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GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BALA. HEAD MASTER MR W. T. PHILLIPS. A VACANCY 011 the Foundation of this School will be open for Competition on the re-assembling Of the Pupils. Applications concerning the same must be made to the Head Master on or before the 26th instant. There are a few Vacancies for Boarders: Terms may be had on application to Mr PHILLIPS. The next Quarter will begin on Thursday, January 26th. WANTED, a thorough General Man SERVANT, to look after a Horse and Trap, and Garden, &c. —Apply, by letter, to H., Cambrian News Office, Bala. TO BE PUBLISHED SHORTLY, "HOME," and other Original Poems, by ISAAC HUGHES, Os- westry. FIRE INSURANCES RENEWABLE AT CHRIST- MAS SHOULD BE PAID FOR ON OR BEFORE THE 9TH OF JANUARY. PROVINCIAL JNSURANCE COlPANY: fs, Established 1852. Chief Offices WREXHAM—LONDON—GLASGOW. CAPITAL £200,000, wholly subscribed. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Insurances effected upon almost all descriptions of Pro- perty, upon moderate terms. No charge whateve made beyond the premium. Claims settled with promptitude. LIFE DEPARTMENT. The usual description of Life Assurances effected. Numerous advantages offered. The Net Life Premium Income for 1869, was £ 32,728 Os. 3d. And the Accumulated Life Assurance was £ 141,198 17s. 5d. This Fund has more than doubled itself in the last six years. Chairman of the Company THOMAS BARNES, Esq., Farnworth, near Bolton, and the Quinta, Salop. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Wrexham. Secretary to the Company. AGENCIES.—Applications are invited from towns and districts where the Company is not already adequately represented. Apply to the Secretary. m MR. SELLIS, DENTIST, TOWYN. FIFTEEN YEARS Surgical and Mechanical Dentist in London, may be consulted at the under- mentioned towns :— DOLGELLEY-Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Miss Evans's, Snaithfield-street. BALA—Every first and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, Tegid-street. PWLLHELI—Mr Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- street, the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY in every month. PORTMADOC Every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at Mrs. Bennett Williams's, Snowdon-street. All operations without pain. Advice free. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY FOR COUGHS, &c. JONES'S PECTORAL BALSAM OF SQUILLS 01 AND HOREHOUND.—This invaluable Medicine has for many Years been considered to be the safest and most effectual remedy for Coughs, Colds, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarseness, Asthma, &c., kc.. The following is an extract from the many testimonials received:— Brymbo, Wrexham, April 8th, 18o7. "I have been for eighteen months suffering from weak- ness and continued violent pain in my breast, with a severe cough, but after being advised by Mr Howard, Chemist, to try Jones's Pectoral Balsam of Squills, &c., I did so, and the first bottle quite relieved the pain and when I had taken three bottles I was restored to perfect health. CATHERINE JONES." Prepared only by D. W. SCOTT, Medical Hall, Barmouth, and sold by all Chemists in bottles at Is. lid. CAUTION.—None genuine without bearing the name of D. W. S. on the Government stamp affixed on the top of each bottle. MR HARRY CLIFTON'S NEW SONGS, sunt? at his Popular Concerts through the United King- dom, with great success. Three Shillings Each, Sold at Half-price. Seventy-two, and as Hard as Steel. As Long as the World Goes Round (new). Don't be After Ten (new). There's Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Put the Break on when You're Going Down the Hill. It's Better to Laugh than to Cry. My Old Wife. Broken Down. Look before Leaping. As Long as the World Goes Round. The Agreeable Young Man. I'll Find a Way or Make it. The Young Man on the Railway. I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor. Mr Brown, or the Commercial News. Musical Miseries. Four Shillings Each, Sold at Half-price. