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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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MERIONETHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. The Midsummer Quarter Sessions for the county of Merioneth commenced on Tuesday, July 3, at the County Hall, Dolgelley. The chair was taken by the Vice-chair- man, Lieut.-Colonel Tottenham. There were also pre- sent—Messrs. Samuel Holland, M.P., Caerdeon, W. W. E. Wynne, Peniarth, Charles F. Thruston, Talgarth Hall, W. P. Jones, Bodweni, John Vaughan, Nannau, E. Gillart Jones, Vrondderw, W. J. Beal, Bryntirion, D. E. Kirkby, Llanfendigaid, W. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth, H. J. Reveley, Brynygwynn, J. R. E. Ford, Llwyngwern, G. Williams, Borthwnog, E. W. Mathew, Wern, E. Evans Lloyd, Plasyndri, &c. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. The following gentlemen were appointed on the various Committees—Police Committee Messrs. H. J. Reveley. J. Vaughan, and D. E. Kirkby. Surveyor's Committee Messrs. W. P. Jones, E. J. Jones, and C. F. Thruston, Talgarth Hall. TREASURER'S ACCOUNTS. The Treasurer's accounts were audited by the Chairman and Mr. C. F. Thruston. REPORTS OF THE POLICE AND SURVEYOR'S COMMITTEES, &C. The following reports were read :— REPORT OF THE POLICE COMMITTEE. We have examined, the police accounts and find them correct. .Mr. Holland and Major Matthew have made a representation to us as to the necessity of an increase of the police force in the neighbourhood of Festiniog, where there is a population of about 12,000 persons. At present there is only one policeman, or at most two, to superintend the whole of this rather rollghlot of work- people. It appears to be advisable to build three houses for policemen at Rliiwbryfdir, Tanygrisin, and Conglywall, as the rents are enormous, and it would no doubt be much cheaper to do so, and the landowners will certainly give land for the pur- pose, as it will be money spent for their benefit. We beg to lay before you the Chief Constable's statement as to the urgent need for new houses, with lock-ups attached at both Festiniog and Trawsfynydd. We also lay the application of Inspector Hughes before the Court.—H. J. REVELEY, JOHN VAUGHAN, E. EDWARD KIRKBY. The Surveyor's Committee reported that they had examined the Surveyor's accounts anù found them correct. The following was the Chief Constable's report :— Chief-constable's office, Dolgelley, 3rd July, 1S77. Gentlemen,-1 herewith enclose return of crimes for quarter ending 25th June. There are two cases for trial at the sessions, and no criminal case for the assizes. I beg to bring before the Court the fact that 1 am unable to rent a house at Blaenau, Festiniog, or get lodgings suitable for a police officer to reside in, consellllemly that important station has not its requisite number of officers. I, therefore, trust the Court will take steps to build or rent a house s soon as possible, and also build a hOllse and lock-up, with two cells, at Festiniog aud Tmws- fynydd. 1 heg to place before the Court an application from Supt. Hughes for an incre,tse of salary, and I strongly recommend his cas to the considemtion of the Court. Tramps slightly on the increase. The county peaceable. The force requires one man to complete.—! am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, H. H. LLOYD CLOUGH, Chief-constable. To the Magistrates at Quarter Sessions assembled. THE SUPERINTENDENT'S SALARY'. The application from Superintendent Hughes for an in- crease of salary was then considered. The applicant stated that he applied for an increase of salary, first, on the ground that his pay was much below that of officers 1 in adjoining counties, and another reason was the length of his service in the police, having been in the force for twenty years. It was stated that the salary received by Supt. Hughes was at the rate of £110 per annum. Compared with salaries paid to superintendents in other counties he was underpaid both in respect to salary and the allowance of expenses. Mr. THRUSTON proposed that his salary be increased £20 and his expenses 1:10, making a total increase of £30. The proposition having been seconded, Mr. REVELEY proposed as an amendment that the Superintendent's salary should only be increased £20. The amendment