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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. I Aberystwyth. 1 4 NEW GOODS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. {_. C. M. WILLIAMS Is now shewing a Large Assortment of NEW MATERIALS FOR DRESSES. NEW SRAWLS AND OVERSKIRTS, NEW BONNETS AND HATS. NOVELTIES IN FLOWERS AND FEATHERS NEW TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, AND LACES. x NEW GLOVES, HOSIERY, TIES AND SCARFS. NEW MANTLE CLOTHS AND CLOAKINGS. NEW CLOTHS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION FO GENTLEMEN'S ATTIRE, Each department is replete with every Novelty of the Season at this Establishment at the Lowest London Prices A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF v PLAIN AND FANCY REAL WELSH FLANNELS AND SHAWLS, f "II And also of the v NEW PATENT FLANNEL IN ALL COLOUKS. All goods sold under the new system-Small Profits, One Price, and No Credit. Patronage and Recommendation art Respectfully y Solicited. c. M. WILLIAMS 9, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, (Opposite the Infirmary), A B E R Y S TW YTH. 1:¡o¡.II.l_- liiMmiu > iiiirwi rumiaw^nwmf nn-r—1 CLEARANCE SALE OF PAPER HANGING AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. T. THOMAS NO. 12, GREAT DARKGATE STREET. A GPOD VARIETY OF OLEOES, CRITOMOS, PHOTOS, &c., IN STOCK. FRAMES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION SUPPLIED. NEW MARKET HALL, TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. A Q THOMAS SMITH, FISHMONGER, FRUITERER, AND PROVISION MERCHANT. TS. thanks the public for the kiiid support he has received from them during the time he has been in « business, and hopes by strict attention to merit a continuance of the some kind[favours. TS has a very-well selected Stock of CUMBERLAND BACON and HAMS CHEESE of the finest quality.- FRUITS-Home and Foreign-procured if not in Stock.-Fresh FISH always on hand -Cambridge SAUSAGE^-Lic^dea^nGAME^ A ,ggg& GRIMSBY HOUSE, 8, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. W. B. BAMBER, FISH AND FRUIT MERCHANT, AND LICENSED DEALER IN GAME. WENHAM LAKE „.B •; ICE, OYSTERS, WHEN IN SEASON. WINES, SPIRITS, BOTTLED ALES AND STOUT.-ALLSOPP'S ON DRAFT. Afl BEST WREXHAM HO U S E COAL. 11 ^11. ■- T FIVE TUPWARDS AT 18s. PER TON, AT Ag^^ySTWYTH. JOHN JONES, BRIDGE END, ABERYSTWYTH. J. E. jones, FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, 54', N'ORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. Maker of the Celebrated TOURIST and PORPOISE HIDE SHOOTING BOOr. Every description of goods made to order on the premises, of the best material and guaranteed workmanship. A varied stack of Ladies gentlemen s and Children's Boots and Shoes for winter wear on hand. Repairs of every description executed on the shortest notice. JAMES McILQUHAM, BRIDGE END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH, WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of EARTHENWARE, GLASS, CHINA, BIRMINGHAM and SHEFFIELD GOODS, &c., &c.—Goods Let out on Hire.—An Experienced Packer Kept. SACKS, OIL SHEETS AND TARPAULINGS; A Large Stock always on Hand. ELLIS AND OWEN E!i 0 ABERYSTWYTH PLAIN & ENAMELLED SLATE & MARBLE WORKS, ABERYSTWYTH, 1 |H||i|| lljlp !? MANUFACTURERS OF HBHIilllll 1111 ENAMELLED AND PLAIN SLATE ClaIMNEY-PIECES BATHS, MILK COOLERS, HEADSTONES URINALS, MANGERS, CATTLE TROUGHS DAIRY, LARDER, WINE, CELLAR ,SHELVES,WINDOW i STONES, ^.OUI^K^^S i '^r '"I And every description of PLAIN AND ENAMELLED ST,ATE WORK. 'i j Slate Enamelled in imitation of the most costly Marbles, at a comparatively low price, for Chiiunej'-oiecee Hand Tables, Sideboards, Consoles, Cheffunicrs, &c. Circular 'liable Tops, Finger Plates for Doorsf, and Paper Weights with views, Escutcheons, Che3?, Flowers, Ornamental and Marbled. CRESTS, &o., ENAMELLED ON KEYSTONES OF CHIMNEY-PIECES. An Artist Sent to take Vieics when Required* Designs of every description Executed to Order. ROOFING SLATES OF AJ-L SIZES ALWAYS IN STOCK. 