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PERFECT HEALTH restored without Medicine or expense. THE STOMACH, BLOOD, BRAIN, NERVES LIVER,^ LUNGS, BREATH, AND SKIN restored by Du ±>ARRY s DELICIOUS REVALENTA ARABICA FOOD which cures effectually dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, acidity, cough, asthma, bronchitis, consumption, phlegm, diarrhcea, dysentery, lirer complaints, flatulency, distension, hemorrhoids nervousness, biliousness, typhus, typhoid, scarlet, gastric, enteric, bilious, ague and other fevers, sore throats, diphtheria, measles, catarrhs, colds, rheu- matism, gout, eczema, eruptions, weakness of the guanas, impurity and poverty of the blood, hysteria neuralgia, irritability, sleeplessness, low spirits' spleen, palpitation, heartburn, headache, nervous de- bility; nausea and vomiting after eating, even in pregnancy or at sea sinking fits, exhaustion, epilepsy paralysis, atrophy, wasting diseases, diabetes, feverish breath. 37 years invariable success with adults and delicate children. 100,000 cures of cases considered hopeiess. Four times as nourishing and sustaining as meat, and digesting when no other food will stay on the stomach it saves fifty times its cost in other remedies. We quote a few of the 100,000 Cures — Cure No. 49,432, of 50 years' indescribable agony from dyspepsia, nervousness, asthma, cough, consti- pation, flatulency, spasms, sickness, and vomiting bv Du Barry s Food.-MARIA JOLLY. Cure No. 100*516 reservation of an ebbing Life.—A dangerous illness having left my stomach too weak to assimilate ordinary iood ot any kind sufficient to keep me alive I owe mv preservation toDu Barry's RevalentaArabica.on which 1 subsisted for months, recovering a healthy digestion and strength, and muscle, to the astonishment of my- selt, my medical adviser, and friends.-EDWABDWooD Wtst Bank, Bolton, 14th June, 1883. CureNo 98 418' -ConSumpt1on.DU BARRY'S FOOD has, through me fht Hfp0Y1f ?6' 1 means of Preserving to me the life of a dear wife, who was fast sinking into EXRECTED0 to 1 STAGGS °FCONSUMPTION, NOT being expected to hve from one minute to another—Rev T. GHORLEY. NO. 46,801,-The Marchioness de and the W y<?arS C0E1Plai^> sleeplessness, and the most intense nervous asritation, debility and §0 oo oTJ' renTderln-? her anfit for social intercourse. — -bivei- complaint and diarrh.-pn f™™ theboBtnAED'-?U^FEJ/EARTILL,LY FOR •TI?REE YEARS> despite the best MESCAL treatment, have yielded to Du Barry's J^IF'HM-3-'UNATTACHEI" V A°\ B. LAMBERT, of diabetes from which she was dying. Cure No. 32 880 WI^TAK HUNT, K?q., barnster-at-law, Cambridge of U 3 L URA PARALYSIS, constipatio •, haemorrhoids and eczema. Cure of Mrs. MARY SCNBFBNP ot dyspepsja ;;t the ago of 116! No. 48 320 — Du BARRY S IOOD HAS cured my wife of 20 vears' most 1 earful suikrmg from nervous and bilious a^acks, palpitati* n of the heart, and an extraordinary swelling all over, sleeplessness and asthma. Medical ™ AVIULED IIER.—ATANASIO LA BAPBJSPA Mayor of Trapam, Sicily." No. 72,OI8.Du BARPY^S 1OOD has cured me of 36 years' asthma, which OSSD me to get up tour or hve times every night to R-DIN™ my chest from a pressure which threatened suffocation. »O'01 F^OILL?H' ECRALLL"l e, France." Cure No" 89,915 of 20 years' fearful debilitv.— AVIO-NNRT4 i 18th 1876. Du Barry's Food has perfectly cured me of 20 YEARS dyspepsia, oppression, and debility whi"h prevented my dressing or undressing myself 0' making even the slightest effort. I am now +I age of 61 perfectly restored to health and strength' (Mme.) BORELL, nee CARBONETTI 100 FTFIRT „ including those of the late Russia,. Dr. Livingstone and Mr. H WTFI the AfMcan Explorers, the latter saving 220 of HF-' men from inanition, Lord Stuart de Decies of Drs. (Jre, Wurzer, Mmalie, Shorland. Routh l>t-n S- P ?KK;S REVALENTA ARABICA FOOD sellq lacked for ail climates, 111 tins of ilb -t 9- iTu' 3s. 6d.; 2;b„ 6s.; 51b„ 14s.; 121b 32s Jh ''r costing about 2d. per meal. All tins of Revalenta are sent free ot carriage in Enclnnrl Order. Pamphlet with testimonials' sSnfcn^af°Stal demand. Also THE KING OF INFANTS' I'SODS the NIOCT pirfect food for REARING Bibips T ? boxes at 8d. and Is. and 3d.-add 3d. for'frankin-UnC' Du BARRY AND CO., LIMITED, NO 77 P V street, London, W„ and through ah Grocer C/iemists in the world. ESTABLISHED NEAKLY 50 YUAR?.—White's ra C/°*- ■, Moc-Maine Trasses. Single Trusses from 10s? D(^n trusses, from 1*. Sent tree from observation" and free.