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OARDS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON, A UCTIONEERS AND A PPRAISERS, A ACCOUNTANTS, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENTS, TEMPLE BUILDINGS, CORWEN. (587) MESSRS. ELLIS AND WILLIAMS, A UCTIONEERS AND A PPRAISERS, rjL 23, CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. (471) MR. LEWIS WILLIAMS, AUCTIONEER AND A PPRAISER, A DOLGELLEY AND BALA. (472) EVAN EVANS, BILL POSTER, PENGWERN SQUARE, LLANGOLLEN. (473) MESSRS. WILLIAMS & CO., AUCTIONEERS, COMMISSION & JGSTATE A GENTS, TREFYNANT, RUABON. (474) J. THO M S 0 N, ACCOUNTANT, i- CHAPEL STREET, LLANGOLLEN. 'J.. RENTS and DEBTS COLLECTED on a t thorough system, at moderate charges, with prompt settlements. (626) PODOPHYLLIN AND DANDELION PILLS, THE BEST LIVER PILLS EVER COMPOUNDED DODOPHYLLIN is prepared from the dried root of the Podophyllin Peltatum, or American "lay Apple, and its action on the Liver is identical T^th that of the Mercurial preparations, but without "heir injurious effect on the constitution. D O S E. Take one Pill every night until the bowels are acted ?n> then one at night occasionally by taking them In this way the liver will be restored to a healthy state, and the bowels cleansed of the crudities that adhere to them. Price 6d;, Is., and 2s. 6d. per Box. These Pills are small and rendered tasteless by being Bilver-coated. ^Prepared by R. HUGGINS, Chemist, 199, Strand, n+:^ent for Llangollen—Hugh Jones, 17, Castle- street^^ (508) All interested in the Boot, Shoe & Leather Trades "THE BOOT & SHOE TRADES JOURNAL," Published weekly at 282 Strand, London, price 2d THE BOOT & SHOE TEADES JOURNAL contains every information likely to be of use to those engaged in the various branches of the leather industries, together with elegant and costly plate and pattern supplements. Of all newsagents. By post from the publishing offices, 2s 9d per quarter. WHAT IS TRUTH? Truth is a solid "FACT," more solid than the jjfr&nite rock it is the richest coin of the purest metal, tree from alloy of every description. The shaft of will not face it, neither will the shots of pre- judice enter it. It is surrounded on all sides by a Jnousand foes; but each and all, without excep- °n, are mute beneath its piercing glance. IT IS A FACT, AS SOLID AS THE ABOVE, THAT BEECHAM'S PILLS, Which have been before the Public for thirty years, have now become one of the leading Patent Medicines *t the present day. From North to South, and from *jast to West, they are to be found in the homes of she rich and the poor. All classes of society use 'hem, and they are by thousands declared to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, and open all obstructions, and bring about all that is Required. No female should be without them. There no medicine to be found equal to BEECHAM'S ■^iLLS for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions of all with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. For a Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, and all -uIsorders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders on the Inost important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the l°Qg-lost complexion^ bring back the keen edge of aPpetite, and arouse into action, with the ROSE-BUD Of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS admitted by thousands, embracing all classes of society; and one of the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is, BEECHAM'S PILLS have the LARGEST SALE of any Patent Medicine in the World. BEECHAM'S PILLS Are admitted by thousands to be worth above a Guinea a