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Llofruddiaeth " Howey," o…

Hanesion Dosbarthawl.I

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"GWENWYFAR." I've heard of the beautiful Scottish rose, And the shamrock of Ireland so fair; But though I admit the rare beauty of those, They can't with Gwenwyfar compare. The one that I sing, is as fair as the queen That once ruled old Gwalia's proud lands; 'Round her fair shoulders the dark tresses gleam, A model, a picture, she stands. Her cheeks like the roses just washed in the dew, And dried by the morning sun And eyes like stars from Heav'n sea of blue, Oh would they could ever be young. Her sweet cherry lips never carry a sneer Upon her fair brow rests no frown For all is so beautiful, bright and so clear, And smooth as the new marble stone. Her voice is the sound of the sweet fairy bells, When heard on a calm starry night; Her brown eyes beam from their beautiful cells, And dance in a full blaze of light. She possesses a jewel a gold cannot buy Without which, the queen on her throne, Would soon crumble down fromherpedestal high, Sweet modesty's fully her own. The one that I love has such beauties so rare, All her charms I can never discover 1 No flow'r in the.garden can with her compare, Old Gwalia's sweet bonny Gwenwyfar. Swansea. IORWERTH.


Adolygiad Llenyddol.

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Siloh, Maesteg.

Arian! Arian!! Arian ! ! !