO the Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers of the lands, to the Overseers of the Parishes, and to the Trustees, Surveyors of Highways, and other persons having the care of the roads and streets, respectively mentioned in the schedule annexed hereto, and to all others whom it may concern NOTICE is Hereby Given by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Aberystwyth, in the county of Cardigan, acting by the Council as the Urban Sanitary Authority thereof, as follows That they, the said Urban Authority, intend on or after the 8th day of October, 1877, to commence the construction of Water Works for supplying the said Borough of Aberystwyth and the inhabitants thereof with water by gravita- tion, commencing from the eastern side of the field numbered respectively 323 in the said Schedule hereto, and on the plan hereinafter referred to, and situate in the parish or township of Melindwr, in the said county of Cardigan, to the Aberystwyth North Turnpike Gate, in the said Borough of Aberystwyth. And that a plan of the said intended works is deposited at the office of the Town Clerk of the said Borough of Aberystwyth, situate at Number 7, Laura Place, in the said Borough, where the same may be inspected, between the hours of 1. and 4 p.m., by all persons desirous of inspecting it. I)ated-fSiu&ird day of July, 1877. W. H. THOMAS, Town Clerk. THE SCHEDULE REFERRED TO IN THE ABOVE NOTICE. P"i8l«MpT0Wn' N°p £ °"j Owners or reputed owners. 323 !George William Frederick Hughes Evar. Rowlands Pasture I 291 jThomas Owen Morgan.David Jenkins .Pasture. 290 Thomas Owen Morgan David Jenkins Occupation Road 285 | Thomas Owen Morgan David Jenkins .Pasture. 250 iJohn George William Bonsall .|Ej^vtaT.8 and } Pasture 249 Nathaniel Bond Mary Rowlands Woodland and Pasture 127 Nathaniel Bond Mary Rowlands Woodland and Pasture Melindwr 120 Whaniel Bond Mary Kowl.nds Ocguprtion Eoad and 190a ISurveyor of Highways for) John Edwards, Parish) Lower Geneu'rglyn f Road Surveyor J Parish Road Robert Roberts, Mary Roberts") 12 his wife, and Griffith William vEvan Evans. pas £ ure Williams J 136 Nathaniel Bond Mary Rowlands p,rf.,r. 136 Nathaniel Bond Mary Rowlands. Pasture 79 Anna Maria Parry jAbsolom Prys 77 Anna Maria Parry Absolom Prys Pasture and Ri ver I 78 Anna Maria Parry Absolom Prys Melindwr, Parcel Canol,Ucha-yn-( 121 [Cardiganshire County Roads) John Vaughan, County) clre,Issa-yn-dre, r Board j Roads Surveyor j Turnpike Road andVaenor-issa ) Canol, U ch-yn- 121 [Cardiganshire County Roads) John Vaughan, County) dre, Issa-yn-dre, Board. Roads Surveyor j Turnpike Road andVaenor-issa ) vilnor^Ucha i! 121B ) juices James Weeks Szlumper, ) Ucha-yn-dre and 121c j' shire8 °an j County Surveyor j County Bridges Issa-yn-dre J ) HARLECH CASTLE. THE TENTH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARDUDWY TEMPERANCE CHORAL UNION, THURSDAY, JULY 12th, 1877. PRESIDENTS-W. E. [OAKELEY, ESQ., Tanybwlch OWEN EVANS, ESQ., Broom Hall EDWARD BREESE, ESQ., Portmadoc. ARHSTES-MISS MARIAN WILLIAMS, R.A.M. Miss MARTHA HARRIES, R.A.M. MR. J. L. WILLIAMS, 11. A.M. TEN CHOIRS NUMBERING ABOUT 800 VOICES, AND THREE BRASS BANDS. PiANO—-MB. JOHN PRITCHARD. HARMONIUM—MR. R. DAVIES, U.C.W. CONDUCTOR—EOS MORLAIS. HANDEL'S MESSIAH WILL BE PERFORMED AT THE EVENING MEETING BY THE UNITED CHOIRS. MEETINGS AT 10 30, 2, AND 5 O'CLOCK. THE CAMBRIAN AND FESTINIOG RAILWAYS WILL RUN EXCURSION TRAINS AS USUAL. JOHN ROBERTS, ) OFQ .M O, O. ROBERTS, J" Secretaries. WANTED, TO LET, &e. Prepaid Advertisements. The Charges for the insertion of PREPAID ADVERTISE- MENTS referring to HOUSES TO BE LET, I APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND Are as follows :— 3 Lines (seven words to a line) 1 0 Ditto, Three insertions 2 0 4 aad i Lines (seven words to a line).. 1 6 Ditto, Three insertions 3 6 Ditto, Six insertions 6 0 For each additional tine over five lines, when there is one inser- tion, 4d. when there are three insertions, or more, 3d. Remittances may be made in Postage Stamps; Halfpenny Stamps preferred. No Credit Advertisement in charged not less than Is 6d. NOTICE TO MINE AND QUARRY AGENTS. WANTED, to purchase all kinds of OLD MACHINERY, METAL and SCRAP IRON. —Address MCILQUHAM, Machine Broker, Aberystwyth. N.B.—Mining Plant, &c., Bought and Sold on Commission. WANTED, an ASSISTANT in the Grocery, Provision, and General Trade. One that can speak both Welsh and En-lish.