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MARKET REPORTS. CORN AVERAGES, For the week ending June 30. The following are the quantities sold and the prices this year and last vear:- QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES. This year. L:tst year. This year. Last year. Wheat 21,584 29,126 62s. 6d. 48s. lOd. Barley 550 459 33s. lid. 34s. 6d. Oats 1,032 770 28s. 9d. 28s. lid. Corn, &c. LIVERPOOL, TUESDAY. — There was to-day an improved demand lor wheat, at the extreme rates of Friday to an advance of id. V cental. Flour steadier, and in more request. Beans and peas unaltered. Indian corn was in moderate demand, at 24s. 3d. to 24s. 6d. V quarter. PRICES (thfs day). s. d. s. d. American lirhe-,it, zO cental of 100 lbs 10 9 to 12 3 English Flour P 280 Ibs 42 0 48 0 Foreign Barley, :¡¡J 60 lbs 3 0 3 6 English Oats,$45 lbs 3 9 4 6 Egyptian Beans,$480 lbs 30 6 31 6 Indian corn, American new white 26 0 26 6 mixed American 23 9 25 6 LONDON, WEDNESDAY.—The market was steady for both English and foreign wheat, at last prices. Flour quiet and un- altered. Oats firm, at late rates. Maize very cpiiet. Barley, beans, and peas without change. -Arrivals: British wheat, 270 quarters; Foreign wheat, 39,690 quarters; barley, 4,290 quar- ters; oats, 35,210 quarters; maize, 13,290 quarters; flour, 2,720 Racks. CURRENT PRICES OF GRAIN AT MARK LANE. Shillings P qr. Wheat, new Essex and Kent (white) 60 to 65 Ditto ditto (red). 57 63 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) 56 60 Barley (Chevalier) 47 55 Oats, English feed 25 30 Beans (Mazagan) 30 34 Peas, white boilers (English). 36 40 (foreign) 39 40 25 29 Flour, best Town Households,$sack of 280 lbs., 49s. to 5 £ a— SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY. — At our market to-day the following were the quotations :— s. d. s. d. White WheLt, V 75 tbs 9 6 @10 0 Jted ditto • 9 0 9 6 Barley (malting), ¥ 3S quarts 0 0 0 0 Oats,$225 lbs 21 6- 24 0 Beans,$225 lbs. 21 ° "Malt,$imperial bushel 8 » y CHESTER, S YTURDAY.— At this market red wheat sold at 9s. 3d. to 9s. 6d. 1fJ bushel. There were few samples of oats or beans on offer. WELSHPOOL, MONDAY.—Wheat, 10s. 9d. to 10s. 6d. IR 80 n)s.; barley Og. Od. to Os. Od Vi 40 quarts; oats, 22s. 6d to 26s. Od ? haff' eg^s, 00 to 14 for a shilling; butter, 0s. Od. to Is. 3d. lb.; fowls 5s" Od. to 5s 6d.$couple; ducks, 6s. Od. to 7s. 0d.$ couple; geese, Os. Od to OOs. Od. each.; turkeys, 00s. Od. to 00s. Od. each. NEWTOWN TUESDAY (July 3).-Wheat, Os. Od. to Os. Od. 33 bushel; barley, 0s. Od. to Os. Od.; oats, 00s. to 00s V btg; eggs, 00 to 14 for a shilling; butter, Is. 2d. to Is. g(l. V tb.; fowls, 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d. IR couple; ducks, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 6d. ? couple; geese, Os. Od. to 0s. Od. each; turkeys, Os. Od. to Os. Od. each; potatoes, € lbs. for sixpence; .beef, 7d. to 9(1. :@ tb.; mutton, 9d. to 10^-d.; veal, 7d. to 8d.; pork, n-d. to gid. OSWESTRY, WEDNESDAY (July 4).