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LOCAL & DISTRICT NEWS. LLANGOLLEN. THE JUDGE-ADVOCATE GENERAL will spend the Easter holidays at his residence in Denbighshire, Brymbo Hall, near Wrexham. VISITORS are entering the vale in large numbers already, and we may look forward to a busy Easter. SCHOOL BOARD.-Our report of the School Board meeting, held on Tuesday last, is unavoid- ably postponed till next week. SERMON.—A most able and practical discourse on Psalm xxvii. 4, 5, was delivered at Rehoboth Chapel, on Tuesday evening, by the Rev. W. R. Jones, Holyhead. ARRIVALS.-H. Christie, Esq., and Mrs.Christie returned to Eirianfa on Tuesday; John Aird, Esq., Mrs. Aird, and family, arrived at Llan- tysilio Hall on Wednesday; and H. Robertson, Esq., M.P., arrived at Pale Hall this week. FISHING.-The Dee is in excellent condition, and the season promises to be a good one in this district. Already some very good baskets have been made. The other day J. C. Edwards, Esq., caught a salmon weighing 14 lbs., while Captain Parry landed another weighing 18t lbs. 2 THE VOLUNTEERS.—The Secretary of State for War has approved of the attendance of about 36,000 volunteers at the camp of exercise to be formed in the Northern Military District between May and September next. This attendance will comprise sixty-five regiments, and among them those of Denbighshire, Flintshire, and Shropshire. THE LATE DR. JONES.—In response to a memo- rial forwarded by the Right Hon. G. Osborne Morgan, M.P., the Prime Minister has made a grant of X150 out of the Royal Bounty Fund to the fund which is being raised for the widow and children of the Rev. Dr. Hugh Jones, Principal of the North Wales Baptist College, this town. FOOTBALL.-Our readers' attention is directed to an announcement elsewhere of a grand exhi- bition football match to be played here to-day (Friday). Many will be pleased to know that the Berwyn Rangers have been successful in engaging the services of the crack Welsh team- the Druids-which made a draw in the final tie for the Welsh Cup with Oswestry on Saturday, and which is to be played off on Monday. To- day's match is sure to be a good one. THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY AND SUSPICIOUS PACKAGES.—Last week, the Great Western Rail- way Company notified that they would not receive any packages on deposit at the cloak rooms of their stations unless they shall have the right to open and examine them either at the time of their reception or at their convenience, and to remove from them anything deemed likely to endanger their servants or passengers travelling by their line. "CORNER MEN."—In some towns what are ^ormc<l 1 C 00»"'01' mon arc noilõlY and ill-bohftved but in Llangollen they are not so bad as that. In this town their favourite meeting-places are the top and bottom of Castle-street, by Bridge End, and near Pont Felin Hen. We have such confi- dence in the efficiency of our present police staff as to believe they will do their best to prevent gatherings of the kind referred to, which are no good to the persons themselves, not agreeable to passers-by (especially those of a bashful nature), and of no credit whatever to the town. THE UNITED PRAYER MEETING.-This meeting was continued at Penybryn on Friday night last, and conducted partly in English and partly in Welsh. The attendance upon the whole was very satisfactory, especially as we find that in some places the friends had forgotten to publish it on the previous Sunday. It will be held next Friday night at the English Wesleyan Chapel, when it is hoped a final arrangement will be made for the summer. Let the friends of all denominations come together strongly, and join themselves into a committee. We hope this noble bond of union will be continued with increasing strength. CONCERT ON EASTER TUESDAY.—On Tuesday next, there is to be a high-class concert held in the Assembly Rooms of this town, under the leadership of Mr. Turton, organist of the Parish Church. Judging from the programme and the well-known talent of the amateur performers there is a great treat in store for those who value good music. The musical public should not miss the chance of hearing Misses Clara and Flossia Smith, as this is the first time of their appearance at Llangollen. CAPTURE OF ANOTHER OTTER.-On Sunday morning last, another otter was caught at the same place as the one recorded in our impression of last week, viz., under the weir of Messrs. Hughes and Roberts's Factory. This was the female animal, and was considerably smaller than the other. When found in the trap, about seven o'clock in the morning, it was alive and taken to the Factory, where shortly afterwards its life was put an end to by drowning. Both animals have been sent to Wrexham to be stuffed. Surely, Mr. Roberts deserves some tangible recompense from the river Dee Conservators for getting rid of two such destructive pests. THE ASSIZE QUESTION IN NORTH WALES.