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J. ROWLANDS, WHOLESALE AND FAMILY GROCER, LLANGOLLEN, T)EGS to inform the Public generally that he is prepared to execute GENERAL ORDERS for Groceries (for CASH WITH ORDER or on DELIVERY) at PRICES THAT WILL BEAR COMPARISON WITH ANY OF THE LARGE READY-MONEY ESTABLISHMENTS, always remembering that QUALITY IS THE TRUE TEST OF CHEAPNESS. Purchasers in the neighbourhood Can have the advantages of Co-operative Stores WITHOUT HAVING TO SEND OUT OF THEIR towiv. All Orders delivered FREE in the District. EXTRAORDINARY VALUE- In Teas, Coffees, & Cocoas, Sugars, Spices, & Fruits, Pickles, Sauces, Jams, & Jellies, French and Italian Goods, Home Cured Bacon and Hams, Wiltshire and Waterford Smoked ditto. American, Cheshire, Cheddar, Stil- ton, and Parmesan Cheese, Tinned Meats, Soups, and Fruits, Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits and Cakes. W. & A. Gilbey's Wines & Spirits, Ellis's & Edisbury's Aerated Waters, ZOEDONE & APPOLLINARIS WATERS, TOBACCOS AND CIGARS, FANCY AND HOUSEHOLD BRUSHES, CORN, FLOUR, MEAL, & LINSEED CAKE. Garden & Farm Seeds, Patent Medicines AND PROPRIETARY ARTICLES AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. TTOP BITTERS. WHAT the PEOPLE SAY. HOP BITTERS. September 14th, 1883. JLJL From G. S. Bardwell, St. Hnp TJTT"T'T?T>Q Stephens-street, Norwich, Ur XUi. passenger broker, shipping agent, &c. HOP "RTTTTT'Rt: I write you to state I hare -tUX J.used your Hop Bitters for two years, and my health has per- HOP BITTERS fectly recovered. Before taking the Bitters1 had frequent attacks of bilious sickness, so bad that TTOP BITTERS. 5 was$on}Pelled to lay up for 1 B days. I tried several medicines, H all to no effect* I am TIPVPT OP BITTERS. without the Bitters, for if I have any bad symptoms X at once Hnp PTTTFPy take a dose. In fact, never take viT XJll 1 any other medicine now. Many of my friends have tried them Hrvp 'RTrTTT?'RQ a result. I had suffered for nearly forty years, and it is marvellous what good HOP BITTERS they have done me- 1 should CiXXCiiXO. be qmte wiiling t0 givc yon a testimonial, if you wish one. HOP BITTERS. 1-3, Looseby-lane,Leicester, July 23rd, 1883. H_ Hop Bitters Co., London. OP BITTERS. Gentlemen,—My father, the Rev. Edward Stokes, Wesleyan Hnp "RTT'TIT'T?c Minister, Kenilworth, to whom Ur J311 i.il,h,53. I gave three bottles of "Hop Bitters," and who is now over Hnp T!TrrrFT?T?a seventy years of age, says, "I UJT have tried the 'Hop Bitters,' and have no hesitation in saying HOP RTTTET?^ I have never found any medicine x to buoy me up so much or give me such a feeling of renewed HOP BITTERS. Xigou,r and strength as they have done." H_ I am, yours faithfully, OP BITTERS. CHAS. WS. STOKES, of The Gospel Echo and Tem- Hftp BTTTi?nt. perance Advocate." OP BITTERS. 252, Essex-road, London. September 18th, 1883. HQp TCTTTTT r? y Gentlemen,—I have much V-,J: -uJ-J-i. Xj rto. pleasure in informing you that I have derived great benefit HOP PJTTlt'P^ from the'• Hop Bitters," having W -DJ.llii.itt5. now taken six bottles. They are excellent both for liver and HOP BITTERS kidney complaints, from which I have been suffering. H_ Faithfully yours, OP BITTERS. J- Om From the Rev. J. Milner, M.A., H Trr,_rt_ Rector of Middleton-in-Teesdale, UP BITTERS, and Chaplain in Ordinary to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, HOP PTTTTriou February 9th, 1882. .Dll litiKo. To the Hop Bitters Co. Gentlemen,—I have tried ex- Hop PTT^TTTPSJ periments on mjfeelf and others with the Hop Bitters, and can H safely recommend them as a OP BITTERS. pleasant and efficacious medi- I cine. I have found them H specially useful in cases of con- OP BITTERS. gestion of the kidneys, as well as in bilious derangements. I H_ prescribed