-The following were the Quotations: Wheat 9s. 6d. to 9s. gd. P l,ushel; barley (malt- ia<r) Os. Od. toOs. 0d.; oats, 4s. 3d. to 4s 9d.: butter, Is. 2d. to 13° 3d.$eggs, 0 to 14 for a shilling; fowls, 3s. Od. to 4s. Od. 59 coiiple; ducks, 0s. Od. to 4s. 6d.$couple; geese, 0s. Od. to Os Od. eftch', turkeys, 00s. Od. to 00s. Od. each; potatoes, 0 lbs. to 7 8is for sixpence Cattle. ■\jrFTROPOTiITAN, MONDAY.—The cattle trade ruled very at a reduction of 2d. to 4d.$stone on all classes with the exception of choice fresh grass-fed be^ts, neat quarters of which are reported to have changed hands at 6.->. r(3 stone, but this is A fair demand for lambs. Veal and pork met a very >,iow sale Prices; — Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. lOd.; mutton 5s. 9d. Ito 6s 8d veal, 5s. Od. to 6s. 2d.; pork, 4s. Od. to 5s Oil., :• °'1' 0d. The stock on offer consisted of ,3'' sheep, 40 calves, and 30 pigs; included in which were 970 foreign beasts and 180 sheep. LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.-There was about an average supply of stock on offer, which consisted of 1,527 beasts and 9,824 sheep and lambs, included in which were 400 foreign and American cattle of very good quality. Prices were in sellers' favour. The demand was rather brisk, the cold morning being in favour of the market. I Country buyers were more numerous. —Prices Best beasts, 8id. to 9d.; second ditto, 7d. to Sid.; sheep, 9d. to 10Jd.; lambs, 9d. to 10 £ d. SHREWSBURY, TUESDAY. There was but a small show of stock to-day, and only a moderate attendance, doubtless con- sequent upon harvest operations. Store cattle in good demand, and a brisk trade for fat stock at the following quotations :— Bpef prime quality, 9d.$lb. inferior ditto. 8d.; mutton, 9d. to mid'" lamb, 10d. to lid.; veal, 7d. to 8d. Pork pigs cheaper. „ Vv and both mutton and lamb met a slow trade, at slio-htly easier. Fat pigs a limited number; trade BIRMINGHAM, TUESDAY. We were scantily supplied with which came to hand in good saleable condition. The beef nrooressed slowly. Sheep and lambs a fair supply, both in Quality5and numbers. Fat pigs a moderate suppiy._Prices -7id to 9d$If- mutton, 8d. to !H<1.; lamb, 8kl. to lO.Vd.; bacon pigs 8s. Od. to 10s. 3d # score; porket ditto, 10s. 6(1. to N«AFFORD TUESDAY .— The supply of beasts at market was about the same as last week, but the quality was very indiffer- Tien 11 v eood beef was exceedingly scarce, and commanded e.nt- Iieallj go glow trade was done in secondary and high prices. A ra t 2 000 foreign beasts were shown, in- vnferior animals. Spanish, the best of which fully C }^iJVtbtl8Sheer) met with a brisk demand, prime sorts made 9(1.$tt>- Sh P in some instances fetched as much realizing 10M. *>■ done in calves, at late rates.- BeefNid to 9id V mutton, Sld. to 10Jd; lamb, 1M. to lid.; veal, 7d. to 8.U1. Miscellaneous. t,cu IUVRTP4N PROVISIONS, LIVERPOOL, FRI- IRISH AND .Vfrom the States being larger than D YV.—butter The ar holders anxious sellers, the value the deimmd carries off, continues dull, and without has declined10s. 4 cwtBac°" 11 has continued to decline Beel ami poi-k are .low, and WORCESTER HOP, SATUROAY.