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U¡n+kd elUn1ø. CORN, ke. LIVERPOOL CORN MARKET.—TUESDAY. The market was thinly attended and few transactions were entered into in wh^at, the higher pretensions of holders checking hu-ines-. Red deccriptions i-na le ONE PENZ-NY and white ONE PENNY to TWO-PENCE percental OVER FRIDAY'S RATES.. u Sack flour rather dearer, and American barrels 6d. to Is. higher. Beans and peas without alteration. Oats and oatmeal dull. Little doing in Indian corn, and prices unchanged. LONDON, MONDAY.—The supply of foreign oafs was large last week, but scanty of other Rniin and flour. Exports: 6'\4 qrs. wheat, 1,763 qrs. oats, 100 qrs. maiz3. Engliah wheat 4,030 qrs foreign 3,119 qrs. The quantity of ice in the Thames greatly impeding navigation, business was limited to very needy buyers. Of English wheat very little was exhibited, the condi- tion being improved, and sales were made at Is. above this day fortnight. Rather more was doing in foreign, holders generally demanding Is. to 2s. advance, but only the smaller sum was freely paid. Counry flour 16,231 sacks, foreign 1,257 sacks, 1,716 barrels. Holders of country qualities generally insisted on Is. improvement, but it was very seldom realised, and only in retail. Barrels were also rather dearer, but their relatively high price prevented a free advance. Maize no arrivals. The trade was moderate, at an advance of fully 6d. per qr. British barley 6,854 qrs., foreign 4,418 qrs. Malting sorts of fine quality were unal- tered in value, medium remained dull. In grinding foreign a retail trade was done at fully as much money. The malt trade was very slow, but without change. English oats 446 qrs., foreign 53,394 qrs. The oat trade, with continuous good supplies, has been calm, but 6d. advance on this day fortnight was real ised on all qualities. English beans 429 qrs., foreign 138 qrs This pulse being scarce was held on fully former terms. Native peas 310 qrs., foreign none. The trade was steady at quite late prices. Linseed 1,918 qrs.; exports 4,278 qrs. Seed was fully as dear, and cakes sold pretty freely. The business in cloverseed was very limited, but prices remained fully as high. It was the same also with white mustardseed, and seeds generally. CURRENT PRICES OF BRITISH GRAIN AND FLOUR IN lItARK LANE. Shillings q*. Wheat, new, Essex and Kent (whitol, 54 to 57 Ditto ditto red 49 55 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) .49 55 Barley .» • • • • 35 41 Beans •• •• •• •• ..38 41 Oats, English food .< •27 34 Flour, per sack of 2801b, Town Households 4ts. to 47s. WARWICK, SATURDAY. There was a good meeting of farmers, miilers, and dealers at the Corn Exchange on Saturday, and a fair amount of wheat shown. Business ru'ed steady, at a slight advance on the rates of the previous week. Beans, barley, peas, and oats were unchanged in value. GLOUCESTER, SATURDAY. There was a fair supply of English wheat, but farmers were unwilling sellers at the advance of a shilling, which was all millers would give. American wheat Is. higher; other descriptions of foreign without change. Barley and maize rather dearer. Oats held for an advance of Gd" which checked sales. OXFORD, SATURDAY.—At this market, to-day, there was a short supply of English wheat, which sold readily at an advance of Is. to 2s. per qr. Barley in less supply, and rather dearer. Oats, beans, and peas all in short supply, but not quotably higher. NEWCASTLE, SATURDAY.—Average supply of wheat from farmers, but rather quiet sale, at from 6d. to Is. advance. Oats rather scarce, and prices firm. Barley a good supply, and fair sale, at full prices. Peas and boans no change and supply large. English and foreign wheat firm, and good demand, at Is. dearer on the week. Flour Is. advance on the sack, and good sale. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY.—White wheat at from 8s. 2d. to 6d. per 751b; red, 7s. lid. to 8s. 2d.; new, Os. to Os. Od.; oats, per Use. 101b. 17s. 6d to 19s. 6d.; peas, per Use. 101b, 17s. 6d. to 18s. 6d.; beans, per 12sc., 20s. 6d. to 21s. 61.; barley (malting), per 88 quarts, 5s. Od. to 5s. 8d.; grinding, per 13 score 101bs, OOs. Od. to OOs. BRIDGNORTH, SATURDAY.—Best samples of white wheat, 7s. lOd. to 8s. per bushel of 721b; red wheat, 7s. Od. to 7s. 6 J. per bashel of 721b; malting barley, Es. 4d. to 5s. 8d. per bushel of 38 quarts grinding barley, 14s. lOd. to 15s. 01. per bag 10 scrs. New beans, I63. lOd. to 17s. per bag of 10 scores old beans, 18s. lOd. to 19s. Od. per bag of 10 scores. Peas, 19s. Od. to 19s. 6d. per bag of 11 scores. Oats, 13s. Od. to 15s. Od. per bag of 8 scores; Indian corn, 14s. 6d to 14s. lOd. per sack of 12 scores. Winter vetches, from Os. Od. to Oa. per imperial bushel. WELSUPOOL, MONDAY.—Quotations:—Wheat (per 801bs.) 8s. 6d. to 9s. Od.; Barley, 5s. Od. to 5s. 6d.; Oats, (per bag), 18s. to 22Eggs, 11 to 12 for Is.; Butter, Is. 5d. to Is. 7d. per lb.; Fowls, 3s. 0d. to 4s. 61. per counle Ducks, 4s. 61. to 5s. 6d.; Turkeys. 5s. Od. to 10s. Od. each; Geese, 5s.6d. to 12s. Od. each; Potatoes, 3s. Od. to 3s. 6d. per bushel. This was the CATTLE. METROPOLITAN MONDAY.—The total imports of foreign stock into London last week amounted to 4,514 head. In the corresponding week in 1870 we received 5,059 in 1869, 1,617; in 1868,7,116: and in 1887.4,027 head. Owing to the cold weather there has been a firm feeling prevalent in the cattle trade, and the value of all qualities has been well maintained. The shew of beasts has been short, the foreign arrivals being detained by stress of weather. Although not active the demand has been firm, and full rates have been realised for all breeds, the best Scots and crosses selling at 5s. lOd. to 6s. per 81bs. From Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire we received about 1,150 Scots and crosses, from Lincolnshire, Ac., about 500 shorthorns, &c., and from Scotland 210 Scots and crosses. As regards sheep, the show has been limited. The trade has not been brisk, but prices have ruled firm, and the best Downs and half-breds have been disposed of at 6s. 2d. to 6s. 4d. per 81bs. LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.— The stock on offer consisted of 2,500 beasts and 8,200 sheep. There was a fair supply for a new year's show, and plenty of customers. A very good clearance effected. Prices Best beasts, 8d. to 8.id. per lb.; second best, 7d. to 8d.; inferior, 5d. to 7d.; sheep, 7d. to 9|d. DORCHESTER, SATURDAY.—The supply of the fortnightly sales was but small, and the stock offered was generally in a poor con- dition. Buyers having been previously well supplied with Christmas beef, were slow at effecting fresh purchases. The best beef fetched 14s. per score, a decided reduction on the prices of the previous week. The best mutton averaged 9d. per lb. MISCELLA NEO US. LONDON POTATO, MONDAY.—Daring the past week the arrivals coastwise have been larger than for some time past. The trade was very dull owing to the Christmas holidays, and the streets blockaded with heavy falls of snow. LONDON HOP, MONDAY. -The absence of business nsaa this period of the year prevails, all classes of hops, however, are firm, at recent quotations, and holders of fine qualities show no disposition to effect sales. No alteration is reported in the foreign markets. Imports from the 1st September, J870, to pre- sent date amount to 17,881 bales. Mid and East Kent 15 £ 3 10 £ 7 9 Wealds 1 15 3 0 3 15 Sussex 1 10 2 6 3 10 Farnham and Country 3 15 415. 