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—Edward Wilson, Esq., of Hean tJij.'Viilj ^hSheriff for Pembrokeshire, has appointed She?«Pav'cs> Solicitor, Haverfordwest, to be his ||JJ O'Y fAIR.—The fair held on Thursday was very Of .^cted and no business of any importance was » T^ ^als w. E P'g fair was fceld to-day. The supply Ciwas small. R N ?F PARIS, which sailed from Waterford for 64 L '^ay,had onboard 127 bales bacons,70firkins •h' 'ard, 50 casks porter, 4 casks whisky, 14 <>2 cases eggs, and 16 packages poultry. which sailed from Waterford for Mil- Nfes p> 60 I' on board 145 bales bacon, 210 firkins j> ^Ultrn 8 flour, 40 casks porter, 84 pigs, 48 pack- an"^ 8 boxes fish. IT#«HNE<ILN^I>'W'EST RIFLE CORPS.—The drill of this corps join"\ostsatisfactorily. Thosememberswho have Mi"" Mn J U!ter every evening during the week, jMr' of tKND«Y and Thursday (which are reserved for members), aud the progress they have Of short time tbey have been under the 3vert .1 .^acwilliams is alike creditable to them- and ;'r.instructor. The targets have been re- jqri ^Ornm,. 18 expected that ball practice will be h, di together with a course of instruction lS^sW ?;Rce driil- in ttAPEL ANNIVERSAKT — We have much (wh^°unciDg tbat the Kev- F- J- Sl4arr' •of ^esh S-e e^otlucnt addresses on a rccent occasion f^Pei tv,ro 8Pi-rJn *ke recollection of the public), will Jlow SnJ5on8 a'd ^e trust fund of the above ^8 i[r the 24th instant. On the Monday nr, deliver a lecture, in aid of the of Life,' and we need trpJi 8nliject will receive that able and 11 a w«iinient which has acquired for the rev. i\, servc<l reputation, and a conspicuous S tae popular lecturers of the day. WISTON BOROUGH.—RECEPTION OF MR MEYRICK On Thursday, the 14th instant, Mr Meyrick arrived at Wiston, lor the purpose of canvassing the f borough. Notwithstanding the unfavourable state of the weather, the freemen and electors»^istered almast to a man, to welcome his appearance amongst them. To t surorise of Mr Meyrick and his friends, th« ™haDI' of thi ancient boLigh, headed by the Wurtoa 'bra.s hand, met Mr Meyrick's party and played before them, in verv good style. Arches (If evergreens and other de- corations were tastefully disposed by fl'S 'ted people; The reception as a whole must have been highly g tifying, and the canvass was almost an unprecedente SURoeosE AND DIJNGLKDDV PETTr SESSIONS -ThcSe were held at the Shire Hall u" s^ut(la> before Rev. Thomas Watts, and Ja'r'e" Mary Morris, of Saint David's, was chai^>'l with a scarf, shawl, the property of Mr W. Williams, d Pv of Mathrv. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and theu W ships sentenced her to six weeks' imprisonment in the House of Correction with hard lab°ur.' f marine-store dealer, was charged by .S. Thomas, of the County Constabulary, with neglecting to enter in a book, kept for that purpose, marine stores purchased by him. -The defendant pleaded guilty, stating at the same time that as it was the first time he had been brought before the magistrates, he hoped they would deal lenient y with him. He was fined 10s and costs, amounting alto- gether to 17s (3d. Milford Improvement Commissioners v. PIt/lip Stephens, for non-payment of rates, amounting to £ 10 19s 7d. The defendant did not appear. A dis- tress was ordered to be levied. SERVICES DURING LENT.—The respected vicar of Saint Mary's, the Rev. J. H. A. Fhilipps, of Picton Castle, has issued a circular to his parishioners, announcing that ser- vices will be held at the parish church, during Lent, on Thursday evenings, Good Friday, and on hasterDay, ana that prayers will be held every Friday morning at eleven o'clock throughout that period. The first lecture was delivered on Thursday evening, by the Rev. D. Archer Williams, M A., Chancellor of the Diocese, the subject beinx 'God speaking to Mankind under both Dispensa- tions.' The arrangements for the ether lectures are as follows:-February 21st, by the Rev. T. Watts, M.A., Vicar of Herbranston. Subject—'The Almost Christian. February 28th, by the Rev. VV. Adley, M.A., Rector of Rudbaxton. Subject-'The Snfferingsof Christ Neces- sary to Redemption.' March 7th, by thc lav E. Floo Woodman, Rector of Walton West Subject-the Man of Sorrows.' March 14th, by the Rev. H. C.^D. IChandler, B A Subject—' Christ our Saviour, and Chi ist our Fxamnle March 21st, by, the Reverend the Vicar of SainT MaryV Sut'ject—^Simon .ho Cro«.Be.™ March 28th, by the Rev. J. Taylor, M A., of Frey strop. Subject-' Christ s Love tot he P enitint Good Friday: morning, by the Yicar SuhjeU Rending Veil.' Evening, by the Rev. fl C D. <Chandler, Sni.ippt—1 The Stinz of Death Removed. LastcrlJay. i. fho^Vifnr Subject 'The Evidences of the morning, by the Vicar. ouDject 'The Resurrection.' Evening, by the Vicar. Subject- The D*TESTIM"oniaij TO WILLIAM RICHARDS —On Saturday last, a large Family Bible, substantially bound, with gi edges, was presented to William Ruhar ( P tendentot the Haverfordwest Water-works.) mittee of the St. Mary's Young Mens At5so,iat»»• appears that in fitting up the Market Hall, fdr the reccnt Soiree, Richards, who is proverbially good-natured, and possessed of considerable decorative taste and skill, afforded the Committee some very essential assistance, and although the inscription speaks of gratuitous service, on several occasions, we believe the testimonial had special reference to those rendered in connection with the Soirie. The inscription in gold letters inside the Bible is as follows:Presented to William Richards by the Committee of the St.. Mary's thurc,h Young Men s Society, as an acknowledgment of his kind giatuitous services, rendered to them on several occasions.