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n GOBOWEN. DRUNK OR DYING.—A very serious case of mis- using paralysis for drunkenness occurred at Gobowen on Sunday week, although we are certainly of opinion that no culpable negligence can be charged on those concerned in the unfortunate occurrence. The facts of the case, So far as we can ascertain, are that on Sunday horning week a Mrs. Evans, wife of one of the Great Western Railway Company's servants, of the timber department, was a passenger by the 9.40 train from Shrewsbury to Gobowen, in the neighbourhood of which latter place she was going to visit some relatives. By some means She went past her destination on going down, and Went on as far as Ruabon. When it was found here that she had made a mistake or something 8he was sent back by the next train, and arrived at Gobowen at about eleven or twelve. She was then asked for her ticket, but she would not give it up. The ticket collector sent for the station- faster, Mr. Baines, and when he came to her lie Noticed she had been sick all down her breast. lIe asked her for the ticket, but she never spoke, and only gave an incomprehensible smile. He 8aW she had the ticket in her hand and pointed to it, but it was some five minutes before she gave it up. As soon as she had done this he left her, With the impression that she had been drinking. about two o'clock one of the porters went to Mr. Baines and told him that there were a lot of boys teasing a woman in the station, and he, as lfc is customary to close the station on Sundays at all but train hours, said to the mall" Turn them out." This, evidently, the porter did and Irs. ■Evans went along with them. In the road th< children continued to annoy her and she went and stood on the door steps of the Hart and Trumpet Hotel, but the landlord told her to go away, he also being under the impression that 'he was drunk. At about three o'clock the attention of Mr. Phillips, of the Cross Foxes, was called to her, and taking compassion on her con- dition sent a man to fetch her in. As soon as she Altered the parlour he found she had every appearance of being very ill, and drove off at once for Dr. Lloyd, of Chirk, who returned at once and pronounced the case one of paralytic stroke, khe had continued perfectly speechless and was Suite unable to articulate or give any account of herself whatever. From papers and letters found On her, however, it was ascertained who she was and Mr. Baines, having heard the further par- ticulars, at once telegraphed for the husband. Mrs. Evans remained at the Cross Foxes till lVIonday morning, when she was removed on a couch to her home. We have not heard how she 18, but we believe the case was of a very serious nature. We may add that Mr. Baines is extremely sorry at the mistake he made so too No doubt is the landlord of the Hart and Trumpet; but Mr. Baines has on several occasions be- friended persons and taken them to his own home, Where, after partial restoration they have com- menced violence and abuse, and he was naturally very cautious on this occasion. As to her being Put out of the station, of course, it was quite by mistake, but with the impression that she was in drink it was only proper that she should be put away from the danger of falling on to the line. MOLD. MOLD CHORAL SOClETY.- Weare glad to state that the recent practices of this choir has been ^ell attended, the result being that much progress has been made. A public rehearsal was held at Westminster-road schoolroom last Wednesday evening. The choir rendered two or three choruses and the remainder of the programme Was sustained by several local amateurs. Mr. C. P. Morgan kindly presided. The meeting was Well attended. FOOTBALL" BERWYN RANGERS (LLANGOLLEN) V. RUTHIN. The above match was played at Ruthin on Saturday last, in the presence of a large number of spectators. The weather was very fine, and the Rangers' captain having won the toss, elected to play with a strong wind in his favour, and, im- mediately the ball was put in motion, it became apparent that a good and exciting game was to be expected. In about ten minutes, however, from the start, W. H. Roberts cleverly landed the ball between the Rangers' goal. Several runs were made by the Visitors' forwards to the Ruthin goal, as now they fought with greater determination, and J. Jones, the Rangers' half-back, was not to be denied he completely conquered the home team forwards every time, and returned the ball in front of his forwards, who, playing well together, and passing the ball with great judgment from wing to wing, N&anaged to elude the home team backs, and W. Roberts, by a splendid shot, made matters equal, pie game now stood in a very exciting position, and both sides worked hard to score. Several shots were made by the Visitors' forwards at their opponents' goal, but all to no effect. At half-time the game stood-Ruthin one goal, Berwyn Rangers one goal. On changing ends, the home team had the advantage of a strong wind, but no further score was made by either side, and the game ended In a draw. Of the Visitors, J. Jones, as half-back, Played in grand form, and, without doubt, best on the field. Jim Richards also played in excellent form. R. Jones and George Jones, as backs, Played with great determination, and their kicks were hard and clean. Adams played in goal in his Usual style. The forwards, who are among the fastest in the Principality, played well together, and their long passing and swift runs were very effective, especially with the wind, the first half time. Humphreys was by far the best of the backs, his kicks being well judged, and he very seldom kicked the ball out of play. The following were the teams :—Berwyn Rangers: Goal, H. Adams; backs, G. Jones and R. Jones half-backs, J. Jones, E. Jones, and J. Richards right wing, Joe Jones and J, Edwards centre, T. Roberts; left wing, W. Roberts and J. Roberts. Ruthin: Goal, Elias Owen backs, J. Humphreys and J. Roberts half- backs. R. Williams, Mostyn, and R. Maddocks; right wing, W. P. Owen and Alun Lloyd; centre, W. H. Roberts; left wing, Goodwin and Simon. Umpires, Messrs. W. A.. Thomas and W. Lloyd. Referee, Mr. E. Morris. THE WELSH ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP.— On Saturday afternoon the following first ties in the contest for this cup were played off :-Druids beat Dolgelley by six goals to nil. Druids (2nd team) played Aberystwyth at Dolgelley, when the Druids Were thrown out by two goals to one. Mold beat Coedpoeth by four to three played at Coedpoeth. At Corwen, Rhostyllen beat Corwen by seven goals to one. Wrexham Athletic beat Wrexham Hare and Hounds by two to one. Chirk beat Oswestry White Stars by four goals to three played at Chirk.