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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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CARDIGAS^HIRE~QUARTER SESSIONS. The Midsummer Quarter Sessions for the county of Cardigan was held on Tuesday, July 3rd, in the Town Hall, Aberaeron. There were present—Charles Marshall Griffith, Esq., Q.C., chairman, H. C. Fryer, Esq., Lodge Park, Captain Jordan, Pigeonsf<«;d, T. H. Brenchley, Esq., Glaneirw, the Rev. Rhys Jones Lloyd, Troedyraur, Captain Vaughan, Brynog, Colonel Lewes, Llanllear, J. E. Rogers, Esq., Abermeurig, W. Jones, Esq., Llwyn- ygroes, Morris Da vies, Esq., Ffosrhydgaled, T. H. R. Hughes, Esq., Noyadd, T. W. Bonsail, Esq., Glanrheidol, Captain J. R. Howell, Noyadd, and Captain G. G. Wil- liams, Wallog. NEW MAGISTRATES. Arthur Howell Jones, Esq., Pen'rallt, Llangeler, and Thomas Lloyd, Esq., Adpar Cottage, qualified as county magistrates, and took their seat on the Bench. PUBLIC ANALYST. The CHAIRMAX said the first notice on the agenda paper referred to a letter from the Local Government Board, addressed to the Clerk of the Peace, calling on the justices to appoint a public analyst, under 38 and 39 Vie., c. 63. The Chairman followed by reading the letter, which was dated the 16th February, adding that the matter came before the last court, but was adjourned to the present sessions, in order that it might be considered. He was afraid that under the Act it was imperative upon the justices to appoint an analyst. He did not know whether any gentleman had a suggestion to LMIKE on the matter. Answering MI:. T. H. Brenchley, the Chairman remarked that the expenses attending the carrying out of the Act would be far out of proportion to the advantages to be derived. Mr. FRYER suggested that an analyst should be ap. pointed, not at a iixecl salary* but to be paid so much for every analysis made. The CHAIRMAN—Payment by results. Mr. Fity-Lit added, that it was a very important thing that someone should be appointed, otherwise there would be no check upon adulteration. He suggested, the ap- pointment of a public analyst in some central place, in Birmingham or Manchester. Mr. BRENCHLEY remarked that in Carmarthenshire they had appointed a gentleman in Swansea, to make an analysis when called upon. The CHAIRMAN thought there should be some prims facie ground for an analysis, and that in order to pul restrictions upon private persons in this respect the Boards of Guardians might instruct their medical officer; to make an investigation. He suggested the appointmeni of a committee to consider the matter and make recom mendations as to remuneration and duties to the nex' court, and that they should advertise in the meantime. The suggestion was agreed to. THE ABERYSTWYTH MILITIA BARRACKS. The CHAIRMAN said the next matter for eonsideratioi was a letter from the Secretary of State for War addresset to the Clerk 01: the Peace offering to take over the milif<< barracks at Aberystwyth at an annual rent of IC93. The Chairman read the correspondence referring to the matter which stated that the Government would be responsible for repairs, but would not enter into any agreement. Mr. G. G. WILLIAMS thought there ought to be some arrangement by which the county would be able to recover possession of their property if they felt inclined to do so. The CHAIRMAN said it seemed to him to be an irrevocable surrender of county property. The difficulty was that there was no agreement. He felt there should be some clause by which the county could recover possession of the barracks at twelve months' notice if necessary. Mr. J. VV. SZLUMPER, the County Surveyor, in answer to questions, said the barracks cost £ 3,400 in building, and the three quarters of an acre upon which it stood, £ 200, but whetheifthey would be worth that sum now, supposing the Government refused to take them from the county, he could not say. That would, of course, depend upon the purpose for which they would be intended by the pur- chaser. So far as he could see they would be useless for any other purpose than that to which they were now applied. The Court then agreed to accept the offer of the Govern- ment. LLAXILAR SESSIONS ROOM. An application having been made under 12 Vic. c 18 to