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rso. t. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BALA. HEAD MASTER MR W. T. PHILLIPS. A VACANCY 011 the Foundation of this School will be open for Competition on the re-assembling ef the Pupils. Applications concerning the same must be made to the Head Master on or before the 26th instant. There are a few Vacancies for Boarders: Terms may be had on application to Mr PHILLIPS. The next Quarter will begin on Thursdays Janwary 26th. W~ ANTED, a to look after a Horse and T)„V. °' —Apply, by letter, to H., Cambrian News Office, Bala. FIRE INSURANCES RENEWABLE AT CHRIST- MAS SHOULD BE FAID FOR ON OR BEFORE THE 9TH OF JANUARY- pROVINCIAL JNSURANCE COMPANY Efcablished 1852. Chief Offices: WRF^H AM-LONDON-GLASGOW. CAPITAL C200,000, wholly subscribed. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Insurances effected upon almost all descriptions of Pro- perty, upon moderate terms. No charge whateve made beyond the premium. Claims settled with promptitude. LIFE DEPARTMENT. The usual description of Life Assurances effected. Numerous advantages offered. The Net Life Premium Income for 1869, was £ 32,728 Os. 3d. And the Accumulated Life Assurance was R141,198 17s. 5d. This Fund has more than doubled itself in the last six years. Chairman of the Company THOMAS BARNES, Esq., Farnworth, near Bolton, and the Quinta, Salop. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Wrexham. Secretary to the Company. AGENCIES.—Applications are invited from towns and districts where the Company is not already adequately represented. Apply to the Secretary. V. R. MR. SELLIS, DENTIST, TOWYN. FIFTEEN YEARS Surgical and Mechanical Dentist in London, may be consulted at the under- mentioned towns:— DOLGELLEY—Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Miss Evans's, Smithfield-street. BALA—Every first and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, Tegid-street. PWLLHELI—Mr Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- street, the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY m every month. PORTMADOC Every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at Mrs. Bennett Williams's, Snowdon-street. All operations without pain. Advice free. AN RXFATURLE IIKMEDY FOR COUGHS, &e. JONES'S PECTORAL BALSAM OF SQUILLS <3 AND HOREHOUND.—This invaluable Medicine has for many Years been considered to be the safest and most effectual remedy for Coughs, Colds, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarseness, Asthma, &c., &c. The following is an extract from the many testimonials deceived Brymbo, Wrexham, April 8th, lea/. I have been for eighteen months suffering from weak- ness and continued violent pain in my breast, with a Severe cough, but after being advised by Mr Howard, Chemist, to try Jones's Pectoral Balsam of Squills, &c 1 did so, and the first bottle quite relieved the pain and when I had taken three bottles I was restored to perfect health CATHERINE JONES. Prepared only by D. W. SCOTT, Medical Hall, Barmouth, and sold by all Chemists in bottles at Is. ljd. CADTTON.—None genuine without bearing the name or D. W. S. on the Government stamp affixed on the top of each bottle. NEW INSTRUMENTAL AND DANCE MUSIC. ^l"TGS, DUETS, PIANOFORTE & DANCE MUSIC yv f By the Best Composers. POPULAR SONGS by Harry Clifton, Leybourne, Harry Sidney, Stead, Arthur Lloyd, Vance, Nash, and Other Favourite Comics, at Also the following NEW SONGS Taking my Ease, new song by Vance. Pretty Miss Ricketts. I feel like a Morning Star, by G. W. Moore, author of The Grecian Bend." NEW MUSIC, The Yellow Dwarf, Serio-Comic Fantasia, introducing all the song and pieces. 4s. Coote's Favourite Lancers. 4s. Coote's Songs of the Period Valse, introducing Act on the Square, The Idol of the Day, The Lan- cashire Lass, It don't suit Charlie Baker, Little Daisy, Taking my Ease, &c. 4s. Each Free for Eighteen Stamps. Coote's Grecian Bend Quadrille Duet. 5s. Coote's Overture Quadrille. 4s. Coote's Fairy Galop. 3s. Riviere's Cliquot Galop. 3s. MUSICAL BOXES, FROM 12S. Ladies' Satchels, best Leather, with gilt springs, lock, &c., 7s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. Gentlemen's Bags, from 6s. 6d. to 12s. The Expanding Solid Leather Traveling Bag, with patent catch lock and straps; will hold a suit of clothes, a change of linen, and a great coat. Price 22s. 6d. Ladies' Tatting Satchels from 6s. 6d. each. THE FUNNIEST -OF ALL FUN and the Wittiest of All Wit; with the must Amusing Anecdotes and Laugh- able Poetry. Royal 32mo. "A cheerful heart robs the physician of his fee.Virgic. In cloth, plain, Is. Post free 2d. extra. PARCELS FROM LONDON DAILY. