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UPWARDS OF 10.000 TESTIMONIALS. 'R'PTT T T 4 BOEHLEN'S BRILLIANT, tOB, LIQUID METAL POLISH. Once used always used. Brilliancy; no smell; no scratching less labour; more lasting; no mess. "Used in the Royal Mews. Contractors to the P. and O. Steamship Company, the North London and the Tilbury and Southend Railway Companies. The BEST BRIGHTENER KNOWN of Gold Silver. Plated, Brass, Copper, Plata Glass, Gilt Mouldings and Oil Paintings, and all other classes of metal goods, from the most costly and fragile to those in Steamship Company, the North London and the Tilbury and Southend Railway Companies. The BEST BRIGHTENER KNOWN of Gold Silver. Plated, Brass, Copper, Plata Glass, Gilt Mouldings and Oil Paintings, and all other classes of metal goods, from the most costly and fragile to those in commonest use; producing the most beautiful polish cheaply and with the least possible labour. Sole Manufacturers:—J. BOEHLEN & COMPANY, 20, BUCKLERSBURY, LONDON, E.C. Sold by Chemists, Druggists. Oilmen. Grocers & Ironmongers. A Sample sent free for 6 stamps. NERVOUS DEBILITY. ] 6 1:2 DR. E. C. WEST'S NERVE & BRAIN TREAT- Ay MENT, a Guaranteed Cure for all Diseases of the Nervous System, such as Hysteria, Dizziness, Convulsions, Fits. Neu. ralgia, Headache, Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Prematura Old Age, caused by Excesses, Over-Exertion of the Brain, or Over-indulgence (resulting in Insanity, and leading to Misery, Decay, and Deaths The Remedy is from the Prescription of an Eminent Physician, <fc has been tested & used with great ^success for years; therefore the Proprietors have no hesitation whatever in issuing a Written Guarantee of Cure, or Money refunded to every Purchaser of Six Boxes. Each Box contains One Month a Treatment. 4/6 a Box, or 6 Boxes (with Guarantee) for 25/ To be had of all Chemists and Druggists.—BARCItAY & SONS. London Agents. 95, Farringdon Street, London, IN ECONOMYtee GARDEN IS INSURED BY USING Sutton' Sutton's PARCELS 10/- 0/- POST (Sutton's See Sutton TE coL Sutton's OF VEGETABLE & FLOWER SEEDS Containing 30 Favourite Varieties of Vegetable Seeds, and 12 Choice Sorts of Flower Seeds. SENT FREE BY PARCELS POST TO ANY AD- DRESS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ON RECEIPT OF A REMITTANCE FOR 9/6. PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. Mltf07U&MA QUEEN'S SEEDSMEN, READING. NORTHWALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. (OPPOSITE THE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK.) These Stores of Supply are based and' con- ducted on the Co-operative principle,—The Smallest Profit for Cash Payment, with a view to meet the requirements of a class of customers who are able and willing to pay ready money for their goods, and reasonably expect to receive full advantages for the same, thereby doing away with the system whereby good customers are made to pay for the bad. XMAS SEASON, 1883. THE PROPRIETORS beg respectfully to call the attention of their patrons and the public generally to their choice and well-selected STOCK of NEW PATRAS, VOSTIZZA, AND CEPHALONIA CURRANTS, MUSCATEL, VALENCIA AND SULTANA RAISINS, FRENCH PLUMS, ELEME FIGS, JORDAN, VALENCIA, AND BITTER ALMONDS, CANDIED, LEMON, ORANGE AND CITRON PEEL. CRYSTALLIZED AND GLACE FRUITS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COSAQUES, BON BONS, & CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF CHRISTMAS CAKES, ICED AND PLAIN, ALSO OF PLAIN AND FANCY BISCUITS. GORGONZOLA, PARMESAN, GRUYERE, AND STILTON CHEESE. FOREIGN WINES, SPIRITS, AND LIQUERS. Purchasers can obtain the advantages oj Co. operative Stores without the expense of taking shares or buying an annual ticket. COPIES of new price LIST can be had FREE on application to the Stores, or per Post. DEPARTMENTS. TEAS AND COFFEES. GENERAL GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. FRENCH, ITALIAN, FOREIGN & COLONIAL GOODS. WINES AND SPIRITS. CIGARS AND TOBACCO. BRUSHES, SPONGES, &c. FANCY AND HOUSEHOLD BRUSHES. PATENT MEDICINES AND PROPRIETARY ARTICLES. PERFUMERY AND FANCY GOODS. DELIVERY OF GOODS. AH Orders delivered Free in Wrexham and neighbourhood by our own Vans, or by Carriers. General Orders of < £ 2 and upwards forwarded Carriage Free, to any Railway Station within twenty miles of Wrexham for £ 5 and upwards forwarded, Carriage Free, to any Railway Station in England or Wales. C. K. BENSON & Co., PROPRIETORS. (1342) SAFE INVESTMENTS FOR SMALL SUMS. PERSONS of either sex will find a perfectly secure investment for sums of £ 5 and upwards. Good security and large interest. Se- curity deposited with investor. References given and required. Apply to F. ST. AUBYN, Esq., 48, Porten Road, West Kensington Park, London, W. 13 DDAPn ETQ B* tC IB I P I !