receiving no seconder, the original 1 motiun was declared carried. THE POLICE FORCE AND THEIR ACCOMMODATION. With reference to the proposal to increase the police force at Festiniog Mr. Holland, M.P., expressed himself in favour of the suggestion. As it was there was not a sufficient check to the depredations of various kinds which were necessarily in many instances obliged to be left unpun- ished. He thought that if the force received an increase of three members it would meet the requirements of the case. The county ought to provide houses for the men. Very frequently when a man was moved to a fresh station, if he was a householder, he had the house on his hands for three months or so. Another circumstance was the diffi- culty experienced in obtaining houses, as they were all let to workmen at the quarries. Capt. CLOUGH said the only places where the policemen could obtain accommodation were public houses. He deemed it very unadvisable to let the men go to those places. Other gentlemen having spoken on the subject, The Chief Constable was authorised to hire a house for one policeman in the Festiniog district, in a place he deemed the most conveniently situated for the purpose. THE BARMOUTH POLICE STATION. The justices at Barmouth were empowered to carry out the projected alterations at the police station, the amount of money to be expended not to be limited to the estimate. THE GOVERNOR S REPORT. This report read as follows :— To the Magistrates of the County of Merioneth in Quarter Sessions í¿8sembled, July ;lrd, 1377. ■ Gentlemen,—I have the honour to report that twenty-four male and two female prisoners have been admitted into the county gaol during the past quarter. Twenty-seven males and two females were discharged during the same period, leaving ten males and one female 111 custody this morning. Their conduct during the qnarter has been good, with slight exceptions. A prisoner named .\lorris Williams, native of .Fes- tiniog, died in the prison on the 16th April last. The under warder, John Evans, has resigned and left on the 28th April, llld Hugh Williams was appointed in his place by the visiting JustlCS subject to the approval of the quarter sessions. The accounts an vouchers have been examined and passed by the vISltmg JustIces on Saturday last, and the expenses for the quarter were £11 3s. 9d. less than the expenses of the corres- ponding quarter of last year.—1 have the honour to be, gentle- men, your obedient servant, OWEN THOMAS, governor. The appointment of Hugh Williams as under warder was confirmed. SURGEON AND CHAPLAIN'S REPORTS. It was mentioned that no reports had been received either from the surgeon or the chaplain. ALTERATION OF THE SESSIONAL DIVISION. Mr. W. R. WYNNE moved That the parishes of Llan- egryn and Llanrihangel-y-pennant, now forming part of the Tal-y-bont Division, be annexed to the Estimawr Division, as a more convenient and proper arrangement for the purpose of holding Special and Petty Sessions for such divisions respectively." This matter had been brought forward on account of the inconvenience ex- perienced by persons living at the parishes already named in having to come all the way to Dolgelley to have their cases tried. It was the general wish of the farmers and others that this alteration should take place. He had been spoken to upon the matter fJ.Y persons occupying an influ- ential position, and they in common with others were all in favour of the change. Mr. KIRKBY seconded the motion. Mr. THRUSTON thought the case had not been satisfac- torily made out. There were other places to be thought of besides these parishes. H/wever, if he could get an assu- rance from the gentlemen interested in the proposed change that they would not move the petty sesssional meeting at. Pemml,he would be inclined to view the proposition in. a more favourable light. He was inclined to think that. the magistrates were studying their own convenience in holding the sessions at another place instead of coming to Dolgelley. If the division were altered, Corris would suffer, and the sessions at Pennal would be taken away altogether. If this was going to lie the result of th.e al- tention he should most strenuously oppose it. He pro- posed a resolution to the effect that the present armxige- meiit was considered satisfactory, and that it WAS not thought