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PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of P Chancery, made in a Cause" GRIFFITH against EDWARDS and Another." The Creditors of REES EDWARDS, late of Barmouth, in the county of Merioneth, who died in or about the month of January, 1837, are on or before the 30th day of July, 1870, to send by post prepaid to Messrs VENNING, ROBINS, and "VENNING, of No. 9, Tokenhouse Yard, in the City of London, the Solicitors of the Defendant, ROBERT EDWARDS, the Executor of the said Re?s Edwards, their Christian and Surnames addresse; and descriptions; the full particulars of their Claims a statement of their Accounts and the nature of the Securities (if any) held by them; or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Decree. Every Creditor holding any Security is to produce the same before the Vice-Chancellor, Sir John Stuart, at his Chambers, situated No. 13, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, J Middlesex, on Monday, the 8th day of August, 1870, at V 'Twelve o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for -adjudicating on the Claims. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1870. H. F. CHURCH, Chief Clerk. VENNING, ROBINS, & VENNING, 9, Tokenhouse Yard, London, Plaintiff's Solicitors. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ON MONDAY, JUNE 13th, 1870, and every Monday until further notice, Cheap EXCURSION TRAINS will leave Dolgelley at 6 30 a.m., Llanuwchllyn 7 5, Bala 7 15, Llandderfel 7 25, Llandrillo 7 35, Cynwyd 7 45, Ruthin 7 10, Eyarth 7 15, Nant Clwyd 7 25, Der- Wen7 30, Gwyddelwern 7 40 a.m., for BIRKENHEAD and LIVERPOOL, returning on the following Wednes- days also, for the ISLE OF MAN, allowing Fourteen Days from the date of issue. For fares, times of return, and full particulars, see hand bills. Paddington, June, 1870. J. GRIERSON, Gen. Man. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. In the County Court of Cardiganshire, holden at Aberystwyth. IN the Matter of DAVID OWEN, of Maesmawr, in the Parish of Llanelltyd, in the County of Merioneth, Common Carrier, a Bankrupt. Joseph Roberts, of Dolgelley, in the County of Merioneth, Accountant, has been appointed Trustee of the property of the Bankrupt. The Court has appointed the public examination of the Bankrupt to take place at Aberystwyth aforesaid, on the 16th day of July, 1870, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. All Persons having in their possession any of the effects of the Bankrupt must deliver them to the Trustee; and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to theiTrustee. Creditors who have not yet proved their debts must forward their proofs of debt to the Trustee. Dated this 28th day of June, 1870. J. JENKINS, Registrar. BOARD, &c., required by one or two Gentlemen in a cheerful family residing near the seaside.— Address, W. M. B., Post Office, Kington, Herefordshire. THE TOWYN ACADEMY, Conducted by Mr EDWIN JONES and the Rev. O. EDWARDS, WILL be OPENED after the Midsummer Vaca- tion on July 25th. There are a few vacancies for Boarders. Terms, &c., may be had on application to Mr EDWIN JONES, Cadvan House, Towyn. PORTRAIT OF LEWIS WILLIAMS, ESQ., VRONWNION, DOL- GELLEY. AT a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood of Dolgelley, held on the 23rd day of May, 1870— "It was resolved to request Lewis Williams, Esq., of Vronwnion, to sit for his Portrait, which it is proposed shall be placed in some public room in the town, as a mark of their esteem for him as a most popular, influen- tial, and respected benefactor of the town and neighbour- hood, and one who in his private character of a gentleman and public capacity of a Justice of the Peace for the County, Chairman of the Board of Guardians, and Churchwarden of the parish for many consecutive years, has during a long and honourable career done so much for the town and neighbourhood, and for the poor of all de- nominations. And with the view of carrying out this object, it has been resolved that a Committee shall be formed, and a Public Subscription List opened." Chairman of the Committee :— WILLIAM GRIFFITH, ESQ., Glyn. Treasurer:- W. PUGHE, ESQ., N.P. Bank, Dolgelley. Subscriptions to be paid to the Treasurer. Amount already promised, R114 8s. Od. Dolgelley, EDWARD JONES, M.D., May, 1870. Hon. Sec. WELVE CARTES de VISITE, 2s. 8d Six Is. 8d. Carte enlarged to 10 inches, 5s; Cabinet, 2s. Send carte with stamps. Perfect copies and original returned free. London Photo-Copying Company, 304 Regent Street, opposite the Polytechnic, and 40 High Holborn, London. F. S. D. PHILLIPS, Manager. CAMBRIAN & LONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAYS SUMMER EXCUNSIOXS, 1870. ON MONDAY, July 4th; Cheap Excursion Bookings to LONDON, at the following Fares for the Double Journey :— From Aberystwyth (leaving at 8'0 a.m.) and intermediate Stations to Portmadoc-Cov. Carrs. 17. 6d., 1st cla-s 85S. Pen- rhyndeudraeth and stations to Cemmea Koad -Cov. Carrs. 16a. Od 1st c1. 33S Llnnbrynmair, Carno, and Llanidloes-Cov. carrs. 15s., 1st 30s. Caersws and stations to Forden—Cov. carrs. 14s., let el. 28s. Four Crosses, Llanfyllin, and LiaDymynech -Cov. carrs. 13s. 6d., 1st cl. 27s. Oswestry and stations to FenWs Bank- Cov. carrs. 