-Apply to M. ROWLANDS, Liver- pool Houte, Rhiwbryfdir. SCHOOL MISTRESS (Church) Wanted, to take kJ charge of a parish school; salary, £30, school pence, and house. One certificated and speaking Welsh preferred. Must be able to play harmonium.—Apply to F. PAR- MITER, Bala, North Wales. 7 TO POST BOYS. WANTED, a Steady Sober Man as FIRST DRIVER. None need apply, but those whose character will bear the strictest investigation. State age, experience. &c., to J. A. J. CARROLL, Cambrian Hotel, T..wyn, N.W. mo BE LET, PWLLPEIRAN HOUSE, near the -L Devil's Bridge, a good Dwelling House, replete with every convenience, and an extensive range of shooting if required—Apply to the AGENT, Hafod, Aberystwyth. PORTMADOC. I HOUSES ON SALE. "VTO. 4, Madoc-street, containing 6 bedrooms, 2 _iA kitchens (1 fitted up will all modern cooking ap- paratus), 1 parlour, 1 pantry,1 laundry, and built sub- stantially. Rails in front; back yard, and W.C. Water in the house. Unexpired lease, 47 years. Nos. 3 and 4, Smith-street, containing 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, pantry, laundry, water, W.C., and everything compact. Unexpired lease, 48 years. Apply to Mr. R. JONES, smith, Madoc-street. O BE LET, No. 9, CAMBRIAN TERRACE, Borth, Furnished, with exception of bedding.— Apply L. C. JONES, Surveyor, Borth, Cardiganshire. CARDIGANSHIRE. ARMS TO LET, on the CROSSWQOD ESTATE, Jj From 29th September, 1877 Pentredu, in the parish of Lledrod, containing 194 acres. Nanthenfoel Fawr, in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad, and near Lampeter, containing 350 acres. Apply to Mr. R. GARDINER, Chcosswood Estate Office, Birchgrove, and on Mondays at 12, New street, Aberyst- wyth. ARMOUTH, NORTH WALES.—To be Sold, a COMMODIOUS HOUSE, nearly new, situate about a mile from Bomouth, containing three entertain- ing rooms, nine bedrooms, two w.c.'s, kitchen and cellar. Five minutatf walk from the beach.—Apply to Mr. SMITH, 1, Mount Pleasant, Barmouth. ABERYSTWYTH. COMMANDING FREEHOLD CORNER HOUSE AND SHOP. FOR Sale by Private Contract.—Contains large shop with double frontage with plate glass windows, partour, drawing room, and ample accommodation for a family. Situate in centre of town at junction of Pier- street and Clock Tower Square. Suitable for a chemist or any business requiring a prominent position. In tho- rough repair and newly decorated. Part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage.—Apply to Mr. G. T. SMITH, Auctioneer, Aberystwyth. CRENVER AND WHEAL ABRAHAM UNITED MINES, CROWAN, NEAR CAMBORNE, CORNWALL. TO be Sold by Tender, either in one lot or separ- ately, all the Pumping, Whim, and other Engines, Boilers, Calciner, Pneumatic Stamps, Crusher, and other remaining machinery of these mines. May be viewed at the mines, and catalogues and forms of tender may be obtained on application to Messrs. GOOD, DANIELS, & Co., 7, Poultry, London, or Mr. W. J. JOHNS, Edward-street, Truro. Tenders to be sent in to Messrs. Good, Daniels, & Co., as above, on or before 16th July marked Crenver Ten- der." O LET FURNISHED. — A House in North Parade, and a House in Marine-Terrace, to be let furnished on moderate terms. The house in North Parade contains dining, drawing, and breakfast rooms, and seven bedrooms.—Apply, X.Y., Cambrian News Office, 3, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. OUBLE PURCHASE CRAB WINCH, 100ft^ good f drawing chain, quantity of 4in. air pipes, a 9-in. lift of pumps, bridge rails, pulley, trams, steel borers, &c.. &c.—MCILQUHAM, Aberystwyth. O BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, all that Messsuage or Dwelling House called "Wesley House," situate in Queen's Road, Aberystwyth, with the yard and premises at the back thereof, all which premises are held under a lease dated the 24th day of October, 1864, for the term of 65 years from the 12th day of November, 1864, at the yearly rent of B9. Applications to be made to GRIFFITH JONES, solicitor, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. Dated this 21st day of June, 1877. TO BE LET, furnished, with immediate possession, No. 60, Marine-terrace, Aberystwyth. Furniture to be taken at a valuation.—Apply as above. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR FAMILIES AND SERVANTS AT NOWELL'S FANCYWAREHOUSE, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Opposite the Infirmary, ABERYSTWYTH. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. 