expedient to alter the division as suggestei The amendment, having been seconded, was put, but the original IlwtiUl1 was carried by a large majority. POLICE AND COUNTY RATES. The county rate required for the ensuing term was stated to be only in the pound.. There was no rate required for the police Î11 consequence of thero being suriiclCnt funds in hand aa, to m.ak t rate unnecessary. After one or two other matters of minor importance had been discussed, the C()ll-t aujourneduntil eleven o'clock the following morning. ) WEDNESDAY, JULY 4. The following magistrates were present :-Col. Totten- ham, Chairman; Lewis Williams, Esq., Vronwnion, John Vaughan, Esq., Nannau, H. J. Reveley, Esq., Bryn- ygwin, Griffith Williams, Esq., Borthwnog, W. J. Beale, Esq., Bryntirion, E. G. Jones, Esq., Frondderw. The following comprised the Grand Jury:—Messrs. Thomas Seaton, Towyn, foreman, Evan Evans, Gesel, Hugh Evans, Penrowen, David Evans, Typridd, Griffith Griffiths, Bronyffynon, Daniel Hughes, Ty'nllwynhen, John Humphreys, Towyn, Thomas Jones, Doldyhewydd, John Jones, Cilcemaes, Morris Jones, Ysguborwen, David Jones, Cwmcelli, Evan Jones, Black Lion, Towyn, Thos. Jones, Towyn, John Lewis, Fronfraith, Lewis Lewis, Ynys Mill, Win. Lloyd, Brynllwyd, John Owen, Ty'ny- maes, Owen Owen, Hendre, John Price, Dolgoch, Mesach Price, Tymawr, Hugh Pugh, Abercwmeiddaw, John Roberts, Perfeddnant, John Wynne, Bronyprys. STOPPING UP OF HIGHWAYS. Mr. Thomas Jones, Portmadoc, applied to the Court, on behalf of Mr. Rees D. Richards, Vronolan, Barmouth, for the closing up of a certain highway near Barmouth. Mr. William Griffith opposed the application, but the necessary notices of appeal not having been given he could not be heard, and the order was granted. Mr Jones also applied on behalf of Lord Harlech, for the stopping up of two highways in the parish of Llanfi- hangel y traethau, as being unnecessary, there having been more convenient highways in use for some years past. The application was granted. TRIALS OF PRISONERS. STEALING A GOLD RING AT FESTINIOG. Catherine Hughes was charged with stealing one gold ring from one Jonathan Edwards on the 26th June, 1876, at Festiniog. Mr. David Pugh appeared for prosecution. The pri- soner was undefended. P.S. Robert Jones said—I received information that a ring had been lost in June, 1876. I apprehended prisoner on the 29th May, under a warrant. 1 asked to look at a keeper ring she had been wearing. I said I wanted to see her because Margaret Edwards had lost one. Prisoner had a ring on her finger. I produce the ring. I took the ring to Edwards's wife. I then charged her with stealing the ring. Prisoner told me that the ring was g-iven to her by her first husband. ° Margaret Edwards, wife of prosecutor, examined-The ring produced is my property. My husband had the ring from Catherine Jones. I am sure that the ring produced is my ring. The prisoner was at my house in June, 1876 it was on a Thursday. Prisoner was working in our house that day. I took the ring off my finger, and left it on a cash-book on the dresser. No one came to our house that day except the two lodgers and my husband.—Cross-ex- amined by prisoner There were only two women in the house at the time. Catherine Jones-I live at Four Crosses, and am the wife of David Jones. I know the ring produced. It once belonged to me; I sold it to Jonathan Edwards. The ring produced is the one which I sold to Edwards for 17s I had purchased it for 22s.—Cross-examined by prisoner I am sure this is the ring I sold to Jonathan Edwards. Job Owen-I live at Liverpool. I recollect beinc at Mrs Edwards's shop on the 8th June, 1876. I produce my diary. The following is an extract from same Mrs Edwards lost a ring, and suspects a charwoman has taken it." I was lodging at Mrs. Edwards's at the time. Verdict, guilty. The Court taking into consideration that the prisoner had been in prison since the 31st May sentenced her to seven weeks' imprisonment only. CHARGE OF STEALING HAY AT DOLGELLEY. John Pugh, carrier, Dolgelley, was charged with steal- i ing 7 cwts. of hay, the property of Mrs. Jones, SHIP ] Hotel, Dolgelley, on the 10th April. .,7IV1IR- ^AVI.D APPEARED FOR THE PROSECUTION, AND MR. VV. LI. DAVIES FOR THE ORISONER. William Richards examined—I am husbandman for Mrs. Jones, Ship Hotel. Mrs. Jones has a field near