13s., 1st cl. 25s. Children under Twelve half-price. Returning on Friday, July 8th, from Euston Station, London, at 9*50 a.m. Passengers for Pwllheli, Portmadoe, Penrhyndendraeth, Har- lech, Barmouth, Dolgelley, Penmaenpool, Towyn, and Aber- dovey, on return leave Euston station, London, at 9 0 a.m. Tickets and bills and every information to be had at the stations. By Order. Oswestry, July, 1870. CAMBRIAN AND LONDON & NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAYS. SUMMER EXCURSIONS, 1870. ON every Mondav in July, from the undermentioned Stations to LIVERPOOL or BIRKENHEAD and the ISLE of MAN Fares for the Double Journey From Liverpool or Birkenhead. isle of Man. Day Trip. 8 Days. 14 Days. a.m. C Cars. 1st CI. C Cars. 1st CI. C C. 1st CI. SSJSSrJg} Four Crosses .7 83 5s. 6d. lis. 10?. 20s. Llanfyllin 5 50 6s. 6d. 18s. 12S. 24s. Llanfech&in ..6 4 6s. 6d. 13s. 12-I. 24s. Llansntffraid .6 10 6S. 6d. lSs. lis. 22s. Llanymynech 7 40 fop. 6d. lis. 10s. 20s. Llynclys 7 48 5s. 6d. lis. 9s. 18,3. Oswestry .8 5\ 'Whittington 8 9) Ellesmere.8 23 I Welshampton8 30 R Ss. 6S. 8s. 6d. 17s. Bettisfield ..8 83 iFenn's Bank 8 42 I Note Arrangements for Return—Holders of Day Tickets return "the same evening from Liverpool at 6.0, Birkenhead at 4.50 p m. Holders of Three Days' Tickets must return on the Wednesday following, from Liverpool at 7.15 a.m., and Birkenhead at 6 30 am. The Isle of Man steamers sail daily from the Landing Stage, Prince's Pierhead, at 1.0 p.m. Passengers can return from Douglas by the Company's Steamers on any of the days of snil- ing, and from the Lime-street Station, Liverpool, by the 12.50 .m. train any day within 14 days of the date of their tickets PAFBINGERS find their own conveyance from and to the Station '\d Pierhead. n un Dep. Liverpool & Birkenhead. Isle of Man. 3 Days. 14 Dftys. a-M- C Cars. 1st CL. C. Cars. 1st CL. Aberystwyth 8 ON Bow Street 8 13 in„ aA Llanfihangel 8 18 10s. 6d. 21S. 17?. 6D. 85s. Borth 8 24 J Ynyslas 8 29 gg. 6d. 19s. jr, 09- Glandovey. 8 *°3, 8I!S- Machynlleth 9 6J" 8s.6d. 17s. 15s. 303. CemmesRoad 9 20 7S. 6d. 15s. 14s. 28s •Manbrynmir,. 9 oo Carno 9 53 „ Caersws 10 10 <B* 14s. 14A. 28s. Llanidloes. 9 40 Newtown 10 301 Montgomery..10 50 13s. 26s. T, THE Isle of Man Steamers sail daily FROM the Lanclin" Sta"e PRINCE'S Pierhead, at 1.0 p.m. Passengers can return from DOUGLAS by the Company's Steamers on any of their davs of Jailing, and from Lime-street Station, Liverpool, BY the 7.15 «. M •rain, any day within fourteen days of the date of their ticket passengers find their own conveyance from and to the Station Pierhead. Children under Twelve years of age half-price. Tickets not "Tansferable. Luggage ilnder 601bs. free, at Passenger's own risk. RJ° Luggage allowed by the day excursion. The Companies CAN- NOT in any way be responsible for detention on the line, at the T?.E ^HNE every exertion will be made to ensure punctuality. •Tickets and bills may be obtained at Stations on the line, "swestry, June, 1870. BY Order. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. O CHEAP TICKETS TO ELLESMERE. N and after Monday, May 9th, and until further is* j Notice, Cheap Day RETURN TICKETS will be WAOM the undermentioned Stations to ELLESMERE ieWVk 0r5jinary Trains on Week-days, to parties of not f°llowki^ Far ClaSS Covered Carriage, at the Welshpool ) FIRST ^ASS" COV-Carrs. Llanfvllin j ^S. 2S. uSTech} } U *-AV EATRJ, May, 18JQ, Traffic Manager, TO CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS. A GOOD OPENING in the above Trade at Penrhyradeudraeth, near Portmadoe, A General STOCK and FIXTURES to be disposed of at a Great Sacrifice, and the SHOP to be LET at Reasonable Termsi, Apply to Mr DAVID JONES, 11, Bank Place Portmadoc. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SEA BATHI NO. EVERY MONDAY in July, CHEAP EXCURSION BOOKINGS to BORTH and ABERYSTWYTH, at the following Times and Fares:— Fares for the Double Journey. Dept. To Towyn. Aberdovey. Borth. Aberystwyth. a.m. 1st Cl. C Cr. 1st Cl. C Cr. 1st Cl. C Cr. 1st Cl. C Cr Pwllheli.. 6 20. Avon Wen 6 30 1 Portmadoe 6 51f4s6d 2s 8d 5a 2s6d Bs6d 2s 9d 6s 6d 8s 3d P'deudraeth 7 1 I Talsarnau 7 8' Harlech.. 7 18 Pensarn 7 26 f Dyffryn 7 36j-Sa6d ls9d 4s 2s 4s Od 2s Sd 5s 6d 3s B'm'th 7 51&12 26 D'g'l'y 7 30& 1210 J Bar. J. 80&1235 2s6d IsSd 8s ls6d Seed ls9d 4s6d 2s3d Llwyngwril 8 8) .» Towyn ..8 23V 3s6d ls9d 4#6d 2s3d Aberdovey 8 311 Aberystwyth arr. 10 10 & 2 25 p.m. Returning from Aberystwyth at 4 30 p.m., Borth at 5 0 p.m., Aberdovey at 1 57 or 5 50 p.m., and Towyn at 2 5 or 6 1 p.m. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SEA BATHING. I7VERY MONDAY in July, Cheap EXCURSION BOOKINGS li to BORTH and ABERYSTWYTH, at the following Fares for the Double Journey:—From Oswestry depart at 6 10 a.m., Llynclys 6 20, Llanymynech 6 26, Four Crosses 6 81, Pool Quay 6 41; To Borth, 1st Class 5s., Cov. Cars. 2s. 6d; Aberyst- wyth, 1st Class 5s. 6d., Cov. Cars. 2s. 9d. Buttington 6 47, Welsh- pool 7 0, Forden 7 13, Montgomery 7 19, Kerry 6 40, Abermule 7 30; Borth, 4s. 6d. and 2s. 3d.; Aberystwyth, 5s. and 2s. 6d. Newtown 7 48, Llanidloes 7 80, Dolwen 7 86, Llandinam 7 44. Moat Lane Junction 8 0; Borth, 4s. and2s.; Aberystwyth, 4s. 6d. and 2s. 3d. Caersws 8 4, Pontdolgoch 8 10, Carno 8 25, Llan- brynmair 8 50, Cemmes Road 9 20; Borth, 3s. 6d. and Is. 9d.; Aberystwyth, 4s. and 2s. Machynlleth 9 35; Borth, 2s. 8d. and Is. 4d.; Aberystwyth, 3s. 6d. and Is. 9d. Arriving at Borth 10 6, and Aberystwyth 10 35. Returning from Aberystwyth at 5 20 p.m., and Borth 5 50 p.m. EVERY MONDAY in July, a Cheap EXCURSION TRAIN Ij will run to ABERDOVEY, TOWYN, BARMOUTH, DOL- GELLEY, HARLECH, PORTMADOC, andPWLLHELI, at the following Cheap Fares for the Double Journey:- To Aberdovey To Barmouth To Harlech and and Portmadoe, & Towyn. Dolgelley. Pwllheli. From a.m. 1st Cl. C. Cr. 1st Cl. C. Cr. 1st Cl. C. Cr. Aberystwyth 8 0 „. „ Bow Street 8 13 4s. 6d. 2s. 8d. 5s. 6d. 8s. 6s. 6d. 8s. 3d. Llanfihangel 8 18 I Borth 8 24 I Ynyslas 8 29 f 8s. 6d. Is. 9d. 4s. 6d. 2s. 8d. 53. 