63" The First Prize fer Slate i.arving was awarded to this Firm bath at, the Chester Exhibition (1866) and the Car- marthen Exhibition (1867) of the National Eisteddf of Waies. EDWABD ELLIS, 7 & 8, PRINCESS STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, T0TAS just received from Ireland, per the schoouer Ceres,' a Cargo of POTATOES, FLOUR.. INDIAN and MEAL. He has alio a Stock of Water-proof Cart Covers, all sizes, New Sacks, Feathers. Bran Barley Meal, Oat Meal, Rice, American Provisions, and Cattle Spice. Grocery in all its Branches. All Goods Carted to the Railway Station Free. Buyers lor Ready Cash will find it to their advantage to call and examine Price and Quality. TO BE SOL D AT~WHOLESALE PRI clTs By WILLIAM THOMAS, A. T THE STATION YARD, ABERYSTWYTH. "VTEWPORT, Wigan,"and Euabon House, Steam, and Smith Coal. Common and l-l White-pressed Bricks; also Flintshire Fire Bricks. Glazed and Common Drain Pipes. Tenby and Porthyvvaen Lime. All sorts of Kidge and Flooring Tiies, Slates, Slabs, &c„ &c. RELIANCE HOUSE, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET (OPPOSITE THE MEAT MARKET), "WILLIAM PROBIN, WORKING LAPIDARY. JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, BEGS to inform the Gentry, Inhabitants, and Visitors ol Aberystwyth that he has now on hand a well- selected Stock of Diamond Ringi, Wedding Rings, Signet Rings, and Gem Rings. Bright and coloured Gold jewellery, in all its branches, made upon the premises. Every article warranted. Also a large Stock of Whitbv Jet and og Oak Ornaments. Oi l Gold an.'t Silver Purchased. Wholesale and Retail,Dealer in New and Second-hand Plate. D. BISHOP, 1 COOK AND CONFECTIONER, 38, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH (OPPOSITE THE TOWN CLOCK). AIOll BRIDE AND CHRISTENING CAKES MADE TO ORDER IN THE TEST STYLE AND FINISH SOUPS, ENTREES, JELLIES, CREAMS, ICES, &0., &c. H. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. SALES BY AUCTION. To be Sold by Auction, by MR LEWIS WILLIAMS, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of DECEMBER, 1875, at the Golden Lion Royal Hotel, Dolgelley, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions there and then to be produced, and in the following or such other Lots as may be then declared. LOT 1. All that Comfortable COTTAGE, situate in the Lawnt, Dolgelley, having an open frontage, containing Parlour, Best Kitchen and Back Kitchen, and Out-Buildings, and two good Bedrooms above, with Servants'Rooms, and in the rear a good commodious Garden, well stocked with Fruit Trees, formerly in the holding of the late Miss Ellinor Jones, deceased, at the low rent of 29 10s., and now occupied by Miss Catherine Pugh. LOTS 2, 3. and 4. The COTTAGES, MESSUAGES, or DWELLING- HOUSES adjoining. For Plans and any further information apply to Messrs W. GRIFFITH and SON, and Mr HUMPHREY JONES, Builder, Dolgelley, will show the premises, REFRESHMENT ROOMS, MACHYNLLETH RAILWAY STATION. SALE OF MODERN HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. MR DANIEL has been favoured with instructions from Miss Jackson, to Sell by Auction, on TUES- DAY, 21ST DECEMBER, 1875, at One o'clock in the afternoon punctually, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glass, &c., comprising Mahogany-Framed Single Chairs, upholstered in hair, Easy ditto, Couch, Rocking Chair, Tables, Engravings, Valuable Books, Musical Box, Mahogany Tudor Bedsteads, French and Half Tester Iron Bedsteads, Feather and Wool Beds, Sheets, Blankets, Counterpanes, Chest of Drawers, Marble Slab Top Washstand, Dressing Tables, Dressing Glasses. Large Bath, equal to new, Carpets, and Cut Glass and China, Plated