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WREXHAM. THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS.—On the evening of the 10th inst. a meeting of tradesmen was held to consider the steps to be taken in reference to the Christmas markets. It was decided that the annual show of meat should take place on Tuesday night, the 22nd inst., and that the market days, owing to Bank Holiday falling on the Saturday, should be held on Wednesday and Thursday. A SUCCESS.—The well-known firm of Messrs, Stevens, the confectioners of Hope-street, have j^s been successful in obtaining high honours at tila International Cookery and Food Exhibition llovr being held at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster In the keenly-contested competition, Mr. Frett Stevens, of this firm, has been awarded a ilver medal, the second prize for cold entrees. consider- ing that some of the most noted London firms com* peted, and the distance the dishes had to travel Wrexham to London, the result speaks highly 0 the products and artistic skill of Messrs. Stevens. FIRE ON TOWN HILL.-On Saturday afternoon week, what might have developed into a serious' fire occurred at Mr. Francis, chemist's shop, ^o^T Hill, of which Mr. Rowlands is manager. At tn& back of the shop there is a laboratory where ,,di- cines and prescriptions are prepared, and in corner a large drum of paraffine oil stands. In tb-L room a fire screen accidentally became possibly through a lighted coal falling from the fire, and in a moment the flames reached the ce* and filled the shop with smoke. Mr. > with a presence of mind that does him exceeding credit, rushed to the rescue, seized the burning screen, and took it out into the back premises, SU taining some painful burns on the hands in doi»K so. On his return he found that the table also n taken fire, and as this was too large to be c&Ttlp* through the back doorway, Mr. Rowlands ma,na'f0f to smash it in such pieces as he could convey i the room. A few buckets of water were „ to subdue what remained of the fire. During few minutes of its existence a large crowdcongT" gated outside the shop. Mr. Rowlands is complimented on his pluck and presence of B°I » but for which the proportions of the fire cann easily be estimated. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE AT PULESTON MILLS. alarming and very destructive fire broke ovii Puleston Steam Corn Mills, occupied by Mr. Wrig Hirdir, during the night of Tuesday, the 8th or early the following morning. Up to 8 0 the Tuesday evening a number of workmen been employed at the mills, replacing the old grl. ing stones with new patent iron rollers. Whi^ vraxe alteration was going on of course the mills stopped, and, as it happened, most of the stoi0 ware. had been removed a week or so before to the house. All appeared to be quite safe — millwrights left off work in the evening, & after 1 o'clock a.m. the foreman of the m:ills,_ lives in a cottage hard by the works, was ar and alarmed by an outbreak of fire on the_s floor of the mills. Seeing what a hold the n already taken, and that it was fast sPr.ea ^-jpnt;s third floor, he roused the neighbouring resi and at once ran off to Wrexham for the Fire B g • The alarm was given in at the Fire Brigade at a quarter to 2 o'clock, but by this able havoc had been done to the mills, lne WA3 and third floors were all ablaze, and the r — about to fall in. After some little delay in the horses ready the brigade were despatcne scene of the fire, and quickly reached the ^ad found, however, that the roof and all the pfcelv by that time fallen in, and the mills were co P -n<r gutted; so they devoted their attention the adjoining buildings. By fixing their e » fui to the F4in Puleston pool close by, two p jets of water were soon got to bear on tne wera buildings, and by strenuous, hard wo:r v!lV1^es of successful in preserving them from the m and the fire, the mills being now one mass o mills smoke. Next day all that remained O were the bare walls and an nnjnen jnjug- smouldering debris. The outlmildmg tllingr the engine, boiler, &c., were saved, b !1{jing a* that was in the mills was destroyed. „ an(J. comparatively small quantity of c°rn' ^OOO, sacks. The damage is estimated at about £ 2,1^ The building and its contents were Alliance Offices. A good ]part f the new -achinery for the mills was at the time of the fire y J railway station awaiting delivery. No assigned, fQj; the fire.



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