■ 8 Full Amount Returned, LI 1 In WLBIMLB I W if not Approved. Sterling Silver 1 k in. wide, with raised Gold Omti'; ents. pretty design 18/9, Write fyr^illus 31/6 5 traiions. 15/9to 10/9. NECKLETS, ic„ EQUALLY CHEAP. FROM WATCHESAMERI™ 42! fills I Uil Other qualities at exceedingly low WW price*. Guarantee given with every watch. B B Write for Price List. All articles registered for P.O.O. SH03. WEUBilP., 110, Slioe Lane, Sleet Street, London, E.C. ft the Young Men of England, who suffer from Nervous Debility- Just Published. THE CONFESSIONS and EXPERIENCE OF AN INVALID. Designed as a WarDing and a Caution to others; supplying at the same time the means of SELF-CURE, by one who has cured himself, after undergoing the usual amount of Medical Imposi- tion and Quackery. Single copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped Single copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the author, ARTHUR DIXON", Esq., Honnslow, near London. CHEAP JEWELLERY, all kinds. "Waltham Watches, or Geneva, Clocks, Musical Instruments, Silver Jewellery, Fancy Goods. Cheapest House. Illustrated Catalogue 3 stamps. MILLING-TON, 12,Houndsdicch,London. Cash & Trade only, TNVESTMENTSmaflein SAFE SECURITIES, & SPECU- LATIVE BUSINESS in all Stocks and Shares on the London Exchange carefully transacted by Mr. Thomas Beer, Sworn Stock Broker, 108, Bishopsgate Street Within, E.O, Investment Circular with special information post free. A BERDEEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, ^5, carriage paid. Inscriptions accurate and beau- tiful. Plans and prices from J. W. Legge, Sculptor. Aberdeen. THE NATURAL J WATERBIO7ER- by all respectable m Chemists, Grocers, and Mineral Water Dealers. ROYAL Superiority of VIOLET'S Toilet Soaps Tlim'fla/ifl Qnan (^>y Medical Celebrities Recommended) IliliUdliO OUdp Is confirmed by experience of Half a entury. VELOUTINE SOAP VIOLET, These Soaps have the pro- Paris, Rue Saint-Denis, 225. perty of rendering'the skin! Wholesale Agents nrm, white, and soft. i R. HOVENDEN & SONS, London. GENTLEMEN'S KEYLESS CALENDAR WATCHES. WONDERS OF THE AGE. Price only 50/ Warranted perfect Timekeepers, jewelled in every hole, compen- sation balance. Shows the hours & seconds, day of the week & month. Massive sterling silver English Hall-marked cases. Money returned if not approved of within a week. Trade supplied. Sent registered on receipt of P.O.O. for £2108. to Mortimer & Co., 13, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square. London, W.C. mm NEEDLE STEADY, SILENT LIGHT. MIMUM PEEBLES & Co., mlnNrjK TAY WORKS, EDINBURGH, DVIUIUU. AND YQPR GAS FITTEB. TROUSERS FREE BY PARCELS POST. 7/6 per pair, & you will receive A 60 INCH TAPE SEND 1 STAMP for PATTERNS from MEASURE, & an assortment of all the most fashion- able Angolas St All-Wool Tweeds as now being worn in suits & trousers, together with a list of unsolicited testi- monials, fashion plates & directions for self-measure- ment (acknowledged to be as easy as A.B.C.). We gua- rantee a fit. You will find on comparison that our goods are at least 20 per cent. cheaper than any other house in the trade. Address-TARLING BROS., Manufac- turers & Contractors,4,2,Goswell-rd.,London. Estd. 1840. UERY GREAT BARGAINS. V WOOLLEN DRESS GOODS. Alipifl COTTON DRESS GOODS. I U L A IJ At Manufacturer's Prices. Any length cut. Vl I I H-f» I Dress Fabric Manufacturing Co., Manchester. MB BELLAS, MATERIALS, & STICKS. Trade list & testi- monials post free. Send business card. Nutting, 137, Diebeth.Birm. NERVOUS AND PHYSICAL DEBILITY. A gentleman, having tried in vain every advertised remedy, has discovered a simple means of self-cure. He will be happy to forward the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope. Address, J. T. SEWELL, Esq., Brook Villa, Hammersmith, London. RFLHE OCEAN STEAM YACHTING X COMPANY (Limited), Intend despatching their Screw Steam Yacht CEYLON," 2 2,200 tons Register, on PLEASURE CRUISES as follows :— In May for a 3 weeks Cruise to the Azores and Madeira. In June for a 6 weeks Cruise to the Northern Latitudes. In August for a 2 weeks Cruise round the United Kingdom. In September for a 4 or 5 weeks Cruise to the Atlantic Islands. For full particulars apply to the OCEAN STEAM YACHTING COMPANY (LlMITEn), Passenger Office: 7, Pall Mall, London, S.W. N BELLAMY'S DISCOVERY, WO*' FOR THE CURE OF LAME AND BLEMISHED HORSES. SPRAINS, BRUISES, INFLAMED SWELLINGS, BONE SPAVIN, Curb, Splint, and Bony