6d. 2s. 9d. Glandovcy 8 47 i Returning from Pwllheli at 4 5 p.m., Portmadoc 4 38, Harlech 5 1, Dolgelley 5 9, Barmouth 5 29, Towyn 6 3, and Aberdovey 6 13 p.m. EVERY MONDAY in Juiv, cheap DAY EXCURSION BOOK- INGS to ABERDOVEY and TOWYN, at the following times, and Fare3 for the Double Journey:—From Oswestry and Stations to Pool Quay (except from Stations en the Lllanfyllm branch), by the train leaving Oswestry at 6.10 a.m.—1st 5s. 6d., 2nd 2s. 9d. From Buttington and Stations to Abermule—1st 5s., 2nd 2s" 6d. From Newtown and Stations to Moat-lane—1st 4s., 2nd 2s. From Caersws and intermediate Stations to Towyn-lst 3s., 2nd Is. 6d. Returning from Towyn at 6.3 p.m., and Aberdovey at 6.13. Children under Twelve, half-price. No luggage allowed. The Company cannot in any way be responsible for detention on the line, at the same time every exertion will be msde to en- sure punctuality. Tickets and Bills and every information to be had at the above- named Stations. E ELIAg Traffic Manager's Office, Oswestry, May, 1870. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHEAP EXCURSIONS. ON and after JUNE 1st, and until further notice, RETURN TICKETS will be issued by any of the Ordinary Trains, available for Seven Days or a Month, to LLANDRINDOD (via Llanidloes and Builth-road), at the following Fares for the Double Journey From 7 Days. Month. 1st CL Cav. Carrs. 1st Cl. Cov. Carrs. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Carnarvon 85 0 24 0 49 0 836 Pwllheli 30 6 21 6 46 6 83 0 Portmadoo 27 6 19 6 42 0 30 0 Harlech 24 6 17 0 86 6 26 0 Barmouth 22 6 16 0 85 0 25 0 Dolgelley 24 0 17 0 86 6 26 0 Towyn 19 6 18 6 31 0 22 0 Aberdovey 18 6 13 0 29 6 21 0 Aberystwyth 21 6 15 0 30 0 21 0 Machynlleth 16 0 11 6 22 6 16 0 NOTE.—The Seven Days' Tickets will be issued on Mondays and Thursdays, Monthly Tickets daily (Sundays excepted). Traffic Manager's Office, Oswestry, May, 1870. E. ELIAS. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. PIC-NIC or PLEASURE PARTIES to CAMBRIAN & MID-WALES RAILWAYS, and CARNARVON. ON and after MONDAY, the 2nd May, and during the Summer Months, First, Second, and Third Class RETURN TICKETS at about a Single Fare for the Double Journey, will be issued (with certain limitations) at all the principal Stations on the Cambrian Railways to parties of not less than Six first-class, or Ten second or third-class Passengers desirous of making Pleasure Excursions to places on or adjacent to this railway. And Tickets at Single Fares for the Double Journey will also be issued (with certain limitations) at the principal Stations on the Cambrian Railways, to Rhayader, Newbridge, Builth, Brecon, and also to Carnarvon, to parties of not less than Six first-class, or Ten second or third-class Passengers, desirous of making Pleasure Excursions to these places. The Tickets will be available for return any day within one week from the date of issue, and parties can only proceed and return by the Trains which stop at the Stations where they wish to join and leave the Railway, and having that class of carriage attached for which they have taken Tickets. To obtain these Tickets, application must be made to any of the Stations not less than Three Days before the Excursion, stating the following particulars, viz. That it is exclusively a Pleasure Party; the Stations from and to which the Tickets are required; for what class of carriage; the date of the proposed Excursion; and the pro- bable number of the Party. The power of refusing any application is reserved; and if granted, an authority will be sent to the applicant (in course of post or otherwise), which is to he delivered to the Booking Clerk at the Station where the Tickets will be issued. Oswestry, May, 1870. By Order. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. DA Y EXCURSIONS TO BEDDGELERT AND FESTINIOG. CHEAP EXCURSION BOOKINGS daily from Aberystwyth to PORTMADOC and PENRHYN- DEUDRAETH, at the following Cheap Fares for the Double Journey: „ a.m. 1st Cl. Cov. Car. Aberystwyth 8 0 6s. 6d. 3s. 3d. Borth 8 24 5s. 6d. 2s. 9d. Children under Twelve, half-price. No luggage allowed. NOTE.—Excursionists to Portmadoc can travel thence by Coach to Beddgelert, returning in time to join the Return Train at Portmadoc in the evening; or they can leave Portmadoc at 10.50 a.m. for Festiniog, arriving at Dinas at 12.5 thus giving the excursionists an oppor- tunity to visit some of the Slate Quarries. On the return leave Dinas at 1.7 p.m., arriving at Portmadoc at 2.24 p. m. Tickets and small bills to be had at the Stations. E. ELIAS, Traffic Manager. Oswestry, May, 1870. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SUMMER EXCURSIONS, 1870. "VTOTICE.