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Trade Intelligence.


Trade Intelligence. WOLVERHAMPTON IRON TRADE.—WEDNESDAY. The Lilleshall Iron Company decline to sell their hot-blast all- mine pigs under £ 4 5s. ton, and discourage buyers' expecta- tions of a reduction at the quarterly meetings next week. Staffordshire all-mine pigs are quoted at from e4 7s. Cd. to £ 4 9s. 6d. Some hematite pigs which have been quoted at 75s. might have been got at 73s. 9d. Buyers, however, held off, expecting to place their orders next week at 72s. 6d. Finished iron prices are no weaker of the two they are a shade stronger upon the minimum. There is a tendency towards strength in the price of coal for irenmaking. THE CROPS AND THE CORN TRADE. The Marlc-Lanc Express saysReports of the growing wheat are, generally speaking, favourable, but an early harvest seems improbable, in spite of the improved weather, considering that the plant has come into ear ten days later than the average time. From the Northern and Midland counties it is reported that, although the sunshine has done much to promote the de- velopment of the cereal crops, there are still some districts where the bad effects of the severe spring are to be plainly seen in the thinness and spiry character of the wheat plant. Advices as to the appearance of the spring corn are contradictory, but on the whole the prospect of a satisfactory yield of barley and oats is more than dubious. It appears probable that the harvest of 1877 will not prove so disappointing as that of 1876, so far as yield is concerned, but it is very doubtful whether it will be equally satisfactory in point of quality. The quantity of English wheat remaining in farmers' hands is very trifling, and the firmer tone which has characterized the trade has further strengthened hol(ters' views. A fairly brisk demand has been experienced off stands, at an improvement of Is. V quarter on the week.




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