Box, for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy ^nd Blotches of the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful ^reams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. The first does will give relief in twenty Minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thousands I °h+ cases. t'he Proprietor of these Pills having °>! r Ued (at great expense) a Patent for them, he allonges the whole world to produce a medicine to equal them for removing the above-named complaints, **d restoring the patient to sound and lasting health. I7very sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box of nese Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be THE RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT PLACE. CAUTION.—The Public are requested to notice that Jfe words Beecham's Pills, St. Helens," are on the Government Stamp affixed to each Box of the Pills; if nof on, they are a Forgery. Prepared only, and Sold Wholesale and Retail, by ihe Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, in Boxes, Is. ltd. and 2s. 9d. each. Sent oat Free for 15 or 36 Stamps. 5 kold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers tiie United Kingdom. "N.B,—puii directions are given with each box. (106) 0 BWyS I BOB CYMRO A CHYMRAES. YR unig Lyfr Cymraeg sydd yn traethu ar y wati fath nifer lluosog o Byngciau ymarferol (500 o yn fa^eri°n)*—Newyddei gyhoeddi, pris Is. 6ch., nad drwy y post, mewn limp cloth, LLYFR Y CYFARWYDDIADAU, o Tebyg i'r Enquire Within," Casgliad o Gynghorion Meddygol Teuluaidd jDia I^Wr'ae"1 Anifeilaidd, eglurhad ar bwyntiau **<*>1 o'r Gyfraith, yn nghyda lluaws o gyfar- aU Pr°fedig mewn Crefft a Chelfyddyd, y JoC^1 eu dethol yn ofalus a'u trefnu yn syml gan I). J Roose (Chemicus), Amlwch. Ar werth gan a 'nV,°ne!i Winter, Bookseller, and Stationer, Amlw jh, H. Jones, Llangollen. (505) NL. VAN GRUISEN, 17, Bold Street, Liverpool, Manufacturer and Importer of Pianos, American Organs, and Harmoniums. Sole Agent for the Smith American Organ Company, Boston. Over 300 Instruments to select from. Pianos, American Organs, and Harmoniums for Monthly Payments—Pianos and Organs from 10s. per Month; Harmoniums from 5s. per Month. Instru- ments forwarded on these advantageous terms to all parts of the United Kingdom, distance being no object. All enquiries cheerfully answered. 17, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. (486) EMILY DEAN'S CRINILENE, a preparation J for the production of Whiskers, Moustachies, &c., in a few weeks, and for the preservation of the hair, under all circumstances. Price 2s. Sold be H. Jones, 17, Castle Street, Llangollen. [566] THE ANGLER'S GUIDE to the rivers and lakes of North Wales, with the names of all the fishing stations, together with a list of suitable flies for the Welsh rivers and lakes; also a large scale TOURIST'S MAP OF NORTH WALES by W. Pritchard. Price Is. Sold by H. Jones, Llangollen. (567) X WORDSWORTH'S V NEW PATENT) AA- WASHABLE RESPIRATORS, As supplied to H.R.H. the Duchess of Cambridge, and Members of both Houses of Parliament. 1 Both for MEDICAL and SANITARY reasons WORDS- WORTH'S WASHABLE RESPIRATORWill henceforth be the only Instrument that a medical man will be "justified in recommending his patients to use." Vide Lancet, Jan. 26th, 1878. Price 10s. 6d., and 12s. 6d. post free, from H. WORDSWORTH & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, 6, SLOANE STREET, LONDON, S.W. Ie Sold by all Qhemists. X (658) NEW REVOLVING FRET SAW. II TL) IS beautifully designed and well made STB £ L FRAME with REVOLVING SA W, works io-in,, wfth two extra saws, suitable for