—From the date hereof the Cheap Day _i_l Excursion Bookings, as announced, on Mondays from Stations on the Llanfyllin Branch to Birkenhead, Liverpool, Aberdovey, Towyn, Borth, and Aberystwyth, will be discontinued until further notice. Traffic Manager's Office, Oswestry, June 9th, 1870. E. ELIAS. CAMBRIAN & LONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAYS. SEASIDE EXCURSIONS, 1870. ON SATURDAY, Juno 11th, and until further notice, to Bangor, Llanfairfechan, Penmaenmawr, Llandudno, Bettws-y-coed, Llanrwst, Conwa.v, Abergele, Denbigh, St. Asaph, Rhyl, Mostyn, and Holywell, returning on Monday or Wednesday following day of departure, at the following Fares for the Double Journey:— From Oswestry (starting at 12*5 noon) to Bangor, Llanfair- fechan, Penmaenmawr, Llandudno, Bettws-y-coed, or Llanrwst: 7s., 14s. To Conway, Abergele, or St. Asaph: 6z! 12s. To Rhyl, Denbigh, Mostyn, or Holywell: 5s., 10s. Children under Twelve years of age half-price. Tickets not transferable. 601bs. of personal luggage free at Passengers own risk. Note Arrangements for Returning-Monday and Wednesday- Bangor at 3'45, Llanfairfechan 4 0, Penmaenmawr 4-7, Bettws-y- coed 1-0, Llanrwst 1*10, Conwav 4-20, Llandudno 4'0, Abergele 5'0, Rhyl 5-15, Mostyn 5-35, Holywell 545. Passengers to and from St. Asaph travel by ordinary Trains on the Branch Line. By Order. Oswestry, June, 1870. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SEASIDE EXCURSIONS. Aberystwyth, Aberdovey, Towyn, Borth, Barmouth, Dolgelley, 0 Harlech, Portmadoe, and Pwllheli. after Saturday, June lllh, and until further notice, RETURN TICKETS will be issued, available for three, five, or eight days, from Whitchurch, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Llany- mynech, Llanfyllin Four Crosses, Welshpool, Montgomery Newtown, and Llanidloes. £ mu o ?or ^ares, &c., see Bills. Note.—lhe 6 or 5 days' Tickets will be issued on Saturdays by any train, and will be available for return on Mondays or Wed- nesdays. The 8 days Tickets will be issued on Mondays, Thurs- days, and Saturdays, by the 6*10 a.m. or 10 30 a.m. trains from Oswestry. E. ELIAS, Oswestry, June, 1870. Traffic Manager. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. TOURIST ARRANGEMENTS, 1870. MONTHLY TOURIST TICKETS to Watering Places in England and Wales, and to certain Stations in Scotland and Ireland, will be issued From JUNE 1st to 31st OCTOBER. For particulars see Time Tables and Programmes issued by the Company. E. ELIAS. Oswestry, MAY, 187Q. Traffic Manager, ON AND OFF THE CAMBRIAN. NOTICE—SECOND EDITION. ELEVEN HUNDRED COPIES have been SOLD IV THREE WEEKS, and a new edition will be immediately issued. Any suggestions, or corrections in any of the descriptions, will be thankfully received by the Publishers. NOTICE—SECOND EDITION. Parties who were too late with their ADVERTISEMENTS for the first edition are requested to forward their orders at once to the publishers. All Advertise- ments that have appeared in the first edition will be repeated in this without further charge and those that appear in this edition will also appear in any further editions of 1870. NOTICE—SECOND EDITION. The new edition will be sold at the Stations of the various companies, and will form the only really valuable medium for advertising such announcements as it is desirable Tourists should peruse. NOTICES OF THE PRESS. Whilst as a handbook it affords ample directions for those who require to make the most of the time at their disposal during a visit to the Principality, it is not wanting in historical incidents, which tend so much to render a guide-book an agreeable companion. -Liverpool Mercury. For tourists in Wales the best and most complete guide we know of is On and Off the Cambrian. As the preface indicates, the endeavour on the part of the writer has been to give tourists on' the Cambrian railways some- thing to talk about at every station they pass, and where they go off' to point out to them the chief attractions to be found." We think the effort is perfectly successful.— Wellington Journal. The work, in our estimation, is far in advance of the generality of guide-books which are ordinarily confined to general, and too often vague, descriptions of the localities through which they pass, but here much that is interest- ing beyond the mere description is introduced, which will supply hours of good reading at the fireside. Mr Askew Roberts has done good service to the cause of Welsh literature by raking amongst the dusty records of Welsh history, and bringing to light much that it is important for Englishmen, and even Welshmen, to know.—Newtown Express. The book is not merely a directory of sights to be seen, but a repertory of anecdotes' which will be welcome to the tourist at those odd times when a quarter of an hour's reading is an agreeable change. -Chester Chronicle. In the book Mr Askew Roberts gives some excellent descriptions of the principal spots, historic and otherwise, bordering upon the several Cambrian lines and an occa- sional piece of gossip, judiciously thrown in, relieves the chapters of anything like dulness.—North Wales Chronicle. OSWESTRY Published by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALII, & VENABLES. NOW QPEN. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, AND VENABLES, Have Re-opened their BOOKSTALL, At the Railway Station, Aberystwyth, with an entirely NEW STOCK of BOOKS BY POPULAR AUTHORS, GUIDES TO WALES, Tourists' Maps, Photographs, Tourists' Writing Cases, Blotting Books, Scrap Books, Photo Albums, Purses, Gummed and Linen Direction Labels, Fancy Stationery, Paper Knives, Patent Pencils, Parlour Games, Chess and Draughtsmen, Children's Toy Books, &c., &c. The London and Provincial Daily and Weekly Newspapers received by the first train after publication. All Papers sold at Published prices, and delivered in the town (free of extra charge) immediately after their arrival, viz. :— DAILY NEWSPAPERS. 