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BIRMINGHAM GO^DS, Jewellery. Watches, Harmoniums, Household Furniture, &c. Agents Wanted. Enlarged Illustrated Book free. Apply—HENRY MAY, Birmingham. 1764. MlillHiMBIMai YRHYFEDDOD DIWEDDARAF. y Y Rhyfeddod Diweddaraf. Y Rhyfeddod Diweddaraf. COUGH BALSAM GEORGE. Cough Balsam George. Cough Balsam George. MAE yn EXPECTORANT, DEMULCENT, ac Antispasmodic ardderchog. Mae yn Expectorant. Demulcent, ac Anti- spasmodic ardderchog. Mae yn Expectorant, Demulcent, ac Antispasmodic ardderchog. MAE YN GWELLHAU AR OL I BOB- peth arall fethu. Mae yn gwellhau ar ol i bobpeth arall fethu. Mae yn gwellhau ar ol i bobpeth arall fethu. COUGH BALSAM GEORGE. Cough Balsam George. Cough Balsam George. Y feddyginiaeth oreu rhag Peswch, Anwyd, Diffyg Anadl, Bronchitis, Influenza, Crygni, Poeri Gwaed, Darfodedigaeth, Pas, a phob anhwylderau y Ddwyfron, y Gwddf, a'r Ys ^yfaint. SYLWEB.—Rhydd un dogn ryddhad, ac ychydig ddognau wellhad PWYSIG.—Darllener y tystiolaethau o gwmpas pob costrehtid. RHYEUDD.—Coned y cyhoedd fynu gweled fod y geiriau George's Coug- Ba!ga'tT( wedi eu har- graffu ar bob potel; heb hyny nid ydynt yn ddi- dvvvl'. Ar werth mewn Poteli. Is. lie. a 2s. 9c. yr un, gan braidd bob Efervllydd a Chyffeir-werthydd drwy y byd a chan y Perchenog, B. A. GEORGE, Family Chemist, Pentre, Pontypridd. INFANTS' POWDERS.-Y mae yn syndod JL y fath effaith sydd gau yr EUROiPA LIFE PRESERVERSar gyfaiisoddiadaii babanod. Nid yn unig y maent y Feddyginiaeth Oreu a. Dyogelaf dd chon Mamau roddi i rai bychain pan yn Tori Danedd, ei lir yweithredant yn iachaol mewn Llewygon, Enyniad, Bronchitis. Rhyddni, y Frech Won, y Dwymyn Goch, y Frech Goch, d-c. Ar werth gan Fferyllwyr, mewn sypynau, am 1?. He. a 2s. 9c. yr un; a chan y Perchenog, B. A. GEORGE, Pentre, Pontypridd. SYLW.—Darllener y tystiolaethau pwysig a dyddorol geir o gylch pob sypyn. 356L e ff.PPiIL M 11*1 WL |Wa Mi H j Impurity of the Blood. | Unless the blood be kept in a pure state the constitution must ba weakened and disease supervene. These wonderful Pills possess the power of removing or neutralizing all con- taminations of the blood and system generally. They quietly, but certainly, overcome all obstructi ons tending to produce ill health, and institute regular action in organs that are faulty from irritation or debility. The dyspeptic, weak, and nervous may rely on these Pills as their best friend and comforter, as they act upon the main springs of life, and thus save thousands from a premature grave. Complaints of Women & Children. The very mild and painless action of these invaluable Pills recommends them to ev ery household as a remedy for the first departure from health. Any mother, nurse, or young person jruided by the directions which accompany each box of Holloway's Pills, has at once available means for checking disease, purifying the blood, and expelling from the system all gross humours. They are indeed, at all ages, the female's tried friend. Disorders of the Liver with Flatu- lency and Indigestion. Loss of appetite and flatulency are usually the forerunners of stomachic disease. These famous Pills exercise the most 5.\Iusar/ power in all affections of the liver, and all irregularities of the stomach and bowels; they restore a healthy function to every internal organ, overcome all obstructions, and cast out til impurities. Weak Stomachs.-Impaired Digestion. The wisest cannot enumerate one tithe of the distressing symptoms arising from enfeebled digestion, all of which may be readily dispelled by these admirable Pills, as they rouse the stomach, liver, and every other organ of digestion to that aenlthv tone which fullv enables them to convert all food and irink to the nourishment of the body—hence, these Pills are thE surest strengthened, and the safest restorative in nervousness, casting, and chronic debility. "he Pill.? and Ointment are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S J Establishment, 588, Oxford Street, London, also b} nearly fer.v respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, i;i Boxes and Pots, nt Is. ljd., 2s. i)d., 4s. 6d., lis., 2'2s., lad iiiis. each. The smallest Box of Pills contains four dozen; r.i id the smallest Pot of Ointment one ouiice. Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and be had in any language, even in Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, or Chinese. No. Is—i. B.-Advice can be obtained, free of chaxge, y apj^ying at the above address, daily, between 18 hotirs of 11 and 4, or by letter. lechyd! Iechyd! lechyd THOMAS'S GOUT AND.. RHEUMATIC MIXTURE. Os ydych yn dyoddef oddiwrth y gymalwst (gout), gewynwst (rheumatism), clunwst, Tic-dolereux, gravel, poen yn y cefn, yn yr ys^wyddau a'r coesau—"And all Muscular and Nervous pains"—gwnewch DKEIAL ar Feddyg- iniaeth Anffaeledig Thomas Y mae un botel (Is. He.) yn DDIGON i argyhoeddi y dyoddefydd o'i effeithiolrwydd a'i werthfawrog- rwydd DarHenwefe a ganlyn :— Rose Cottage, Newport, Mon. Mr. THOMAS,—Anwyl Syr,—Yr ydwyf wedi dy- oddef oddiwrth y gout a'r Rheumatie er's deugain mlynedd, ac wedi cymeryd ugeiniau o wahanol gyffeiriau, ae yn eu plith Blair's pills, &c. ond galiaf eich sicrhau fy mod wedi derbyn mwy o les oddiwrth un botelaid o'eh "gout and Rheumatic Mixture," na'r oil o'r lleill gyda'u gilydd. ISAAC WILLIAMS. MR. THOMAS, CARDIGAN, Dec. 13th, 1876. Sir,-Atter being a martyr to the gout for years, at last, I tried your mixture. I must tell you that I took it with a great deal of doubt as to its effect, and for this reason—I suffer from Chalk gout." Now I will tell you its effect upon me. On a Saturday in this year, I was in bed, and could uot move either "Hand" or "Foot." I took your Mixture as directed, and on the follow- ing Tuesday I could go about and do my duty as the Town and Magistrates' Clerk of Cardigan all other Medicines having previously failed to have the required effect upon me. In two months subsequently I was again taken in the hands and wrists with the same complaint. I resorted to your most valuable Mixture, and in two days I was perfectly cured. I venture there- fore, to recommend your Mixture as the greatest boon to all persons suffering from the gout, be the grade what it may.-Yours truly, W. M. MITCHELL, Town Clerk, Cardigan. Hundreds more could be given if room permitted. Wholesale Houses London, J. Sanger & Sons, Sutton & Co. Bristol, Collins and Proper and of all wholesale houses. Prepared only by E. M. THOMAS, Dispensing Chemist (by examination), 121, Commercial Street Newport, Moj). Seld in Bottles at Is. IJd, 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each, may be had of all respectable chemists. 1748 Gwellhad oddiwi'ih anwyd mewn 10 mynyd. Hayman's Balsam of Horehound, RHAG y Peswch, Anwyd Crygni, a phob afiechyd yn y Brest a'r Ysgyfaint. Y mae yn atal twymynau, yn peri i grynhoadau tufewnol ddod i fyny, a gwellhad i Beswch. Mae yn hyfryd i'r genau, fel y geUir ei roddi i blant yn gystal ag i rai mewn oed. Rhsdda hwn iachad uniongyrchol a pharhaus. MAE EI FLAB YN FELUS A DTSIONOL. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIALS :— Amport Firs, Andover. May 29th, 1869. Sir,—I have for some years had your Balsam of Horehound for Mrs. B. Webster, and intended writing to tell you how much benifit she has derived. She was considered consumptive, but the Balsam has quite restored her, and she is now quite strong. I have recommended you dozens of customers, and all have been pleased with it. I am yours &c.,—H. B. WEBSTER. Mr. Hayman, Chemist. Penydarren, Merthyr. Dear Sir,-Your Balsam is of great value. I have tried it on my children, and find it most effectual. J. EVANS, Chemist. 18, Calthrope Street, Birmingham. Sir,—"When in Swansea I was recommended by a Chemist there to try your Balsam, and found great benifit from it. Please send me some im- mediately to address.—Yours truly, J. BARNSLEY, Contractor. To Mr. Hayman, Chemist. Gellir rhoddi nifer fawr o dystiolaethau yn profi gwellhad trwy ddefnyddio y BALSAM hwn. Parotoedig yn unig gan A. HAYMAN, Fferyllydd, Castellnedd, ac yn cael ei werthu mewn boteli Is. 14 c., a 2s. 9c. yr un. gan bob fferyllydd parchus yn Abertawe, Caerdydd, Merthyr, Aberdar, Caerfyrddin, Haverfordwest, L'erpwl, a'r holl Dywysogaeth. Llanelli: Gwilym Evans. PBIF ORUCHWYLWYR,—TF. Sutton & Co., Barcley & Sons, Llundain; Collins & Rosser, Pearce < £ •• Co., Bryste; ac Evans & Co., L'erpwl. GOCHELIAD.—Erfynir ar i'r cyhoedd gymeryd sylw fod y geiriau Hayman's Balsam of Hore- hound wedi eu stampio ar y boteli, heb yr hyn nid oes dim yn wirioneddol. D.S. Y mae cryn arbediad wrth gymeryd y poteli mwyaf. L428.