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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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CORRESPONDENCE. MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY S SHOW. SIR,—It is well said that one idea suggests another. In reading in your article on The North Cardiganshire Agri- cultural Society the remark that contests in horse leaping are always popular, it struck me that it would be a good feature in the Montgomeryshire Agricultural Show to be held this year at Machynlleth. Most respectfully would I call the notice of the local committee to this suggestion, and would further suggest that the dog trials and a contest for a leap over the water or hurdle for two classes of horses, viz., ponies under twelve hands high, and the other open for any horse bred in the county or within the limits of the show, should take place upon the same day, viz., that previous to the day of show. —I am, &c., R. H. J. THE DOG DESTROYER. SIR,—Since my last letter appeared in your paper, you will doubtless be pleased to hear that I have received suf- ficient information to convince me who the maniac is that displays his insanity by poisoning dogs and foxes. On inspecting the poison list kept by chemists in this town. I find that strychnine has been bought by persons quite ignorant of its use and dangers, and every chemist should, before selling such a virulent poison, be thoroughly convinced that the purchaser and witness are sane. During the past nine days I have had brought me two foxes and one dog, which were found dead in the vicinity of this town, and on analysis it was found that death had been produced by strychnine. May I ask is this the action of one who would call himself a sportsman, and will a member of this family ever again dare to show himself in the hunting field. Is poisoning foxes the encouragement due to the gallant master of one of the finest pack of fox- hounds in Wales. In the course of a few days I hope to receive an official order requesting me to publish the names of the poison purchasers, and also of the witnesses to the same, and then the townspeople will probably be surprised to hear who the poison purchaser's accomplice is. I shall reserve my letter on the connection between in- sanity and dog destroying until a future date, when I shall also publish a process by which every pheasant within a mile of any town can be destroyed in 4 hours, but it requires a more scientific mind to carry it out than is requisite to poison dogs.—I am, & T. D. HARRIES. [We have omitted some sentences from this letter, as they might be construed to refer to particular persons.— ED. C. N.]



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