fret, cabinet, and light joinery work, sent free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of 13 stamps. LEGGE & BARTLKTT, Engineers, 425, Brixton-road, London. WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD II As thousands can testify. THE" S PEE D W ELL" LOTJ ON stops all pain, gives instant relief, and cures in 24 hours. The only effectual remedy for the cure of PILES. FISTULA, &c. Spccia 11 Y recommenced to Ladies before & after accouchement. POST FREE 30 STAMPS. One trial only is necessary. DR. CHAMBERS, 57, Lowden-road, Herne-hill, London. TEN THOUSAND HANDBILLS FOR 18/6 Size 7J by 4?-in.; good quality and quantity guaranteed; Cash with order.—CHKVKRTON & Co., 25, City-road, London. (66lT t ESTABLISHED 1862. 0. U..J ONES," PLUMBER, GLAZIER AND PAINTER, MARKET STREET, LLANGOLLEN. GRAINING, LETTERING, GILDING, PAPER- HANGING, ETC., Executed in all their Branches. PAPER HANGINGS OF EVERY QUALITY AND PRICE. (345) AGENTS WANTE D.—INDIA-EUBBEB XX HAND STAMPS.—Special terras to stationers, prin- ters, aconts, &c. Also manufacturers of the Con to graph. -Write for terms to W. G. ANDERSON and CO., St. Paul's-buildings, Paternoster-row, Londou. Established 30 Years. BRODlE'S COUGH LOZENGES GIVE INSTANT RELIEF, and should be tried by all who .Buffer from Cough, Tight* ness of the Chest, or Bronchial Affections. Is. 2d., 2B. 2d., and 4s. 9d.; sold only by W. F. PASMOBB, Chemist, 101, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, London, W. „ TXOW TO MAKE A GOOD LIVING. 1 i —Write for particulars, enclosing one stamft T. TUCKEli, 1G9A, Lombard-street, Birmingham. (664) THE BIRTH, LIFE, AND DEATH. OF THE DEVIL! Post Free for Six Stamps. Martin & Co., 30, Ludgate Hill, London. (665) AN AGENT WANTED to take orders, Wholesale, for two new patented articles in universal demand. Salary from X2 to < £ 5 per week. Full particulars with drawings of articles forwarded upon receipt of stamped envelope to No. 100, The Colchester Manufacturing Company, Colchester, Essex. (666) REOgOSSPiUJS ARE SUPERIOR TO ALL I KINDS OF CAPSULES. They GIVE immediate relief and quickly cure all discharges and ailments of the urinary organs, recent or chronic Gravel,Strictures Pains in the Back Affections of the Prostate Weakness Nervous Debility, &c. &c. WARRANTED NOT TO CONTAIN MERCURY. .I: -_J.. Success by Physicians of Prescnbed W,tl. immense Hundreds of Testimonials high repute; and with QF CHEMISTS_ from all parts. 2/9 per TIiREE stamps, Sent for THIRTY an address by post free to ANY address by SCHOUVER CHEMIST, SCH^UUVER qo (671) AR WERTH GAN HUGH JONES, LLYFR.WERTHYDD, 17, Heol y Castell, Llangollen. LLIAWS 0 DDYDDIADURON AC ALMANACIAU AM 1880. Llyfrau Hymnau y Bedyddwyr, Annibynwyr, Wesley- aid a'r Methodistiaid Calfinaidd, yn wastad ar law.1 Cyflawnder o Lyfrau at wobrwyo mewn Cyfarfodydd Llenyddol, Yr Ysgol Sabbothol, &c., ar law bob amser. Cymmerir enwau am y Traethodydd, y Drysorfa, y Darlunydd, Frythones, Yr Ysgol, &c. Unrhyw Lyfr heb fod ar law a geisir mewn ychydig o ddyddiau. (677) IMPORTANT NOTICE. Selling Off! Selling Off!! Selling Off! AT BRADFORD HOUSE, LLANGOLLEN, THE SURPLUS WINTER STOCK. D. DAVIES & CO. Respectfully announce that owing to their premises being small, and their Stock large, they are determined, to Sell Off the whole of their- Winter Goods at about 15 Per Cent, under usual prices, so that they may be enabled to make room for their SPRING and SUMMER STOCK. D. DA VIES & Co. would call special attention to this ANNOUNCEMENT and inform their respective and numerous Customers that this is a GENUINE SALE, and that all Goods will be marked in plain figures, and THREE