—At the Carnarvon Town Council meeting, last week, Mr. Thos. Williams called attention to an order made by the Privy Council for the grouping of assizes in North Wales. The Ruthin Town Council had forwarded a petition urging that the assizes for the six counties should this year be held at that place, which was favoured by Mr. Crompton, the clerk of assize. Carnarvon was certainly the most central town-for the holding of assizes, and it possessed the best hall in North Wales for the transaction of assize and county business. He proposed that the Council should invite the Cor- porations of Pwllheli, Bangor, and Beaumaris, as well as the public bodies in Holyhead, Llandudno, and other places to join with Carnarvon in opposing the efforts made by Ruthin to secure the removal of the assizes to that place. This was agreed upon, and it was decided to petition the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Watkin Williams, and thermembers for the county and borough in favour of removing the assize courts of each of the six counties to Carnarvon. RELIGIOUS SERVICES AND PREACHERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY. — At the Parish (St. Collen's) Church—Easter Sunday.—Matins (10 30 a.m.). Litany and children's service (3 15 p.m.). Evensong (6 p.m.). At St. John's (Welsh) Church (Abbey-road), sermons at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; clergymen, Rev. Enoch Rhys James, B.D., vicar, the Rev. Th. LI. Williams, M.A., and the Rev. Robert Ellis, LL.D., curates.- Llantysilio Church, English services :—First Sunday in the month, 10 30 a.m. and 3 15 p.m.; other Sundays. 3 15 p.m. Welsh services, 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Rev. J. S. Jones, vicar. -At the Nonconformist places of worship the services will be as follow:English Baptist Chapel (Penybryn), at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. J. Williams, pastor.—English Weeleyaa Chapel (Market-street), at 11 15 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. W. Powell, Llangollen.—Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. Hugh Hughes, pastor.-Welsh Baptist Chapel, at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. D. Williams, pastor.- Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. J. Pritchard Birmingham.- Brook-street Mission Room, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. —Congregational Chapel (Church-street), at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. W. Tibbott, Maesteg. SAD ACCIDENT TO A LLANGOLLEN GIRL IN LIVERPOOL.—Two or three weeks ago, a young girl, daughter of Mr. John Jones, tailor, Hall- street, went to service in Liverpool. A few days after she went there, she was engaged in cleaning the outside of a bedroom window which was four stories high, when the cord by some means snapped, and the window sash becoming loose, the poor girl fell down with it to the grounds below. It is almost a miracle that she did not meet with instantaneous death. She was, how- ever, badly hurt in the back, and her arm is broken. They were able on Wednesday week to remove her to Llangollen, and it is proposed that she should become an inmate of our beneficent little institution, the Cottage Hospital, where we hope she will soon be restored to convalescence. SUDDEN DEATH OF A NATIVE.-It is with deep regret that we record the death of Mr. Evan Roberts, 19, Morton-street, Liverpool, only surviving son of Mr. R. Roberts, Dee-lane, Llangollen, which happened very suddenly and under very painful circumstances. Deceased was a resident of Liverpool for the last 14 years, and was chief messenger under T. Price, Esq., super- intendent of the extensive Albert Dock and Warehouses in that city. Deceased seemed to feel acutely the loss of his wife, which he had laid in her grave exactly a month ago. He com- plained of being unwell to some friends, and was last seen out a week to last Wednesday. He was with his work the previous day, but did not go to the warehouse afterwards. His non-appearance for some days and his non-fulfilment of official duties entrusted solely to him created some alarm in his employer, and on Saturday and Sunday he despatched a messenger to his house, but failed to get a reply and as the little dog, which always accompanied Roberts, did not bark, Mr. Price conjectured that deceased had come home to Wales. However, he could not rest