Formations, WINDGALLS, THOROUGHPIN, BOG SPAVIN, &c., CURED and REMOVED. without firing or injury to the Horse. Remedy for Sprains, &c., 6s.; Bone Spavin, &c., 5s. 6d.; Windgalls, Bog Spavin, &c., 10s. 6d.; Carriage paid. P.O.O. OR CHEQUE TO ACCOMPANY ORDER. Full particulars and testimonials Post Free on application. BELLAMY & CO., 55, Brown-St., Manchester. SPITALFIELDS SILKS. FOR FURNITURE AND DRESSES. Embroidery and Textile Fabriques by R. HELBRONNER, 300 & 302, Oxford Street, London. THE CAMDEN FOUNTAIN PENT* T PATENT, August, 1883. THE PERFECTION OF "FOUNTAIN" OR RESERVOIR PENS. Simple in Construction. Cannot get out of Order. The increasing demand for a really workable Pocket or Desk Pen containing its own supply of ink, has induced the produc- tion of the CAMDEN FOUNTAIN PEN," which is brought before the public as the perfection of reservoir pens, for with it ANY PEN CAN BE USED, and thus there is accomplished the great desideratum, A PERFECT FOUNTAIN PEN. The size of the Camden Fountain Pen." viz.. Sin. long. adapts it conveniently for either the pocket or the desk, and its tapering form is a special feature. PRICE Fitted with non-corrodible Pen 2/6 Fitted with Iridium Point Pen, fine, medium, or broad 3/6 Each Pen is sent out in a neat box, with Ink-filler complete. SOLD BY ALL STATIONERS. Wholesale only from CHaS. GOODALL & SON, Camden Works, London, N.W. MESMERISM. Complete written instructions. Success guaranteed. Free 2/6.-A. W. Clavis, 21, Everton-road, Liverpool. Established 1849. ROTH and RINGEISEN'S PATENT PHOSPHOR PASTE I For the destruction of RATS, MICE, BLACKBEETLES, tec. Sold in stone jars at 3d., 6d., 1/ 2/6, and 5' by most Chemists, Grocers, and Oilmen, &c., throughout the Kingdom. Manufactory. SI, Acton Street, Gray's Inn Road, London. Wlwle8ale Agents: London: BARCLAY & SONS, Farringdon-st. „ „ Scotland RAIMES & CO., Edinburgh. It Ireland: SIMPSON & CO., Dublin. The Wonderful a.' VELVETEENS For L,llDIES'Dresses at EVERY INCH n. A IS GUARANTEED. 2/~ YAED. THE Proprietors of the Bon Marahe in BASNET* STREET, LIVEHT-OOI,, are the Manufacturers of fine first-class VELVETEENS. They are Fast Pile and Fast Dyed, and every inch is guaranteed. Should a dress wear badly, the Proprietors will give a new dress for nothing at all, and pay full cost of making and trimming The price for black and the most beautiful colours is 2s. a yard, AND THE SAME VELVETEENS ARE SOLD BY THE BEST DF-ATEHS for 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. a yard. Write for patterns on a Post Card. You will be astonished at the Pattern? you will receive, TOST FREE, from the BON MARCUS IN BASNETT STREET, LIVERPOOl 5s lici SINCLAIR A j&mK ,4* 5 is*Bk OF ALL The Family f fjl O <:A™I ™ £ X?,LIVIEN SAVES TOffi .FUEL « waters a Steamy House. Cleanser! Beware of Q fS A P Ml TI¡I 4-sk for SINCLAIR'S." Queen, the clothes require less rub. .IF c omg and no boiling. ^A^SsiEGjjin, Soutliwark, London,S.E. AN IMPORTANT FACT! _T? ~i AND UPWARDS carefully invested dUXV/ in Options on Stocks and Shares is the safest and most popular way of rapidly making money on the Stock Exchange by the non-liability system. Explanatory Book (new edition) giving fuii details, gratis and post free. Address, GEORGE EVANS & CO., Sworn Brokers, BYUAE, LIOADOUJ E.C. Our Country's Industries are our Country's Greatm. -The Right Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE THE HOME MANUFACTURED ALL-WOOL VICTORIA A A -A-A-A-A-" Have been Awarded the Silver Medal by Foreign Jurors in a Foreign Country (Amsterdam Exhibition, 1883). This should convince all Ladies that they are equal to foreign manufactured goods. No INTERMEDIATE PKOFITS. Send for Patterns, which will be sent free. Address. BiUTISH DRESS CO.. BRADFORD. 4 33 toig A&4 THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FASHION JOURNAL. CONTAINS: Cut-out Paper Pattern; Sheet of full-sized Pattern* Coloured Fashion Plate. Fifty-two Pages Letterpress profusely Illustrated of Padi Fashions, Modes and Manners, &Q. Price 6d.; per Post at. A. Goubaud & Son, 39140, Bedford Street, London, W.C. T. FOSTER" Co. SEND THEIR CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR ONE 1st QUALITY GUINEA 2nd QUALITY CONTAINS ■ HI NIRL CONTAINS ASSORTED rx CASES fTS„ 5S& "-fflssar- 1 „ OldTom CARRIAGE PAID. 1 lb. Coffee Send Order It Cath to 45, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. FOE^IN^ANTS Jail AND INVALIDS. gh Gives Health and Comfort to AIL "Has saved the lives of thousands."