hire the sciioolhouse at Llanilar for the purpose of holding the regular meetings of Petty Sessions for the division of Upper liar, the expenses to be paid out of the county rate, Air. MORRIS DAVIES explained the application. Air. FRlElt supported the application, and moved that a early ren t of £ 3 be paid. The motion was seconded by Mr. BRENCHLEY, and agreed to. WYE FISHERY. ir Pryse Pryse was appointed a conservator of the Wye Fi. hery District. COUNTY ROADS BOARD. Mr. Willi.IM Jones, Llwynygroes, was re-appointed a member of the County Roads Board. WYREFACH BRIDGE. The CHAU.MAN referred in feeling terms to the cause pr. venting Major Lloyd Philipps's attendance at the court, fro n whom he had received a letter respecting the Wyre- fa("t Bridge. The court would remember that at the last meeting th J matter had been adjourned for the production of a certificate from the County Surveyor. Mr. J. W. SZLUMPER handed in the certificate, and re- mi ided the court that before the bridge was commenced, it HAD been resolved that, if properly constructed, it would be taken over by the county. The bridge was then formally taken over. RHIWARTHEN BRIDGE. The CHAIRMAN said Colonel Pryse had telegraphed to him requesting him to give notice on his behalf of an appli- cation for a sum of money for Rhiwarthen Bridge at the next sessions. Air. FRYER explained that the object of the bridge was to provide some mode of crossing the river Rheidol some five miles beyond Aberystwyth. He believed the expense would be more than the neighbouring parishes could well bear. A MAGISTRATE—The law says we cannot do it. Mr. FRYER.—That is the moot point. The CHAIRMAN remarKed that he was going to mention that he thought they had no power to build a new bridge. He believed there was power to build a new bridge where an old and ruinous bridge previously existed, but not to build a new bridge. Mr. W. JONES observed that there was an old bridge at the place. Mr. FRYER said there was a foot bridge at the place, and it had been washed away several times by the floods, and replaced at the expense of the parish. The CHAIRMAN said he had no doubt Colonel Pryse would come fully prepared to put the matter before the court when lie made his proposition. THE LUNATIC ASYLUM. Mr. H. C. FRYER called attention to the present state of the Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum at Carmarthen. He had seen some time ago that Captain Vaughan had proposed to ask the visitors to sanction a proposal for the erection of additional accommodation at the Asylum, so as to provide for GOO patients. At present the Institution held about 3.50 or 360 patients, and it seemed the pro- posal to make that large addition was well worthy of the consideration of the Bench, and would very materially assist the visitors in arriving at some decision when they came to vote upon the proposition. The number of chargeable lunatics in the three counties was 733. If therefore they provided accommodation for GOO. they would be providing accommodation for 82 per cent. of the chargeable lunatics throughout the three counties. That was a much larger percentage than that in any other county in England, the average being about 60 per cent. There were many harmless lunatics and imbeciles about the country who were very well kept by their relatives and friends though he should be the last person not to ask the court to provide full accommodation for everyone whom it was necessary to put under restraint, for he be- lieved much harm was done by keeping lunatics at home until they became incurable. At present there were 360 patients in the Asylum, which was accommodation for 49 per cent. of the chargeable lunatics to the three counties and if accommodation were provided for about 50 more than the asylum would hold, about 60 per cent., of the chargeable lunatics, which would bring it up to the full average in the English counties. If the visitors adopted Captain Vaughan's. proposal tl5,000 or £ 20,000 would be required to provide accommodation for 250 more lunatics. He was pleased to see that the Visitors had made much fairer ar- rangements, which would decrease the proportion to be paid by Cardiganshire from 27 to 23 per cent. He only hoped that the re-arrangement of proportions