11 0 a,m.-The Western Mail. j 2 25 p.m.-Liverpool Mercury. 2 25 p.m.—The Birmingham Post. 5 55" The Times. „ „ Gazette. "Pall Mall Gazette. Manchester Examiner. Daily Telegraph. Guardian. News. „ Liverpool Courier. J Standard. WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS. MONDAY- WEDNESDAY- SATURDAY (continued). London Journal. Bell's Life. f- News of the World. TUESDAY- THURSDAY— Reynolds's Newspaper. Boys of England. Family HeralcL Lloyd's Newspaper. Young Gentleman's Journal. Budget. Weekly Times. WEDNESDAY- FRIDAY- Liverpool Weekly Mercury. Oswestry Advertizer. Penny Illustrated Paper. Courier. Punch. Christian WorldL Manchester Weekly Times. Fun. Methodist R er. Bell's Life. Judy. SATURDAY— F Sporting Life. Will o' the Wisp. Aberystwyth TSnes. Sportsman. Bow Bells. Illustrated News. Meld. London Reader. The Graphic. Saturday Review. Every Week. The Queen. Spectator. Sporting Life. The Engineer. Railway Times. Sportsman. Public Opinion. &c., &c. Papers not included in the above List, procured to order. Orders for Railway Advertising, Advertisements for ABERYSTWYTH TIMES, CAMBRIAN NEWS, OSWESTRY ADVERTIZER, or any Newspapers, promptly attended to. April, 1870. -—Am — I t ygMUGHT ONLY ON THE BOX uffSQ THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST ONS V. M. R. MR. SELLIS, DENTIST, TOWYN. FIFTEEN YEARS Surgical and Mechanical JD Dentist in London, may be consulted at the under- mentioned towns:- DOLGELLEY-Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Miss Evans's, Smithfield-street. BALA-Every first and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, Tegid-street. PWLLHELI—Mr Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- street, the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY in every month. PORTMADOC- Every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at Mrs. Bennett Williams's, Snowdon-street. All operations without pain. Advice free. Ready, 2s. PLAIN WORDS: THIRD SERIES. FORTY MEDITATIONS WITH A VIEW TO THE DEEPENING OF A RELIGIOUS LIFE. BY THE REY. W. WALSHAM HOW, M.A., Hon. Canon St. Asaph, Rector of Whittington, Shropshire. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY. B ORWICK'S BAKING POWDER.1 Gold Medal, Havre, 1868; Gold Medal, Paris Society of Arts, 1869; for its SUPERIORITY OVER ALL OTHER BAKING POWDERS. BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER JD Makes delicious Bread with Yeast. ORWICK'S BAKING POWDER Makes Puddings, Pastry, and Pie-crusts, with less Butter and Eggs. OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER JO Sold everywhere, in Id. & 2d. packets, and 6d. and Is. Patent Boxes. Be sure to ask for and see you get BORWICK'S GOLD MEDAL BAKING POWDER Now Ready. CHANNING'S WORKS, New and Complete C Edition, in One Vol., 3s. 6d. Upwards of 17,000 copies of this edition have been subscribed for. Sold by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, AND VENABLES, Bailey Head, Oswestry, or at their Bookstalls, at Oswestry and Aberystwyth. NEW MUSIC, AT HALF-PRICE. LIQUOT, CLIQUOT, CLIQUOT; Vance's c Great Comic Song, a tremendous hit, free for eighteen stamps. WAIT FOR THE TURN OF THE TIDE, HARRY CLIFTON'S new Song, continues to be the most popular of the day. Free for eighteen stamps. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, BAILEY HEAD & RAILWAY STATION, OSWESTRY, AND THE RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH. TO LADIES. VEGETABLE PARCHMENT for PRESERVE COVERINGS, recommended as a cheap and effi- cient Substitute for Animal Membrane. Sold in 6d. and 9d. packets of Three Dozen Covers each, by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, Bailey-Head, Oswestry; and at the Bookstall, Railway Station, Aberystwyth, NOW OPEN. THE BOOKSTALL, ABERYSTWYTH. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, d: VENABLES. NEW MUSIC AT HALF PRICE. A SELECTION of New Songs by Harry Clifton, Christy Minstrels, Vance, Randel, Wright, and others. PLAYING CARDS, All the New Patterns. A good packet for One Shilling. BEZIQUE, from 2s. 6d., complete, with Markers and Guide. Card Cases, Cribbage Boxes, &c. MUSICAL BOXES, FROM 12s. Ladies' Satchels, best Leather, with gilt springs, lock, &c., 7s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. Gentlemen's Bags, from 6s. 6d. to 12s. The Expanding Selid Leather Traveling Bag, with patent catch lock and straps; will hold a suit of clothes, a change of linen, and a great coat. Price 22s. 6d. Ladies' Tatting Satchels from 6s. 6d. each. A Large Assortment of PARLOUR GAMES, from Is. to 10s. 6d. —Chess, Draughts, Loto, Nonplus, Conjuring Tricks, Puzzles, Card Games, King and Castle, Chameleon Tops, Parachute Tops, Russian Bear Hunt, &c., &c. Photographic Albums, from Is. Purses, from Is. A Choice Assortment of Writing Cases and Blotters, from lB. to 7s. 6d. Reduced Ordnance Map of Aberystwyth and country around, with Roads, Lanes, Rivers, Streams, Hills, Val- leys, and Gentlemen's Seats, distinctly marked; Is. plain, Is. 6d. coloured. Bedford's PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS of Scenery in and around Aberystwyth, Barmouth, Devil's Bridge, Dolgelley, &c. Carte size 6d., Stereoscopic Slides 10d., Cabinet size Is., or on mounts 2s. 6d. each. Patent Propelling and Withdrawing Pencils, and Pocket Knives. Ivory Paper Knives. Wolfe's Patent Paper Cleaners, 3d. each. Coventry Ribbon Book Markers, from 9d. each. Toy Pails and Shovels, at 6d. each. Choice Perfumery, in 6d. and Is. bottles. Daily and Weekly Newspapers, Weekly and Monthly Periodicals and Reviews, received by first train and delivered free. PARCELS FROM LONDON DAILY. THE BOOKSTALL, ABERYSTWYTH. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES. NEW BOOK BY THE REV. C. H. SPURGEON. 66 TOHN PLOUGHMAN'S TALK," or, Plain Advice for Plain People. Mr Spurgeon in his preface says :— In John Ploughman's Talk" I have tried to talk for plough- men and common people. Hence refined taste and dainty words have been discarded for strong old proverbial expressions and homely phrases. I have aimed my blows at the vices of the many, and tried to inculcate those moral virtues without which men are degraded and miserable. Much that needs be said to the toiling masses would not suit well the pulpit and the Sabbath; these lowly pases may teach thrift and industry all the days of the week, in the cottage and the workshop; and if some learn these lessons I shall not repent the adoption of the rustic style. Ploughman is a name I may justly claim. Every minister has put his hand to the plough: it is his business to break up the fallow ground, and cast in good seed. That I have written in a semi-humorous vein shall need no apology if thereby sound moral teaching wins a hearing from the million. There is no particular virtue in being seriously unreadab!e.-C. H. SPURGEON. Price One Shilling, sewed or Eighteenpence, bound in neat cloth. Per Post, 3d. extra, PRICE ONE SHILLING, by Post, Threepence Extra. A MEMOIR OF THE LATE CHARLES DICKENS, BY GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA; with a Portrait engraved specially for this Work. No living author is better qualified to write a Memoir of Charles Dickens than Mr Sala, who was acquainted with him for more than thirty years. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, BOOKSTALL, RAILWAY STATION ABERYSTWYTH, and BAILEY HEAD, OSWESTRY. PURE AERATED WATERS. QJSFAQ ELLIS'S RUTHIN SODA WATER. ELLIS'S RUTHIN POTASS WATER F NJTFFLIN ELLIS'S RUTHIN SELTZER WATER JEESJR ELLIS'S RUTHIN LEMONADE. TI&M, ELLIS'S LITHIA WATER. ELLIS'S LITHLV^AND POTASS WATER. FOR GOUT, the last-named is a splendid remedy. Every Cork is branded R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin," and every label bears their trade mark, without which none is genuine. Sold by Chemists, Hotel Keepers, Confectioners, and Wholesale only from R. ELLIS & SON, Ruthin, North Wales. TOURISTS, SPORTSMEN, AND LOVERS -L of the Gentle Art:—Heads of Families who want economic clothing for their children,—Agriculturists, Tradesmen, and others are recommended to use the nW AI. p, f::J' 81l TWEED C It may be had in great variety of pattern and texture, and includes Wynnstay Shooting Cloths, 2s. a yard; Welsh Fishing Cloth, 2s. 6d. a yard; Superfine Welsh Tweeds, from picked wools, 4s. 3d. a yard: eight yards are sufficient for a suit. Welsh Linseys, for ladies' dresses, 3s. a yard; Skirts (3 yards) for 10s. 6d. Jenny Jones Linsey Aprons 3s. 6d. each. Welsh Blankets and Flannels, endless wear. JOHN MEYRICK JONES, DOLGELLEY, Manufacturer of the famous Hand-made Welsh fabrics, will be happy to send Patterns of Tweeds, Linseys, or Flannels by Post, and he begs to remind the public that Dolgelley being on two lines of railway the charge of parcels to any part of England is very low. PRESENTS FROM THE SEASIDE. A CHOICE SELECTION of FANCY ARTICLES, suitable for Presents, may be inspected at the BOOKSTALL, at the RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH' THE COMPLETE FAMILY GLUE POT. O House, Office, or Shop, should be without it. A Novelty that supplies an actual need. Cheap, Com- Jjiiuv, <h.u..ovu.l, _1 llj. .1 (v long on label around pot.) "Handy to have in the house." It will mend Furni- ture, Pioture Frames, Ivory, Fancy Articles, Bookbinding, and every other thing that wants sticking together. SAVES 50 TIMES ITS COST. Sold by ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES, Bailey Head, Oswestry; and the Bookstall, Railway Station, Aberystwyth. SOLD AT THE BOOKSTALL, RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH. THE BOOK TO MAKE YOU LAUGH and to drive dull care away. By Andrew Hate-Gloom. Cloth, stiff covers, 6d. Id. extra by post. THE BOOK TO KEEP THE SPIRITS UP in dull and gloomy hours. Comprising Manifestations of Fun, Mirth, Humour, Drollery, Repartee, Wit, with Laughable Anecdotes, Incidents, and Poetry. By John Brighte, Esq. Price Is. By post 2d. extra. THE MERRY COMPANION for all readers. Con- taining a Choice Selection of the most Humorous Anecdotes, Droll Sayings, Wit, Fun, and Comical Incidents, in Prose and Poetry. To enliven dull hours. By Dr Merry. Cloth, gilt, Is. By post Is. 2d. THE RAILWAY BOOK OF FUN. Comprising some of the Choicest Specimens of Anecdote, Wit, Humour, Poetical Effusions, &c., extant. By Richard Brisk, Esq. Cloth Is. By post Is. 2d. THE FUNNIEST OF ALL FUN and the Wittiest of All Wit; with the most Amusing Anecdotes and Laugh- able Poetry. Royal 32mo. "A cheerful heart robs the physician of his fee.Virgil. In cloth, plain, Is. Post free 2d. extra. JUST RECEIVED, THE New Patterns of FANCY GRATE SHADES for this Season, in a variety of colours, from 6d. to Half-a-crown. Before buying for the season call and see the Patterns at ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES'S, Bailey Head, Oswestry. May also be bought at the Bookstall, Cambrian Railway Station, Aberystwyth. NEW MUSIC, SONGS, DUETS, PIANOFORTE & DANCE MUSIC By the Best Composers. NEW MUSIC AT HALF-PRICE. "VTEW MUSIC sent POST FREE, on receipt of iX Half the Price in Stamps or Post Office Order. POPULAR COMIC SONGS, SUNG BY EVERYBODY. 