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. The Sailor Sinbad. Cupid in the Kitchen (comic duet). Love and Pride. Folly and Fashion Very Suspicious The Happy Policeman Price Is., Post-free Is. ld., FRENCH AND GERMAN WAR SONGS, with Pianoforte Accompaniment; Sold by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, Musicsellers, Bailey Head, Oswestry, Vnder the Special Sanction and Control of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. CASSELL'S ART UNION, FOR THE DISSEMINATION OF FINE ART VOLUMES. Owing to the rapid progress which has been made in the education of the popular taste in matters of Art, there is found to be a constantly increasing demand amongst all classes for Illustrated Works of the highest order. To meet this, and to afford an opportunity to many who desire to become possessed of costly Works, and are at present prevented from doing so by the necessarily high prices at which they must be produced, it has been re- solved to adopt the following method, which will enable a large number of those who otherwise would be unable to gratify their art taste to obtain, at a very moderate outlay, some of the finest and most elaborately Illustrated Works which have ever been issued in this country. The chief feature of CASSELL'S ART UrON is, that there will be No Blanks, and that every subscriber will rccctve a Prize of the full value of his GlI inca Subscription, that being the lowest Prize to which he can become entitled, whilst he will have the chance of gaining, instead of such Guinea Prize, one of the higher Prizes, which will be dis- tributed in the proportion of Ten Prizes of the total ralue of Thirty-five Guineas amongst every One Hundred Sub- scribers. These extra Prizes, of the total value of Thirty- five Guineas, will be selected from the following Magnifi- cent Volumes, illustrated by Gustavo Dore :— cent Volumes, illustrated by Gustavo Dore :— THE HOLY BIBLE.—EnfllUh Edition. Illustrated by Gus- tave Dor. Complete in two handsome, Y01UllleS.. Small folio, bound in cloth silt. £ 8. MILTON'S PARADISE LOST. Illustrated with Full Pa^e Drawings by Gustave Pore. With Notes, and a Life of Milton, by the Ry. RoRERT VACOHAN, D.D. In one large folio volume, bound iu cloth, -C DANTE'S INFERXO.— Edition. Illustrated by Gus- tavo Dore. Translation bv tho Rev. H. F. CARY, M.A. Crown foiio, bound in cloth, X2 10s. DAXLE'S PURGATORY nnd PAR ADISE. English Edition. Lmtorm with the "Inferno." Price £ 1 10s. ATATJA. Ry Chateaubriand. Enylit.i ftaition. Illustrated by Gustave Doi-6. Folio, cl'oth, '• DON QUIXOTE. English Edi- tion. With about 400 Illus- trations by Gustave Dore. In one handsome quarto volume, cloth, tl 10s. LA FONTAINE'S T-WBLES. Illustrated with Fnll-Page Drawings by Gustavo Don. In one handsome quarto volume, clotil, XI los. AND OTHER FINE ART VOLUMES. Tickets, price One Guinea each, may be procured from ASKEW ROBERTS, WOOIIALL, and VENABLES, Bailey-Head, Oswestry, Agents for this district. A Drawing will take place every time a Set of One Hundred Subscribers has been filled up, and the date of Drawing of the respective Numbers comprised in each Drawing will be advertised in one or more of the London Daily ewspapers at least seven days previously. The extra Prize Numbers will be advertised after the Drawing. The Prize to which any Ticket may become entitled will be delivered OXLY in exchange for the Ticket. J. CLEMENT PARE, Secretary. 