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-=- j TEE ACADEMY, TOWYN, NORTH WALES. CONDUCTED BY ( 1IR EDWIN JO.NES, M.R.C.P. And ablv assisted by anaiihed <■ iassical, Mathematical and Foreign BEtflDENT MASTERS. THE course of instruction comprises the Latin and -iL Greek Languages English—Grammar and Compo- sition, Liie-atnre, History, G?"\crraphy. Readin Penman- ship, and Phonography; Mathematics — Arithmetic, Algebra, Euclid, Trigonometry, Land-Surveying and Conies; Modem Languages German and French; Natural Science Music—Piaaoforte, Harmonium, and Sinking; Drawing. Pupils are carefully trained for commercial and profess- ional pursuits, and special classes are formed to prepare tor examinations connected with the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London, and Aberystwyth, tha Civil Service, the Law and Medical Preliminaries- The moral and religious training of the nupilB receives special attention. The particular requirements ot eaca pupil will b kept in view throughout. Special prominence is given to the study of English, and every advantage is afforded the pupils to become conversant with the language. The premises are commodious and the locality nealthv. Every precaution is taken to secure the hcalt.i and comforts ,Iy of tik bo-trders. The terms are exceedingly moderate. Terms and any further information _ill 'y be had on appli- cation to the Principal-MR ElJWI JOXES. The Academy, Towyn, North Wale. IK WELL HOUSE SCHOOL, ABE T £ Y-ST VV Y TH THE KEY. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, B.A., of Lincoln Co;lege, Oxford, and Graduate in Honours, receives Twelve Boarders and a few dav pupils, to prepare for Matriculation at the Uuim-sities of Oxford, Cambridge, t-;iyth, and London, or to fib them for professional and commercial pursuits. Special arrangements made with studtits reading for degree. AN ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP OF TWENTY POUNDS Win be given to the best boy who enfers the University College of V\o' a:e from this School. The School will R-open Monday, September 13th. ARNOLD COLLEGE, WALTER'S ROAD, SWANSEA. PRINCIPAL KEY. EDGAR WILLIAMS. M.A., B.D. THE College is situate in the best part of the town, and the premises are specially adapted for a Scnool. Pupils 301"° prepared for Commercial life or for Professional or Co,lege Exawiu tions. A limited number of Boarders is received. The Dicipline is strict, but kind; the diet liberal ,tnd healthy. I T Prospectus apply as above. The next Quarter commences Julv 22nd. TEE SWANSEA LABORATORY & SCHOOL OF CHEMISTRY, ORANGE STREET, SWANSEA, COXDUCTFD BY WILLIAM MORGAN, PH.D., F.C.S., Analytical and Consulting Chemist. Public Analyst and Gas Examiner for the Borough of Swansea. Analyst to the Neath Rural Sanitary Authority. Every description of Chemical Analysis and Assay Undertaken. ■ LESSONS GIVEN IN CHEMISTRY. H Tlrms oil Application. H ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. ESTABLISHED IN 1812. ■ TRUSTEES :—Rev. Canon Phillips, M. A., Vicar of Aber- H ystwyth, Sir Pryse Pryge, Bart., Gogerddan, Thomas Bonsali, Esquire, Glanrheidol, Rev. John Pugh, Vicar of H Llanbadarn-fawr, Vaughan Davies, Esquire, Tauybwlch, ■ and George G. Williams, Esquire, Wallog. HEAD MASTER EDWARD JONES. E (I n Honours of the University of London.) ASSISTED BY QUALIFIED MASTERS. "TOURING the last six years ten pupils from this \J School entered directly into the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Lampeter, and were admitted into Holy Orders; eight passed the Medical, and ten the Law preliminaiy examination; six took Queen's Prizes for Mathematics, and seven first-class certificates for Physical Geography; and many entered the various Banking Establishments and Mercantile Offices. The Head Master receives a few Boarders. The school will re-open on. Thursday the 29th. July. I FRIARS SCHOOL, BANGOR. Chairman of the Governing body ■ THE LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR. Head Master: I REV. LEWIS LLOYD, M.A., Jesus College, Oxford Assistant Masters: I MR W. H. POOLE, B.A., Exhibitioner of Magdalen I College, Oxford (1st Class in Natural Science). I MR J. IDDON, B.A., Scholar of Sidney College, ■ Cambridge (12th Wrangler). I MR ALFRED F. WINTER, B.A., Scholar of Pem. I broke College, Oxford (1st class m Classical ■ Moderations.) I HERR GSCHWIND (German and French.) I MR FLOWERDAY (English, Writing, and Drawing). I THE School is conducted on the principle -of ■ JL the large Public Schools. The Course of Education I includes Greek and Latin. Mathematics, Natural Science, I English,Book-keeping. Modern Languages, Drawing.Paint- I iug, and Vocal Music. Boys are prepared for the Univer- ■ eities, the Civil Service, the Law and Medical Examica- I tions. ■ A Modern Side will soon be estabiisned, in which I the. ■ matics, English. Book-keeping. and Modern Languages will ■ be the main subjects of instruction. TE, RMS I Boys in the Senior Department, £10 a year. I „ „ Junior Do. £8 I No extra charge is mad, for either Drawing, or German, I or French. The above fees include payment for every sub- I ject taught in the School. I The School is situated outside the town, and is sur- ■ rounded by Cricket and Football Grounds, with a Tennis I Court. I Four large Class Roonm and two Lavatories have been ■ added to the old buildings. Boarders are received in the ■ Head Master's House. I Next admission day will be on THURSDAY, October I Jth, at nine o'clock, a.m. I Application for admission and for further particulars to be I addressed to the Head Master, Friars School House, ■ Bangor. 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON. (THE OLD HOUSE.) JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR Is THE BEST. TO OBTAIN THE BEST ASK FOR JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR- Is is rich in fl sh-rmi n, and heat-giving properties, and when boiled with milk affords con;plef; and perfect nourish- ment for children and persons of weak digestion. It is de- licious fer Puddings, Custards Blancmange, &c. SNI,SAM Ot 'c:, 'ct dll Q ARK. TRADE (The Lion, Net and Mouse.) POWELL'S BALSAM OF A ANISEED For Coughs ( For Asthma For Bronchitis ) For Influenza, &C. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED INVALUA13LK MEDICINE kT has the extraordinary property of immediately relieving Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breathing, Huski- 73ess in the Tbroafc._ It operates by dissolving the congealed Phlegm, and thereby causing a free expectoration. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL. Dear Sir,—Imaytetlyoa that, I have usect YOUR Balsam for a very log tirao (both for myself and my family) I think it an invaluable medicine for members of my nro- fession and have always 3trougly recommended it to'my BROTHER and sister artists. If you think a testimonial F-OM me would BE of any service, you are very welcomo to make use of this. I am, dear Sir, Yours truly, X LIONEL I!HOUGH, Globo Theatre. ASK FOR lpl;- lo% n 1,4 OF ANISEEO. Sold by all chemists and medicine vendors throughout the world at Is 1V1; 2s 3d and family size lis per bottle.- ftTopriecor, THOilAS POWELL, iilackfmrs Koad, London. MEETINGS and ENTERTAINMENTS 1 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. SESSION 1875 6. EVENING CLASSES have been formed in the JfJ following ^subjects :— Time. Professors. Monday, 8—9 French Junior.Prof. Dr. Ethe. Tuesday, 8-9 English:-Juni,)r Prof. Buckley. 9—10 Senior. YVcdnesday, 8-9.French :-Senior. Prof. Dr. Ethe. Mathematics -Ju ilior. Prof. Grimley. 9—10 Senior. English History .Prof. Cooper. Thursday, S-9 Political Economy.Prof. Cooper. 9-10 Latin These Classes are open to Women. Persons desirous of joining the above Classes are requested to give their names to the Registrar of the College. The Fees for any, or all, of the Ukases is IUs for the winter months. E. P. JONES. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. THE STUDENTS' THIRD GRAND CONCERT WILL BE HELD AT THE COLLEGE, Ox FRIDAY EVENING, THE 17TH DECEMBER, 1875, WHEN A FINE SELECTION OF VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC WILL BE PERFORMED. CONDUCTOR PROFESSOR PARRY. Doors Open at 7 15, Concert to commence punctually at 8. First Seats, 3s; Second Seats, 2s; Third Seats, la. See large Bills for Tickets. Q.1. -=I'C.