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TEA AND COFFEE 44, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. MESSRS ELLIS DAVIES & COMPY. .l: bfr-i t<i inform the Residents of and V isitors at Bala and district that arrangements have now lveu completed by which Parcels may be obtained by Rail from Liverpool at a very small cost. Families may thus obtain their customary supplies of good Tea and Coffee while residing in this neigh. bourhood, and can now rely upon receiving their Parcels Oil the day following receipt of orders. 1, 1 The following are a few selected quotations for the prescut otwon TEA. The Choicest Kaisow TEA 3/6 The Extra Fine Souchong 3/4 First-class Congou 3/- The Very Fine Congou Fine Congou 2/4 Strong Congou — Good Sound Congou 1/8 And intermediate prices. PURE COFFEE. Ib. The Choicest Mountain Jamaica I/S Fine Jamaica 1/6 Plantation Ceylon.1/4 Ceylon Coffee The above may be had Ground or in the Berry. PLANTATION Ceylon- ) }Iixed with PUKK GROUXD CHICORY, 1/2 OBTAINED FROM THE BEST ENGLISH ROOT ) CEYLON COFFEE— ) JIIXED WITH PUP.E CREGUXD CHICORY, FL/ JIIXED WITH PURE CREGUXD CHICORY, IL obtained from the Best English Root I E. D. & CO. recommend Ground Coffee to be kept in air-tight Tin Canisters, which they supply when requested. TERMS—Strictly Net Cash on receipt of Goods. Remittances may be made by Bankers' Cheques, or Post-office Orders payable at the General Post OfFise, Liverpool.

THE West Coast of Wales DIRECTORY.

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