-Januwy 29th 1801 '—Under which is written H. C. D. Chandler, Curate of St. Mary, and Vice-president of the Institution On Monday last Richards expressed his thanks for the •hr"jh&\rs r?.tr, txlTS'iapt;™ pSe my humble services at their disposal whenever tJevy THE Great SHIP.-Since the great ship was put upon the gridiron in Milford Haven she seems to have passed awav from the public mind, but the announcement of the intention of the shareholders to hold their annual meeting upon the 28th inst., has again worked a general feeling of curiosity in respect to her and the prospects of the company, and may make the Stein? foots interesting. She has been within the last few weeks considerably altered and modifie under the immediate superintendence of the Board o Directors, who are at present putting m an entirely new deck and in compliance with the requirements of the Board of Trade, bushing the screw with brass, or rather gun-metal bearings. No additional capital will be re- ouired to defray the expense of these alterations, which S be complet'ed by the end of the month, so that the vessel may again go to sea in March. It is probable her next vovage will be to New York. The three actions which Mr Scott Russell has brought against the com- pany, have, by order of the Court of Common Pleas, been consolidated in one. Mr. Russell a claim is m all £60,000. The company have against that gentleman a cross action for jEl 30,000. Both causes will come on for trial next term, when it is probable they may be ie- ferred to arbitration. Mr. Hope has resigned his seat at the board, and as yet no one has been appointed to suc- ceed him.—Sun. DEATH OF SIR JOHN OWEN, BART., M.P. We extract the following from a London contemporary °fWe regret to announce the death of the venerable Sir John Owen, of Orielton, M.P. for the Pembroke district of boroughs, which took place at Taynton louse on t fith instant Sir John was born in 1776» ana was mere fore in his 85th year at the time of his death. He w^s the son of Mr Joseph Lord; by Corbetta, daughter of Lieutenant-General Owen, who was the ^nd son o Sir Arthur Owen, third baronet of <Jndton. He was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, B.A., loOf, M A 1807^ according to a book professing to give an ac- count eff county famflies, but he was called to the bar undoubtedly in 1800, four years .bc/ore/^Srj^e0t°^iS that he took a degree. He married fiistfttGretnagree, "\im2' f Oct 21, V63» Mw ??.nce, secS toS'r 0™ Mr fiw«d Stephen,on of Farley Hill, Berl.s. By his first wife he had issue one son and four daughters, by his second three sons and one f1«iinrhtpr of whom three sons and four daugnteis s hfm^ Hi's Eldest son Hugh succeeds to the title. daughters, Charlotte mamed in V ,iv o 1852 • Maria YoSke; F-lten married, in Pigeonsford, Cardiganshire, and Lhza man^ ofthe Mr Charles Porcher Lang, ofJlan ^miam born in 1831, children by the second marr aL' Fusiliers, and was was a lieutenant in the 23rd Welsh FnsijiJ^ killed in the trenches b<? "L f parifament. He sat for Sir John is one of the veterans of since i84i Pembroke county from 1806to t 184g how- represented the Pembroke boroughs, u p TO the ever, he supported the Maynooth grant^ana repeal of the corn laws. H Reform Bill in 1859. get in 1852, but agau>st Lo 'a Liberal,' and his son He is now put ^Jpe.^okeshire a few weeks ago on and heir contested Pein not taken an activc part Liberal principles. Sir John has not ta £ <in a J |n in debates, except on We sh, suBjwto ™ pee, in 1830, when he determinately opposed■ JiJ £ Welgh courts his successful measure for arna g h ositjon emanating, of judicature with the EngLsh-the opiy ition e singularly enough, from We w h l, and Sir Bentinck, Mr O'Connell S^ia[n (he Conservative in- Robert Inglis. When he stood in tthe ton«5r } terest for Pembroke he was opposed not o y M. Child, a Liberal, but by his owni s<a haS bean Conservative interest also. Sine ^riges Pembroke, .unopposed. 1 he Pembroke dist P having formed Tenby, Wiston and 'w e Mil ord was added the borough from lao6 to l^-W1^1 is possessed by the Owens, 'who have returned onc memller since the Restoration.' Sir J obn was lord-lieutenant of Pem broke- shire and governor of Milford Ha • barrister-at • estates of Orielton when Mr John Lord, law, on the death of his kinsman, Sir Hugh Owen^ August 5, 1809, and was created a The original baronetcy of the Owen of sir 1641, and became extinct on the death, m ». gj Will am Owen Barlow, who was nephew o hc h e b r jibSliotter. Sir Hugl, O.fflJM<i tlie who inherited his estates, were both g » h third nRtpmn.11 v the other maternally, ot oir Ann baronet of 1641. The Owens arc said to 'fon ATSC- sey, who was contemporary with Owen Gwyncdd, Prince of Wales.. Sir Jøt.n Owen is succeeded by Hugh, his eldest son, now second baronet. l:Ie was born in ¡¿I03, and married, April 12, 1825, Angelina Cecilia, daughter of Sir Charles Gould Morgan, Bart., sister of Lord 'fredegar (who died Sept. 4, 1844), and has issue by her three sons and four borough?, from James Grabam, who had been ousted from East Oumber- KS Liberals. bei^eW^J^etoon,


^ Pembroke.












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