¡. BUSINE^S^ADDRESSES^ Tregaron IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. JEN K IN WILLIAM EVANS, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, MEDICAL HALL, LAMPETER, BEGS respectfully to inform his numerous fziends D and the inhabitants of Tregaron, Llanddewi-brefi, Llangeitho, Pontrhydfendigaid, as well as the surrounding districts, that he will OPEN A BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AT TREGARO N, ON TUESDAY, THE 14TH OF DECEMBER, 1875. MESSRS EVANS & DAVIES, CHEMISTS, by examination, LAMPETER & LLANYBYTHER, Will open a BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AT TREGARON IN THE COURSE OF A FEW WEEKS. u_. LEA AND PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE In consequence of Spurious Imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE which are calculated to deceive thePublic, LEA & PERRINS have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus— Le¿v L which will be placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE, after this date, and without which none is genuine. "I Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors. Worcester Crosse and Blackwel!, London; and Export Oilmen generally. Retail by deaWs in sauces throughout the World. November, 187 1. THE CAMBRIAN NEWS (S DELIVEBED in ABERYSTWYTH, ABERDOVEY, ABERAERON, BA" A, BARMOUTH, BORTH, CARDIGAN, CARNARVON, CORWEN, CRICCIETH, I' DIN AS MAWDDWY, FESTINIOG. DOLGELLEY, HARLECH, LAMPETEK, LLANILAR, MACHYNLLETH, PEN LiHYND E UDSA ETH, PORTMADOC, PWLLHELI, TOWYN, TREGARON, AND MANY OTHER PLACES IN NORTH AND SOUTH WALES, FOR WHICH SEE LIST OF AGENTS, PAGE 6 EVERY FRIDAY MORNING, F 0 It TWELVE MONTHS FOR 6s 61 paid in Advance, 7s 6\1 OIl Credit. by POST C,) ba received on Friday mrrning) for 8s gel paid in Advaiice. IDs Orl on Cretlit* Apply to the .vg^:ts (see Lht, p. C) or to one (,f t,he Publishers J. GIBSON, 3, QueenVroaJ, Aucrptwyth La diganshire. JACOB J ONES, Hi-'h-stToet, BJa, # Merionethshire, D. LLOYD, Portm uloc, Carnarvousliire. BUSINESS ADDRESSE Aberystwyth DIOK REPAIRS MACKINTOSHES NEATLY i DICK's BOOTs. -J^ICIC'S JJOOTS FOR W E ARIN G" JJICK'S JgOOTS FOR C-HEAPNESS. DWK'S JgOOTS FOR COMFORT. DICKS JgO'iTS FOR FARMERS. Dlcx"" gOOTS FOR MINERS. D ICK's gOOTS FOR WALKING, J^ICK'S jgOOTS FOR RIDING. D ICK's gOOTS FOR SHOTTING. D ICKI'li JJOOTS FOR FISHING. J^ICK'S JgOOTS FOR FAMILIES. DICK'S BOOTS FOR COLLEGES. jjICK'S JgOOTS FOR SCHOOLS. JQICK'S JgOOTS FOR MEN. D ICK's JgOOTS FOR WOMEN. JQICK'S BOOTS FOR BOYS. D ICK's jgOOTS FOR GIRLS. D ICKIS "JgOOTS FOR YOUNG. JJICK'S JgOOTS FOR OLD. JJICK'S JgOOTS FOR EVERYBODY. T\ICK'S ^HOP, 16,;GREAT DARKGATE-STREET ABERYSTWYTH. DICK.3 SHOP, MAENGWYN-STREET, MACHYNLLETH. DWK'S gHOP HIGH-STREET, LAMPETER. 0 DICK'S, T7ICTORIA BUILDINGS, DOLGEL- LEY, AND JJICK'S, CHURCH STREET, BARMOUTH. DICK REPAIRS BOUTS WITH DESPATCH, I DICK REPAIRS MACKINTOSHES NEATLY. 8 & 9, PIER-STREET, AND 1, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH.. E. EDWARDS, (LATE H. DAVIES,) AGENT FOR NICOLL'S ULSTER, CHESTERFIELD, CONN AUGHT, AND OTHER OVERCOATS, AND BOYS' SUITS. GENTLEMEN'S 6UTRTTER. ;øBD;¡t.;t;1'lb. Bow Street. JOHN EAKEH, RHYDYPENAU FARM, BOW STREET, v- y t7,,c request of numerous friends has been in- 3'^ duct-d to take a VALUER'S LICENCE, and he will b-. h;*ppy to attend to the commands of gentlemen ,e;ving their fauns or r-quiring a Valuer's services coll- ected with h,d or S: oc1. "u- Towvi". HTTB*?nngif-wy-i 1 WJHAAJHH fninamiM TOWY N N'TICE TO BUILDERS, JOINERS, CO- TRACTORS, FAiLMEliS, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. MESSRS JOHN H. WILLIAMS AND SONS, of Portma ioc, have just opened a Brai^ch TIMBER AltD, ne n* the Roiwty station at Towyn, whore every description of Timber,vis.: Yellow and Pitch Pine Boards, Red and Spruce Deala and boards, Flooring Boards, kc., &c., can "hb obtained. Ovdcis are taken for supply from the Yard, <-r direoc from flortm t'joe, by the Agent. MR DAVID HUMPHREYS, Coil Merchant, Towyn. N.B.