satisfied, and on Monday he sent another messenger to confer with the friends, when Mr. T. O. Williams of Park- road (son of Mr. Williams, Church-street, this town), accompanied him to 19, Morton-street,and, receiving no answer, they informed a police officer of their suspicion. The officer and a detective gained an entrance to the house through a back window, and on goiug up stairs to a front room, found poor Roberts laid on the floor in his night dress, with his hand under his head, and his faithful dog lying by his side almost starved with hunger. From medical testimony subsequently given at the inquest it would seem that the cause of death was apoplexy. From the order of things in the bedroom it appeared that deceased was fatally struck with apoplexy just as he was going into bed. The sad affair has been a great and distressing shock to his parents and all the family, and great sympathy is evinced with them by the inhabitants of the town. It was the intention of deceased to spend Good Friday at Llangollen, but the Great Ruler had disposed differently! His remains were conveyed here by rail on Thursday, and interred at the Fron Cemetery, the Rev. Thomas Jones officiating. THE LATE DUKE OF ALBANY.-On Sunday last, the pastor (Rev. Jas. Williams) preached, at the English Baptist Chapel, a special sermon with reference to the foregoing subject, taking as a text Jer. ix. 21—"For death is come up into our windows, and is entered into our palaces." He said that if inspired prophets thought it fit to notice the fall of crowned heads, there could be no reasonable objection to his making a reference to the sad event which had filled the nation with general mourning. In sketching the early life of Prince Leopold, the preacher referred to his humorously cutting off the tail of his nephew's military coatee, his giving away a gold brooch to a poor old woman, his fondness of the harmonious and sacred hymns, and his affection for his royal father and mother. He then referred to his attain- ments as a scholar at Oxford, his public speeches, and sympathies for the masses, his noble aims, the lesson suggested by his sudden death, the deep sympathy for her Majesty the Queen and the Duchess of Albany, holding up the late Duke, not as a perfect, but as a most worthy example of life, considering what temptations surrounded the upper ranks of society. He then observed that whilst death was a great leveller, bringing down the inhabitants of the palace to the same spot as the humblest in life; yet to a believer in Christ, whatever might be his standing in life, it lifted him up from weakness to strength, from mortality to immortality, from earth to heaven, from the sufferings of time to the joys of eternity. A touching reference was also made to the demise of Mr. D. Humphreys, an old inhabitant of this town, and a faithful member for many years at Penybryn. At the close of the service the Dead March in Saul was played on the harmonium by Mr. J. H. Davies, Castle-street.. EXCURSION TRAINS.—On Thursday, passengers will be booked at excursion fares to Llangollen from Gloucester, Cheltenham, Monmouth, Swansea, New Milford, Cardiff, Newport, London, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Wellington, Shrewsbury, &c., arriving by various ordinary trains during the afternoon and evening. On Good Friday, excursion passengers will be booked from Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Chester, Oswestry, Oakengates, Wellington, Shrewsbury, &c. The excursion trains, on Friday, are due to arrive at 9 20, 9 55, and 10 30 a.m., and to return at 7 0, 7 55, and 8 22 p.m. On Saturday, passengers will be booked at excursion fares from Cheltenham, Gloucester, Ross, Pembroke, New Milford, Car- marthen Town, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Manchester, Warrington, Chester, &c. On Monday, passengers will be booked at excursion fares from Oakengates, Wellington, Shrewsbury, Oswestry,Chester. Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Birkenhead, &c. The excursion trains, on Monday, are due to arrive at 8 45 and 9 20 a.m., and to return at 7 35 and 8 p.m. TEA PARTY AND BIBLE CLASS LITERARY MEETING.