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MARKET REPORTS. JOHN AVERAGES For the week ending Saturday, Nov. 20th. The following are the quantities (in quarters) sold, and the prices. this year and last year :— QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICEs. This v«ar T.asl vnar. This year. Last year. Wheat 40.283 58.655 47s 0.1 43 5d Barley 78,366 98,147 38s 3.1 428 6d Oats 1,978. 3,601 25s 8d 27s lid CORN, SIc. LIVERPOOL, Tuesday.—A more active demand was experienced for wheat to-day, and rather a good trade was concluded, at stronger piices than on Friday, and at au advauce of 2d per cental en the week. Flour firm. Beans and peas unchanged and very steady. Oats ur, altered. Indian corn taken freely, at better prices-mixed American 32s 4d to 32s 6d per quarter. Pnid^M lltMt Wd^Ki «.. Wh»«. 9^ OA. to lis. 4d. per 100, Amsrlottn Wheat ,.37«. Od. it- 42s ou. f atfuib Floor. g 2/j t<> Sa 9d_ >rtr 6oa, Foreign Barley qj .v45'i ok «43.oa '^n. LONDON, MONDAY.—There were further good arrivals of foreign wheat and oats last week, with Jair quantities of maize alid flour. English wheat 5,466 quarters, foreign t)7,373 quarters; exports 461 quarters. The show of fresh samples from the near counties this morning was moderate, but in improved condition. Fine and dry parcel went off quietly, at the rates of last Monday the foreign trade remained slow from the excessive arrivals, but holders gen- erally were not disposed to give w-iy in prices. Country flour 16,161 sacks, foreign 6,957 sacks 15,711 barrels. The flour trade remained dull; country sorts hardly main- tained former values. Foreign, both in sacks and bairels, were saleable in retail for fine qualities, without quotable change. Barley, English 2,lli2 quarters, Scotch, 5,077 quarters, foreign 12,265 quarters. Malting descriptions re- mained dull, and only the finest found a ready sale. Those for grinding sold steadily, at former quotations. The malt trade was quiet, and rather easier in value. Maize 10,243 quarters; with good supplies, no great advance lu this grain could be established. English oitts 560 quarters, Scotch, 16i) quarters, Irish 160 quarters, foreign 50.006 quarters. Witn mproved supplies from abroad, business was steady, and an advance of 3d to 6d per quarter obtained on undriad Swedes. English beans 703 quarters, foreign 1,926 quar- ters. The trade was slow, but prices firm. English peas 1,277 quarters, foreign 3,255 quarters. Without much demand, values were maintained. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY.—There was a large at- tendance at our market to-day, but the supply of wheat was moderate. For best samples there was better demand, at last week's prices. Barley was in larger supply, and trade ruled slow, at a decline of 2d per bushel. Oats, beans, and peas firm. The quotations were as follow:- a A 11 White wheat, per 76 lbs 8 6 9 0 Red ditto, „ 7 4 8 0 Barley, per iKJ quarts 6 » „ 6 Oats, per 220 lbs 20 0 8 0 Beans, per 235 lbs 19 6 J-1 0 pens, per 225 lbs 19 0 i0 0 Malt, per imperial bushel 8 9 0 CHESTER, SATURDAY.—Very few samples of wheat were offeriug to-day, and the Dusiness done was limited, at 7" to 76 4d per bushel for red qualities. Oats were slightly cheaper, being quoted at 3" 4d to 3s 8d. LONDON, WEDNESDAY. The market was inactive. English and foreign wheat a slow trade, at about last Mon ay's quotations. Flour dull, and prices barely main tained. Barley quiet for both grindi. g and malting sorts, without change in values. 01\111 dull, but unaltered. Maize firm at Ja'e rates- Beans and peas unchanged.—Arrivals: British wheat, 400 quarters; Darley, 2,220quarters. Foreign wheat, 26,400 quarters; barley, 7,680 quarters; oats, 4,660 quarters; maize, 3,060 quarteis; flour, 620 sacks and 3,040 barrels, WELSAPOOL, MONDAV.