6 6 niris 1 0 — 1 15 2 in LONDON PROVISION, MONDAY.—The arrivals la»t week from Ireland were 1,042 firkins butter and 3,377 bales bacon, and from foreign ports 7,907 packages butter and 313 bales bacon. In the butter market there was little change last week, except that the finest Irish brought advanced prices. The bacon market ruled slow. The severe weather and the holidays interfering with business, prices declined 2s. to 3s. per cwt. Best Water- lord sizeable 68s. on board. LONDON SEED, FRIDAY.-A limited quantity of English cloverseed still comes forward the choicest qualities are held at very high prices. The best American qualities meet a good inquiry, and prices are tending upwards. Fine white cloverseed, whether English or foreign, must be quoted quite as dear. Choice trefoil was rather higher, such meeting more inquiry. There was nothing passing in either brown or white mustardseed to alter its value. Choice English rapeseed continues to be taken off at very high rates from its scarcity. Fine English canary- seed realized full rates. Large Dutch hempseed was quite as dear. Foreign tares were held on former terms, with a moderate demand. BIRMINGHAM HIDE AND SKIN MARKET, SATURDAY.- Hides: 951b. and upwards, 4^1. to 0d, per lb; 8i)Ib. to OMh 41d to Od. per lb. 751b. to 841b., 4d. to Od. per lb.; 651b. to 741b., 4d. to Od. per lb 561b to 641b, 4d. to Od per lb.; 551bs and under, 4d to Od. per lb.; cows, 3qd. to 4d. per lb.; bulls, 3r1. per lb.: flawed and irregular, Bid. to Od. per lb.; horse, 8s. 9d. to i5s. 9d. each; Calf: 171b. and upwards, 5Jd. per lb.; 121b. to 161b., 81d. per lb; 91b. to lIlb., Sid. per lb.; light, 7Jd. per lb.; flawed and ir. regular, 5d. per lb. Wools, A 1, 73. 8d.; A, 6s. Od.; B, 4s. 6d. Fat, 3d. to 8Jd. LONDON WOOL, MONDAY.—Mo-t of the Markets are closed te-day, so there Is very little doing in any department of business. Transactions in English woo;s are of quite a retail character, and prices are nominal in the absence of important business. Last week the demand ran chiefly on choice qualities. and for such full rates were required. s. d. to s. a. | FLEF,CF,s-Southdown hoggets per lb. 1 Of 1 U Half-bred ditto M 13 14 Kent fleeces 1 2 1 3 Southd'n ewes and wethers „ 0 10 £ 0 Hi Leicester ditto „ 11 11} SORTs-Clothing, picklock 1 4 1 4 £ il?e • „ 1 2i 13 Choice „ 11 12 Super 1 0 1 0J Combing, wether mat „ 1 21 13 Picklock 1 o| 1 1 Common. 0 11 0 114 Hog matching 1 4 1 41 Picklock matching 1 °t 11 Super ditto. 0 11 0 Hi HALIFAX WOOL AND. WORSTED, SATURDAY.—There is ao change to report on last week, excepting that the extreme 9nd of the year checks new business. Wool is firm in price. Yarns are not easily made to profit. The piece trade is moder- ately good on old contracts, though prices are lean. LONDON PRODUCE, SATURDAY. There has been very little doing in any of the markets to-day, but with few exceptions sales are firm. SUGAR.—For refined sugar the demand is still good and prices are again in favour of the refiner; common good titler, 43s. to 46s. Pieces are not so much wanted, but are firmer and rather dearer. Raw sugars are very firm. COFFEE.-Holders are very firm, and good ordinary native Ceylon i3 quotei 53s. 6d. to 54s. Plantation kinds are also fully as dear. TEA.—For Congou from lOid, to Is. 2d. there is a steady de- mand with moderate transactions, and generally the tone is steady. RICE. There is a good market, especially for the better qualities of soft grain, for which several offers have been made, but, owing to the firm pretensions of holders, have not resulted in business. SALTPETRE is firm, at the lowest advance. JRJTF still a steady spot cjemand, pAd also m enquiry for arrival.


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