would be so far a redistribution, that in building any new accessories Cardiganshire would be credited with the number of beds already provided. Having found 27 per cent. of the money they had provided over 100 beds. Only 62 of these were occupied in March last. He, therefore, hoped that fact would be considered, and that the county of Cardigan would not be asked to begin de novo. Mr. Fryer then referred to a complaint made by the Haverfordwest Board of Guardians, and, quoting from the Twelfth Annual Re- port of the Committee of Visitors, lie showed that that borough had now 25 patients in the asylum, for whom it paid £5;) per annum only in the aggregate, or 44s. per head. On the other hand Cardiganshire paid E12 10s. 4d. annually for each patient. Captain VAUGHAN replied that it was impossible for the borough of Haverfordwest to capitalize their money, be- cause their charter would not allow it. As to the pro- posal he had made to increase the accommodation, his desire was to make such an increase as to settle the ques- tion for many years to come. Mr. BRENCHLEY concurred in the observations made by the previous speakers. After some further conversation respecting the position of Haverfordwest in relation to the Asylum, the matter dropped, Mr. FRYER expressing his confidence in the Visitors to the asylum. FINES AND FEES. In answer to the Chairman, the COUNTY TREASURER (Mr. B. P. Jordan), said he had received a return of fines and fees from Mr. Mitchell, the Town Clerk of Cardigan. THE TRACTION ENGINE AT CARDIGAN. The CHAIRMAN read Colonel Yolland's report for the Board of Trade as to the stability of Cardigan Bridge. Colonel Yolland stated that in the present state of the bridge it was unsafe to allow Mr. Robinson's traction en- gine to pass over it. The Chairman also read a letter from Air. Robinson, calling upon the county to put the bridge in proper repair. The COUNTY SURVEYOR having reported that the bridge was sufficiently strong for the traffic of the district, the Court decided to decline the application. THE COLORADO BEETLE. The CHAIRMAN announced that he had received a letter from the Home Secretary, transmitting for the informa- tion of the Justices a copy of a circular issued by the Privy Council with reference to the Colorado beetle, with life-size pictures of the insect. So far as he knew, it had not yet got into the country. LUNATIC ASYLUM. The CHAIRMAN said, according to the quarterly report of the visitors to the asylum, there were 362 in that.insti- tution. The weekly charge was 9s. 4d. CORONERSHIP. The CHAIPASAN read a letter from Mr. Phillips, the coroner for the lower division of Cardigan,, resigning his post. The CLERK, of the PEACE stated that the election.of a successor rested with the freeholders. GOVERNOR'S REPORT. Mr. M. Elliott, the Governor of the County Prison, reported that during the last quarter 31 male and 4 female prisoners, were committed to the prison, of whom 3 males were for trial at the sessions. The daily average number in custody during the quarter was 14 males and 1 female. The quarter's expenditure amounted to £ 192 3s. lOd. During the quarter he had paid the County Trattsiirert24 16s. 7d., being the balance of the labour account at the last sessions. The balance during the past quarter amounted to AL13 19s. 9d. That sum would be accounted for by him in due course. The estimated profit to. the county from the industrial employment of prisoners, &c., for the prison, was £ & 15s. lid. The 99th regulation of the Prison Act, 1S65, as to separation of prisoners and enforcement of hard labour had heen earned ont as far as possible during the quarter. VISITING JUSTICES RFLPORT. l Messrs. D- Griffith DaviesV William Buck, J. R. Howell, T. M. Breikehley, Thomas Davies, and T. 1: P. Wagner, [ visiting justices., reported AA follov;s:- Gentlemen,—We have the honour to report. 