—MEBS^PIERCY^LONG^TTOM, and Faram, in their weekly report, say Hie rei-. at market to-day confirm our own observations, » has made progress this week and is now t'ew'hiii-, the t p. > poles, and the usual midsummer shoots showing. H there may be seen a few flies that would be snfRcient_ to (k m s- chief with weather suitable for a blight, but in .'he mterests or all concerned we hope to have an average crop. Business is Jimitpd to immediate requirements. I LIVERPOOL WOOL, FPIDAY.-S-AleS tO a moderate extent in Peru, Mogadore, River Plate, and Lima, have been effeocted this week, at fully late current rates. There have also been sold 63 hags mohair at 2s. 10d., and about 1,2<50 bales alpaca at lfltd. to 23d. TAM as well as 50 bales River Plate sheepskins at pre- vious values.—The current quotations areEast India, white fid. to 14d. P 11).; vellow, 4d. to I2d.; gray, &c., 2id. to 9Jd.; washed Peruvian, lod. to 17d.; washed River Plate, lOd. to l4d.; unwashed River Plate, 5d. to M.; washed Morocco, 8A to 13d.; unwashed Morocco, 5d to "Id. Egyptian white, 8d to 14W.; Oporto fleece, 12id. to 131d.; mohair, 2s. gd. to 2s. 1M.; alpaca. Is. lid. WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, AND FAT, SATUR- DAY Hides, 95 lb. aRd upwards, 5Jd. 19 lb.; 85 to-31, 5jd.; f5 to 84 43d.; 65 to 74, 3Jd.; 56 to 64, 3|d.; 55 and linger, 3d.; Cows, 3d', to 3'd.bulls, 2id.; flawed and irregular, ?kl.; kips, Od. to 3!d. Horse hides, Os. Od. to 12s. 6d. each. Calf, 17 t). and upwards, 5d.; 12 to 16, (id.; 9 to 11, 6d.; lli:ht, -)d.; flawed and irregular, 4d. Wools, A-l, OOs. ad.; A, lis. 0d.; B, Os. od. each. Pelts, A, 5s. lid.; B, Is. 3d. each. Lambs, A, As. 5d.; B, 2s. 4d. each. Fat, 2Jd. to 2d 11 tt..—Jxo. S. D'ARCY, Broker, Cleveland-street. LEATHER.— LF.ADEXHALL, TUESDAY. 111. s. d. s. cl. Hides, crep, 28 lbs. to 40 lhs. I I t., 1 5 Ditto, 40 llis. to 60 lbs. 1 4 ] 9 English butts, 14 Its. to 24 lbs 1 3 2 5 Ditto, 25 lbs. to 36 lbs 1 6 2 10 Foreign butts, 16 lbs. to 50 lbs 1 1 2 3 Crop bellies 0 s 1 1 Shoulders 1 Dressing hides, common 1 1 6 Ditto, shaved 1 1 8 Calfskins 1 4 2 7 LIVERPOOL PRODUCE, WEDNESDAY—-Sugar in improved demand. Rum dull. Rice: No sales; tone steady. Nitrate of soda 14s. 3d. to 14s. 6d. 19 cwt. Lard dull. Olive oil in moderate request. Linseed oil 27s. t'd. to 2Ss. cwt. Rape oil 40s. to 40s. 6d. for refined Stettin. Cottonseed oil, Liverpool rrftned, firm at 33f! Tallow stet(ly; 40s. 6d. to 41s. for North American. Palm oil quiet. Rosin, common, 5s. zp cwt. Ashes, pots, 22s. 9d. to 23s. V cwt. Spirits of turpentine 24s. 6d. Petroleum Hid. to 12d. 11 gallon. AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE.-LIVERPOOL, WEDNESDAY. Hav,$20 lbs. s. d. s d.$ton. Old 1 1 @1 3 s. «l. s. d New 0 0 0 0 Carrots 0 0@0 0 Straw- Turnips 0 0 0 0 Wheat. 0 10=V 0 m Mangel Wurzel.. 0 0 0 0 Oat 0 9i o lo., Manure 4 6 7 0 Barley 0 S 0 1) Grass, V 20 lbs 0 2-1 0 4

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