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'7 PEE CENT. PREFERENCE SHARES OF THE LADIES' CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, (LIMITED,) 'INCORPORATED UNDER ACT OF PARLIAMENT, Whereby Shareholders do not incur any further liability whatsoever after payment of the < £ 1 per sha/re clue on allotment. REGISTERED CAPITAL, £ 100,000. Issue of 50,000 Preference Shares oftl each, to be paid up in full on Allotment, bearing a Preferential Dividend at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum. Committee of Management. MRS. BELL, MRS. BECK, MISS IDA BYERS, MRS. BOUILLON, MRS. FRASER, V MRS. HALL, MRS. ORWIN, MRS. PERCY, MRS. POOLE, MRS. RAINS, MRS. THOMAS, MISS GERTRUDE WHYTE. (By the constitution of the Association power is given to add Gentlemen to the Committee of Manage- ment.) Secretary—MES. BENNETT. Assistant Secretary—MES. GEANVILLE. Provincial Superintendent-MRS. DOMERGUE. Registered Offices-S, Regent-street, London, W. PROSPECTUS. SEVERAL Co-operative Societies have been k3 successfully introduced, specially to benefit particular Classes and Professions, and it has been considered a matter of surprise that a Ladies' Society has not been established for their especial benefit To meet this long-felt want The Ladies' Co-operative Supply Association has been duly incorporated pursuant to Act of Parliament, for the purpose of supplying Ladies, upon the Co-operative System, with all kinds of articles of domestic consumption and general use. All goods will be supplied by the Association at a very moderate increase on the actual cost price, by which it is estimated that Shareholders will on the average save at least 20 per cent, on their purchases. Shareholders RESIDENT IN THE COUNTRY will have their orders promptly executed, and the Goods forwarded to them. So far as practicable, Superintendents of the several Departments, and the Staff of experienced Assistants will consist of Ladies, thereby providing another opening for Female employment, a subject which has for some time past been under the consideration of a large portion of the community. A very celebrated man says, "Society is to be reconstructed on the subject of woman's toil. A vast majority of those who would have woman industrious shut her up to a few kinds of work. My judgment in this matter is, that a woman has a right to do anything she can do well. It is said, if woman is given such opportunities, she will occupy places that might be taken by men. I say, if she have more skill and adaptness for any position than a man has, let her have it! She has as much right to her bread, to her apparel, and to her home,, as men have. I demand that no one hedge up her pathway to a livelihood." The Association have in view extensive Premises situate at the West End, which are most eligible for carrying on its business. A Special Department will be set apart for the reception and Sale of Oil Paintings, Water-colour Drawings, all kinds of Art, fancy, and plain Needlework, executed by Lady Shareholders. On all sales effected only a small commission will be charged. In connection with the Association, it is proposed to establish a School of Cookery, under the manage- ment of Miss C. H. Prichard, who holds a 1st Class Diploma, and Certificate from the South Kensington School of Cookery; also 1st Class Certificate in Cookery from the Society of Arts. Lady Shareholders would be entitled to lessons in Cookery upon specially advantageous terms. For the convenience of Shareholders, suitable Rooms for Refreshment, Reading, Writing, &c., will be provided, and a Register will be kept of the names of English and Foreign Professors, Governesses, and Tutors, House-keepers, Lady-Helps, Domestic Ser- vants &c., seeking engagement. The great success attending similar Associations is well-known; in the case of one Co-operative Society, qn mn s?n Z li18 USUai benefits conferred upon its 30,000 Shareholders and Ticket Holders, it recently XmL divide amongst its shareholders nearly = £ 100,000 of surplus profits. The turnover of the Society referred to is upwards of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds per annum. According to the evidence given before a Select Committee of the House of Commons, the shares of one Co-operative Society which originally cost X2 each, are now worth between .£70 and .£100 each. For the present issue of Preference Shares (bearing a Preferential Dividend of 7 per cent. per annum) applications (in writing, or on the Form attached hereto) are invited from Ladies and Gentlemen resident in any part of the Kingdom, or elsewhere, the Association being desirous of having a numerous and extended Proprietary. SOME OF THE PROPOSED DEPARTMENTS OF THE ASSOCIATION, VIZ:- Groceries and Provisions, Fruit, Poultry, Dairy Produce, Fancy Goods, Ormolu, Glass, China, Brushes and Combs, Baskets, Perfumery, Boots and Shoes, Furniture, Carpets, Turnery, Bedding, Sewing Machines, Leather Goods, India-rubber and Water- proof Goods, Pianos and Harmoniums, Miscellaneous Musical Instruments, Music, Electro-plate, Jewellery, Clocks, Watches, Cutlery, Drugs, Toys, Optical Instruments, Parasols, Umbrellas, Perambulators, Photography, Colouring of Photographs, Artists' Colours, Artists' Materials, Books, Stationery, Domestic Machinery, Gloves, Hosiery, General Drapery, Baby Linen, Shawls, Millinery, Ribbons, r eaters, Flowers, Furs, Lace, Moire Antique, Satins, Silks, Velvets, Fancy Dress Materials, English, Scotch, and Irish Homespuns, French and Saxon Wooden Materials, Velvet and Fancy Costumes, Bridal Dresses, Bridesmaids' Attire, Court Robes Reception Dresses, Evening Toilettes,Dinner Dresses Walking Dresses, Mantles, Opera Cloaks, Robes de Chambre, Carriage Dresses, Habits, Special- Depart- ment for the Handiwork of Shareholders, &c., &c., &c. Ladies seeking employment, and competent to fill any position in either of the poposed Departments, are invited to send m written applications addressed to the Secretary. APP|ica4ion ^or may be made in writing in the following words, viz.:— To the Ladies' Co-Operative Supply Association, Limited. Slii rp? nfS| ithat vy°? will allot to me.Preference 7 ° 4. 1 each' Scaring a Preferential Dividend of ^,ANNUM'LN THE LADIES' CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, and I agree to accept suen Shares, and to pay the full amount of One Pound per Share uhereon on allotment, thereby freeing me from any further liability. B Name in full. Profession or Occupation (if any) Address in full. .9 t, I. II Date EIGHT PER CENT. DEBENTURE STOCK. Issue ofX25,000 Debenture Stock of the Ladies' Co- operative Supply Association, Limited, in sums of < £ 5 £ 10; £ 20; £ 50; < £ 100; and < £ 500 each, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, viz :-On the 1st January, 1st March, 1st June, and 1st September in each year. The debentures are issued for a term of one, two, or three years, at the option of the applicant. ::Applications for any of these debentures may be made in writing, in the following words, viz. To the Ladies' Co-operative Supply Association, Limited. T ..8, Regent-street, London. I request that you will allot to me £ 0f the 8 per cent. Debenture Stock, and I hereby aeree s'ook't0 «• -33S Name in full Address in full Period of Debenture (say if required for 1 2 or 3 years) Date The Association is duly incorporated pursuant to Act of Parliament, and is registered with an Authorised Share Capital of £ 100,000. The present Committee of Management are MRS. BELL, MRS. BECK, MISS IDA BYERS, MRS. BOUILLON, MRS. FRAZEJ. MRS. HALL, MRS. ORWIN, MRS. PERCY, MRS. POOLS, MRS. RAINS, MRS. ORWIN, MRS. PERCY, MRS. POOLS, MRS. RAINS, MRS. THOMAS, MISS GERTRUDE WHYTE. By order, Secretary. i^ANVUVLK, Assistant Secretary. Registered Offices—8, Regent-st., London, W. (684) I" .1111 1.