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ABERYSTWYTH HERRINGS —Several boatmen have succeeded in catch- ing herrings in ti,e bay. On Thursday morijing severd hundreds were brought to land. ACCIDENTS. -On. Friday last a man named Morgan, Moor-lane, emp'oyed as machineman at the branch railway into the harbour aliped and broke his leg. Mr Harries at- tended to the injured man who is progressing favourably. On Monday eveuing, Nov 22;1,3, while taking down some scaffolding poles at the new houses in Victoria Terrace Owen Jenkins, a mas-on, aged about twenty-three, fel about ten feet, and on being picked up was found to have broken his thigh. Dr Rice WUiiama was sent for and seV the broken limb. DRUNKENNESS.—At the police-station, on Tuesday, before Alderman John Watkins, John Davies, Penybonr. admitted being drunk, and was tined Is and costs.—P.C Thomas Davies charged Charles O'Hstre with heing drunk the previous night in Mill street, and challenging persons to fight. He ,as taken int) custody. Fined 5s and costs. A PORTMADOC SHIP IN DISXHESS. -On Sa',urd*y about one o'clock a schooner was nlhde out" in the bay with a flag half mast, and ruakim; signals of distress. In half-an hour she was boarded by Mr Thomas Williams, the deputy coxswain of the lifeboat and crew, and saf-ly brought into the harbour, when it was discovered that the vessel was the Louisa (Thomas), bouuu ftvm Duoi'.n to Portmadoc, to which latter place she belonged. It appeared that it was blowing a heavy gale on the previous day, aud the schooner parted both herciblesin St. Tuawail's Rods, and drifted towards Aberystwyth, where she was rescued by the time'y aid of Mr Thomas Williams and his crew. She was towed to Portmadoc on Tuesday by tbe wave of Life, THE MARKET, MONDAY.—Wheat sold at 63 6d to 7s Od per bushel; barley, 5s Od to 5s 6d oats, 3 Bel to 4s 6 1 eggs, 8 to 10 for a shilling; salt butter, OOd to l:d fresh ditto. OOd to 18d per ib fowls, 3. 6d to 4 61 per couple; ducks, 4" Od to 6s Od pet couple gees3, 3s Gd to 5s Od each; turkeys. 5a Od to 7a 6d each potatoes, Oil Od to 4s Od per measure. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, Nov. 24TH.-B(-ft)r(, Alderman John Watkins, Esq., Mayor, Phiiip Williams, Esq., Ex-Mayor, and Jfhn Davies, Esq. Profane Swearing.—David Morgan, Poplar-row, for whose apprehension a warrant was isued, was chaiged by Superintendent Lloyd wLh this offence.—Superintendent Lloyd said that on Monday week he beard the prisoner cursing and swearing in North Parade. —The prisoner 301- uitted the offence, and was fined Is. and 5, 6d costs. Alleged Keeping House Open During Illegal Hours.- Evan Evans, Fountain Inn, Trefech .n, was chaiged with keeping his house opea during illegal hours on the night of the 15th instant. -P.C. Thomas Jones said he heard a noise about half-past eleven o'clock at. the Fountain Ion, and knocked and went in, and there saw three young men, who were lodgers, and also saw one Thomas Jenkins of Llanbadarn, coming from the back. On asking the lan lord why the man wa there, he gave an exeu-e to the effeet that he had forgotten he was at the back. Ab mt ten uiirute* past twelve o'clock on the same night on his way back c > io.j met two men who asked him if ihere was any char ce of getting a glass of beer. Toid them it was too late. Sivw them afterwards ou the door- step of the Fountain InrJ, and sa-v them ing into th, house. Went back a^in to the hotel and found them there, and that beer toad been supplied them. The laud- lady said they were lodgers. Went there again at twenty minutes past one, and s iw them botL coining out of the house,and neard them wishing the landlord good night. Toey went towards the railway bridge Oie was R'chant Morgan, Red Lion. Llanrhystvd, and the other W. Jones, Llan- j rhystyd. The case was dismis-ed.