5or the informa- tiolof. the magistrates in Quarter Sessions assembled, that the routine and. discipline of tha gaol has been earried oui, satis- fac jorily during the last quarter. lYison labour has been duly utilized. We beg to forward a letter of resignation from the utilized. WE beg to forward a letter of resignation from the surgeon, >Ir. W. M. Noott, and reojaest permission to advertise for a successor in the usual manner. As it is understood, Mr- \V. Mi Kcott leaves Cardigan immediately, we will make the nscessary arrangements fev the proper attendance of the sick. Our attention has been, called by the gaoler and, surgeon* to the state in which a priscsaer (Fraonk Jones) was received on. coal- viction Iroiii Aberystwyth he was a mass of verrain and. itch, and was allowed to t avel down with two decently-dsessea t. healthy boys (prisoners)^ and was also fc-f a night an innmte im the cells at Aberaeron, W» would suggest that in eases of such MANIFEST tilisa awl disease, if no means EXIST at the place of committal for cieansjag the prisoner, he should be conveyed separately, so-, as to avoid contagion. cout 1011. L The resignation of the surgeon, who is leaving the county, was accented.o r 1 In answer to tke Chairman, Major BASWETT LIEWITJ said there was no nutans of cleansing, prisoners at tae Aberyst- r wyth lock-up. The only business of the police, UNDER exist- 3, ing arrangements, waste hand prisoners, as soon as possible over to the iuoler. Their only mode of cauveyaice was t the contract means, which obliged the police to convey the t man with other prisoners if there were any. Mr. FRYER said it was quite clear that accommodation 5 ought to be provided at the Aberystwyth lock-up for cases t of that sort. He was sorry to say there was no aceoinnio dation whatever at the lock-up. t SURGEON'S li.EP0.RT. Air. W. M. Noott reported that the health of the prisoners, with. some few exceptions, had been goodduring the past Quarter. The prison clothing and bedding, as well as the diet, Ivld been geved in quality and sufficient in quantity. l COUNTY SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Lt. Mr. J. W. Szlumper, C.E., the county surveyor, reported that a all the county bridges had, during the past quarter, been main- I tained in a satisfactory manner. The owner of the traction en- gine used at Cardigan took steps as directed by 24 and 25 Vic. cap. 70, sec. 6, to remove the prohibition which had been made • and the Secretary of State appointed Col. Yolland to report. rrhe County Surveyor had met the Colonel at Cardigan on the 20th April last, whose report would be laid before these Sessions, and would be found to adopt the view he took. He had since' had an application from the owner of the traction engine requesting that the bridge should be made sufficiently strong to carry the engine in question. Complaints had been made to him of the low state of the parapet walls of Llanio Bridge over the River Tern. He considered they were dangerously low, and should be raised. He proposed that they should be raised so as to be of a height of 2 ft. 9 in. above the road level. The bridge over Wyre- fach, near Mabws, had been satisfactorily built, and, in accord- ance with 43 Geo. 111. c. 59, appended certificate for the same. 1 \T ILN<01J • JONES, Llwynygroes, seconded y ilr. J. E ROGERS, it was agreed to order the work to be done at Llanio Bridge, at a cost not exceeding 210. THE CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. as follows •—SETT LEWIS' THE CHIEF constable reported f to s«bmit for your inspection my returns n l Znn,MendlJK the 30th June- 1877' rlle "umber of per- to 444 Th- w>ami,appre^ended during the quarter amounts committed "for trial',1^! summariWConvicted thr6e and 67 discharged. The number of persons summarily convicted during the past quarter shows an increase of 125 when compared with the number dealt with in the corresponding quarter of last year, the large increase being due to the number of hcensed victuallers and drunkards who have been proceeded against I have been requested by H.M.'s Insnert-M- ,,F bring the state of the Aberystwyth lock-un house to'th +• of the Bench. In his annual report! C^tWillt "That in Aberystwyth the accommodation both for police d nieut^' pnsoners reclulres a considerable amount of improv^ Major LEWIS, in answer to the Chairman said the Aberystwyth lock-up needed re-building. Very little could be done in the way of repairs to improve the edifice. ihe walls were good but the plan was altogether inade- quate to the requirements. 