them to an Oxford OP BITTERS. First-Class man, who had knocked himself up with hard HNP DITTPDC reading, and now, whenever he Oil iiiiKo. finds himself getting below par, he uses nothing else to get him- Hrjp BTTTippc self up to the mark with, and ijilo. invariably with the desired result. HOP BITTERS 1 AM' Y°URS TRU]Y> JOHN MILWEB. "REWARE OF PACKAGES- OF IN- JURIOUS STUFF purporting to BEWARE make genuine HOP BITTERS; also 111 preparations and fluids said to con- Btain all the properties of HOP EWARE BITTERS. The geniune is onljj put up in very large square panelled B bottles. Dr. Soule's name blown in EWARE the glass, white label on each side "with black letters and green hop BTur a T>cluster; the other side, yellow label, VY ARE with directions in English and German. Manufactured only by (1228) HOP BITTERS COMPANY. JAMES CLARKE, 20, CHAPEL STREET, LLANGOLLEN, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, INSURANCE, ADVERTISING AND EMIGRATION AGENT. SERVANTS' REGISTRY AND GENERAL INQUIRY OFFICE. Several Good Housemaids alid General Servants waiting re-engagements. Also, Middle-age person as Cook and Housekeeper, can manage Dairy. Several strong Girls wanted for Hotels. (1373) ESTABLISHED IS49. MESSRS. COTTAM & SONS, SURGEON DENTISTS OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS, DUBLIN (Residence—Caxton House, Oswestry). JYJR. COTTAM begs to give notice that on TUESDAY, April the 15th, AND EVERY ALTERNATE TUESDAY, He will receive his Friends and Patients of Llangollen and Vicinity at the residence of ° MR. S. LLOYD. 31. CASTLE STREET LLANGOLLEN. Dated April 4th, 1883. I SALES BY MR. EDWARDS. ABBEY ROAD, LLANGOLLEN (Near the Jenny Jones Inn). SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPENTER'S TOOLS, &c. 1V/TR. E. EDWARDS has been favoured with QWT R 1,?LTR"CTT1I°NS from Mrs- Elizabeth Roberts to SELL BY AUCTION, on Wednesday, April 16th, 1884, at the above address, the whole of the Household Fnrniture, and other Effects, comprising Crockery, China Tea Service, Pan Mugs, Fire Irons, Fenders, Fender Stool, Tea Kettle, Saucepans, Collander, Tin Cans, Candlesticks, Coffee Mill, Sad Irons, Goffering Box and Irons, Crimping Machine, Quick, Oil Lamps, Brass Preserving Pan, Warming Pans, Buckets, Box Mangle, Washing Tub, Clothes Maids, Baskets, Meat Safe, Wood Shelves, Small Step Ladder, Flower Pots and Flowers, Steel Yards, Sundry Books, Large Deal Kitchen Table with Drawers, Round Deal Table, Small Deal Table, Round Mahogany Table, Round OakTable, Oak Kitchen Chairs, Ditto Arm Chair, Handsome Oak Dresser, Oak Corner Cupboard, Oak Cupboard, Small Glass Cupboard, 2 Eight-Days' Clocks in Handsome Long Oak Cases, Shower Bath, Door Scrapers, Toilet Glasses, Dressing Tables, Washstands, Painted and .^kests of Drawers, Half-tester Iron Bedsteads with Damask Drapery, Palliasses, Flock Mattresses, Strips of Carpets, Writing Desk on Stand, Sundry Chairs, Old Iron, Small Ladder, Grindstone on Stand, Stone Pig Trough, Wheelbarrow, Clothes Barrow, -aE, J-00!3! Carpenter's Bench, and a large quantity of Carpenter's Tools. Sale to Commence at One o'Clock. MJ/m \.a.Vt,l/ VIVOD HOME FARM, LLANGOLLEN, Situate about One Mile from Berwyn Railway Station and Three Miles from Llangollen. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF FAT & STORE STOCK, COMPRISING 52 HEAD OF CATTLE, 315 SHEEP, 7 POWERFUL WAGGON HORSES, 12 PIGS; TOGRTHER WITH IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, &c., &c. MR. E. EDWARDS has been favoured with -i-'J- instructions from Capt. J. C. Best, R.N. (in of h^ having let Two Farms), TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Home Farm, as above, On MONDAY, APRIL 21st, 1884, The following Valuable Stock, &c., &c., namely- CATTLE :-5 Fat Welsh Cows, 3 Three-years-old w lT-Sn Heifers, 2 Magnificent Two-years-old Se st lul^oc^a ^vy Weights), 11 Two-years-old Welsh Bullocks, 8 Two-years-old Welsh Heifers, 1 Welsh Barren 1 Welsh In-calf Cow, 1 Eight-months- old Pedigree Welsh Bull, 16 Coloury Cross-bred Year- ling Bullocks, and 2 Ditto Heifers. SHEEP :-50 Four-years-old Fat Welsh Wethers, 150 Welsh Ewes and Lambs, 60 Fat Yearling Welsh Wethers, 50 Grand Welsh Yearling Ewes, and 5 Welsh Rams. HORSES :-7 Powerful Waggon Horses, fit for Town or Railway Work j viz., "Sam," Powerful Bay Horse, 6 years old, 17 hands high; "Bill," Powerful Bay Horse, 6 years old, 16.2 hands high; Gilbert Powerful Roan Horse, 5 years old, 17 hands high; Drummer, Brown Horse, 5 years old, 16 hands high; "Blackbird," Powerful Black Horse, 7 years old, 16.1 hands high Jet," Powerful Black Mare, 4 years old, 16.1 hands high; "Smiler," Black Horse aged. PIGS :—10 Store Pigs, 2 Gilts. IMPLEMENTS :-Harvest Cart, Scotch Cart, 2 Iron Swing Ploughs, 1 ditto Wheel Plough, 1 Iron Scuffler, 2 Turnip Sheers, 1 Pair Zig-zag Iron Harrows, Turnip Drill with Manure Box, American Hay Rake, 2 Sets of Leading Gears, 3 Sets Shaft Gears, 2 Sets of Plough Gears. Luncheon at 11, Sale to commence at 12 o'Clock prompt. Catalogues, with full particulars, may be had from the Auctioneer and at the Principal Hotels in North Wales, Chester and Shrewsbury, seven days prior to the Sale. (1404) RHOS-Y-COED, GLYNCEIRIOG. SALE OF VERY USEFUL AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD FUEKITUEE And Other Effects. L\/F R. E. EDWARDS has been favoured with -LTJ. instructions from the Rev. L. M. Roberts TO SELL BY AUCTION, on Tuesday, April 22nd, 1884, on the above Premises, the whole of the Household Furniture, &c., comprising Fenders, Fire Irons, Tea Kettles, Saucepans, Ash Pans, Pan Mugs, Crockery Tin Cans, Foot Pans, Coffee Pots, Dutch Ovens, Smoke Preventors, Handsome Oil Lamps, Reading Lamps, Tea Service, Tumblers, 8 Days' Olork, Pic- tures, Bureau, Office Stcol, Clothes Maid, Windsor Chairs,Child's Chairs, Arm Chair, Cane-seated Rocking Chair, Bed Sofa covered in Leather Cloth, Deal Table, Very Handsome Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Wood Shelves, Cane-seated Chairs, Patent Oil Stove, Cradle, Pieces of Carpet, Hearthrugs, Chamber Ware, Toilet Glasses, Dressing Tables, Iron Bedsteads, Palliasses, Flock Mattresses, Hair Mattress; also Hand Saw Hatchet, and Garden Tools. Sale at 2 o'Clock prompt. Auctioneer's Office-I, Chapel Street, Llangollen. (1405) DENTAL NOTICE. MR. PAXTON HARDING, DENTIST (Licentiate in Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons), WHITEFBIARS, CHESTER, WILL ATTEND PROFESSIONALLY AT 13, CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN, EVERY TUESDAY instead of alternate Thursdays. „ Next Visit April 15th. Bydd MR. PAXTON HARDING, DEINTYDD, Yn ymweled a 13, Castle Street, Llangollen, BOB DYDD MAWBTH, yn lie bob-yn-ail dydd Iau. Bydd yr ymweliad nesaf Ebrill 15fed. ESTABLISHED 1862. C. B. JONES, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, PAINTER, & DECORATOR, HAS JUST RECEIVED HIS NEW AND SELECTED STOCK OF PAPERHANGINGS OF THE BEST MAKERS IN EVERY QUALITY AND PRICE FOR THE SEASON. Pattern Books on Application. 