—P.C. Thomas Joaes said that on the i7ih November he saw the door of th- Fountain Iiin wide open. Went in n.j siw a man named David Jones, tauer, of Pen park au, sitting on the settle i; the kitchen with a glas^ of aie before hirn. I', was twenty minutes past eleven. Defendant said he did not think ii was so late. Fined 2s 6d, and costs. V, -John Pearson and Edward Harvey, two tramps, were committed for fourteen days to Cardigan, for vagrancy. ALLEGED ROBBEHY FHOM TilE PER-,OX On Thursday. Nov. IStb, at the Town Hall, Ann .Tones, late landlady of the Lord Nelson public honse. was charged before the Mayor, Aldt rman Jobn Watkina, E-q by Edward Jones, of G-ochelgwx moo, neur OwnK-rfin, miner. with having stolen from him four sovereigns on November loth, in the street near the Lord Nelson public house. The prosecutor said he was iu the town on the previous Thurs- day and sold a cow to Mr Gay, a g^meke per, at Peoglaist, near the town, for £ G 5s. He placed the sovereigns in a smallmdal tobacco box, and afterwards put the box m his iiici waistcoat pocket. The silver was in his tr u- ser's pocket. He then came to the town, and after !ook- ing for his little box went to the Lord Nelson public b u-f. iu which he had never been before. Had snuie beer in the town before he went to Penglaise Lodge for the money. When at the Lord Nelson he i-at in the kitchen, and after calling for two glasses of beer he went to his box for a sovereign and took one out for the beer. The change was brought back by tLe accused, Anne Jones, and was all in silver. After drinkiag t.he two glasses of beer left the house. It was about eight o'clock at night, and after he had gone several yards from the house a woman came up to him and asked him where he was going. She C-.Ile(i him her little friend. Thi" pt-rson was the ac- cused. He replied that he was going home through the North turnpike gate. She laid hold of his right arm, ano continued to walk with him. She said she would put him ritrht ou lxniwlas Hill. She insisted on walking with him, and in a short time he saw the box in her hand. She was in the act of placing it in his waistcoat pocket. Took it out and iound that the four sovereigns were gone. Then examined his trousers pockets, and found that ail his silve was gone. When accused put the box back in bis pocket she r",n away. Prosecutor ran after her, but lost her and on going to the house could not find htr. Went there on the following day. Haa been drinking on Monday. H, j fvve glasses of ale there altogether-Sergeant Evans -aid that about haif-past eleven o'clock on the Monday night he was standing by the town clock, when the prosecutor came to him aud said he had been rubbed of five pounds, and that he knew the person who had robbed him. The prosecutor had been drinking, but he knew very well what he was doing. From w b prosecutor said witness went and appre hended accused. The prisoner was committed for trial to the next quarter sessions. KUtwiL SANiTARY AUTHORITY. SATURDAY, NOV. 20TH.- Prestut Major Lloyd Phillips, chairman, Mr Vaughan Davies, Mr Abraham James, and Mr James Morgan Mr Hugh Hughes, clerk, Mr Jacob Roberts, medical officer. Inspector's Report.-The report of the Inspector was gone through and Considered. Ordered that the Clerk should write to Mr E. L. Moore, 21, Salop-road, Welshpool, and inform him that the houses at Ynyslas are unfit for habita- tion, and that steps should be taken to put them in a tit state. If this was not done, the Board would be compelled to take the necessary steps against bim. Returns of Births and Deaths.—Mr Jacob Roberts laid ou the table the return,, of births and deaths for the districts of Rheidol, Llaurhystyd, and Aberystwyth, which were examined. Lodging HOUsts.-Several persons appeared, and were granted licences to keep c 'mcou lodging houses. Tbe next, meeting will be held on December 12th, at half- past eleven o'clock. ABE Li Y ST W Y T11 CKlCKtT CLUB. A special general meeting ot tbe above dub was held at ihe Ltou Royal Hotel on Friday, the l&tto November pieseui Captain C. Basset Lewis, in the chair? M. Davies, B. E. Aioraan, 1. D. Harries. S. Morgan. E. i-.uwards, J. W. Green, K. P. Tuotnas, B. F. Wynne, J. W. Rowund, b. Evans, W. Sylvester, R. D Gilbertson, hon. sec., auu F. Lipsham. hot,. treasurer. The Hun. Sec. presented the annual nport, «hicu was read aud adopted. h T ',e past season has been on the whole a successful one. We have played a greater number of manh«> than in aw previous year the score book f-ho wi L g a total oi 14. Of theslJ 11 were A K5 ,f 1, W??