1\E,y BOOK BY THE HEV. C. H. SPUHCEON TOIIN PLOUGHMAN'S TALK," or, Plain Advice for Plain People. Mr Spurgeon in his preface says :— In John Ploughman's Talk" I have tried to talk for plough- men and common people. Hence refined taste and daintv words •nave been discarded for strong old proverbial repressions and uonaely phrases. I have aimed my blows fit the vices of the •uiany, and tried to inculcate those moral virtues without which men are degraded and miserable. Much that needs be said to me toiling masses would not snit well the pulpit and the Sabbath; #.JleSG, 7 Pases may teach thrift aid industry nil the davs of e week, m the cottape and the workshop and if some learn these lessons I shall not repent the adoption of the rustic style. PloLghrnan is a name I may justly claim. Every minister has Put his hand to the plough it is his business to break up the fallow ground, aiid east in good seed. That I have written in a Ok vni ♦ tnoT'clus V(:'n shall need no apology if thereby sound PartimT wins a hearing from the million. There is no Prio o m 1.V.>EINS seriously unreadable.—C. H. SPURGEON n°at CWL Shilling, sewed or Eighteenpenco, bound in iu at cloth. Per Post, 3d. extra. A MANUFACTURER OF A MANURE, established eighteen years, wishes to appoint a few respectable Agents. Good commission. Apply v e addressed Manure Agency," No. 17, Devonshire-square, London, E. TO SCHOOLMASTERS. MESSRS ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & YENABLES beg to call ^the attention of the Scholastic Public to the Iinproved Edition of THE PROGRESSIVE COPY BOOKS, With engraved and traced Head Lines and Divisional n,zr Lines (issued by the Scottish Schoolbook Association), which in quality of paper, and general get-up, are not to be surpassed by many books sold at Threepence each. Messrs A. R., W., & V., having bought a Large Stock of these Copies, can offer them at Liberal Prices to Schoolmasters and others. Bailey-Head, Oswestry, Jan., 1871. PRICE ONE SHILLING, by Post, Threepence Extra. A MEMOIR OF THE LATE CHARLES DICKENS, BY GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA; with a Portrait engraved specially for this Work. vFNABT F^ ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL &ABLLS, BAILEY HEAD OSWhSlliY THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. Price 2s 6il.: postage od. THJ,?ES?' a5WSW sL RSrfo)™" s«ua.v, th» Kitchen, the Garden, and the Field. CALABRASELLA. Trir XFW CARD GAME, ,'Calabrasella," with "ruicle" BY CAVENDISH, in neat box, 3s. 6d Ditto superior cards in handsome cloth box (green and gold), 5s. BEZIQUE. „ THE FASHIONABLE GAME of "Bezique with Markers and Rules complete, at 2s. Gd., 3s. 6d., and upwards. NEW GAMES. a T \RGE QUANTITY of NEW GAMES at various prices Snap, Is.; Illustrated Pro\erbs, t Counties, Is. 6-1.; Realm, Is.; and others. Chess, from 2s. 6d.; Draughts, from 9d.; Dominoes, from Is. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL. & VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY. HARRY CLIFTON\S POPULAR MOTTO SONGS and DUETS, Sold at Half Price, by Messrs ASKEW IYOBERTS, AVOODALL, and VENABLES, Bailey-head, Oswestry. NEW INSTRUMENTAL AND DANCE MUSIC. SONGS, DUETS, PIANOFORTE & DANCE MUSIC By the Best Composers. POPULAR SONGS by Harry Clifton, Leybourne, Harry Sidney, Stead, Arthur Lloyd, Vance, Nash, and other Favourite Comics, at Also the following NEW SONGS Taking my Ease, new song by Vance. Pretty Miss Ricketts. I feel like a Morning Star, by G. W. Moore, author of The Grecian Bend." NEW MUSIC, The Yellow Dwarf, Serio-Comic Fantasia, introducing all the song and pieces. 4s. ;:) Coote's Favourite Lancers. 4s. Coote's Songs of the Period Valse, introducing Act on the Square, The Idol of the Day, The Lan- cashire Lass, It don't suit Charlie Baker, Little Daisy, Taking my Ease, &c. 4s. Each Free for Eighteen Stamps. Coote's Grecian Bend Quadrille Duet. 5s. Coote's Overture Quadrille. 4s. Coote's Fairy Galop. 