—Samuel Barker, M.D., Physician to Brighton Hospital for Children. BsUblished ever 20 7ear», AU Chemist* and Grocers sell it, THOMSON'S PATENTED COILED SPRING SECTION CORSETS. The growing desire for Health preserving Clothing, with a graceful, symmetrical figure, must make the Coiled Spring Elastic Section Corset a necessity with all well-dressed English Ladies, and as universally approved of here as it is in America, where, having had the test of 2 years' actual experience, it is now universally acknowledged as A Perfect Corset secured at last. By an ingenious arrangement of fine coiled wire springs, forming a flat elastic section (which, unlike india-rubber elastic, will not heat the person, or perish in wear), this Corset yields readily to every respiration and move- ment, and, while giving all necessary support, is equally comfortable in any position assumed by the wearer. Any Lady making a trial of this Corset will be charmed with the new sensation of comfort and relief from the rigid, unijielding bone and steel of the ordinary make, and while securing the grace and carriage of a good figure will be conscious that she,is not sacrificing Health to Fashion. Made in Five Qualities, and in a variety of Colours. For particulars, see Illustrated List. Can be obtained from all high-class Drapers in Town or Country by giving usual waist measurement, and quality desired. 00, TRADE W MARK, HAVE IT IN yo un HOUSES. LAMPLO UGH'8 PYRETIC SALINE. It is the safe antidote in Scarlet Fever, Small-pox, and other diseases. An in. valuable domestic medicine, removing Headache, Biliousness. Constipation, Skin Affections, Blood Poisons & Feverishness. See numerous Medical Testimonials, such as no other Saline can show, therefore TJ S'S no other. Prepared solely br H. LAMPLOUG-H, 113. Holborn, London. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES & WITH YOU IN YOUR lRAm?.T,a (JOUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA. DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE, m.e^W l^°f^88^~ extraordinary ume, which protected by a J, .¡,i. :}¥" ;.+;: P, bearing the words Browne's Chlorottyue." Sue decision oi Vice-Uhanreilir Sh^W* Page Wood, the Times. July 16tli, J SO t. euor sir w. Numerous testimonials from eminent Physicians accompany each bottle. Sold in Bottles, 1/14, 2/9, & 4 all Chemists IVTEW^PAMliY^SX.SCTKO-Mii^^jiQ MEDICAXi APPARATUS for tho cure of RHEUMATISM, CONSUMPTION. GENERAL DEBILITY BRON- CHITIS, PITS, AFFECTIONS of the la VSR, AGUE, CANCER. APOPLEXY,NEURALGIA,SPINAL COMPLAINTS,SPSAINS.&c! Strongly recommended by scientific practitioners as a certain & painless remedy for most diseases, as well as boin.s? a source of endless am isemeiit to everyone. Two-current Coil, Insulating & Electro-plated Handles, Silk Connecting Cords, Power Re°Ti- lator, & Battery, complete, packed and forwarded free, 18s. 6d. Trade sunnhed. JWEEDON & Co., EliECTRICIANS, SUNDERLAND AT KEYLESS WHOLESALE PRICES. WATCHES. LADIES' 9 carat, 38/6; 14 carat, 50/ Silver, 35/- and 45/. ("rustat Ol"ss hi'tnttijnlli/ J'rP'/ jewelled. GENTLEMEN'S Gold, 55/- and 60, Stout Silver Lever 40/- ALL KEYLESS & perfect timekeepers. Large stock of Chains. Trade Supplied. Send P.O.O. Money returned if not approved F. JOHNSON & CO.qo. Fleming j^dJMMiington London. MUSICAL i&is THE WORSTED COATINGS and SOTSS of the HuddersSieldWoollen Cloth Company,Ltd.,are the best value manufactured. Any length cut. -Patterns on D'ARCY'S DUBLIN STOUT MclZZwery ,Larg-e;t Breweryin Ireland but one.) S AFE INVESTMENT for small capitalists, 7J per cent, steady dividends in a non-speculative concern CROWE'S BALSAM of LINSEED and HONEY perfectly cures COUGHS, COLDS, BRON- CHITIS, DIFFICULT BREATHING, LOSS of VOICE, and all CHEST and LUNGr AFFECTIONS, is more reliable ind efficacious than any other known medicine. Sold by all Chemists in Bottles at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d., or by Parcel Post. L5 or 36 Stamps, by THOMAS CROWE, Practical Chemist, 31, Wardour Street, London. BtiAX.VS SKIN LOTION.—Proscribed by the late James Startin. the celebrated skin doctor. Marvellous cure for pimples, blotches, redness, &c. Bottles 2s. 9d. By post3s.-2, Cosmo Place, London, W.C., and from Chemists. n n rr MEDICAL 'WONDERS, should be read by all Willi M young men. Important to debilitated nervous sufferers and ill 11 f l\ those about to marry, Free in Envelope for 4 stamps. Pub- ii_!i_li_i]Llisher's Medical Hall, Fitzallan square,Sheffield. Estab. 