Lilwyn, where there is a stack of hay. Some hay was missed about the beginning of April. I missed from 7 to 10 cwts of hay. The hay in the centre of the stack was heated. The stack was the property of Mrs Jones. Cross-examined by Mr. Davies-I know Rees Davies's field, it is opposite the railway, it is one field from the prisoner s. The road to the prisoner's field is through Rees Davies's field. The hay was dark in colour. I swear there was no black hay in the prisoner's stack. The stack is near the road. Anyone going to Rees Davies's field must pass through Llwyn farmyard. There are no walls alon- the track, it is an open track through the field. ° Re-examined—Anyone going to prisoner's field would not have to go near the railway fence. When I go for hay for Mrs. Jones I go through the level crossing. Examined by Chairman The field is a level meadow. The hay on prisoner's field is not the same as that on Mrs. J ones s. P.C. R. Vaughan, Dolgelley, examined-On the 11th of May, I went to see Mrs. Jones's haystack. I saw some cart wheel tracks. The tire of one wheel was worn, the nails in the other tire protruded. The marks were near Mrs. Jones s stack. I saw them along the field at the gap near EL wyn. The prisoner in going to his field had to go through Rees Davies's field. I obtained a search warrant. There was a new tire to the wheel found on prisoner's premises. The tire of this wheel corresponded with the marks on the track in Mrs. Jones's field. Pri- soner was in his stable when I went there. It was prisoner's cart. When executing the warrant the pri- soner asked me what we wanted. Inspector Jones said that we were in search of hay. The prisoner said that he had found some hay in Rees Davies's field, and that he took it home with him. I produce a portion of the hay found in prisoner s stable. Cross-examined-I did not weigh the hay in the sack. It was rather damp. About thirty or forty pounds of hay in sack. What we took was in a heap. The cart was left on the roadside near his stable. I remember prisoner being a witness against me in a case for permitting drunkenness, the case was dismissed. Re-examined—The mark on the plan showing the back- ing of the cart, was done before magistrates, and at their request. Inspector Owen Jones, Dolgelley, examined—I was pre- sent with Vaughan when the search warrant was executed. I told prisoner, when at the stable, that I thought the hay which I picked up there was part of Mrs. Jones's field. He said he had found it at Rees Davies's held. He said he had taken it oil the Monday following. There were wheel tracks in Mrs. Jones's field near the stack. they corresponded with the prisoner's cart. Cross-examined by Mr. Davies-On the first occasion I lid not pay special notice to the marks, but I sent Vaughan and another constable there. P.C. George Arthur, Dolgelley, examined—I noticed art wheel marks near Mrs. Jones's hay-stack. The marks in the neld corresponded with the marks on the prisoner s cart. Re-examined by the Chairman—In my opinion the marks corresponded. It was not a new tire that was on the wheel, but an old tire with new nails. Griffith Rees, platelayer on the railway, examined—I know Mrs. Jones's hay-stack. I pass it in going to my work. I remember passing it on a Tuesday, but I do not remember the date. I noticed some loose hay about the rail- way. I passed that way the previous evening. I think the hay was not loose then. Mrs. Jones's servants had keys to the railway gates at the crossing. Cross-examined-l did not examine the place minutely. I believed that the Ship people had forgotten their keys, and that the hay was dragged across the railway. There were several footmarks near the stack on Mrs. Jones's field. J Re-examined by the Bench-I left my work about five o'clock on Monday, when I passed the stack, and seven o'clock on the Tuesday morning following. Robert Richards, gate keeper, Dolgelley, examined- Prisoner has a field 011 the Llwyn estate. He has to go through my gate to fetch his hay. He passed my gate with hay in a cart on the day in question. Cross-examined—He was carrying past my gate on this day. After finishing his work he very often goes for hay. On this day he had a small quantity of hay in his cart. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.


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