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DOLGELLEY. FORMATION OF A NEWBRASS BAND. —A meeting was held recently in the Public Rooms to consider the expediency of forming a new brass band for the town, in connection with the Merionethshire Rifle Volunteers. Captain Charles Edwards presided, and a resolution in the affirmative was carried, and subscriptions towards carrying out the object are invited. Mr Crossley, the organist of St. Mary's Church, was named as instructor. THE RAILWAY STATION.- -Passengers by the Cambrian line of railway from Dolgelley will be glad to learn that the company contemplate the opening of an entrance to their platform from the bridge, thus avoiding the long detour down the hill, and often a perilous passage across the line, there being no foot-bridge for the convenience, or rather safety, of passengers having to book at the Cam- brian booking office. THE GREEN.—A correspondent writes At last the trustees have done something towards the improvement of The Green, but, alas how much remains untouched. The improvements to which we refer are the erection of stone pillars, entrance gates, and iron palisadings, but the more important improvement:i-thedramage works—which were commenced in such hot haste last summer, and as suddenly abandoned, what of them ? Is another summer to pass away, leaving the Marian Mawr an eyesore rather than an attraction to visitors, or is it to be converted, as we were once led to anticipate, into an enjoyable promenade, a good recreation ground, to be put and kept in decent order, a credit both to the trustees and to the town, which at present it certainly is not? We do hope, in the interests of the town, and to the credit of the trustees, that there will be as little delay as possible in the completion of the works, that the pre- sent unsightly appearance of The Green will soon be re- moved, and that we shall see that the funds in the hands of the trustees have been expended to some purpose. ENTERTAINMENT.—The fifth of a series of popular read- ings was held at the Public Rooms, on Tuesday evening, the 3rd of January, under the presidency of William Griffith, Esq., Glyn. The following was the pro,-ramrne:- ArMrfWy hv flic* (h.o. Solo Pianoforte, March of the Men of Harlech," with varia- tions Mrs Ellis Song, March of the Men of Harlech Mr H Roberts Glee, Shall we gather by the River "Mr M. Evans and partv Song, Y Fwyalchen .Miss Jones, Tanybryn-encored." Song, •' lietty Little Sarah Mr Stopford—encored. Recitation, Eliza Mr Howell Davies Song, "Shon Ivan Itr Griiffth Jones. Reading v" li. V 7 ■■■■■■■■ ■■ ■ ^ev. Evan Lewis, M. A. Song Xis gwn beth l feddwl o Jane ..Mr P. Jones—encored Song, "Three Fishers went sailing"Mr W. N. Griffith, Glyn— encored, when he gave Clochette." Recitation, Song of the Royal Edinburgh Light Dragoons" -.TII" Thomas. Sons, "Gwraig v Meddwvn Master D. Jones Song, There's a Path by the River "Miss Jones, Tanybryn— encored. "Ewvllis Adda Mr O. Tudor. Song, "God bless the Working Man "Mr Stopford—encored. Song, "I've nothing else to do Mr W. B. C. Jones. Finale, I Wisgo Aur Goron" Miss Jones. The singing of Miss Jones was highly appre-s ated by the numerous audience, as were also the two songs of Mr W. N. Griffith. Everything passed off with success, and the committee must reallyO be thanked for the good pro- gramme they are enabled, with the assistance of friends, to present at each entertainment. The Rector proposed, and Mr J. Chidlaw Roberts seconded, a vote of thanks to the chairman, who, in responding, said he was very pleased to preside at such a meeting, and hoped these en- tertainments would long continue. A vote of thanks to the performers was proposed by Dr Edward Jones, and seconded by the Rev..T. Hughes. The next entertainment will be given on the 17th instant. SEASONABLE "AMUSEMENTS" AT DOLGELLEY.—The per- petrators of the dastardly and hitherto-undiscovered out- rages which have gained for Chirk an unenviable notoriety, have, we regret to state, found imitators, though thankfully on a less pretentious scale, at Dolgelley, and certain freaks in which midnight roisterers have recently chosen to indulge at the expense and to the annoyance of peaceable and respected neighbours, have given rise to some little commotion in our quiet town. Early on Friday morning it was discovered that some fourteen cr fifteen gates belonging to farmhouses, situate on the road leading from Brithdir to Dolgelley, had been wrenched off their hinges, thrown violently to the ground, and, as a matter of