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LOCAL & DISTRICT NEWS. LLANGOLLEN. RELIGIOUS SERVICES AND PREACHERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY.—At the Parish Church, Matins at 10 30 a.m., Litany and children's service at 3 15 p.m., and Evensong at 6 p.m.; and at St. John's(Welsh) Church (Abbey-road), sermons at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; clergymen, Rev. E. R. James, B.D., vicar, the Rev. R. Bowcott, B.A., Rev. Th. LI. Williams, M.A., and the Rev. R. Ellis, LL.D., curates.-English Baptist Chapel (Penybryn): sermons at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. James Williams, pastor.—English Wesleyan Chapel (Market-street): sermons at 11 15 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. E. Evans, Wrexham, —Welsh Wesleyan Chapel: the Rev. R. Jones, Cefn, will preach at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.— Congregational Chapel (Church-street): sermons at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. Thomas Davies, Llandrillo.—Welsh Baptist Chapel: the Rev. D. Williams, pastor, will preach at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.-Calvinistic Methodist Chapel: sermons at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. W. H. Jones.M.A.,Shrewsbury.—Penllyn Mission Room: the Rev. J. T. Jones, Llan. uwchllyn, will preach at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. THE RIGHT HON. GEORGE OSBORNE MORGAN, Judge Advocate General, will take the chair at the annual meeting of the Welsh branch of the London City Mission. It will be held at the hall of the Young Men's Christian Association, Aldersgate-street, on the 26th instant. Madame Martha Harris and others are expected to sing, and several Welsh Nonconformist ministers have promised to speak. THE PROPOSED ALTERATION IN THE VAGRANCY LAWS.—With a view to diminish vagrancy Mr. Pell, M.P., proposes to change the present system as to the reception of "casuals," and to make it a condition of his admission into a Work. house that he shall not be discharged without reasonable notice being given-an appearance of the pauper before the Board of Guardians being made a necessary preliminary to such notice. Moreover, if anyone, for the purpose of obtaining relief from a Board of Guardians, gives a false name or makes a false statement, the Bill would make him an idle and disorderly person and on a second offence, "a rogue and a vagabond." FREEMASONRY IN WALES.—By order of Brother Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P., the P.G.M., a grand lodge of the Province of North Wales and Shropshire was held on the 20th instant, at Bangor, in connection with the opening of the Masonic Hall, which has been erected from the designs of Mr. Asahel Bell, Manchester. The last occasion of holding a grand lodge in Bangor was five years ago, in connection with the bi-centenary jubilee of the St. David's Lodge, which is one of the oldest lodges in the principality. As a mark of respect to the memory of the late Bro. W. Bulkeley Hughes, M.P., for many years the D.P.G.M. of the province, the brethren appeared in mourning. It is stated that Bro. Henry Platt, the I.P.M. of the Royal Leek Lodge, is the new D.P.G.M. Messrs. Brown and Pugh, British Hotel, supplied the banquet. THE PARCELS POST.—The leading railway companies of the kingdom have just completed a series of returns containing full and valuable information as to the parcels traffic for a period of 14 days. The returns give the number of parcels carried under the following weights— namely, 71b., 141b., 281b., and 561b. The return also gives details of the number of insured parcels, containing jewellery and valuable fabrics, together with the method of their conveyance in sealed hampers from one town to another, and the proportion of parcels for rural districts. These returns will furnish important data as to the plant to be provided by the Post ()%;g tMifcHorikitts in. carrying out of th.€ post scheme. It is anticipated that assodS^sthe parcels post is well established the limit will be extended from 71b. to 141b. weight. ANOTHER COMET.-A comet has recently been discovered in America which promises to become an object of great brilliancy. It is at present faint, but is daily increasing in brightness as it approaches the sun. It will pass the perihelion (nearest approach to the sun) about June the 15th, when its brightness will have so immensely increased that Mr. J. R. Hind, the eminent astronomer, considers that it may possibly be visible even in the day time. At present it may be found with a small telescope a little to the north of the bright star Vega. According to an orbit calculated by Mr. Hind, it will during the month of May pass about midway between the Pole star and Chair of Cassiopeia. It will then descend rapidly to the sun, passing near the bright star Capella during the first week in June. It will probably be visible in this country for some time after its passage round the sun. Should Mr. Hind's calculations prove correct, the comet will be one of the finest on record. LLANGOLLEN DISTRICT HIGHWAY BOARD.