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THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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THROAT IKRITATTO.N. — I NO ('U1'U" ana windpipe are ESPECIALLY liable to inflammation, causing soreness and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use glycerine in the form of jujubes. Glycerine, in these agreeable confections, being in proximity to the glands at the moment they are excited by the act of sucking, becomes actively healing..Sold only in Gd. and Is. boxes (by post for 14 stamps), labelled JAMES EFt's & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists 45, Tlireadneedle-street, and 170, Piccadilly, London. Sold in Wrexham by Mr. Rowlands,jClieinist, High Street. THE VAN RAILWAY COMPANY.—At a special general meeting of the Van Railway Company, held on Monday, June 25, at the offices, Austinfriars, Mr. A. li. Broughton Knight, the vice-chairman, presiding, a resolution was passed authorizing the directors to borrow £ü,ôülj on mortgage or debenture stock on such terms and at such times as they may think fit. The capital account has a debit of £1,00, which has been taken from revenue, and it is to repay this and to provide another engine that the money is required. THE MARQUESS OF LONDONDERRY.—Her Royal High- ness Princess Mary honoured the Marquis and Mar- chioness of Londonderry with her company at dinner at Londonderry House, Park Lane, on Tuesday, June 18. The following distinguished guests were invited to meet Her Royal Hignness Ihe Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the Duchess of Marlborough, and Lady H. Churchill, French Ambassador, and Marquis D'Har Court, Earl and tJountess of Cork, Earl of Portarlington, Countess of Macelesfield. Lord and Lady De Ros, Lord and Lady Aveland, Lord and Lady Alfred Paget, Lord and Lady Odo Russell, Lord and Lady Otho Fitzgerald, Lord Houghton, Viscount Castlereagh, and Lord Henry Vane Tempest.




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