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Act'at wesSl~^eiTift'W ,>"r?°ns ar" awara that as the enforced a-iinst 1'«'nalty of five pounds can be after £ tTUiysMrt''m. adog for a single day expire the w' '"iut aA "cence. Ihe licences a licence hal 1 A eCf'H) .Als(>' if a for which person^ "ahen o„t he g,ven or sold to another ges ow'iv-r n ri'i) r,|"lre<1 each time the dog chan- ^mber^ni.^ S, 'VT can hielude it in Hie ig that a fww + V R<" s" prevailing supposition .Protects fw fe "v'fc !vt ,an.y time dni-ing the vear rigoronsKr \e ^n:l t- ,)ufc the excise officers have been l'V0„ T f'K01n% the penalty in all cases where the oe nab not been kept in force from the besrir.nin«->- of j onr. ° tan-GES tr-THE Hou.ss OF COMMONS IN- 1870.—Durin" ?h ls just c,"sed the House of Com- mons has lost-eleven memivrs through death, all of whom Kp^ast^V.s'' thy number was the same,.iii the Proportion of seven Liber-d, to four Conservatives. The repre.entatives^f the people who have been thus removed pA8'? 'Tr of a-^e Hon. F. H. F. Jerkekv, Mr Ku-k, Mr Corbally, 73; Mr &tr- don Kebow, 71 Mr \Vvkeham Martin, 69; Mr vdement, G.); Serge an- Ki e.d^ke. 65 • Ajr n. xr \r00-rP 5!); Sir J. SimeoK, 55^ and Mr E. Den,30 LIFEBOAT SEBT-kes.- hieswyjee* rendered todistreseed vessels and crews, either iR-hnymg to Wales or suffering «!}the Welsh coast, durin- tiu: ^arl870, are considerably! A he following list .ot vess- Is -J^Sted and lives saved by his noble insUtution appeals more <jloquently than words 'ft,o Welshmen for su]v;>>rt -Schooner Or»nant, of Carnar- A -irigantine Fhn. of Suarisea; sehooner Scotia, of f 31 (saved ve<s;'l :-u t hree of the crew); schooner "?jev- Carnarvon fs.iwl Abe. iovey Barge ,save 1 ve.-sel); brigant-i' V iia Ann, of Swansea (saved •»ve,s scho.mer Berth, .b-. -f Carnarvon (saved three); *n^k Transit, of Car.li- v<-d two}; smack Hopewell, V ■~a?Iaouth (assisted t" vessel and crew, two); pdot- ^her, of Cardiif (>• ) f 4^Ai>avICKSSHlRE (hiAiiif<>F AGEIOIILTUKE ON LocAli "Kr_ A<*J "7" A well -a -:tei i! 'iieetiu r of i'ke Council of the Sh'-re'w 'lire Chaml,er < Agriculture was held at the J/s Warwick, on S.-t:wlav mornin-r. to consider taxJ: 1X5 ■'vere nec('ss'r t.. Siring the subject of local on Pifcaainently b f. e che Court of Quarter Sessions axnon^f+i :y' Sir R- Hamilton, Tiart.. pressed, and H. Present were Vessrs i. Moore, li. Wise, J. discuss^iV^fT'' ,T- Palmer. After some h\* tho loeonri-ia-l w*s ad >uted, and signed Justices heh slf of the Chamber To the "^arwicl-1 Ses^iouK wmbW for the county of C'hanjYle.h«mble niemorial of the Warwickshire said rr0V!i-ni'H s i<.>-veth that the member oi the «oine .1 ier> x^e'*u~i "iroHLdy the urgent necessity of •a8sessmJwt10n ^A'I'n^nt of the present mode .of r<il»re ]-r,A' al.1 indiitin- the Government to contribute n7%d< «'hieh are levied xmdev rPecl-rullv h«L to 1") «<?Uai!ter St-ssions, would re- c'ai,t to tiu. PVtCa 'tion of your honourable ^onld xn^T" im'•'?*%<* of this subject, and the Court, as the rating 'nt0 this question Presenter! Iv^c 4'V'' x> 1 "memorial will be sident of fv Court oy Sir Robert <Jamilton the nre- ti'Jn from Chamber. Tliere will also be a similar peti- folV^e b,)<Vv of therntepayers, with the addition • Ser^e that thi'" Your nienionalists would greased by P^?Se ;>nrdcn.s have of late years been vastly for militia sKv nuw "hjeGt«-R»ch as police, build- thev 0011 t^i' lunatic asyl«H>s, etc., «tc., which at\ for f-lui ],eii,.f;f are f"r t!l'' common weal, rather Gjunity,»-t of one particnlar class of the com i 1


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