course, damaged, besides causing additional annoyance and vexatious trouble to the unoffending farmers, by their cattle being thus permitted to wander at their own free will into their neighbours' pastures. The large gate which constitutes one of the principal entrances to the ruined mansion of Dolgun was shattered, and the perpetrators capped their folly by damaging the wicket- gates at the Torrent-walk, one of the most delightful ram- bles to be met with in the neighbourhood, and, like Dolgun, thrown open to the public by the courtesy of Mr R. M. Richards, of Caerynwch, in whose grounds it is. The Torrent-walk has long been regarded as one of the chief attractions which are to be met with in the neighbourhood of Dolgelley, in fact it has come to be regarded as the common property of the town, and this gross outrage upon the kindness of Mr Richards has naturally excited very great indignation amongst the townspeople, and there is a strong wish to see the authors of this piece of vandalism well punished for their folly. Similar practical jokes" were perpetrated last Christmas. Gates were removed, ^.nd more than one farmer found in his fields his neigh- bour s cattle, and had to seek elsewhere for those which he had safely housed the night before. Mr Richards has offered a handsome reward for the discovery of the offenders, and the action taken on his part, will, we trust, act as a salutary caution to the silly fellows who are reduced to the perpetration of such reprehensible freaks of folly. A CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENT.—A special Christmas entertainment, in connection with the series of popular readings wbich are being so successfully carried on in Dolgelley, was held in the Public Rooms on Tuesday, the 27th ult., under the presidency of Mr R. M. Richards, Caerynwch. The room was crowded to excess, the amount received at the door for admission, inclusive of a dona- tion of 4e2 generously presented to the committee by the worthy chairman, realizing the handsome sum of E7 8s. The opening address of the chairman was listened to with great attention. After congratulating the people of Dolgelley upon their enterprise in having provided such a magnificent building as the Market Hall, and such a fine room as that in which they were assembled, Mr Richards passed on to give a brief resum6 of the Franco- Prussian war, and introduced his hearers to several graphic sketches of many of the places which have wit- nessed the fiercest struggles of the campaign, additional interest being lent to the narrative from the fact that Mr Richards was at the time war was declared, traveling on the Continent with his family, and was one of the last to leave Paris ere the gates of that city were finally closed in anticipation of the approach of the Prussian forces. He complimented the ladies upon the active part they were taking in tbe«o pleitSftiit gathering. and the com- mittee the success which had attended their under- ^.ving, in providing cheap and rational amusement for the people. A very attractive programme was gone through. A fantasia upon the National Anthem was brilliantly played by Mrs Richards on the piano, and was loudly en- cored, and similar compliments were extenled to many of the ladies and gentlemen who had kindly offered their services. The usual vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mr H. J. Reveley, seconded by Mr E. Walker, and carried with acclamation. The vote of thanks to the performers was proposed by the Rev. J. Hughes. The programme was as follows :— Piano, Fantasia on Popular Airs Mrs Ellis and Master Ellis Song, Death of Nelson." .• Mr Knowles Recitation, "Piiodas T'wysog Cymru.Mr Edward Williams Song, Pistyll y pentref Mr J, Evans Violins and Concertina, "Selections." Party Song and chorus, Mae'r adar yn canu Cymraeg." Mr G. Jones and party Songs, Woman's Resolutions" and "Yr enith fach a'r Bibl mawr." 1. 1 1. Miss Thomas Songs, Par excellence "and "Jemima Brown." lfr Stopfor(I Solo—piano, Fantasia on the National Anthem." Mrs Richards Song, "Good bye, Sweetheart, good bye." Mr Poole Reading, Misadventures at Margate." Mr Stopford Glee, Boddlondeb." Glee party Piano solo Mr Crossley Song, "The Arab's farewell to his steed." Mr Remfry Songs, The Fine Old English Gentleman, and "The English- man." Mr Roberts Duet—piano, "The Star of the Night." Mrs Remfry and Miss Bristowe Recitation, Y ni (ourselves)..Mr Lewis Williams (auctioneer) Finale, The Land of my Fathers." Miss Thomas
















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