—Prirea the same as at Portmadec, WANTED, TO LET, &,c. The charge for the insertion of prepaid advertisements referring to SITUATIONS WANTED, I PERSONS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WAFTS, APARTMENTS WANTED, ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND, Is three lines for One Shilling prepaid; three times, Two Shillings. These charges apply only to prepaid advertisements. Pay- ment may be made in po^.iage stamps. *# JVo Credit Advertisement is clwirt less ik-m Is 0 d. i' NOTICE TO lVllN AN1) QUARRY AGU.NTS I TXTANTED, to purchase all kinds of OLD T V MACHINERY, METAL and SCRAP IliON. —Address MCILQUHAM, Machine Broker, Aberyat wyth N.B.—Mining Plant, Izc., Bought and Sold on ({)Hl HI i¡;:1nn. MACHYNLIiETH. WANTED.—MliS EVANS, Servants' Registry Office, Doll-otreet, Machynlleth, has Cooks, House- maids, Nurses, Kifcchenioaids, Dairymaids, and two House- keepers, who want places. Ladies w't11tiug servants and servants wanting places, should apply as above, enclosing stamped envelope for reply. W ANTED, an intelligent YoUTH, over 14 years of age, as an Apprentice, to the Machine Printing.—Apply to Messrs WOCDALL and VENABLES, Os- westry. WANTED.-Two respectable YOUTHS as kp- prentices to the Lapidary business, and sdso two to the Jewellery business. Apphr to Mr THOMAS WHITE, Egyptian House, Terraca-road, Aberystwyth. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR FAMILIES AND SERVANTS AT NOWELL'S FANCY WARE HOUSE, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Opposite the Infirmary, ABERYSTWYTH. {GIOUND.—Those people who are fortunate enough t/ to purchase Dick's Boots have found them to be durable, comfortable, and cheap. ABERYST W VTiL TO BE LET, FAIRHNA HOUSE, Llanbadarn- JL road. The House and Premises consist Of Kitchen, Scullery, two Parlours, four Bedrooms, w.c., and Garden. Possession to be had on the 12,h M»;y, 1876.—Apply to Mr JAMES WILLIAMS, Builder, Aherystwyth. P>ILo' FOREIGN TIMBER. JUST discharged aCar;o of SUPERIOR PITCH p PINE, SQUARE TIMBER, and DEALS, from Darien, ex GLEN A. L VON." A cargo of very good Baltic RED FIXE DEALS, from 2 inches to 4 inches thick, ex Brig fflARTHA." August 20th. Now discharging from our Baque" GLENALVON a very good cargo of SPRUCE DEALS, containing about 135,000 feet. September 25th. We are now landing out of our brig Martha" another cargo consisting of Red Pine square timber; 2, 2J, 3, and 4 inch Red Deal; Red and White iprepared Floor Boards. The above cargoes, as well as our stock of YELLOW PINE LOGS and DEALS, OAK, ELM, BIRCH, MAHOGANY, Red and White Prepared FLOOR BOARDS, &c., &c., are we!l worth the attention and inspection of Contractors, Builders, and the Public generally. Windows, Doors, all sorts of Mouldings, Angle Beads, &c., manufactured on the Premises. JONES AND GRIFFITHS, ABERDOVEY, YNYSLAS, AND MACHYNLLETH. 4WOrders to be sent to Aberdovey. Saw Mills a t Ynyslas. November 16tb. ■ ^ih ill Shortly will be Published, Price 6s., TREMADOC SERMONS, BY THE REV. H. N. GRIMLEY, M.A., Professor of Mathematics in the University College of Wales. WITH VIEW OF TREMADOO CHURCH. Subscribers' names will be received by the Rev H. N. GRIMLEY, Aberystwyth by Mr DAVID LLOYD. Bookseller, Portmadoc; by Mr JOHN MORGAN, Bookseller, Aberyst- wyth; and by Messrs CORNISH BROTHERS, Booksellers, 37 New-street, Birmingham. Now Selling gvervwbere. At all Booksellers and Railway Bookstalls. Price One Shilling STREAKED WITH GOLD J A ROMANCE of LEAD MINING in MERIONETHSHIRE And a Study of Life and Character in North Wales. This remarkable work has attained immense popularity and possesses a peculiar fascination for Welsh readers at this season of the year. "Just the story for the Christmas Fireside, and a great deal above the average of what Christmas numbers usually are.Draiving Room Gazette. London GRANT & Co., Turnmill Street, E.C. L SHIPPING. m L L A N LINE SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA ALLAN LINE COMPOSED OF TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. SAILING DAYS—from LIVERPOOL, every TUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every ALTERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classeso f Passengers. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leiving home are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the Steamer. The Canadian Government grants ASSISTED PASSAGES by the ALLAN LINE. For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James Street, Liverpool; Or to the Agents— ROBERT S. JONES, High-street, PortmaJoe. EVAN JONES. Builder. 3ALA. I. T. PARRY, The Bazaar, Cross street, Os westry. "WTIITE STAR" LINE. ^U^ITED STATES MAIL :c,¿; STEAMERS. 5 000 tons burthen. 3,000 horse-power. Sailing from LIVERPOOL for NEW YORK every THURSDAY. From QUEENSTOWN (CORK) every FRIDAY. Forwarding Passengers to all parts of the United States and Canada. RETURNING FROJI NEW YORK EVERY SATURDAY. The well-known Fast Mail Steamers of this Line Rail as un,ler:- FROM LIVERPOOL via QUE ENSTOWN. GERMANIC Dec. 16 BALTIC Jan. 6. 18J6 CELTIC Dec. 23 j REPUBLlO.Jan. 13,1876 ADRIATICS Dec. 30 From NEW YORK. GERMANIC Nov. 27 CELTIC Dec. 4 These new splendid Vessels reduce the passage to the shortest possible time, and afford to Passengers the highest degree of comfort hitherto attainable at sea. Averse passage 8i days in Summer, 9J days in Winter. Fich V..3.-4 is constructed in seven water-tight compirt- I.1le't. The Saloon, Ladies' Boudoir, State and Smok- ing Rooms are amidships, and are luxuriously furnished and fitted with all modelU conveniences: pianos, libraries, elcotric bells, bath-rooms, barber's shop, &c. Saloon Passage, 15, 18, iand 21 guineas; Return Tickets at reduced rates, The Storage accommodation is of the very highest charac- ter, the room. are unusual!y spacious, vsell lighted, ventilated, and warmed, and passengers of this class will find their com- fort carejully studud. An unlimited r up ply of Cooked Provisions. Medical comforts free of charge. Stewardesses in Steerage to attend the Women and Children. Steerage tare at Reduced Rates. Drafts- issued on New York free of charge. For Freight or Passage apply to ISMAY, IMRIE AND CO. 10, Water-street, Liverpool. Or to the Agent— J. D. HUGHES, 7, William Street, Aberystwyth. -II] INSURANCE. THE MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Established 1834. 39, KING STUEET, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, E.C, PUBLIC NOTICES BALA WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE. NOTICE is Hereby Given to the Ratepayers and -i-i Public generally, that Major H. Tullocb, R.E., will meet the Bala Local Board at the Town Hall, Bala, on Wednesday, the 8th day of December next, at 12 o'clock, a.m., to discuss the Water Supply and Sewerage Question with them and the liatepayers. By Order. A. A. IT ANT, Clerk to the Bala Local Board. Bala, 2t51;h November. 1875. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. In the County Court of Cardiganshire, hclden at Aberyst- wytb. To Evan Push, of Cwmsymlog, near Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan, Gentleman. In the Matter of a debtor's summons issued ag iinst you by Evan Richards, of Morben Hall, near Machynlleth, Mining Agent. TAKE Notice that a debtor's summons having been JL granted against you by this Court, the Court has ordered that the publication of a notice of the granting of the summons in the London Gazette shall be deemed to bs service on you of such summons on the seventh day after such publication. lon. The summons can be inspected by you on application to this Court. Dated this 18th day of November, 1875. J. JENKINS, Registrar. RE HUGH JONES. rpHE above-named HUGH JONES, of Felindre, in the parish of Pennal, in the county of Merioneth, Farmer, by an Indenture dated the Thirteenth day of No- vember, 1875, assigned to John Humphreys, of Fachuchaf, in the parish of Cemmes, in the county of Montgomery, farmer and miller, certain property therein mentioned upon trust