—Wheat, 7s 6d to 8i 31 pe 80 lbs; barley, 5s 9d to fin Od per 40 quarts, oats. 18s Od to 21s Od per bag butter, OOd to 201 per lb egg. 00 T.< 8 tor a shilling fowls, 4- 61 r, 58 01 per couple ducks 5a Od to 6s Od; geese, 6s Od to 7s 6d each; turkeys, Os Od to 06 OJ each potatoes, 8 lbs for sixpence; beef, 81 to lOd; mutton, 9J to lid; veal, Od to 9d pork, 7 1 to 8^ t per lb. NEWTOWN, TUESDAY (Nov. 23rd).—Wb-»t, 7* 6', » 8 Od barley, 53 6d to 5a 9d oai a, 20s to 23s pt. fM eggs, 6 to 7 foT a shilling; butter, OOu o 181 iI, fowls. 4s Od to 5 Od per couple ducks. 4, 60i to 5 6 COtlpll"; geese, 5s Od w 6s Od each turkey, 6¡;¡ 6 I t 7s 6 each: potatoes, 8 lbs for sixt>«nce beef, 8t io lb; mutton, 8d tolOd; veal, 711 toO 8i pork, 7 i ( r. 8t OSWESTRY, WEDNESDAY (Nov. 21th).—The followin were the QuotatioDs:- Wheat, 7f. 2d to 7" 4d; barley, (malting), 5s 3d to 5s lOd oat*, 4s 01 to 4s 6d potato per measure of 90 lbt., 0s Od to 4s 01: uew potatoes, Od to 0d per lb; butfe. 1- 5! 1* 6d per lb; e-ars. 00 7 for a shilling; fowls, 4s Od to 4s 61 per couple; aucks. 0s Od to 5s 0d per ci>upie. Os Od to 5s Od per CI,upl. ———————————————— CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, MONDAY. -There were at market 3,280 beasts and 6,701 sheep. The supply of both beasts and sheep was less than last week. Prices much about the same. A slow demand for middling and inferior descrip- tions of cattle. Sheep in good demand iNo foreign stock on offer.—Prices: Best beasts, 8d to 8 j i per Ili eecou, ditto, 61 to 711 sheep, 8d to 10Jd per lb. METROPOLITAN, MOMMY.—The ;.at,,¡ foreign stock into London last weeK consistea of 7,f»53 bead. In the corresponding week last year we receive 13,600. in 1K73. 9,715; II. 1872. 10.791; a. 1871. 15.653 head. The cattle trade has been firmer In tone. Supplies I have been sboiter, and this circumstance, together With the colder weather, has imp irte<! more steadiness. I he receipts of English beasts have been or. a moderate scale, and those from Scoti,nd more liberal, the condition of the latter being- satisfactory. Iceland has sent a fair number. The demand has b"H' more active. TVie be,t "cots and crosses realized 6 21 to 6s 4d 8 1 h, and -)ther,luali, ies have been st-ady in value. From Lincolnshire, Leicester- shire, and Northamptonshire we have received about 2,100, from other parts of about 500 from Scot- land 146, and from Ireland about 700 head. The foreign side of the market has been less freely supplied witu beasts the trade has been firm, and prices uavr been well supported. We have been scantily suuoUed with sheep. There has been a healthy enquiry, at. quit*- late rates. The best Downs and half-breds have sold at 7s 2d to 78 4d per 8 lbs. Calves have been in short supplv ant moderate, request, on former terms. Pigs hav, sold quietly. SHREWSBURY, TUESDAY.—There was a good show of store anfi half-meated things, but a very limited supply of fat sfwek. The prices of last week were barely main- tained.— Beef made 91 to 9^1 per lb; tnutr<.n, wethers, 10jd inferior, 9d to 9,i. Plgs, bacon, 12a per score; porks, 2 8d per 1m. Veal wa scarce and dearer. Not many store pigs at market., BIRMINGrHA M, TUESDAY. —We received a full supply of, for which theie was a steady trade, at late quo tations. Sheep came to hand in limited numbers; trade fair, at full prices. Far. pigs a supply tra-ie z,)d. Prices: Beet. 7;fd to 8id per lh; mutton, 81 to 10id per Ib; bacon pigs, 10s Od to 118 6d per score; porket ditto, 128 Od to 12is 6d per score. dxVLFOKJ" -The supply of beasts at market this day was about the same as last week. A good trade was done, at the lull prices of 5kst market day. There were no foreign beasts offered. Sheep were rather less, ami a brisk trade was done, at the extreme rates ot l ist Wr.ek. A good demand was experienced for the best veal calveg, at the late high values.