'V"rv-v" ABERYSTWYTH. T. BUBB RESPECTFULLY announces that he has taken the large shop in Terrace-road at the corner of New- foundland-street, which he has opened as a SHOW ROOM. In addition to his extensive Stock and choice Designs in Paper Hangings from London and Paris, he has also added a large Stock of FURNITURE, comprising Loo and other Tables, Chairs, Couches, Cheffoniers, &c., &c., in Mahogany and Walnut; Chimney and Bedroom Glasses of various sizes and designs. Perambulators, Fancy Baskets, &c., &c. BRONNER'S Patent Gas Rumers give ninety-nine per cent. of Light as compared with twenty-seven per cent. given by ordinary burners, with equal consumption of gas. Vide Gas Referee's Report, June, 1869. T. Bubb, TelTace-road, Sole Agent for Aberystwyth District. MRS. E. EVANS'S DINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 8, Market-street, Aberystwyth. Hot Dinners daily at one o'clock. Roast and Boiled Joints, Chickens, Ducks, &c., always ready. Mrs. Evans begs to call attention to her Pies, Puddings, and Tarts, made daily or to order. Oyster and eal Patties, Fruit and Preserve Tarts, Cakes, Buns, &c., fresh daily. Tea and Coffee at any hour of the day. AGRICULTURAL SEED, 1877. EDWARD- ELLIS, 7 & 8, PRINCESS-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS respectfully to return thanks for the kind support given him during- the last 2o years in the seed trade, and calls particular attention to the splendid stock he holds this season of all kinds of Agricultural Seeds, Seed Potatoes, Early and Late. E. E. begs to acquaint the nobility, gentry, agricul- turists, householders, and others, that he holds an Auc- tioneer and Valuer's Licence. SALES AND VALUATION UNDERTAKEN WITH CARE. 2200 to E400 may be had on mortgage on freehold property.—Apply to 0 E. ELLIS, Auctioneer and Valuer. THOSE LADIES WHO SAVE THEIR COMBINGS OF HAIR can have them disentangled, roots turned, and properly pre- pared and arranged into Twists, Plaits, Coils, Chignons, &c., by H. P. HAWKINS, ARTIST IN HAIR, 23, Pier Street, Aberystwyth. PUBLIC NOTICES. THE HEALTH OF ABERYSTWYTH. WHEREAS some person, signing himself as "Edward James 3, Green-street." did, on or about the thirtieth day May last, write and send for publica* tion a letter to the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, stating that fever of a most virulent nature prevailed at Aberyst- w wyth, and that already several deaths had occurred from it. We, the undersigned, being medical men practising in the town, hereby certify that the whole statement was false from beginning to end, that there is no disease of an in- fectious character in town, and that the death-rate for the present quarter, we believe, will not exceed sixteen per thousand inhabitants annually. JACOB ROBERTS, M.R.C.S. T. D. HARRIES, F.R.C.S., JOHN EDWARD MATHIAS, M.D., M.R.C.S., &c. J. M. JONES, M.R.C.S. C. RICE WILLIAMS, M.D., M.R.C.S., &c J. T. MORGAN, M.R.C.S., J.P. RICHARD GILBERTSON, M.R.C.S. MORRIS JONES. Medical Officer of Health. CONGREGATIONAL MEMORIAL CHAPEL, PORTMADOC. TO CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS. ARTIES willing to tender for building the above T)ARTIES willing to tender for building the above .„ ca^ lnspect the drawings, conditions, and specifications at.my office on payment of one guinea, which sum will be returned to each person who shall sen<i a bona fide tender. Tenders to be sent on or before the 14th of July, 1877 (sealed and endorsed Tenders for Memorial Chapel ) addressed to Mr. J. JONES MORRIS, 24, Lombard-street, Portmadoc. The Committee will not necessarily accept the lowest or any tender. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS. Bank Place, Portmadoc, Architect June 18, 1877. PROMENADE AND TOWN BAND. jl /TESSRS. WATERS & ADIE having commenced the season at Aberystwyth with their celebrated band, beg respectfully to inform the visitors that the sub- scription book will be presented once each week-the band being entirely supported by voluntary contributions-and hope by a careful rendering of a choice selection of music, they will meet with that liberal patronage an earnest at- tention to the musical requirements of the town deserves; and, while thanking resident subscribers for their patron- age, beg to remind resident non-subscribers that it is only fair the band should receive that support, while having to act as their own committee, they would receive were a resident committee collecting for them but still hope to have a favourable resident list to publish at the end of the season. Each subscriber will receive a printed subscription