for the benefit of his creditors. Notice is herebv given that a dividend is intended to be declared by the said Trustee, and all Creditors of the said Hugh Jones previous to the Thirteenth day of November, 1875, are required to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims to Mr Griffith Jones, of Great Darkgate- street, Aberystwyth, the Trustee's Solicitor, on or before the Third day of January, 1876, or in default they will be ex- cluded from the benefit of the dividend proposed to be de- clared. Dated this Twenty-third day of November, 1875. GRIFF. JONES, Of Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. TO BUILDERS. DOLGELLEY ENDOWED GIRLS' SCHOOL. THE Governors of the above School are prepared to receive TENDERS for the erection ox the Buildings. The Drawings, Specifications, and Conditions can he seen and Bills of Quantities aLd Forms of Tender obtained at the office of Mr STANHOPE BULL, architect, Llangollen, on and after the 8th, and up to and including the 15th Dec. next, and afterwards at the office of Messrs JONES and DAVIES, Solicitors, Dolgelley. Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tender for Dolgelley Girls' School," must be delivered to the undersigned on or before the 23rd December next. The Governors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. RICHARD DAVIES, Clerk to the Governors. Brynrodyn, Dolgellev, November 25th, 1875. In the matter of the Blaen Caelan Company, Limited (in- corporated 1870), and in the matter of the Companies Acts 1862 and 1867. NOTICE is Hereby Given that a Petition for the Winding-up of the above-named Company by the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice was on the 22nd day of November, 1875, presented to his Lordship the Master of the Rolls by Cecil Birch, of No. 14, Inverness Road, Bayswater, in the County of Middlesex, gentleman, a contributory of the said Company. And that the said petition is directed to be heard before his Lordship the Master of the Rolls on the 4th day of December, 1875, and any creditor or contributory of the said Company desirous to oppose the making of an order for the winding-up of the said Company under the above Act, should appear at the time of hearing by himself or bis Counsel for that purpose, and a Copy of the petition will be furnished to any creditor or contributory of the said Company requiring the same by the undersigned, on payment of the regulated charge for the same. Dated the 25th day of November, 1875. KEIGHLEY, SHEA AND BEVAN, 16, Philpot Lane, E.C., London, Solicitors for the Petitioner. WYNNSTAY AND THE WYNNS. MEMORIAL VOLUME. TV/TESSKS WOODALL and VENABLES have in preparation,—to be dedicated by permission to Lady Williams Wynn,—a handsome Memorial Volume, containing a full and complete revised report of the BANQUET TO THE TENANTRY, OCT. 29, 1875, WITH A LIST OF ALL THE GUESTS. Also records of PREVIOUS DEMONSTRATIONS, Connected with the Birth, Coming-of-age, and Marriage of SIR WATKlN WILLIAMS WYNN, 4 1 Together with a variety of INCIDENTS AND ANECDOTES CONNECTED WITH THE WYNN FAMILY, INCLUDING Visit of the Queen to Wynnstay. Burning of the Mansion. The Old Wynnstay Theatre—Visits of Garrick and Colman. Presentations to Lady Williams Wynn. Sir Watkia and the Ancient British Fencibles in Ireland. Pedigree of the Wynn Family. Wynnstay Hospitality in Olden Times. The Wynnstay Hunt. List of Old Welsh M3S aud Books burnt at Wynnstay. Sir Watkin and the Freemasons. &c., &c., &c. To be Illustrated with PORTRAITS OF THE WYNNSTAY FAMILY; Views of Old and New Wynnstay-Llangedwyn, and Glanliyn Mansions. W The work will be compiled by the Author of the "Gossiping Guide to W^lcs"; and Subscribers' Names may be sent at once to the Publishers, OSWALD HOAD, OSWESTRY. Advertising is to Business what Steam is to Machinery, the Grand Propelling Power." GWERTHIR Y CAMBRIAN NEWS YN AWR YN FFESTINIOG, YN UNIG GAN MR ELLIS ROBERTS, THE WORKMAN'S BOOKSHOP, FOUR CROSSES, FFESTINIOG. Y CAMBRIAN NEWS, NEWYDDIADUR ArwF-INIOL YR ARDAL, Cynwysa Adroddiadau Cywir a Beirniadaeth Ddiofn.