1830 PARCELS POST. PAROELS POST. -L Dress Caps, Mob Caps, Curtains, Collarettes, &c. Splendid value. Will be sent to any part of England free on receipt of P.O.O. for 10/- and upwards. W. COTTON, WEEKDAY. CROSS. NOTTINGHAM. EN" A VANT YEAST WILKIN & Co., l\. BUTTERINE PP° LONDON UrJ'' I^luF* eL^MLIWIESS ^^i^'usED Til 4 V* f>\ 7" O ( *)A WITHOUT 11 lAyV ^1 f r°^Es i'(p BURNISHED ryVK ¥ „ g j, steeu r^he%u y SOLD EVERYWHERE.jmUFACTOBY l SOHO SPUARF.. LONDCN. JJf KEYLESS WATCHES, LADIES' GOLD 14 carat, warranted. Jewelled in every hole, perfect timekeepers, honestly worth 4 pnunen,s. Price only t2 5s.. and money returned if not anproved of within 7 days. Handsome p-c-«nK Sent re<rist,ered on r""0;pt of P.O.O. for r2 5s to H. Sf Cn.. IS. Vi It All. Purify the Blood. A mild Aperient. Cure Headache, < lu7!ll&aSlHI3HBl^l nation » 4 IIAIIIKMPJHVLKM^ XT' BBWON| » < Bile, Nervousness > H Liver dnmnlai^f I ► < IDIB Hfl orn tt^ ,v ,mc'| ► 4 I MI ■ ■ ^equalled as I ► < B M B I ► » 4 IVB BtJW TB"SB1 ffilllM 4 I w41 ki 1B B BH l j 1 rig pi in I Li I a ► < Price Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per box. »t>»yyvvvvyyvl»iv"fwyvvvvvy|rw)ii»v?yvr Wm.XTV9lMMEDIA.TK BELIEF and ULTIMATE CUBE t# ftl] mflerer» from RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, te. Of an Cherai»t», price per bottl», or through BAROL AT ft BONS, Farrlng- imrii,. lienAta. «b» will twniii » »(& -f^TILLIAM M. HUTCHISON'S SOONER T OR LATER.—This is as lovely a melody as Mr. Hutchison's DREAM FACES or EHREN it is published in F, G, A, and B flat. Also as avalse, by Josef Meissler. 2s. each nat. W. MARSHALL and Co., 7, Princess Street, Oxford Street, W. W~ ILLIAM M. HUTCHISON'S SOONER OR LATER. heart hath its home in the past, love. It lives in the past with thee; The days when your love was my haven. The light of my life to me! I fold you once more to my heart, love. To hush all its passionate pain. For my love still brings you near. You dwell for ever here. Till time shall join our faithful hearts again. Sooner or later, sooner or later. We shall love once more As we ne'er have loved. Sooner or later love shall live again, Live for evermore! Oh love, my love, come to my heart. Mine, only mine, while life is given. The last to bless when death shall part, The first to greet my soul in heaven. If not on earth—in Paradise, Sooner or later come it will. When, looking in each other's eyes, W e know that we are faithful still. Sooner or later, &c. H. L. D'ABCT J ATOMIC. POST FREE FOR SIX STAMPS. The MARVELLOUS WORK on > CONSUMPTION, BY GEORGE THOMAS CONGREVE, Coombe Lodge, Peckham, London, S.E. Mr. Congreve is publishing ONE RECENT CASE of CURE EVERY WEEK in the ClxristianWorld." and. other Weeklies. NEARLY 100,000 SOLD! F(D G-S I And DAMP AIR produce Catarrh, Coughs, Hoarseness. THE FINEST REMEDY FOR COLDS, COUGHS, etc., IS CONGREVE'S BALSAMIC ELIXIR, In bottles, Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. SOLD BY ALL MEDICINE HOUSES. T^ALJOljEi's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES •d ,„are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London, 1862. Paris, 3367. Silver from £ 3 3s Gold from £ 6 6s. 77, Cornhill, E.C. 230, Regent Street, W„ London. Descriptive Pamphlet free. „ CORNS! CORNS —EXTRAORDINARY DISCOVERY. "riHIROPODINE," posi- VW" d^erts from ^thing yet inventedTpriee 13Adf free by return 15 stamps. Try it. Pottage. Chemist, Beverley HEALTH SECURED by ItrORI SO IT'S VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL MEDICINES. To be had of all Chemists throughout Great Britain. JUST PUBLISHED, for Two btamp" £ By J. A. BARNES, M.D. {U.S.), A Treatise, entitled— "TTOW TO ENSURE HEALTH:" JLJL a Most Valuable Book for Young Men •on the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Nervous Deb'ilitv Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart Noises in the Head and Ears, Impaired Sight and Memory' Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, &c. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps. Address- J A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), • 43. Lonsdale Square, Thornhill Road. London, N AS A CURE FOR RHEUMATISM, GOUT, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS in the JOINTS, LIMBS, BACK, or KID- NEYS,CROWE'S FAMOUS GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS have no equal, and at once remove all GOUTY & RHEUMATIC PAINS from the system. Sold by most chemists in Boxes at 1/li & 2/9, or sent post free 14 or 35 stamps, by THOMAS CROWE, Practical Chemist, 31, Wardour Street, London, W T ADY'S GOLD KEYLESS WATCHES, L Gold Dials, jewelled in every hole, of exquisite finish and workmanship. London shopkeepers are charging iC4 for the same article. Handsome little Watches. Money returned within 3 days if goods not approved of. Price only £2 5a. Sent on receipt of Post Office Order for that amount to MR JOHN" DEWEY, Aberford, Leeds. T ADIES'KEYLESS