—On Wednesday eveniug a tea party and literary meeting in connection with the Rev. D. Williams's Bible class were held in the Castle- street Baptist Chapel. The tea was catered by Mrs. Morris, Temperance, Berwyn-street, and was such that it well pleased all those that partook of it. About 140 in all were provided with tea, over a hundred of whom were children. The young ladies presiding at the tables were Miss A. Edwards, Berwyn-street, Miss Evans, at Bank Buildings, Miss Jones, Brookside. Miss Jones and Miss Nellie Jones, Red Lion Inn, and Miss Eliza Ellis, Church-street. The literary meeting commenced at 7 30, when there was a tolerably good attendance. The programme was gone through under the presidency of the Rev. D. Williams, pastor of the church. The order of the meeting was as follows:—Song by the children, 0 na bawn yn fwy tebyg;" recitation, "Llunio'r gwadn fel bo'r troed," by A. Davies; song, Baner rhyddid," by David Parry com- petition in word-testing, George Thomas best, and Edwin Hughes and Price Hughes equal; dialogue, D'od yn ddiweddar i'r Ysgol Sul," by L. T. Roberts, E. Hughes and E. Roberts song, Af ar ol yr Iesu," by the children distribution of rewards for good attendance song and chorus, Gadewch i blant bychain," E. Hughes, G. Thomas, L. T. Roberts, 1. H. Thomas, and D. H. Jones dialogue, Y drysorfa deuluol," by Robt. Lloyd,T.Edwards, MissE. Ellis, J. R.Humphreys, E. M. Parry, J. S. Griffiths, and A. Davies; ten competed in singing Paid a'w gadael i," Edwin Hughes being best, L. T. Roberts second, and Miss S. Evans third recitation, Yr athrawes a 1 dosbarth," Miss K. G. Hughes and nine others, recitation, Saint yn Nheulu Csesar," Seth. Roberts; song, Cydgan y medelwyr, Bible Class Party; dialogue, "Y gwr a'r wraig, af cymydog," W. Edwards, J. C. Roberts, and Miss Edwards song, Nid dyna'r fan," children. The different persons that took part in the above deserve a word of praise for the most creditable manner in which they rendered their pieces. This was the third and last meeting of the kind during the term, and all of these reflect very favourably on the zeal and earnestness of the young men of Castle-street Baptist Chapel- It is but fair to acknowledge the faithfulness of Messrs. I. Ellis, E. M. Parry, and others who earnestly devoted their time to assist with the children, and ,also to promote such meetings as these. Too much praise cannot be accorded to the Rev. D. Williams for his great energy and perseverance in educating the children. He has devoted a considerable portion of his time every week during the past winter to Bible classes. LOCAL BOARD, Thursday, April 3rd.-Present: Capt. Best, Messrs. Ed. Roberts, Samuel Pugh, E. H. Roberts, P. H. Minshall (deputy clerk), and T. K. Jones (surveyor). The notice convening the meeting was read, and the minutes of the last meeting read and confirmed. No Finance Committee has been held, but the Chairman said he had just then gone carefully over the whole of the bills which would be presented to the Board that day. The Works Committee.—Minutes of two or three meetings of the Works Committee were read, the Committee having met chiefly to arrange matters in connection with the letting of the Smithfield. It was reported that the Smithfield had been let by auction by Mr. E. Edwards to Mr. John Edwards, butcher, for L-31 a year, subject to the conditions agreed upon by the Works Committee. The Recreation Ground had also been let the same time for 47 10s. a year to Mr. Thos. Rogers, butcher. A letter was read from Mr. Thos. Rogers, complaining of the unfairness of charging the rates of the Smithfield upon him, while the Board apportioned a space of it for their own use. He was also a considerable loser last year by the tolls received, as the Smithfield was closed for three successive fairs, owing to the prevalence of foot-and-mouth disease. After some discussion, the Board were of opinion that they could not relieve Mr. Rogers in the direction indicated by him, as those were circum* stances which they could not possibly have fore- seen. Mr. E. Roberts was of opinion that the Board ought, certainly, to allow Mr. Rogers the amount of the tolls received by them after March of last year, for all stalls placed up in the streets, as it was distinctly understood, although not made a condition of the sale, that after that letting such stalls should be compelled to go to the Smithfield. The Chairman and the other members concurred this view, and it was ordered that the amount of £ 2 3s. 6d., which had been received, under the above circumstances should be handed over to Mr. Rogers. Sanitary Committee.—The Clerk stated that nO Sanitary Committee had been held during the month, Mr. Hiram Davies being the only member that attended. Surveyor's Report.