-The ordinary bi-monthly meeting of this Board was held on Friday, April 14th, at the New Inn, Glyn- ceiriog, the following members being present:-— Capt. J. C. Best, R.N. (chairman); Messrs. Ed. Edwards, Llangollen D. Parry, Rhospengwern II. M. Jones, Bryndethol; T. Morris, Temperance Hotel, Glyn; M. Thomas, Bryneglwys; W. Williams, Wern Tower; John Evans, Talygarth R. Richards, Glascoed; R. Sides, Golfa Evan Jones, Plas, Tregeiriog W. Evans, Ty'n-y-fron John Edwards, Caerfach;' W. Morris, Trewern (vice-chairman); H. Hughes, Migin; John White, Tregeiriog C. W. Richards (deputy clerk); and Evan Evans (surveyor). The clerk reported that in obedience to the resolution passed at the last meeting, the attention of the Llangollen and Corwen Railway Company had been called to the dangerous character of the north end of Glyndyfrdwy bridge. The secretary of the company had written to the Great Western Railway Company on the matter, but no reply had as yet been received. Resolved that the secretary to the Llangollen and Corwen Railway Company be asked to write again about the matter. —Mr. Morris, Trewern, in a few well-chosen words, brought forward his motion on the desirability of publishing a balance-sheet in the Llangollen and Oswestry Advertisers, as soon as the annual audit had been made, shewing the contributions of each parish separately towards the funds of the Board, and the various other items of receipts in detail, as well as the expenditure on main and district roads, salaries, &c. This motion was carried unanimously, Messrs. Morris,White, J. Edwards,and the clerk being requested to draw out a form of account in accordance with the spirit of the resolution.- The chairman read a letter, signed by Mr. Owen Parry and others, containing a resolution adopted at a vestry held in the Australia Arms, Trevor, requesting the Board to interfere in the case of an old right of way to the river Dee near Pontcyssylltau, which had been closed by one Mr. Sylvester, by putting up a fence across it. Mr. Edwards, Llyn, explained the position of the place, and said that, as long as he could remember, people used to turn their cattle there for water. The Board, after some discussion, however, decided that it was not a matter for them to interfere in, and that the inhabitants of that part, who felt aggrieved, had the remedy in their own hands. A letter was read from Mr. Deacon, C.E., referring to the roads the Liverpool Corporation intended to use, to haul their pipes over during the coming months. The roads leading from Pentrefelin to Efail Rhyd would be used until June, and afterwards the Sychart and Llansilin roads as far as Bodlith. The surveyor, after being ordered to prepare for this traffic, remarked that a difficulty had arisen as to a quarry in connection with the first-named road. Mr. Jones, the new tenant of Ty'n-y-graig, had stopped the workmen of the Board to take stones from bis land, although it had always been the custom to do so. Several of the members expressed their surprise at the action of Mr. Jones, inasmuch as he, being ratepayer, ought to assist the Board in obtaining stones from the most convenient place. Mr. Edwards, Caerfach, and the surveyor were requested to see him, and request him to re-consider his decision in the matter. I ILC Surveyor's Salary.—Mr. White, Tregeiriog, introduced his motion with respect to the salary of the surveyor, and proposed that the same be advanced £ 40 a year. This was seconded by Capt. Best (the chairman). Both the mover and seconder explained the vast increase in the work which the Surveyor had to perform since his appointment to the office, and expressed the thorough satisfaction of the Board at the highly satisfactory manner in which that work was being done. Mr. Michael Thomas proposed an amendment to the effect that the salary be increased ze20 per annum, and that when the present heavy expenditure of the Board would be reduced, and the agricultural interest in a better condition, the matter could be further considered. The amendment was carried by 11 votes to 5. Surveyor's Report.