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LLANIDLOES. GRAND CONCERT. On Thursday week a grand amateur concert of vocal and instrumental music was given in the Public Rooms, Llanidloes, under the superintendence and for the benefit of Mr Salter, of this place, when, in addition to Miss J. Morgan, Mis? L. Goldsworthy, and Mr D. Ll. Morgan, residents of the town, the following artistes appeared Mynyddog (the popular Welsh poet and singer), Mr D. Emlvn Evans (a promising Welsh composer and vocalist, of Newtown), Mr J. C. Gittins (of Newtown), and the Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union. The concert was very largely and respectably attended, and was a success in every sense of the word. The following was the pro- gramme, which was faithfully adhered to, with the excep- tion of one slight omission at the close, occasioned by the lateness of the hour :— lateness of the hour :— Part Song—"A Vintage Song" .Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union Soiig-Wel.,ih Song and Chorus—"When this Cruei War is Over" Newtown Olee and Madrigal Union Song—"The Stirrup Cup" Mr D. Emlyn Evans S ODg-Nl:irjt)ry's Almanack" Miss J. Morgan Song—"The Chimes of England" Mr J. C. Gittins Solo and Chorus-" Come if you dare" Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union Song—"The Cambrian War Song" Mr D. LI. Morgan Song—" The Blind Girl's Dream" Miss L. Goldsworthy Song—Welsh Mynyddog Glee-" Oh, the Summer Night" Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union Glee-" Love and Wine" Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union Song Mynyddog Recitative and Aria—" The Death of Nelson" Mr D. Emlyn Evans Song—" Merrily Over the Snow" Miss L. Goldsworthy Song—Welsh Mr R. Williams Duet-" Love and War" Mr D. Emlyn Evans and Mr T. M. Taylor Song-" Charming May". Miss J. Morgan Song—" Poor Jack Brown" Mr J. C. Gittins Serenade—"Good Night, Beloved" Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union Song—"Welcome, Merry Christmas" Mr E. Salter Chorus (Finale)—" The Carnovale" The Newtown Glee and Madrigal Union We have said the. proceedings were very successful throughout, but we may in as few words as possible touch upon some of tho. chief performances of the evening. First and foremost must be placed the Glee and Madrigal Union, who sang without exception in a style which was at once masterly, tasteful, and charming. Of unaccom- panied singers they may bear favourable comparison with many of the chief glee unions of our larger towns. Two true and very trying tests of their vocal abilities were, "Oh. the summer night," and "Love and Wine," thoroughly difficult glees and exacting no small amount of skill, taste, and musical discrimination in their proper of skill, taste, and musical discrimination in their proper performance. The two young lady singers acquitted themselves creditably in their various songs, calling forth loud plaudits. Mynyddog, tie Welsh poet and singer, was a great favourite among the Welsh portion of the audience, and sang some of his own funny songs to equally funny music of his own composition. He was loudly en- cored each time and in most instances courteously com- plied. "Peidiwch codi Row," a song containing many good hits," appeared to be the favourite; but Purion Peth"- was really good. The unfortunate Saxons, of course, could (,nly judge of the fun their Celtic brethren were so thoroughly enjoying by the continuous roar of genuine laughter which greeted almost every line of the bard-vocalist, who accompanied himself upon the piar^- Mr Gittins (basso), Mr D. LI. Morgan (basso), and Emlyn Evans (tenor), sang their songs_ well. The letter (a young rising composer of Welsh music, who h;^ shown considerable ability in his productions) handlf^ a ^nor voice of good compass and tone with pretty t^ no ct., though the "Stirrup Cup" was by no mdan^ a happy choice, any more than the venerable but hackneyed Nelson," which fell somewhat flat. The btirrup Cup" in any other hands than those of Saptley, for whom it was specially composed, has invariably turned out a more or less flat and insipid cup, as we do-regay some of our readers have noticed. Here perhaps we may be allowed to express our resrret that Mr Francis, the leading member of the Glee Union, did not favour the audience with one or two of his sweet and well-chosen tenor ditties, which lie knows so well how to sing. We cannot pass on without noticing the fine, manly singing of Mr Gittins, which did him great credit. His style rarely produces rapture, but can- not fail to please all, and especially those amongst us who like ?. good old English song sung in a steady old English style, without any "Jimcracks" about it as brother Jonathan would say.





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