WATCHES, WAR. L RANTED 14 carat GOLD, and perfect timekeepers, jewelled in every hole, and all the latest improvements. These Watches are selling in London for £ 4 10s.; Price only £ 2 5s. Money returned if goods not approved Send P.O.O. to P. LEWIS, 3, College Terrace, Gipsy Hill, Upper Norwood, Surrey. ON L Y 1/- GREAT BARGAIN. U « < WOOLLEN DRESS GOODS, 40in „ 1/ A n n wide, for "WINTER, in New Mixtures'. Per Y IIK I 1 Any length cut—DRESS FABRIC MANTJ- I HI SU. FACTXJRIN& CO., Manchester. PEACOCK PICKLES. Are the Best for Hotel Keepers, Publicans, Restaurants Dininff Rooms and a boon to Householders, being a treat with Cold Meat, and making the plainest viands palatable. Pronounced a luxury by those who have once used them. SoM in gallon ^ars—Cabbage, Is. 3d.; Piccalilli, 2s.; Mixed, 2s.: Onions. 2s. 6d. Sixpence on all jars. Peacock Pickle Factory, R. BROWN, Manager, 24 Holland Street, Southward Delivered carriage free within 12 liiiles of London, and to all London Railway Termini. NERVOUS EXHAUSTION, Loss of Muscular Power, Strength, Energy, and Vitality, Constitutional Debility, Functional Weak- ness, Feeble Appetite, &c. Eight page Pamphlet, giving speedy and certain cure. Two stamps. PROFESSOR DE VERE, Vale House, 326, King's Road, London, S.W. NEW ART WORK FOR LADIES. PHOTOLEO PAINTING. THE ONLY LUCRATIVE SYSTEM. Every lady should learn our beautiful and useful process of Painting photographs, engravings, woodcuts, &c., in oils. We claim for this invention the first place, amongst the nu- merous methods of the day, for promoting artistic taste and giving employment to persons of slender means, or providing a pleasureable occupation for those desirous of utilising their spare time on learning a profession which may eventually be of great service to them. Success guaranteed in every case. The technicalities may lie mastered in an hour, and proficiency guaranteed after one week's practice. The pupil need not have had the slightest previous artistic training-, and any knowledge of drawing is entirely unnecessary. Pains taken to provide work for pupils. The cost of production is merely nominal, the only outlay being for colours and medium. No glasses or other expen- sive accessories used. Quite distinct from Crystoleum. Terms, two guineas by correspondence until perfect, in- cluding elegant case of colours, brushes, &c. Pupils easily earn from X3 to X5 per week, with an outlay of 5s. Full particulars of the Manager, PHOTOLEO COMPANY. Studios Victoria House, 12 and 14, Catherine Street, Strand, London, W.O. Bankers—London and County Banking Co. JAPANESE AND CHINESE GOODS Importers. A. BENDA & CO., 129 .md r.O, Houndsditch, London, E. A WONDERFUL! NO MORE LOST WATCH KEYS! A GOLD WATCH, KEYLESS,FOK42S. The most VI onderful value ever offered to the II Public,& often sold for double the money, but mMHj. it is owing to the large demand that the Ad- vertiser is enabled to offer a single Article at X "Wholesale Price. Send P.O.O. for above Nq? Txk amount, and one will be sent free by John i 'Jf Watson, 57, Westminster-rd., Birmingham. A VALUABLE BOOK on the causes and the new cure of general and Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, &c., containing also a number of Prescriptions, will be sent post free and gratis, on application, by the author— Dr. G. Rumler (N.Y.), 32, Thornhill Crescent, London, N. GENTLEMAN'S KEYLESS CALENDAR VlJTWATCH. Price X2 10s. Jewelled in every hole, compensa- tion balance. Perfect timekeeper. Shows the hours & seconds, day of the week & month. Massive Silver English Hall-marked cases. Money returned if not approved of. Sent registered on receipt of P.O.O. for 50/- to J. Mason. Southern Hill. Reading. jFBET W OK K: -'0'- |<Sflil5sllllp Illustrated, Catalogue of iTTf MACHINES, TOOLS, WOOD, oOl And 350 Miniature Designs, fllp| NISJ FREE for FOUR STAMPS. -:0:- HARGER BROS., Settle, Yorks. IT\ DM IQ U2(J GallsTof Hard Drying Oak V Art IV ion Yarnish for sale, at 6/6 per Gallon, tins in- cluded. Sample gallon sent on receipt of P aO. for 6/6.- WILLDIGG Bros.. VULCAN FOUNDRY, COVENTRY. baped and lined, complete- HORSE CLOTHS (3,000) g&SK 5ft.. 4,11; 8m., 5/3; 5ft. 6in., 5/6; with girth, 1/6 extra.-WM. WAINE, 131 to 180, Newington-butts; Depositories, 9,10, and 11, Station-road, S.E» CHSrjmSNOT'S QARTRIDGE (JASES NEVER MISS FIRE x L. And are THE BEST and CHEAPEST. Particulars of OSCAR SCHQLZIB, 9, New Broad St.. London. E.C. TO LARGE CONSUMERS. CHOICEST ENGLISH, MADEIRA, & CONTINENTAL FRUITS, VEGETABLES, & SALAD, at very moderate prices. Hot House GRAPES, from 4, -per lb.; Hot House PINES, from 7/6 each; Hot House FLOWERS, in assorted Boxes, from 10/6 each. Price lists on application. All goods carriage free by goods train to any railway station in United Kingdom, on receipt of Cheque or Postal Orrto, pay able to COPELAND & PULLEN, MANCHESTER. UNION LINE. r<APE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL & EAST \J AFRICAN STEAMERS.