—The following report of the surveyor was read:- Gentlemen,—I have to report an encroachment at Vroncyssylltau. Mr. Edwards, The Woodlands has dug a foundation for a house on an unenclosed plot of land within 15ft. of the centre of the Vron main road. I submit a plan of the place from a survey I have made, and a tracing of the plan on Mr. Edwards's deed. The wafls on each side of the road leading from the White Lion, Vroncyssylltau, to the top of Vron, are out of repair. The wall on the north side protects the public from a precipice 20 yards deep, above an abandoned lime quarry worked under the management of Mr. Eddy, and the wall on tho south side from a precipice about the same depth above a quarry now worked under his management. This plan is without doubt extremely dangerous. I submit a letter from Mr. Swettenham, the referee appointed by your agreement with the Liverpool Corporation, directing the claim for extraordinary traffic up to the 25th March last to be forwarded to the Town Clerk of Liverpool. A statement of the claim in detail has been drawn out, and now awaits your approval. The number of extra men employed on account of this traffic is 15. The number of men employed on the Glyn main road is 25, and 800 yards of road has been already completed I beg to submit to your notice a letter received from Major Barnes's agent, complaining of the state of the roads about Plas Crogen, and Tainymynydd. The men usually employed upon these roads are now working on the Glyn main road. Mr. Jebb desired to know what price the Board would pay for stone from Hafod Quarry, the same to be carted away at the expense of the Board. Stone of a fair quality is got out already. In obedience to the order of the Court, in connection with the case of Mr. George Edwards v. The Llangollen Highway Board, I have constructed'a 12-in. drain across the road near Trevor Station. I beg to submit the estimate for the current year, amounting to < £ 4,555 16s. 8d.' The great increase in the estimated expenditure as compared with last year is caused by the heavy outlay on the Glyn main road, and by the extraordinary traffic of the Liverpool Corporation. Men'« wages for the next two months I have estimated at £ 500. I will feel obliged by your kindly signing cheques to that amount. I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your obedient servant, EVAN EVANS. The report was discussed, and the following resolutions thereon passed:-A committee, consisting of the waywardens of the parish of Llangollen, the chairman and surveyor, was appointed to view the encroachment at Vroncyssylltau, and to decide thereon, the clerk meanwhile to write to Mr. Edwards to desist encroaching. The clerk was instructed to call the attention of Mr. Eddy to the dangerous nature of the walls mentioned in the report. The claim against the Liverpool Corpora- tion was approved of, and ordered to be forwarded to the Town Clerk. The surveyor was ordered to repair the roads about Plas Crogen. The clerk to write to Mr. J ebb, stating that the price of 2d. per load, as suggested by the surveyor, was sufficient for the stones from Hafod Quarry. The wages cheques for £500 were signed. The Rate.-After considerable discussion upon the expenditure, the surveyor's estimate was passed, and a rate of Is. in the Z- for the year made. Several of the waywardens expressed their satisfaction at the low amount of the rate, considering the great increase in the expenditure. The Talwrn Rock.-A letter from Mrs. C. Thomas was read, refusing the cheque in payment of royalty on the stone dug from the above rock during last yea,i-, as she considered the amount insufficient. The chairman explained that Mrs. Thomas was evidently under a wiuug impression, as no doubt she thought that this cheque covered the value of all the stones obtained from the quarry since 1873, whereas it was for last year only. No bills had been received until lately from her, and he could not see how the Board now could pay for all those years. It was ultimately resolved to pay royalty for the years 1878-79 and 1880 at the rate of 17s. 6d. a year, in addition to the amount of the cheque for last year. Appointment of Officers.—On the motion of Mr. White, seconded by Mr. R. Richards, Capt. Best was unanimously re-elected chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. Michael Thomas spoke in highly eulogistic terms of the admirable manner Capt. Best had fulfilled the duties of his office, and the benefit accruing to the ratepayers from the fact that a gentleman of the position of the chairman took such an active interest in matters of this kind. Capt. Best moved, and Mr. Morris, Trewern, seconded, that Mr. R. Richards be elected vice- chairman. Carried unanimously. ]Jays of Meeting.—The chairman proposed that the meetings be held as heretofore at the same time and place, with the exception of the December and February meetings, which were to be held at Oswestry and Llangollen respectively. This was agreed to without a division, and the meeting ended.






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