3s. Riviere's Cliquot Galop. 3s. MUSICAL BOXES, FROM 12s. Ladies' Satchels, best Leather, with gilt springs, lock &c., 7s. Gd. to 12s. 6d. Gentlemen's Bags, from Os. Gd. to 12s. The Expanding Solid Leather Traveling Bag, with patent catch lock and straps; will hold a suit of clothes, a change of linen, and a great coat. Price 22s. 6d. Ladies' Tatting Satchels from Gs. 6d. each. THE FUNNIEST OF ALL FUN and the Wittiest of All Wit; with the most Amusing Anecdotes and Laugh- able Poetry. Royal 32mo. "A cheerful heart robs the physician of his fee."—Virgil. In cloth, plain, Is. Post free 2d. extra. PARCELS FROllE LONDON DAILY. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, AND VENABLES Now Ready; Price Four Shillings. THE REV. W. WALSHAM HOW's Commentary on the FOUR GOSPELS; neatly bound in cloth, red edges. Vol. II., containing the remainder of the New Testa ment, will be ready shortly. (From "The Bookseller.") The Rev. W. Walsham How, who has been for some time engaged upon the compilation of a new Commentary upon the New Testament, has nearly brought his labours to a conclusion. The editor has endeavoured to compress as much thought as possible into the smallest practical shape, and instead of tillinsc his book with mere common-places, has given the sense of the best commentators upon all really difficult passages. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, Bailey Head, Oswestry. ey ea NEW PUBLICATIONS. REV. JOHN HENRY BLUNT, M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Kennington, Oxford. A Plain Account of the ENGLISH BIBLE from the earliest times of its Translation to the present day. Price 3s. Gd., Post-free 33. 9d. M. C. PHTLFOTTS, author of the Hillford Confirmation," THE MANOR FARM. A Tale. Price 3s. Cd., Post-free 3s. 9d. DEAN GOULBOURN, FAMILY PRAYERS, compiled from various sources (chiefly from Bishop Hamilton's Manual), and arranged on the Liturgical Principle. Price 3s. Gd., Post-free 3s. 9d. Cheap Edition Is., Post-free Is. Id. R. DENNY URLTN, of the Middle Temple, JOHN WESLEY'S PLACE IN CHURCH HISTORY determined with the aid of Facts and Documents unknown to, or unnoticed I ly, his Biographers. Price 5s. Gd., Post-free 5s. lOd. M. C. PHTLLPOTTS, THE HILLFORD CONFIRMATION. A Tale. Price Is., Post-free Is. Id. ASKEW ROBEVTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, Bailey Head, Oswestry. ALABRASELLA The Newspaper for North Shropshin and North Wales, PUBLISHED EVEHY WEDNESDAY MORNING J- at the Office, Bailey Head, Oswestry, and issued fcimuitaneously by upwards of a hundred agents in the Border Counties. The Oswestry Advertizer I AND Montgomeryshire Mercury. I A Newspaper which circulates extensively amongst the landowners, farmers, clergy, solicitors, tradesmen, and inhabitants generally of a district stretching from the Eastern Borders of Salop to the West Coast of Wales, and including MONTGOMERYSHIRE, N ORTII SHROPSHIRE, MERIONETHSHIRE, Sor rn DENBIGHSHIRE, and parts of C vi'Dic VNSIIIRE and FLINTSHIRE, -with the following toVns -—WELSHPOOL, Llanfair,.Montgomery. NEWTOWN, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Os™-uv, Shrews- bury, ELLESMERE, Wem, HIICJILKCH Ruabon, Cefn, Llan'rollcn,Wrexham,Corwen,Bala, Dolgelley, Eannoutli, Towvn Abevdovcy, and Aberystwyth. The Paper contains a full and faithful record of events in the district where it circulates, a summary of the news of North Wales, and the general intelligiuu of the week, agricultural information, maikets, ant devotes itself to the interests of sdiropshnt and the ^^r^All communications slioulcl be addressed to the Office at Oswestry, where Advertisements are received up to Tuesday niglit, for publication on W ednesday morning. | Roberts, Woodall. & Tenable*,





















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