Goods, #and rare Stuffed Birds in Glass Cases, &c., &c. Catalogues will be ready eight days prior to the day of Sale, and may be obtained at the Place of Sale, and at the. offices of the Auctioneeh NOTICE. MR O. DANIEL, Auctioneer, Valuer, and Estate Agent, Towyn, begs to announce that he has OPENED an OFFICE at MACHYNLLETH, and re- spectfully solicits the patronage of the nobility, gentry, and inhabitants of the town and surrounding country. SALES and VALUATIONS of LAND, HOUSES, LIVE STOCK, FURNITURE, and all other personal Effects, undertaken with, care and personal supervision. OFFICES- Maengwyn-street. Machynlleth, and High-street Towvn. Towyn, Jan. 1st, 1875. IN RE THE CATHERINE AND JANE LEAD MINING COMPANY LIMITED. IN LIQUIDATION. LEAD MINE, TOGETHER WITH THE COM- PLETE MACHINERY AND PLANT. MR FRANK LEWIS (of the firm of Messrs Frank Lewis and Kemp) will Sell by Auction, pursuant to the Order of the High Court of Chancery, at the Mart, i Tokenhouse Yard, London, E.C., on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10TH, 1875, at Two o'clock precisely, the MINE known as the Catherine and Jane Lead Mine, situated near the Village and Railway Station of Penryndeudraeth, in the County of Merioneth, held under a Lease direct from the Freeholder for a term of 21 years from the 1st March, 1873, at a royalty of l-15th, and a dead rent of B20 per annum merging into the royalty. Together with tbe Plant, Machinery, and Effects for working the same. The Seti is about one and a half miles in length, and one and a half miles in wiith, and is ready for immediate working-large sums of money having been laid out upon it and the Ma- chinery, the latter being in capital working order. Particulars and conditions of Sile may be had at the Mart; of Messrs WATSON, SONS, and ROOM, Solicitors, 12, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street, E.C. of Messrs GOVER and NORTON, Solicitors, 2, King-street, Cheapside, E.C.; of P. M. EVANS, Esq. (Messrs Evany and Peirson), Official Liquidator, 2, Greshaui-buildiiigs, Basinghall-street, E.C.; and of Messrs FRANK LEWIS and KEMP, Auctioneers, &c., 26. Greshum-atreet, E.C. STALLIONS AND FOUR RED ROAN COLTS FOR SALE. TO be Sold by Public Auction, at the Angel Hotel, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY-, the 18th inst.y at two o'clock, the following Stallions and Colts:- I.-That splendid young Cart Stallion, England's Glory, 5 years old, » bright bay, stands about 161 hands high, and is a good worker. 3 —Four splendid roan colts by Young Quicksilver, thrc-e years old, and about 15 hands high, and out of care- fully selected Welsh trotting mares. 2.—That celebrated r,,)adsterstallion, Youngl.PiickwilIow by Young Quicksilver, is a red roan, 15 hands high, 5 years old, and is one of. the grandest and fastest goers of the day. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Dolgelley. ÊRTLÊW MARKET HALL AND PUBLIC ROOMS DOLGELLEY, GENERAL BILL POSTER, &0 R EVANS, Shop Goch, Dolgelley, general BILL • POSTER, MESSENGER, &c. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and publishers. JAMES B. MEE FISHMONGER, GAME DEALER, FRUITERER, &c., &c., BRIDGE END HOUSE, DOLGELLEY. Constant Supplies of various kinds of fresh Fish, Game, &a. according to Season. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, And anything not on hand procured on the shortest notice Ice always on hand, and supplied by the pound and Upwards. J. B. M., n returning his sincere thanks to his patrons for their generous support accorded him during the time he .has been in business at Dolgelley, begs at the same time to respectfully call their attention to the removal of his business to new and more commodious premises, thereby en- abling him to keep a larger and more varied stock than hitherto and by strictly moderate prices, and despatch in executing all orders entrusted to his care, he hopes to merit a Continuance of those favors already shown him. dw Note the Address- BRIDGE END HOUSE DOLGELLEY. Barmouth. $Hs>- MR. S E L L I S SURGEON DENTIST, BARMOUTH. Attendance at the following places:— BALA-Plascoch Hotel, The 3rd Wednesday in every month: MACHYNLLETH—Mrs Holt, Dovey View House, The 1st Wednesday in every month. PORTMADOC—Mr Jones, 9, Bank Place Terrace, The 1st and 3rd Fridays in every month. PWLLHELI-Mr Ellis, Shop Goch. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday in every month Consultations at home every MONDAY, and on other days by Special Appointment. Reduced fees made to patients attended to on Monday. THE CAMBRIAN NEWS IS NOW SOLD AT BARMOUTH, ONLY BY Ml11 JOHN EVANS, GROCEH, BOOItSELLER. "&c. Ponterwyd. WILLIAM CLARIDGE, VETERINARY SURGEON, X AUCTIONEER AND VALUER; PONTES' YD. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. Abervstwvth ST. DAVID'S HOUSE, MARINE TERRACE, NEAR THE QUEEN'S HOTEL. CHARLES WHITE, WORKING JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, AND LAPIDARY. DEALER IN OLD ENGLISH CHINA, &0. JEWELLERY NEATLY REPAIRED. MRS. E. EVANS'S DINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 8, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Hot Dinners daily at one o'clock. Roast and Boiled Joints, Chickens, Ducks, &c., always ready. Mrs Evans begs to call attention to her Pies, Puddings and Tarts made daily or to order. Oyster and Veal Potties, Fruit and Preserve Tarts, Cakes. Buns, &c., fresh daily. Tea and Coffee at any hour of the day. EGYPTIAN HOUSE, TERRACE-ROAD, AND YORK HOUSE, MARINE-TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. ELIZABETH WHITE, LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER, Pebbles Cut and Mounted on the shortest notice, and most reasonable terms. Stones inlaid in wood or metal. Jewellery, &c., carefully repaired. Antique China in great variety. ISAAC AND (JTEORGE LLOYD, COACH BUILDERS, CASTLE STREET, (BACK OF PIER STREET & LAURA PLACE), ABERYSTWYTH. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF REPAIRS EXECUTED Country Orders Promptly Attended to. ■ "Remove the Cause, and the Effects will Cease. A NEW VEGETABLE REMEDY. DAVlW DIGESTIVE & TONIC PILLS, l/OM3WSED of purely Vegetable Ingredients, are W/ tvticiifekrly recommended as a safe and certain cure of Infflgesfj^n, and all Liver and Stomach Complaints. They act as a mild aperient, but also as a tonic and alterativ^F remow all unpleasant sensations attendant upon a diso/dere&sj^t&'of the stomach and biliary organs, such as Giddiness^PpK Head Ache, Flatulence, Heartburn, Pain in the Stoifiach, Loss of Appetite, Violent Palpitations, Spasms, &c., &c., Purify the Blood, and Strengthen De- bilitated Organs, thereby restoring the whole, system to a healthy .state. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., &c. Prepared only by JOHN H. DAVIES, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Apothecaries' Hall, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH M. JONES, COACH-BUILDER, MOOR STREET. ABERYSTWYTH. Carriages of every description made to order. Repairs executed by first-class workmen. T. B U B B RESPECTFULLY announces that he has taken the large 3hop in Terrace-road at the corner of New- foundland-street, which he has opened as a SHOW ROOM. In addition to his extensive Stock and choice Designs in Paper Hangings from'London and Paris, he has also added a large Stook of FURNITURE, comprising Loo and other Tables, Chairs, Couches, Cheffoniers, &c., &c., in Mahogany and Walnut; Chimney and Bedroom Glasses of various sizes and designs. Perambulators, Fancy Baskets, &c., &c. A 0 N US Paient, Gas Burners give ninety-nine JPW cent. of Light as'compared with twenty-seven per cent. ORDINARY burners, with equal consumption of gas. -Vide Gas Referees' Report, Jane, 1869. T. Bubb, Terrace-road. Sole Ag)ent for Aberystwyth District. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. MR J. A. MURPHY, SURGEON DENTIST, REMOVED from 5, King-street, to 27, TERRACE Jti ROAD. ABERYSTWYTH. MrMuRPHY attends Marpole's, Maengwyn-street, Mach- ynlleth, twice a month. THOSE LADIES WHO SAVE THEIR Combings of Hair can have them disen- tangled, roots turned, and properly prepared and arranged into Twists, Plaits, Coils, Chignons, &c., by 0. R H. P. HAWKINS, AR TIS TIN H A I R, 23, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, COALS. RICHARD JONES, LEWIS TERRACE COAL YARD = AND WEIGHBRIDGE, UPPLIES all kinds of Coals as follows per ton. NEWPORT 22s. BEST YARD 21s. QUAKER 20s. 'MAIN COAL 19s. SMALL 12s. Delivered to any part of the town for Is per ton extra "CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. ORDEES for PIANOFORTE TUNING, &c., will receive the attention of WHEATLEY and SONS, up to Dec. 10th after that date, their MUSIC WARE- HOUSE will be closed until the 2nd week in the New Year. N.B.—PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS may be, HIRED at REDUCED rates for Christmas, at any time previous to Dec. 10th. All kinds of Mucic and Musical Instruments may now be purchased to advantage, to clear out stockiaud make room for a new selection. WHEATLEY & SONS, PORTLAND HOUSE, TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. ¡¡¡¡æ¡a Machynlleth MACHYNLLETH. J. REES AND SON, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS, SILVERSMITHS, JEWELLERS,&C. MAENGWYN-STREET, MACHYNLLETH. OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT. A LARGE variety of Fishing Tackle, Rods, Paskets, &c. Local Flies supplied ai d dressed to any pattern.—A Choice Stock of Single and Double- barrelled Breach and Muzzle-loading Guns. Old Guns Bought or Exchanged. EVAN REES. Auctioneer and Appraiser. Sales of every description arranged and conducted. Valuations made. BUSINESS ADDRESSES Aberystwyth. ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1820. WILLIAM JULIAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, VTEA, COFFEE, PROVISION, AND FLOUR DEALER, 10, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. A constant supply of First-Class Australian Preserved Meats, Labrador Salmon, Lobsters, Sardines, &c. HOME-CURED BACON AND HAMS. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS. USE THE CRYSTAL PERISCOPIC SPECTACLES WHICH NEVER TIRE THE EYE. Spectacles to suit all sights from Is. per pair, sold by ROBERT DOUGHTON, 54, BRIDGE-STREET (Six doors from the Town Clock,) GLASS AND CHINA WAREHOUSE, AND FURNISHING IRONMONGER, Cut Glass of all kinds Cutlery of all kinds Brushes of all kinds Toys of all kinds China ditto Eledtro-plated Spoons Iron Bedsteads, Paliasses Jewellery, Gilt, Plated, Earthenware ditto Forks and Cruet Frames Saucepans, Kettles Black and Pebbles The foregoing, and a Miscellaneous Assortment of other goods in above lines, at lowest possible prices. JlT F o u N15 ATT LAST! A G00r) & SUBSTANTIAL LOCK-STITCH MACHINE for £ '2 17s.6d. gK Usual price £ 4. Just the thing for families for the Winter Evenings, ffl ffliSm Apply to EVAN MORGAN, Agent for all the Best Makers in SEWING MACHINES, Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. MACHINES ON HIRE. WANTED, 500 Purchasers for the Royal Day-Light Lamp Oil and Lamps.-Apply to DAVID ELLIS, Ironmonger (Opposite the Police Station,) Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth.— Gunpowder, Shots, Caps, &c. THE Q U E/E N'S HOTEL. I ABERYSTWYTH. W. H. PALMER (Of the Hoop Hotel, Cambridge,) BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Inhabitants of Aberystwyth and neighbourhood, that he has taken the above Hotel, and hopes to be favoured with a share of their patronage. THE WINE CELLARS Are now open, and contain a choice Stock of the finest brands, and W. H. P. trusts that the quality and quotations will give satisfaction. R EM:<D V A'JLj. DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. JOHN "THOMAS TViS SIRES to inform his frieridsand the public generally that he has REMOVED from Market Street to the larger and. more commodious premises- NO. 33, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, Where he trustato receive a continuance of that liberal support which ha& hitherto been accorded to him. Dolgelley. .J<- A Complete Assortment for the WINTER SEASON, has now arrived at W.DA.VIESB THE READY-MADE CLOTHING MART, DOLCTTLLEY. Being the Best and Cheapest Assortment of BOYS', YOUTHS' and MEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHES ever offered to the Public. Also new Stock ef CARPETS, HANGING PAPERS, and General House Furnishing very Cheap Prize Medals were gained by Aim at Chester in 1866, and at Aberystwyth in 1865. FOR THE BEST WELSH TWEEDS AND WINSEYS JOHN MEYRICK JONES, MEYRICK HOUSE, DOLGELLEY, Sole Prize Medal holder in Dolgelley and Merionethshire. HAVING gained celebrity for his genuine HAND-LOOM WELSH WEBS and WELSH TWFFT1 CLOTHS, has lately grreatly extended his business, and is now prepared to supply HAND-LOCVVT £ S°e»i^.IWEED cl0TH'F,SHraG 0L0IH- BHA WLS ID varIOUS colours. n Clothing made from these materials are worn by the Nobility ADD Gentry for Sheotine Fikhimy A T V- and beingemirely MANUFACTURED OF PURE MOUNTAIN WO'OLS without INTERAIXT^^II £ F AN4JTR»VF1'LNK, AC. *3- Wholesale and Retail Orders executed at the shortest notice CA^ R R^ WELSH WYNNSTAY SHOOTING CLOTH 2s per yard. CLOTH FOR FISHING^TTTT^ o* new 0rdfrs- TWEED CLOTH at 4s 8d per vard. Fire per cent, discount for Cash. bUITS' "s 64 Per yard, very superior PATTERNS sent free per post on application to Mr JOHN MEYRICK JONES, Meyrick House, Dolgelley. M. Jones respectfully cautions his Customers against unprincipled Der=on<s win am ,•« «. u „ of sending spurious patterns of Flannels and Tweeds, which are not Welsh ind tak'Ug the first opportunity maker in Dolgelly or the County of Merioneth who has obtained prize medals for thete fav^rite^Velah^oods6111' 83 1S ° Machynlleth. T H .0 MA S S C^GI^PETM?xixrRE*^iY)R HORSTS, Is 6d per Bottle. Also GRIPE MIXTURE FOR lliJhSES, 2s 6d per ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is per pound packet. Prepared only by JOHN THOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. Directions accompany each bottle and packet. Sole Agent for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep.—A certain cure for Scab. Towyn TOW Y N. D. AND E. PUG-HE, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGERS AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEALERS. X » A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF IMPLEMENTS FOR THE COMING SEASON, Consisting of CHAFF CUTTERS, ROOT PULPERS, and SLICERS, SHEEP RACKS, OIL C-X-KF, NIILLS, WINNOWINO MACHINES, PIG TROUGHS, &c. Agents for Howard's Parent CHAMPION PLOUGHS. SEWING MACHINES bv nil ti1P leading makers. uy au FENCING WIRE, HURDLES, AND WIRE NETTING. Price Lists on Application tc D' Ay" E. PPGHE. Towya. Lampeter. EXTENSIVE CORN AND FLOUR STORES, WHITE H A LL,_L A M P E T E R DAVID JAMES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CORN A.ND FLOUB MERCHANT, Wili aKaya hdve an extensive Stock for Sale of Flour Mo I Sharps Potatoes Rice Bran Salt Barley Crushed Beans Agricultural Salt Oats Scotch Oatmeal Oil Cake Dog Cakes Indian Corn Indian Meal Unseed f And in their ^ason, ^descriptions of Agricultural Seeds. Buyers'are respectfuliv invited to calj. and examine price and quality. Agent for Morris and Griffin* of Wolverhampton- celebrated Patent Bone and Blood Manures; also Agent for Spratt's DOff Cakes. i J • N 4