list at the end of the season. The band will play on the Terrace every evening and in various parts of the town from 9 till 11 in the morning. NOTICE. LIBERAL Owners or Occupiers of Property in the Aberystwyth Polling District, entitling them to Votes for the County of Cardigan, may obtain, free of expense, all forms and information to enable their names to be placed on the Register of Voters, on application to either Mr. R. D. ROBERTS, Bridge-street, or Mr. DAVID JONES, Accountant, Baker-street, Aberystwyth. Q All Claims must be in the hands of the Overseers before the 20th July. EDWARD PEARCE, DECEASED. Pursuant to the provisions of an Act of Parliament passed in the session holden in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve trustees," OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons JJi having any claims or demands against the estate of Edward Pearce, late of No. 5, Portland Place, in the town of Aberayror, in the county of Cardigan, gentleman (who diett on the third day of J anuary, 1877, and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of her Majesty's High Court of Justice by Ed- ward Dyason of Haine House, Maida Vale, South Nor- wood, in the county of Surrey, the acting executor of the deceased on the 8th day of February, 1877) are hereby required to send in the particulars of claims or demands em 7 to me, the undersigned, as solicitor to the said Edward Dyason, on or before the 8th day of August next, at the expiration of which time the said Edward Dyason will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled, having regard only to the claims of which he shall then have had notice. And that he will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distri- buted, to any person of whose debt or claim he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 21st day of June, 1877. GRIFFITH JONES, Solicitor to the above named Edward Dyason. TOWYN LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. OTICE is Hereby Given that the Local Rates 1 and Expenditure of the above-named Board up to the 25th day of March, 1877, will.be audited on Mon- day, the 23rd day of July inst., at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, at the office of the Board in Corbet Square, Towyn in the County of Merioneth, by William Williams Jones, Esquire, auditor, pursuant to the previsions of the Public Health Act, 1875. A copy of the accounts to be audited, together with all rate books, account books, deeds, contracts accounts bills, vouchers, and receipts mentioned or referred to in the accounts, will be open during office hours for the in spection of all persons interested, at the Local Board A°r Previous to such audit. Dated this 4th day of July, 1877. W. ROB. DAVIES, Clerk to the said Board. DOLGELLEY UNION RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the Rural Sanitary Authority of the above Union will, at a meeting to be held at the Board Room, Union Workhouse, Dolgelley on Saturday, the 14th day of July inst., proceed to the appointment (subject to the approval of the Local Govern- ment Board) of an Inspector of Nuisances for the Sanitary District of the said Union. The person appointed will be required to discharge the duties of the office as prescribed by the Sanitary Acts and the Regulations of the Local Government Board, and to reside in the Union, but will not be required (to devote the whole of his time to the duties of such office. The salary will be £ 50 per annum, and Davable quarterly. F y st^mg^age^ past^'ancj1 Prese^^nip"oyment^ an^quldffica' tions, together with testimonials of recent date to b^seTt to me on or before the 13th day of July instant. JOSEPH ROBERTS, Clerk to the Rural Sanitary Authority. 4th J ly, 1877. 16- E.. & J. JONES, SUMMER CURTAINS in Ecru and White Lace.REarlyJEnglish Designs. CARPETS, FRENCH^ CHINTZES, CRETONNES, DIMITIES, &c., in Early English Design. CABINET FURNITURE. °.n* of. the. Largest Stocks in the pro- vinces to select from. SPECIAL DESIGNS prepared on the premises, and Estimates given for Artistic Furnishing. |j QABINET jyjANUFACTURERS, OSWESTRY. | MUSIC WAREHOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. A large Stock of PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS FOR SALE OR HIRE. An immense Stock of NEW AND POPULAR SHEET MUSIC, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, STRINGS AND FITTINGS, &c. Pianofortes and Harmoniums tuned and repaired, in town and country, by W. K. WHEATLEY & SONS.