6 ^R'J^RYK-R S there was no doubt that the place wanted considerable improvement. It had been the same for the last fifty years, although the population had largely lnci eased within that time. The only thing was what SJ10U^ take. Ihe situation was in a good position and the lease renewable for ever. NO doubt a lar-e sum would be required to put the place in a proper state. At present, and no one would scarcely believe it there wis only one cell. Mr. BRENCHLEY asked what Mr. Fryer meant by a large sum ? Mr. FRYER replied J3600 or JB700. He did not know what the Prisons Act would contain when passed, but what was wanted was a lockup at each end of the county for prisoners sentenced to short terms of confinement. He suggested the formation of a committee to consider the matter and bring in a report. • Mr BREXCHLKV said the committee would only say that in the present state of the law they did not recommend any- thing to be done. Major BASSETT LEWIS said the Inspector, Capt. Willis Aberystwyth™™ 8°ME IMPROVEMENT TO the lockup at The Court further spoke of the matter, but finally ad- journed its consideration pending the passing of the Prisons Act. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES REPORTS. ^R;, SUPT- JOHN LLOYD, Aberystwyth division, re- ported that he had inspected weights, measures and balances at Aberystwyth, Iregaron, Llanon, and ialybont. The weights and measures at all of these places were found in a very fair state. Some of the weights were rather lighter than the patterns, but the errors being small, were adjusted. The proving and stamping fees, zel 6s. 6d,, had been handed over to the county treasurer. ^R- Supt. RICHARD LLOYD, Cardigan division, also re- ported that he had examined weights, measures, and balances at New Inn and Rhyd Lewis, where he found tnem M a fair state of repairs. The fees received by him tor stamping and proving, amounting to lis. 3d. had been paid to the county treasurer. RATES A county rate of d. in the pound and a police rate of 14.d. were agreed to. SECOND DAY..—WEDNESDAY. Before Charles Marshall Griffith, Esq., chairmaa • J E. Rogers, Esq., and Captain Vaughan. THE GRAND JURY. Ihe following gentlemen were empanelled on the E-rand jury Messrs. Joseph Clougher, stationer, Cardigan foreman; Stephen Kackpoo!, Tymawr, LlanbatW Croyddin-issa, David Davies, Tycoch, Dihewid, Robert I)oughton, Bridge-street, Aberystwyth, T. J. Ede, draper Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, Griffith Evars' Cetnmaesmawr, Troedyraur, John Griffiths, carrier, Tre- techan, Aberystwyth, John James, Dolgoch, Troedyraur James Jenkins, Trefrefawr, Tremain, Jonathan Jenkins' Caullefas, I remain, William Jenkins, Fosyffal, Llan- wenog, James Jones, Piercefield, Aberystwyth, William •'ONEFS' /ynywern, Llanfihangel Mefenydd, David Jones,. Erwfarfe, Llanbadarn Croyddin Ueha, John Paull Blaenchywernog, Cwmrheidol, E. Llewelyn Nowell, Little Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, and John Stedman, Pendre, Llanfihangel Croyddin-issa. THE CHARGE. Mr. Frederick Roberts, the Clerk of th- Peie? having read her Majesty's proclamation, the CHAIRMAN' addressing the Grand Jury, remarked, after referring to the three cases set down for hearing, that the lightness of the calendar would be a subject of congratulation to them and the county generally. He hoped that on that occasion he should not be going out of his way in commenting upon a fact which was not a subject of congratulation. He referred to the very extraordinary increase which had taken place in convictions for drunkenness throughout the country. During the past quarter there had been no fewer than 106 convictions for drunkenness in Cardigan- shire, which was not a large county with a crowded population. There had not only been charges against, but convictions of 56 licensed victuallers for offences against ^C?NSRIY, F" 1 a TWE7ER,ILO CONVICTIONS FOR assault,. and he nad been told that drunkenness was too often the ca.use. The Jury had no doubt observed by the public newspapers that there was a general complaint respecting the enormous increase of drunkenness in the country Judges m the large towns who had tried, criminal cases attributed the majority of the acts of violence which came under their notice to drunkenness. In Wales where the people were peaceable, they did not hear of serious acts of