20, MARKET STREET, LLANGOLLEN. (1372) E. LETTSOME & SONS, JpORTRAIT AND J^ANDSC APE PHOTOGRAPHERS, Picture Frame Makers & Picture Dealers. GROUPS AND RESIDENCES TAKEN ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. CASTLE STREET & VICTORIA PLACE, LLANGOLLEN; BRIDGE STREET, NEAR THE RAILWAY STATION, C OR WEN. (1267) ASSEMBLY ROOM, LLANGOLLEN. UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF R. M. BIDDULPH, ESQ. MRS. BIDDULH. GENERAL YORKE, C.B. J. AIRD, ESQ. MRS. AIRD. J. TOWNEND, ESQ. MRS. TOWNEOT. STANHOPE BULL, ESQ. MRS. BULL. THE REV. E. R. JAMES, VICAR. MRS. JAMES. THE REV. LL. WILLIAMS. MRS, WILLLMS. THE REV. R. ELLIS. MRS. ELLIS. A QRAND JgVENING QONCERT Will be held in the above room, ON EASTER TUESDAY, APRIL 15TH, 1,84, In aid of the Organ Fund, by the PARISH CHURCH CHOSAL ASSOCIATION, Assisted by the following Artistes :— MISS SPARROW, MISS WALKER, M:BS FLOSSIA SMITH, MISS POWELL, MISS CLARA SMITH (SOLO YIOLHJ, MR. WALKER, MR. F. SMITH, & MR. HARDY, CONDUCTOR—MR. R. A. TURTON. PIANOFORTE-MESSRS. TURTON AND FIANK DODD. Doors open at 7 30, to commence at 8 pm. Tickets-Ressrved Seats, 2s.; Second Seats Is.; Back Seats, 6d. Programmes, Id. (401) R. FRANCIS, FAMILY GROCER, AND TEA DEALER, CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. Best Black Tea at 3s. per Pound. Jams, Jellies, Potted Meats, Pickles, Sauces, &c. Huntley and Palmer's Biscuits. Home-cured Mild and Smoked Bacon and Hams. Fresh Butter and Eggs. Cheshire and other Cheeses. FAMILY BREAD. WHOLESALE AGENT FOR THE BALA MINERAL WATER COMPANY. NEW STOCK OF WALL PAPERS ARRIVED AT M. H. ROBERTS'S, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER, 6 & 8, BERWYN STREET, LLANGOLLEN, Comprises the Choicest Selection of the Season. The Stoclc is one of the Largest in the County. (1376) GRAND EXHIBITION FOOTBALL MATCH. I DRUIDS BERWYN RANGERS AT LLANGOLLEN, ON GOOD F R I D AY. Admission on the Field, 6d. To LET, BRYNDYFFRYN, 12 Rooms -1- besides Kitchen, Scullery, &c. Good Garden. Rent £ 40. Apply at the office of this paper HOUSE AND GARDEN TO LET at 31, REGENT STREET, LLANGOLLEN. Apply at 33, Regent Street. (1364) rpo BE LET, a HOUSE IN HILL-STREET, X LLANGOLLEN. For particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Nicholas, Green Bank. (1385) OUNT PLEASANT TO LET onlhelst of May. Apply to Mrs. Humphreys, Pen-y- maes, Llangollen. (1392) rpO LET, TREGWERN COTTAGET^ -L taining 2 Sitting and 5 Bedrooms; also, Stable, Garden, small Green-house, &o. Rent, moderate. Apply-J. Clarke, Agent, 20, Chapel Street, Llan- gollen. (1389) HAY FOR SALE. Apply—Garth Works. (1395) ON SALE, a WELSH COB, 4 years old, quiet in harness, accustomed to lady's riding. Apply to John Williams, Saddler, Llangollen. (1397) VERY SMART BLACK PONY~FOR SALE, 12|- hands, quiet to ride or drive, and very quick, cheap. Apply at the office of this paper. (1400) APPRENTICES WANTED to the DRESS- A MAKING AND MILLINERY. Also, a SHARP YOUTH as an Apprentice to the DRAPERY. Apply-Llandyn House, Bridge Street, Llangollen. (1399) WANTED, a Sharp and Intelligent Boy, aged about 15 years, as an APPRENTICE TO THE PRINTING TRADE.-Apply at the Advertiser Office, Llangollen. (1406) COTTAGE HOSPITAL, LLANGOLLEN. WANTED for 1st May, a GOOD GENERAL SERVANT, not under 20. Apply to Miss Parlett at the Hospital. 9th April, 1884. (1402) LLANGOLLEN GENERAL CEMETERY COMPANY. WANTED, a MAN TO UNDERTAKE TV THE DIGGING OF GRAVES, &c., at the VRON CEMETERY. Applications to be sent to me on or before Thursday next, April 17th, 1884. J. PARRY-JONES, SECRETARY. Chrpel Street, Llangollen. (1407) TO FAT PERSONS.-A Gentleman who can personally vouch for the efficacy of a REMEDY (doctor's prescription) which J will effectually and rapidly REDUCE CORPULENCY in either sex with- out semi-starvation dietary, exercise, &c., quite harmless, will send Recipe on receipt of stamped address.—Mr. F. RUSSELL, 15, Gower St., London, W.C. N.B.-The following extract may help to show the value of this Recipe. "The Young Ladies' Journal" says-" Corpulency.—We have read the original testimonials of many members of the aris- tocracy, and persons of importance in society, who have evidently written to Mr. Russell unsolicited, in testimony of the great benefit derivea from his prescription." (1356)


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