—The following report of the Surveyor was read Gentlemen,—I beg to submit, the following report for the past month :-On highways we have repaired on the Pengwern Road, Hafod Old Road, and Tan-y- bedw Road. I have now one man employed in filling ruts on the Maesmawr Road, and two others have commenced taking the top soil off inside cattle pens in the Smithfield. We shall on Monday commence the paving in Berwyn-street. Having been round the slaughter-houses to see whether the butchers had complied with the notices served upon them, to have the floors, &c., put in proper repair, I am sorry to have to report that some have done little or nothing of what is absolutely necessary. Others have done a little. If the Board wishes, I shall be happy to give details of what has been done in each case. I have to report moneys collected during the month as follows :—Rates, 17s. ll^-d.; special work, 7s. 8d-» Assembly Rooms, J22 16s.; water rents, £ 2 2s.; stall rent, £ 2 5s.; toll. Is.; scavenger, £ 1 8s.; total, ■ £ d 17s. 7 £ d. The Slaughter Houses.—A suggestion was made by the Chairman that a Special Committee be appointed to consider the above question, but it was ultimately resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to take a round of inspection of the slaughter- houses once more, and take notes of the deficiencies, after which, notices will be served upon all the butchers who have not conformed to the Bye-laws, to compel them to do so within ten days, failing which, proceedings will be taken against them. f inance.—Cheques for the payment of the following accounts were signed :—Messrs. Hooper and Son (books), £ 1 9s.; Wm. Williams, printer* 6s.; E. Edwards, auctioneer, 10s. 6d.; Samuel Williams (materials), £ 9 7s. 6d.; Mrs. Baker (loan), Z-8 Is. 9d.; Mrs. Hetherington ditto, £ 16 3s. 4d.; T. Minshall, £113 16s. 7d.; T. T. Whitehurst, .£15 19s. 2d.; Wm. Griffiths, 4-13 16s.; Enoch Edwards (town crier), £ 1 Elizabeth Roberts (caretaker), £1 18s. 6d.; T. K. Jones (surveyor), £ 4 6s. Sd.; election expenses, 48 Is. 6d.; petty cash, £ 20; Thos. Rogers (tolls), £ 2 3s. 6d.; total, £ 116 19s. Si- Town Crier.—It was resolved that the offices of bellman and billposter under the Board should be combined, the amount to be paid for both being fixed at £ 1 a year. Mailing of the Rate.-A general district rate of Is. lOd. in the pound was made, and also a water rate of Is. in the pound, the seal of the Board being affixed to the same. At the suggestion of the Chairman, the Clerk was authorized to procure a proper stamp seal for the use of the Board, and, If possible, to utilize the one now in use for that purpose. A Nero Member.—It was moved by Mr. Samuel Pugh, and seconded by Mr. Edward Roberts, and carried unanimously, that Mr. John Davies, iron- monger, be elected to fill the vacancy on the Board caused by the disqualification of Mr. J. E. Hughes by non-attendance. Mr. Davies will have to serve the unexpired term of one year. Tlte Cottage Hosliital.-Plans of the proposed enlargements about to be made in the Cottage Hospital were produced, Capt. Best remarking that the proper plan to be submitted for the formal approval of the Board would in due time be forth- coming. The contractors had already commenced digging the foundation. The Holyhead Road.-The Chairman reported the result of an interview he and several other gentlemen had obtained with Mr. Shaw Lefevre, the first commissioner of works, with regard to the repairs of the Holyhead Road, the result being that Government had promised a grant of £ 50 per nule for the repairs. DISTRICT HIGHWAY BOARD.-The ordinary bi- monthly meeting of the above Board was held in the New Inn, Llansantffraid G.C., on Friday, April 4th, when there were present Capt. Best (chairman), Messrs. Thomas Morris, Lloran (vice-chairman), H. M. Jones, Bryndethol, Edward Jones, Blaenbachau, John Davies, Dinbren, Thomas Morris, Temperance, Llan- santffraid, Morris Roberts, Blaen Ial, John Evans, Tal-y-garth, Morris Richards, Vron Uchaf, Thomas Jones, Squinnant, William Jones, Henfache, Henry Hughes, Migin, John White, Tregeiriog, Edward Edwards, David Jones Hughes, Penybryn, C. W- Richards (clerk), Evan Evans, surveyor. The minutes of the last meeting were read ana jonfirmed. Claim for Extraordinary Traffic.-Mr. Graessar, krgoed Hall, in reply to the Board, wrote to enow under what Act the Board claimed compen- lation for extraordinary traffic over roads a Troncyssylltau by his cartage of material for the ionstruction of the breakwater, and also for jarticulars of extra expenditure incurred by the 3oard on that account. Mr. Graessar hat he was not sure whether the Board did no Iwe him something for the damage done by the overflow of water from the road to his land. The jlerk was instructed to comply with Mr. Graesaar s equest by pointing out the Act under which they laimed, and by giving him an estimate of the xpanses. Level Crossing at Trevor.—Ordered that UD^e, his was properly fenced, and otherwise protecte » tie agreement with regard to the same akflcelled*