8. d. Awfully Good Child, by George Buckland. 3 0 A Very Fine Girl of her Age, by Fred. French 3 0 Act on the Square, by Harry Sidney 3 0 Bold Will of the Tide, by Louie Sherrington 3 0 Chiding is the Joy of Wedlock; the Ladies' Comic 3 0 Girl of the Period, by Louie Sherrington 3 0 Immenseikoff, by Arthur Lloyd 3 0 I'll Tell your Wife, by Harry Liston 3 0 Lady in Want of a Beau; Ladies' Comic 3 0 Lucy Gray, or the Ugly Donkey Cart 3 0 Some Lady' Dropt her Chignon, by Arthur Lloyd 3 0 Song of Songs (new version), by Arthur Lloyd 3 0 Why am I Left Single? by Annie Adams 3 0 American Drinks, by Arthur Lloyd 3 0 POPULAR SONGS by Harry Clifton, Leybourne, Harry Sidney, Stead, Arthur Lloyd, Vance, Nash, and other Favourite Comics, at Also the following NEW SONGS Watching for Pa. I'll Meet Thee in the Lane. Purely a Matter of Taste, by Harry Clifton. As long as the World goes Round, by Harry Clifton. Awfully Jolly, by Harry Clifton. Act on the Square, Girls. Taking my Ease, new song by Vance. Pretty Miss Ricketts. I feel like a Morning Star, by G. W. Moore, author of The Grecian Bend." Each Free for Eighteen Stamps. NEW INSTRUMENTAL AND DANCE MUSIC. The Yellow Dwarf, Serio-Comic Fantasia, introducing all the song and pieces. 4s. Coote's Favourite Lancers. 4s. Coote's Songs of the Period Valse, introducing-Act on the Square The Idol of the Day, The Lan- cashire Lass, It don't suit Charlie Baker, Little Daisy, Taking my Ease, &c. 4s. Coote's Ten Little Niggers Polka Duet. 4s. Coote's Overture Quadrille. 4s. Coote's Fairy Galop. 3s. Harry Clifton's Celebrated New Serio-Comic Songs. Look before Leaping 3 0 It's not the Pace we Travel. 3 0 It's Better to Laugh than to Cry 3 0 Wait for the Turn of the Tide. 3 0 There's Nothing Succeeds like Success 3 0 Seventy-Two 3 0 The Agreeable Young Man I. 3 0 The Dutchman's Courtship, or Rip Van Groggen- heim 3 0 Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 4 0 Musical Miseries 3 0 Coote's Grecian Bend Quadrille Duet. 5s. Coote's Carnival Polka. 3s. Riviere's Cliquot Galop. 3s. ASKEW ROBERTS, WOODALL, & VENABLES'S Music Setters and Booksellers, Bailey-Head, QIWGlWlI i an4 the Bookski4 Aberytfwyth, WHY HAVE BAD BUTTER ? WHEN you may always have it Good, Firm, and VT Sweet, even in the Hottest Weather, by using, TOMLINSON &CO.'S BUTTER POWDER. The time of Churning is also much reduced; and the quality of the Butter improved fully 2d. per pound. Sold by Chemists and Grocers in 6d., Is., and 2s. 6d„ boxes. QHLORODYNE FOR DTARRI-ICEA and ENGLISH CHOLERA. THE GREAT REMEDY of the day is Dr J.I COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE a few- doses will cure all incipient cases. Caution.-The extraordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chloro- dyne render it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is now under the protection of Government authorising a stamp bearing the words Dr J. Collis Browne's Cholorodyne," without which none is genuine. See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Pag& Wood, the Times," July 16, 1864. Sold in bottles, Is. l^d., 2s. 9d., & 4s. 6d., by all chemist. Sole manufac- turers J. T. DAVENPORT, 33 Great Russell-street^. London, W. C. OIL PICTURES.—The attention of all lovers of the Fine Arts is called to a series of copies in oil o £ some of the best works of the Italian Masters. They are executed by an Italian artist, and will bear comparison, with pictures sold at ten times their cost. The following subjects are on view at ASKEW ROBERTS & Go's., Osweptry- The First Lesson 14 in. by 11 in F. Buzzi A Romance of the Lagunes 24 18 Gastolni Faust and Margaret. 18 „ 13 B. Guiliano The Kiss 19 „ 16 F. Hayex Tomb of Romeo 18 13 T. Cremona. The above, in elegant gilt frames, can be supplied at prices ranging from 15s. to 60s. Other subjects will be receivecK frem time to time. Vnder the Special Sanction and Control of Her Majesty Most Honourable Privy Council. CASSELL'S ART UNION, FOR THE DISSEMINATION OF FINE ART VOLUMES. Owing to the rapid progress which has been mader in the education of the popular taste in matters of Art, there is found to be a constantly increasing demand amongst all classes for Illustrated Works of the highest order. To meet this, and to afford an opportunity to many who desire to become possessed of costly Works, and ar at present prevented from doing so by the necessarily high. prices at which they must be produced, it has been re- solved to adopt the following method, which will enable 4. large number of those who otherwise would be unable to- gratify their art taste to obtain, at a very moderate outlay, some of the finest and most elaborately Illustrated Workat which have ever been issued in this country. The chief feature of CASSELL'S ART UNION is, that therai' will be No Blanks, and that every subscriber will receive; a Prize of the full value of his Guinea Subscription, thati being the lowest Prize to which he can become entitled* whilst he will have the chance of gaining, instead of suclt Guinea Prize, one of the higher Prizes, which will be dis- tributed in the proportion of Ten Prizes of the total value of Thirty-five Guineas amongst every One Hundred Sub, scribers. These extra Prizes, of the total value of Thirty-. five Guineas, will be selected from the following Magnifi- cent Volumes, illustrated by Gustave Dor £ :— THE HOLY BIBLE.