violence, but the increase of drunkenness and the facilities for obtaining drink was a matter of great regret He hoped that all of them would, to the best of their ability do what they could to put a check upon what was becom- a county sin. The Justices of the county were bound to see that the Licensing Act was carried out. When they found that 06 persons, entrusted with the responsibility of holding public-house licences, had been guilty of. the offences for which they had been tried and convicted, it was quite time they should watch the matter with con- siderable care. It was a sad thing to witness at the markets and fairs in the county, men in almost all positions of life giving way to that unhappy vice. He hoped the Jury would do all they could to put a stop to it. They could do more in that direction by setting a good example than by talking and preaching against the vice. They should regard drunkenness as a disgrace and a. discredit to a man. He was sorry to notice that a practice prevailed in the county of selling intoxicating drink upon unlicensed premises. The practice was not only irregular but the offenders-were liable to a heavy penalty. IT was not onlv a gross injustice to licensed persons, but the PE-WNS WERI not under supervision as to what sort of liquor they sold He ce/tamly deemed it his duty to bring BEFORE his brother magistrates the information he had received respecfang the practice, and he hoped the heaviest penalties for the offence would be imposed by tfce various benched-of magistrates in the county. TRIAL OF PRISONERS. LARCENY. Thcmas James, 18, of no occupation, pleaded guilty to stealing two pair of stockings on the Uth June, at Moelach the property of William Jones; and also to stealing on the same date a pair of boots, at Henfynyw, TIE property of Hannah Williams. The prisoner had been in a reforma- tory, and appeared in court wearing a suit, of clothes, which, HIE said he had bought with money gives to him on leaving; that institution. He was sentenced to eight monthi; imprisonment, with hard labour. It appeared: that the prisoner had recently absconded FROM the Neath, K EF ORMAT ory. William Strawbridge, 17, stonemason, a companion of the last prisoner, who had also been at a ref-vraiatory, was indicted, for stealing two, pair of stockings at Moelach, on p the 9th June, the property of William JONES. Prisoner; pleaded not guilty. Mr. Maurice Davies prosecuted pri- I sonerwas undefended. Sarah Jones proved missing the. stockings from a hedge- at the back of the KOUSE •; and also, iudentified them as hers. P.C. T. Phillips*NEW TNRI, said he faundthe prisoner in bed, told him to YET up, a!ad, that-, on dressing, he put ou one pair of the MISSING s .Prisoner stated in defence that when WALKING FROM Car-- digan his companion suggested that TIAEY should steal: SOMETHING, sell it, and get money. HE declined, His- friend then went aciross a FIELDS and 0:1 RIFTURNINO-" li," n.Aif with hin\ the two pair of stockings. THE Jury ^found the rdHoner B.to mWKRSS labour. Ihis prisoner nad ikewise T*— I.^ro.raaatory. UULUI WW o ,AL?'K' £ r> ™EFT ABERYSTWYTH John PLEA,led not guilt/ to. stealing (.•ne HVE -TI-pnl, AT Aberystwyth* the ptopertj.. l°rris. Mr. Maurice DAVIES pircee- cuted, Urip. uudfcfeuded. According to i&e evi- DEVICE .I T Morris^ his wife, and Rvans, it TLFR/- IT*M?OR<ER was seen to :;o through, the TH,-Golden Eagle Inn, into the yard, and back hajring on HJS exit, IT was SAID, some- '1 'DER his arm. T?*e suspicion OS TL^E land- 1 UF ,'JEVU ROUS'D, she went out after prisoner, who TAAT HE had taken anything. She, however, com- inuiucaied WITH P.S. Evans, who searched prisoner, find- J10 I but seve.'jal feathers resembling those 011 the OR &' OF the JIUY asked where the fowl was., and inti- mated tv-at it was tat home AT the prisent time. At the conclusion of the evidence, the Jury found, A verdict of HOT GUIIIY, and tl\e prisoner was discharged, the Chairs IN an cautioning him to be careful in future as he might, not ALWAYS be so fortunate. APPEAL VICARS v. Ai=a Mary Jones.—The respondent did.caot appear when called upon, Mr. H&venhill made the neces- sary proofs, and the Court quashed the order of the magis- trates.

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