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WREXHAM CHORAL UNION.—A moetina: of the Choral Committee of the Wrexham Deanery Chnrc-ll As-- ciati -ll v. us held ou Thuvdil.iv Nov. the. Vicar oi NVRI-xliLVIIL presiding. LTJTTERS WERE read from the different incumbents in the deanery, and a Jarg-e pro- portion of them having consented to become members it was unar.imou?ly decided to revive tt-e Choral Union. Thp, Rev: G. H. !J trill, rector of Banyor, and the Kev. Mi Streatfie:d, vicar of Isycoed, were appointed hou. secretaries, and a meet-in? of the committee was resolved upon on the llth Dec. to make ice final anangeinent'. HOARD CI- GPAJIDUXS.—T'ii> BO»rd met on Thnrrday, Nov: 25, when there were present Capt. Griffith-Boscavren (chairman), Mr A. Peel and .Mr S. T. B.ingli (vice chairmen), the Rev. 11. O. Burton, Messrs William Williams, J. Burton, A. W. Edward*, Evan Hughes, A. Sutton, John Jons*. J. Daniel, Maurice Hughes, D. liasboiham, i D. and E. B. Samuel: Mr E. Evtus and Colonel White, ex-officio. AND Mr J. OS-,veil Bury, cler'c.— It w 's agreed to pay Mr Charles Davies, who had acted tempo- rarily as relieving offieer for the Holt district, ,£16 fo.r his SIX weeks' "eryice.- The master reported that there were 244 imiiicte-- in thu nouse, against '_().) last year and 31 vafrants had beou relieved. ATTEMPTED BURGLAHY AT GROVE PA>K.— On Sunday nl«ht November 21, some burglars attempted to enter St John's, Grove Park, the residence of MR Jones, solicitor. It appears that about weive o clock on Sunday night, a servant was ciiiturl ed by hear- ing H. noise. Slia went to the window, auti saw one man lifiiiv aootheruf. to the oack-kitchen window. She shouted to them t.iat it they DNL not YO fiv. ay she would "olow their brains out ■ upon which warning, they precipitately beat It rotreat over the wid luto, She describes one as a short middle-aged man, and the other as a short, slinily-built young fellow. She states that a few days before she had seen one of them sitting on a wail rAcar the house. On examination, it w found that A small piece of Sla~s had been cut from th ;>uc*- kitchen window, whi-h would enable the bursrlar to unf-,is,eT-i sash, and lift It up. ROBBING A FELLOW-LOOORA.-ON the night of the 8th Novem- ber a mat. named hdward Thomas went to lodge for .he night at the house ot Air Broohfield, Tynycoed, Adwy'r-Clawdd, and next morning, on getting, up, he he;p2tl himse.f to a suit of pilot clothes, shirt, cirawer,, scarf, &c., also 12sin cp,lJ, the property of another lodger named William Griffiths, with which he de- camped. The property was not missed until the following Satui- dny night, when information WAS given to P.C. CUalloner, Co. U- poeth. Oa Monday night, November 22, the officer oOtaineo A clue which LED him to conclude that tlie thief had gone -o pool. The officer went there and succeeded in him in Beu Jonsou-street. Scotland-road. THE stolen RROPE.TJ, the officer discovered, bad been pledged at 'I shops- H.> brought bis prisoner to Wrexham on Wednesua,, NR.d he was brought before Mr Low on Thursday, November Jo, and REBLS0GHT0N BOARD ^IIOOLS.-Thesa school. wlneh are situated about two '1,LIE3 "ERE FO-KalIy opened on Monday, November 29. They have been pronounced bv I'r Khvs, the Government Inspector, to be the FJN. RT schonla 4 Not tti W-'le The opening ceremony consisted chu-flv ot cert, hold in the ev lii/ig, at which Mr Griffiths .IW"Z RT C()I1; the Brouchton School Board, rested, AND CH™.N -F continental education were MADE bv 31 r TV rr t\ > ADRKS UPI !1 the state of education ia th* UNITED* STIT'A < Y'.AND UPON J. H. Rawlins. The school BUILDING ARPof « racier, the SITE h^ir.r f °J,?RE A VERY costly cna- retaml-,</U-AIIC H?S U I [ peculiar character that str-.NG MR W TURNER I •T.° AT » COIT of about £ 1,000. \v)m in o <■I TJi° •IRCJ1»E<5T, AND MR Samuels DIE contractor,F CRO" I? ^/ECEN' KUFER to the School Board says he is a lo«er of -WU by tne UNDERTAKING, .v.r Williams, late of the Runbon Boys' •National School, has hen appointed head master. The amount of fallow ground be will have to break up is extensive, and we' fuer much of it is likely to prove stubborn. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT, MONDAY.— Before the Mayor (T. Evton Jon-, Esq.), T. C. Jor.efi, nnd K. Williams, Esq. A Curious Case of Tresp >ss.—R>-hen Hughes, of Sprinr- nehl, was summoned by Mr John Jones, solicitor, for on a roaJ of which he was joint owner. The • as, was r the? a peculiar one. The road in question run- I araliel with some houses of recent erection. Between tho road and the houses there is a feLce which Mr Jones claims, and four feet on the other side. For some time the tenants I of these houses have been in the habit of usii g this road, and they have nearly destroyed the fence. On the l0;h -■November Robert Hughes moved some furniture on. to a railway lorry, driven by a rran named George Williams. railway lorry, driven by a Iran named George Williams. The furniture was handed over the fence into the lorry, or i over.where there ought to have been a fence. The man ¡ Williams was called to prove the case. The defendant said many others did it as well as himself.—Mr Jones said that was just one of th" thin3 he complained of. He laid his damage at one shilling. The defendant said the hedge was 3-11 gone before he went there to live. There ought to be a VAIL to keep the people off the roa-.T.—The Bench did not see that Mr Jones wao obliged to build a wall because other people had destroyed hi-: fence. Thoir worships re- tireci to consider the ap, nd. on returning t,o court, the Mayor said they thought there was a nice point of law to be -ettled, in connquence of which they wuuld adjourn tirj ca-<" for a fortnight. Drunkenness.—Thf»» wer* six parsons in custody char:} With diunkenness, who were lined in different sums, ac- cording to the character "f the Caf es. --T?'

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