-English DANTE'S PURGATORY Ilnd., Edition. Illustrated by Gus- PARADISE. English Edition- tave Dore. Complete in two Uniform wlth the "Inferno. handsome volames.. Small Price £2 10s. folio, bound in cloth gilt, £ 8. t a T t r>i. • a < MILTON'S PARADISE LOST. £ ByChatfiaubriand. Illustrated with Full-Page Illustrate! Drawings by Gustave Dore. Dore. Folio., With Notes, and a Life of cloth, R2 2s. Milton, by the Rev. ROBERT DON QUIXOTE. English Edl- VAUGHAN, D.D. In one large tion- With about 400 Illug- folio volume, bound in cloth, trations by Gustave Dore. I jg5 one handsome quarto volume^ DANTE'S INFERNO.-English cloth, Xl 10s. Edition. Illustrated by Gus- LA FONTAINE'S FABLES. tave Dore. Translation by Illustrated with Fall-Page, the Rev. H. F. CARY, M.A. Drawings by Gustave Dore. Crown folio, bound in cotb, In one handsome quart", X2 10i. volume, cloth, il 10s. AND OTHER FINE ART VOLUMES. Tickets, price One Guinea each, may be procured from ASKEW ROBERTS, Nv-vu andS^EiT^ot-Do, DAILCJ-UEAD^: Oswestry, Agents for this district. A Drawing will take place every time a Set of On&' Hundred Subscribers has been filled up, and the date oE Drawing of the respective Numbers comprised in each: Drawing will be advertised in one or more of the London Daily Newspapers at least seven days previously. The, extra Prize Numbers will be advertised after the Drawing, i The Prize to which any Ticket may become entitled will be delivered ONLY in exchange for the Ticket. J. CLEMENT PARE, Secretary. A very Important Memorandum to persons about visiting the Metropolis, either on business or pleasure, i. e., nok to return home without paying a visit to the ORIGINAL CHRISTY MINSTRELS At their Elegant Home, ST. JAMES'S HALL, PICCADILLY; WHERE THEY HAVE NOW BEEN Permanently Located for upwards of Five consecutive Years, Without a Single Night's intermission, Sundays, GoocT Fridays, and Christmas Days only excepted, often giving no less than Ten, and sometimes Twelve entertainments iix. one week, to densely crowded and fashionable audiencei an instance of popularity altogether unparalled. IT should be noted by the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy,^ and Public generally that this is beyond question, THE "IDENTICAL COMPANY" Which came from the United States in 1857, and FIRST INTRODUCED THE ENTERTAINMENT OF WHICH THEY ARE THE FOUNDERS AND ORIGINATORS IN ENGLAND, Still retaining within its numbers •! ALL THE SURVIVING MEMBERS Who first introduced, and subsequently created the world-wide reputation of the title. THIS COMPANY NEVER HAS!! NEVER WILL! PERFORM OUT OF LONDON. It is now a well-known fact that amongst the whole of'- the multifarious troupes now going about the country styling themselves original and all other species of Christy'* ■ Minstrels, that not one possesses a single individual mem- ber of the great company which first came to England irL 1857, and who first introduced the entertainment identified^ with their name. In LONDON ALONE can the ori- ginal members be seen, where they have been located for years past. Passengers arriving in London from OSWESTRY ANIX. ALL TOW.NS IN SHROPSHIRE OR W ALES, alight at the Great Western Station, Paddington, from. whence they can re-book by the Metropolitan Railway to- Portland-road Station, where omnibuses await the arrival of every train to carry passengers to the top of Regent- street, only five minutes' walk from the Hall. Fare from. Paddington to Regent-street, 4d. Passengers arriving at EUSTON STATION taker, the Brompton and Islington or blue Favorite 'buses, from. Euston-road, a minute's walk from the Station, direct to the St. James's HalL Fare, 4d. Cab fare from Euston, Is. 6d. The Cab fare from the Great Western Terminus to St James's Hall, is Is. 6d. There is an entrance to the Christy's Hall from Regents- street and Piccadilly. No Fees or Extra Charges whatsoever. Messrs G. W. MOORE, and ) Sole FREDERICK BURGESS, f Proprietors^ G*AENJM?RA £ piRICK ETOGESS. See next advertisement. The Newspaper for North Shropshire' and North Wales. t ( PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY ITIORNING JL at the Office, Bailey Head, Oswestry, and issued simultaneously by upwards of a hundred agents in th" Border Counties. ) The Oswestry Advertizer AND Montgomeryshire Mercury. A Newspaper which circulates extensively amongst the landowners, farmers, clergy, solicitors, tradesmen, and inhabitants generally of a district stretching from the Eastern Borders of Salop to the West Coast of Wales, and including MONTGOMERYSHIRE, NORTH SHROPSHIRE, MERIONETHSHIRE, SOUTH DENBIGHSHIRE, and parts of CARDIGANSHIRE and FLINTSHIRE, with the following towns:—WELSHPOOL, Llanfair, Montgomery, NEWTOWN, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Llanfyllin, OSWESTRY, Shrews- bury, ELLESMERE, Wem, WHITCHURCH, Ruabon, Cefn, Llangollen, Wrexham,Corwen,Bala, Dolgelley, Barmouth, Towyn, Aberdovey, and Aberystwyth. The Paper contains a full and faithful record of events in the district where it circulates, a summary of the news of North Wales, and the general intelligence of the week, agricultural information, markets, &c., and specially devotes itself to the interests of Shropshire and the Principality. or All communications should be addressed to the Office at Oswestry, where Advertisements are received up to Tuesday night, for publication on Wednesday morning. tokgw 1't8r W<HtaU? 4 VcnaH<?»> Proprietary,