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CORRESPONDENCE. (WE do not hold ourselves responsible for the opinions of our corres ponden ts.- ED.1 To the Editor of the "Llcmgollen Advertiser." Sir,Being a resident of Llangollen now for some years, and paying heavy rent, rates, &c., I thought I would just insert a few lines in your columns. Live and let live ought to be every man's motto but there happens to be amongst us now something to cause a certain amount of grievance. We have on the Smithfield a party who sells almost everything, from a needle to an anvil. We all suffer from depression of trade to a certain extent, but when one sees parties making purchases of unnecessary articles from strangers, when they stand indebted to their generous creditors for not only months but years, it is high time to make comments. -RESIDENT. WATCHNIGHTS. To the Editor of the" Llangollen Advertiser." Sir,-Through the medium of your newspaper I would like to make a suggestion with regard to the establishment of a Watchnight at any one of the chapels in Llangollen on New Year's Eve. I think I utter the sentiments of many of my fellow-chapel- goers when I say that I should much like to see this old custom revived in the town. I have heard but one objection to its being held i.e., because some rowdy and irreverent persons interfered more or less with the service, either from outside or inside the edifice. Now, I really am at a loss to see how such a thing could be possible. But granting, for the sake of argument, that such was the case, I really do not see any difficulty whatever in the immediate suppression of such disturbances and annoyances. At the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, not long ago, there was a crowded congregation on New Year's Eve, and I failed to see anything whatever to mar the occasion-indeed, everyone seemed as devout and reverent as such a solemn and impressive occasion required. I may say that I and many of my acquaintances were present simply because we adore the old custom. To my way of thinking, I believe that the holding of a service at such a solemn time of the year is beneficial to the spiritual interests and welfare of many who attend the same, and I would ask the authorities of any of the denominational bodies to comply with this request, as I feel sure I am echoing the sentiments of many of the townspeople.-Yours truly, DUM VIVIMUS YIVAMUS. THE PARISH CHURCH. To the Editor of the Llangollen Advertiser." Sir,-Does the severe wintry weather affect the constitution of our beloved pastors ? This season the organist has wonderfully improved the choir, and can handle his instrument well; but it is too bad of him, in his ambition for Cathedral service, to make such a "hash" of the Curates. Before such changes are made in the Church a meeting of the congregation should be called and their opinion taken. It is such things as these which tend to make us half-hearted Churchmen. There are a few "odd" Churches you meet with a few eccentric individuals in life ;—were they more numerous, I, strong Churchman and Conservative as I am, would not hesitate to vote for Disestablish- ment. Our Vicar and Curates are worthy men, but let them not forget that the Church is the Church of the people. Let us have earnest and impressive elocution, well-made sermons, some lesson that the congregation can take home with them; for an ill- considered discourse is an insult to educated people. If our pastors, beloved notwithstanding these severe criticisms, would drop in quietly on any Sunday afternoon at the little Church by the Chainbridge and see how earnest and attentive the congregation is—it cannot help itself-for the Clergyman prays, not sings, and preaches a short practical sermon. As a congregation, we go to serve our Maker, not for respectability's sake. Let us have our house in good order. I enclose my card. LOVER OF THE CHURCH.


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