—The UNION S. S. Co.'s MAIL \J AFRICAN STEAMERS.-The UNION S. S. Co.'s MAIL PACKETS sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternate Thursday, and from PLYMOUTH the following day. For Passage or 1 reight apply at the Company's Offices, Oriental Place, Southampton. or 11. Leadenhall Street, London. M'm!MMtE!m IN STOCKS, SHAKES, &c. ? IBM It[$ Before doing either, send for our MONTHLY LIST OF STOCKS & SHARES. ADDRESS WEST CENTRAL INVESTMENT AGENCY, 2, Millman Street, Bedford Row, London, W.C. TUm Wllfl The Latest Improved and Most Perfect -%F AL SIWmG JJACH|NE *O) F Ever introduced to the English Market. MANUFACTURED BY THE Sprite fje^ing jJEaehine Jo., At CLEVELAND, Ohio, U.S.A. ll!!lb ø 0 œ Øl < I D ø ø See a "WHITE" before Purchasing. Warranted by Legal Guarrantee for Five Years. Also the "PEERLESS" Hand Machine. Agents and Wholesale Dealers Wanted. Send for Circulars to the Whits Sewing Machine Co., 19, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. (1325) H0NE7 0BTAINED EASILY AND PLEASANTLY WITH {■IHMBee jH Hw y Bar-frame Hives, Sec- ■ B ■ ■ m cni T JX tions, Comb Founda- 9B III jB SEND For tion> Smokers' &c" n i W B ■% CATALOGUE Post Free ■■■ W hW A. G. DAWSON, Alma Buildings, Macclesfield. STAMMERING CURED. See Book written by one who has cured himself. Price, post free, 13 stamps, from B. BEASLEY, HALL GREEN, near BIRMINGHAM. ROSE's LIME JUICE CORDIAL. The favourite Beverage for lunch, dinner, or supper party. Is prepared from the Lime Iruit, and entirely free of alcohol. ROSE's LIME JUICE CORDIAL. JLW Delicious in water, effervescing in all the Mineral Waters. The Favourite Family Beverage. No table should be without it. ROSE's LIME JUICE CORDIAL. Possesses valuable medicinal properties, purifying the blood. An excellent Stomachic, stimu- lating and assisting digestion. OSE's LIME JUICE CORDIAL. Pt Recommended by the Recommended by the highest medical authorities as eminently wholesome: See Lancet," &0. OSE's LIME JUICE CORDIAL. Ift Is sold by Grocers, Wine Merchants, Confectioners, Chemists, &c., at home and abroad. ROSE'S LIME JUICE nORBTAT,. Purchasers should order Rose's Cordial only, all others being imitations. Wholesale Stores, 11, Curtain Road, Pinsbury, London, and Leith, Scotland. JTEYLESS WATCHES. LADIES' GOLD carat, warranted. Jewelled in every hole, perfect timekeepers, honestly worth 4 guineas. Price only £ 2 5s., and money returned if not approved of within 7 days. Handsome Kesents. Sent registered on receipt of P.O.O.' for £ 2 5s. to H. KING & Co.. is, Vigo Street, Regent Street, W. «rwJF?rAV0LS > ^is., AT ALL LIBRARIES. '^THROUGH SHINE AND SHOWER." By LADY DUNBOYNE. novel of thrilling interest on Irish matters. London: James Blackwood and Co., Lovell's Court. Paternoster Bow. f t: 4 The SAFEST & MOST EFFECTUAL CURE for GOUT, KHLUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, LUMBAGO, and all PAINS in the HEAD FACE, and LIMBS. of rheumatism awii^du.r,in2.the apony of gout, or the lesser torture womi £ ??n aff\711 hai1 with a of joy any remedy which give nrnmL evevn tlie lightest re'iftf. We gladly, therefore, ducpfl m S ,? the G 'UT AND RHEUM TIC PILL, intro- and nrpnnrwfflng ^.umfnity. by Mr. Eade, the well-known Cherflist, of tkoH. ;f the formula ol one of tho most eminent physicians is fnnr.nZ' r Is that no alteration of diet is required, nor *nn«nr P tlle hon8e by any means necessary. It would tien, that a medicine so easily taken, and so efficaciouB, re- to meet with that recognition it ilil Service Gazette. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS, IN BOTTLES, Is. ljd. and 2a. 9d. «B08Gfi BADE, 72, GQSWEM. H04D, I«ONOOIJ* t* \y*\ fe ¥ J R. HUGHES, ijj R.HUGHES, WATCH MANUFACTURER CASTLE STREET, B LLANGOLLEN, Jii(xS respectfully to call the attention of the public to his extensive stock of WATCHES AND CLOCKS, tr iP16 *owest and best in the Principality. •tie is, therefore, able to sell as cheap as any houS0 the trade. All Watches and Clocks are guaranteed. A large selection of GOLD and SILVER CHAINS, at the lowest prices. Also, a first-class stock of every description ol GOLD RINGS and JEWELLERY. Clocks and Watches repaired and cleaned. (491) LASS BRAN[) EVER IMPORTED Ld y c stp, MARI WATKIN & DAVIES, pLUMBERS, QLAZIERS, JpAINTEKS, HOUSE DECORATORS SIGN