*L rosy be strictly called foreigu clubs, and the ■AOcrjti.wytn Club his scored 5 victories, lo-lre4of the numb r fm,vrv;^fiUV"'J (agai"st Y-trad .Meurn.') bemg a tie. cut of four Viaitora Matches the Club won three, therebv maintaining ™rok?' f 19 notable t ct that have w,.n nearlv 93 per vp»ri >'m13 hafS Ma-t' hes during the past seven or fight years, a,thouKh frequently eacouuceriug team- which appeared a »reat oeal too strong for us ou iwp -r. This result may be accouuted for by the fact that toe Visitors, beiog more or less unknown to each other, are unable to combine, ani so the club proved the truth of Vis unita fortior." \\e have during the past s ason to thank our President. &ir rryce Fryse, Bart., fo his gener .us hospitalitv. Three matches have been played on the beautiiul ground at Gocerdaan and every member of th- club who took a part iu them will hear 1 testimony to the enjoyment of good cricket, combined with a most pleasurable outing. The treasurer's report will show a vast impiovemcnt apon (omier years in the financial position of the cluu. W" are at length tree irom the iucubus of our olel debt, and have in hand a balance, which will when all subscription;, are paid in, amount to ciose on £ '4't. With this f ,ct in view, the hoa. s< cret;iry would suggest for the consideration of the mem- ber= 1. The necessity of piitially or entirely relaying the pre- sent cricket ground. 2. The advisaijili y of securing the ser- vices of a professional bowler for the ensuing season. A list of the batting averages for the year is ai, eii herewith, which will compare very favourably with that of last year. SUMMARY OF THE SEASON 1875. »; œ ce Q c bo • I 2*5 JVrtmes. £ .5 A w « '9 0 H g S j J. G. Green 8 2 51 28 43 37 | L. Gilbertson 17 1 271 39 76 15.16 M. Davies 7 1 110 32 86 15 o K. D. Gilbertson 812 0 180 23 86 151 L. P. Push 2 0 25 22 25 121 Edwar 1 Edwards 1 1 9 6 9 9 ] W. Lawrence 5 0 66 50 50 131 H. D. Macnamara 6 0 35 30 30 86 F. Lipsham 13 1 105 20 36 81 W T. Llewellyn 6 1 43 17 27 71 Captain Turling 14 1 87 27 46 6-3 T. W, Rowlanr 17 1 90 18 18 5-5 J. Hughes 17 1 83 40 41 5 3 C. lirownlow 5 0 25 14 14 5 W. B. Bamher 2 1 10 10 10 5 J. W. Thomas 1 0 5 5 5 5 W. Underwood 2 0 10 10 10 5 J. W. Rowland 18 0 87 15 17 415 A. C. Brownlow 6 1 29 7 13 4 5 R.D.Lewis 15 0 67 20 24 4 7 J. L'lXton 3 1 13 8 9 41 T. W. Bonaall 4 0 16 8 8 4 Roderick KichardeB 5 3 20 6 11 4 T. Roberts 11 0 41 15 15 3-8 j J. P. Morris 13 0 35 12 13 2*9 P.Brown 7 1 20 9 11 2 6 'ir pryse Pryse 2 0 5 5 5 2-1 Rev. W. H. Morgan 3 0 8 4 4 2 2 T. D. Harries 1 0 2 2 2 2 B. E. Morgan 9 1 14 6 11 1*5 VV. G. Vaughan 2 0 3 3 3 11 E. P. Wynne 4 1 5 4 4 1.1 J. W. Gilbertson 4 0 5 3 5 11 G. P. Evans 2 1 2 2 2 1* W. J. A. Hnyhurst 2 0 2 2 2 1* I'. P. Pryse 3 0 2 2 2 0-2 R. Roberts 7 0 5 2 3 0.5 I W. M. Brownlow 5 0 0 0 0 6 The H n. Treasurer then read his report, showing a balance to the credit of the club of £25153 5d with recover- able arrears of nearly £1<:>, at the same time remarking that this satisfactory financial position was mainly owing to the proc-eds of a concert held at the Qaeen's Hotef Aberystwyth, in th". summer, and that the thanks of the club were due to Mrs Gilbertson, and the ladies to whose kind and valuable assistance the success of the entertain- ment is attributed. The meeting next proceeded to the election of the follow- in; officeis:-Sic Pryse Pryse, president, Mr L. P. Pagh, vice-president, Mr B. E. Morgan, hon. Secretary, Messrs M. Davies and R. R. Thomas, treasurers Capt. Bassett Lewis, Messrs A. S. Hughes, E. Ed wards, W. Sylvester, S. W. Thomas, H- Du*ergur, committee. The que tion of relaying the ground was discussed, and it was finally unanimously resolved that it should be done and a committee was appointed for the purpose. A vote of thanks to the chairman was passed, and the meeting sepaiated.
















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