—Quotations: Beef, d to 8^d;| muttOD, Sifi to lO!,i; veal, 9d to 10111 per lh. 2 MISCELLANEODS. ————————————— LONDON PROVltilO>, MONDAY. The arrivals last week from Ireland were 730 tirkius butter and 3,792 balet bacon, and from foreign ports 27,607 packages butter and 1.500 bales bacon. The butter market continues slow, with little alteration to notice in the price of finest, | but middling and inferior qualities are pressed for sale, at irregular rates. Dutch remains at 130s to 136s. In the bacon market there was a fair business t ansacted. The prices for orders were reduced 2s per cwt for the best Waterford, and at the decline the market was firmer. In Hamburg meat there was no chauge in prices, the supplies of it being short. LONDON HOP, MONDAY. — There is no change to remark in the tone of our market. The demand continues limited, with no material alteration in values. liere and there small parcels are pressed for eaJe, and offered at lower rat- s to induce buyers; the bulk of holders, however, show no disposition to force their stocks. Yearlings remain the same. Continental markets are firm. A- h Mid and Eanr, iieut. £ 1 0 £ 5 12 — *7 1 u Weald of Kent 2 10. 4 10. 5 L Sussex 2 10 4 10 • • • 5 12 Farnhams .510. 7 10 Country Farnhams -4 10 » Yearling 5 0 7 0 LIVERPOOL WOOL, FRIDAY. The busines done this week has again been on a very limited scale; and, in prospect of the approaching public sales, transactions by private contract are not likely to be of any moment for the present. the sales of East India, to be held here from the 23rd to the 27th, will be 14,000 bales.-East India, white. 9d to 1741; yellow, 6d to 15d; grey, &c, 3d to lid washed Peruvian, lid to 18d.; washed River Plate, lOd to 16i unwashed River Plate, 6d to 10id. Washed Morocco, to 13d unwashed Morocco, 6d to 9d. Egyptian WhH." lOd to 16id. Oporto fleece, 12A to 13d. Mohair, 3s 5.1 to 38 7Jd. Alpaca., 2s 5d to 2s nd per lb. 2 2 LONDON WOOL, MONDAY.—The wool trade has still been of a. hand-to-mouth character. With a scarcity of orders for yarns and manufactures, prices are gradually giving way. Foreign orders are vtry moderate, and the home demand altogether lacks activity. OunKKfT C"Ut!J< This year. Lalit yo-ir. I (Par lb.) s. d.. 1. s. d. FLBKOKS aoo.iadown boggese. 1 6jto 1 6 1 5J TO J 6 Haif-bred ditto 1 5> 1 6.-1 5 ,5' S-ent tieooe» 15 1 8 J J j- S. NOWA OWFIA J.U<1 •V^THFTS I 64 7 C I Lfaiueater -in-.o ..15 1 5i i « t SCETe—•Oi.'ttuuR,oickioc-x 1 6 17 l 14 M 8 I Oiioic« 0 i, ■ o •' a 1 7 7 ?, p > Sog maWhVug*l*ll 'I. 1 8 | 8 1 8 9 PicKio'ilv uQ»ton'»>!» 1 4j 1 5 I 4J 1 04 WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, AND FAT, SATURDAY.—Hides, 95 lb and upwards, 5td per lb; 85 b to 94 lb, ld 75 lb to 84 lb, 4Šd; 65 lb to 74 lb, 3id; 56 lb to 64 lb 3|d; 55 lb and under, 3d; cows, 3d to #d; bulls, Od to 3kd flawed and irregular, Od to 24d; kips, Id tu.3d. Horse hides, Os od to OOs Od each. Calf, 17 lb and upwards, 5âd per lb; 12 lb to 16 lb, 7d 9 lb to lllb, 7d; light, 6;!d; flawed and irregular, 4id. Wools, 4:i Id to 6s Id. Fat, 2d to 3id per lb. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE, WEDNESDAY.-feugar was in fair demand, at unchanged prices Rum jeryfi Coffee quiet, but steady. Bice dull. Nitrate of soda lis 6d per cwt. Lard rather dearer. Petroleum strong, and sal have been made at 104d per gallon. Tallow unchanged in ralue, And in steady demand. Olive oil slow. Linseed 01 hardening in value. Cottonseed oil 31s per cwt. Palm oil firm. Ashes, 27s per cwt for pots.


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