WRITERS, GILDERS, AND PAPERHANGERS, CHAPEL STREET, LLANGOLLEN. (487) p an fi lis fUl THE GREAT BLOOD PURlflBB- Ej Purify the foulest blood, and relief* BT g^lgr *g* F M I^Jeyery diseaBeof Stomach, Kidneys. Theae wonderful Pills cur* diseases which could not be reached by any other medicine. F°* Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, B»« Legs, Wounds or White Swellings, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on Ihe Face and Body, Swelled Feet, &c., .Jaundice, Dropsy and Fevert Of all kinds. In Boxes at Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. each. Sold by •" Cheaiists; or from the Manufactory, 44, Oxford Street, Swamea, fo' 16 or 35 stamps. A LUXURIANT GROWTH OF WHISKERS, MOUSTA- CHIOS, HAIR, &c., produced by using the Newly- discovered HAIR FORCER. Quite Harmless. I Success Cer- tain. The result of one Box will surprise you. Sent secretly packed, post free, 13 and 26 stamps. R. ROBERTS, 17, Shaw Street, Derby. M PAMPHLET—" PAINLESS AND PERFECT DENTISTRY,* Post free, from 57, Great Russell Street, opposite British Museum, by Dootor of Dental Surgery; Exam. U.S.A.; F.R.M-S> F.Z.S.M.S.A., etc., appointed Honorary Dental Surgeon to the British Asylum for Deaf and Dumb Females, Reedham Orphan Asylum, Lie. VI". Schools, etc., etc., etc., sole Inventor and Patentee of Dental Improvements for which a Gold Medal and the highest Diploma of Merit has been awarded. No charge for consultation. Moderate fees. Discount to the Clergy; members of the Legal and Medical Pro- fessions, and holders of Army and Navy and Civil Service Store tiokets. 4 M= Em » Diseases of the Throat and Chest. All sufferers from coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, an irregular action of the heart are earnestly recommended to ru Holloway's searching Ointmeat well over the throat, and back as the case may require, twice a day. Invalids ma? confidently rely upon the beneficial effects resulting from t treatment: this Ointment is the most trustworthy remedy all internal and external ailments of the throat. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Ulcers, Ab- scesses, Wounds, and Sores of all May be thoroughly healed by the application of this to the parts affected, after they have been duly fomented ww warm water. Under the action of this powerful Ointtnen » aided by the Pills, the depraved humours of the body will quickly removed; even scrofulous ulcers and foul sores, now ever old or inveterate, can thus be cured. In Gout, Rheumatism, and Neuralgia Pains This Ointment never fails to give relief. Its very first &ppu" cation lessens the inflammation and diminishes both heat a pain. This soothing Ointment, by depurating the blood °? route to, or from the affected parts, promotes healthy aeti In severe and chronic cases the Pills should always be tali as their purifying alterative and restorative qualities, place whole mass of solids and fluids in a wholesome condition. The Mother's Friend.-Skin Diseases, however Desperate, may be Radically Cured. Scald heads, itch, blotches on the skin, scrofulous soresjTr king's evil, and such like affeotions, yield to the mighty of this fine Ointment, provided it be well rubbed around affected parts two or three times a day and the Pills be takell according to the printed directions. Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis, and Stiff Joints. Many of the worst cases of the above diseases "will;yield comparatively short time, if the Ointment be diligently apy to the affected parts, even when other means have failed. Holloway's Pills should also be taken in appropriate flosea. Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in tM fof- lowing complaints;- Bad Legs Corns (Soft) Lumbago Skin DiS- Bad Breasts Contracted and Piles eases Burns Stiff Joints Rheumatism Scurvy Bunions Fistulas Sore Nipples Sore Heaoa- Chilblains Gout Scalds Tumours Chapped Hands Glandular Swell- Sore Throats Ulcers ings wounds Sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 78, New Oxford St. (late 533, Oxford St.), LoadOBJ also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Boxes and Pots, at is. 15 •» 4s. 6d., lis., 22s. and 335, each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Bo and can be had in any language. N.B.-Advice Gratis, at the above address, dailY, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. Printed and published every Friday Mornm^y t^ proprietor, HTJCJH JONES, at his Atoospher Printing Works, Castle-street, Llangollen, in the county of Denbigh, April 11th, 1884 All or advertisements, and communication arerequ to be addressed to the "Advertises Offioe, Ailaw gotten*