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOOD ALL, AND VENABLES V BREAKFAST.—EPPS'S COCOA.—GRATEFUL AND COMFORT- ING.—The very agreeable character of this preparation has rendered it a general favourite. The Civil Service Gazette remarks:—"The singular success which MrEpps attained by his homoeopathic preparation of cocoa has never been surpassed by any experimentalist. By a thorough know- ledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful implication ot the fine properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured leverage which may save us many heavy doctors Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold by tne Trade only in i lb., i lb,, and 1 lb. tin-lined packets, labelled—JAMES EPPS & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, Loncioll. CHANGES IN THE PEERAGE. -The mortality in the ranks of the peerage during 1870 has been considerably less than in the course of the previous year, when the deaths of 32 lords spiritual and temporal were recorded. This year one bis- hop and 18 tempeoral peers have died, as follows: —The Earl of Onslow, 93 years of age .the Bishop tf Chichester, 84; the Marquis of Headfort, 83; the rl of Haden, 81; the Marquis of Cholmondeley, 78 Ea-1 Howe; 74; Lord Tenterden, 74; Viscount Midleton, 7. the Earl of Clarendon, 70 Lord Auckland, 70 the Mai'i'iis of Hertford, 70; Lord Henniker, 6.9; the Earl ° *>f Haddington, 68; LordHawke, 67; the Marqis of Ailsa, 'C- 54 Lord Byron, 52 Lord Willoughby d'Kresby, 48 the Marquis ot Lothian, 38 the Earl of Aberdeen, 28. It will be seen tint both the hereditary grand chamberlains of England, the Marquis of Cholmondeley and Lord Willoughby d'Eretbv, have been removed by death. The title of the iatter peer), at present in abeyance, while the suc- cessors to the earldom o" Onslow and the barony of Byron are miners. ANGLESEY TO BE GARRISONED.—it IS said, and there .,)Cl grounds for the beliel that it is the intention of the (Government to provide bi-rrack accommodation in the county of Anglesey, and th^e is every probability that L,.a,nrrefm will be selected as bong the most central spot. The barracks are intended in answer a double Purpose, viz to accommodate the Royal Anglesey Militia during their period of training (i"^ad of billeting them as at present on private houses at Beaumaris), and at other times a regiment or one or two depots of the line. The plans have been drawn by the royal engine s, and it is understood only want confirmation at headquarters. Th5 staff of the Anglesey militia are now lodged in totally inadequate quarters in the town of Beaumans, and, Be- sides there being insufficient room for the storage 01 arms, the place is almost, if not entirely, unprotected in the 'event of an assault being made upon it from without. This gave rise to much alarm during the Fenian" scare," and a gingerbread attempt was then made to "fortify" the building. —Liverpool Mercury. FEARFUL EXPLOSION, AND DESTRUCTION OF A SHIP AT SEA—-NARROW ESCAPE OF THE CREW.—A despatch, dated Calcutta, November 29, states that Captain Cros, of the French ship Emma, of Nantes, which had arrived at Cal- cutta froin Reunion, reports that on the 11th of October, when the Emma was in lat. 3 S., Ion. 4 E., he fell in with the ship Compeer, Captain Reed, of Greenock, bound from the Clyde to Bombay with a cargo of coal, with the cargo on foe. Captain Cros immediately hastened to offer his assistance in saving the crew, and strongly urged upon Captain Reed the necessity of abandoning the vessel. The commander of the Compeer, however, declined to do s,) but Captain Cros, being unwilling to leave the crew to what appeared to be their inevitable fate, kept in company With the Compeer until the 13th of the same month, on which day, about 8 o'clock in the evening, the weather at "the time being very thick and squally, a terrific explosion ^pcurred on board tlie Gompeer. The decks of that vessel ,-ere blown up, and the ship herself almost immediately aisappeare(j, rpjjc boats 0f the Frenchman were quickly on the scene of the disaster, and were fortunately succes- ful m saving the crew of the Compeer, 25 men, many of whom were severely injured by the explosion,


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