SHILLINGS in the pound will be returned to every purchaser. MEN'S OVERCOATS.from 12/6 and upwards. YOUTHS' DO „ 7/6 „ BOYS' DO. „ 4/9 „ „ MEN'S PILOT REEFERS "i. „ 5/3 „ BOYS' DO. DO. 4/6 „ „ MEN'S CLOTH SUITS „ 13/9 „ V YOUTHS' DO „ 9/6 „ BOYS' DO „ 1/9 „ „ MEN'S CORD & MOLESKIN TROUSERS „ 3/11 „ „ YOUTHS' DO. DO. Df). „ 3/3 „ „ BOYS' DO. DO. D| 1/6 „ „ And many other articles, viz Hats Caps, Ties, ScaJfs, Mufflers, Wool Scarfs, Woollen and Union Scarfs, Singlets, Drawers, and a splendid assortment of Men's Water-proof Tweed Overcoats at a low figure. The Sale will Commence on Saturday, Fek. 14th, 1880, and will continue for 14 Days. !i Note the Address- D. DAVIES & CO., BRADFORD HOUSE, LLANGOLLEN. TERMS-READY MONEY ONLY. (674) NEW BOOKS! h NEW BOOKS!! JUST ARRIVED, SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS, BIRTHDAY GIFTS, &c., &c. HUGBTjONES Respectfully invites an inspection of his NEW AND VARIED ASSORTMENT OF BOOKS, FANCY ARTICLES, &c. DE LA RUE & aOlp PLAYING CARDS, From 9d. per jacket Upwards. ESLICKS'S PATENT DISSECTED j tAPS at Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., and 4s. each. THE HAPPY PARTY, GRAND RACE, j^O BANG. AND OTHER CARD GAMES. PHOTO. & SCRAP ALBlfc IN GREAT VARIETY, FROM ISIUPWARDS. ALMANACKS, YEAR BOOKS, DLJTLLES, ANNUAL VOLUMES, &c., &c. Orders taken in for the WEEKLY PERIODICALS, &c., AND MONTHLY AND QUARTERLY MAGAZINES. A LARGE NUMBER OF SOILED BOOKS NOW OFFERED AT HALF-PRICE. ACCOUNT BOOKS, ALL SIZES AND QUALITY, AT REASONABLE PRICES. STATIONERY OF ALL KINDS. NEW REPP NOTE PAPER (PIRIE'S), from Is. per Packet. SQUARE ENVELOPES TO MATCH, from 4d. PIRIE'S OLD STYLE NOTE AND ENVELOPES, &c., &c. BIBLES, CHURCH SERVICES, COMMON PRAYERS, ANCIENT AND MODERN HYMN BOOKS IN GREAT VARIETY. .• v-s, (678) L.'tr:" '0. .f WOOD (LATE ABRAHAM & Co.), OPTICIAN, 20, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. UNIVERSAL AS IS the use of Spectacles, experience shews, however, that there exists utter V-' carelessness in their selection. If the value of the orjan of vision were duly estimated, then would persons requiring their aid apply only either to an experienced optician or an occulist, by whose practical knowledge lenses adapted to the visual angle would be supplied The spectacle FRAMES should fit the individual face, the centre of curve of the glass be brought opposite the pupil of the eye, and every cause of strain removed. SPECTACLES AND EYEGLASSES SENT BY POST. MANUFACTURER OF ARTIFICIAL EYES. WOOD'S (LATE ABRAHAM & Co.), Binocular Field and Marine Glasses, as supplied to THE INMAN STEAMSHIPS, THE MERSEY DOCK BOARD, &c., &c. (507) When you &I%, ask fbr See that you get it! A F3 bad 15 qiialities are often substituted. HH The Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. (483) ADJOINING THE ST. GEORG-LS HALL, LLANDUDNO. Hi Smith & Jones, MERCERS, GLOVERS, HOSIERS, &C. (502) ABERCONWY TEMPERANCE HOTEL. HIGH STREET, CONWAY. WILLIAM JONES, PROPRIETOR. YISITORS to Conway will meet with every attention, combined with very moderate charges,at thiswell- known Hotel. BRITISH WINES AND CONFECTIONERY OF THE CHOICEST DESCRIPTION. Tea and Coffee provided at the shortest notice. (503) MR. JONES, SURGEON DENTIST, 8, Radnor Street, Manchester. ATTENDANCE AT DAVIES'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 6, Castle Street, Llangollen (near the Market Hall), The FIRST and THIRD TUESDAYS of the Month. Every description of Surgical and Mechanical Dentistry. CONSULTATIONS FREE. (477) OSWESTRY. MR. JOHN COTTAM, t4 M SURGICAL AND MECHANICAL § ft [SINCE] DENTIST, [1849] S W FOR OSWESTRY AND VICINITY. H § RESIDENCE: O WCAXTON HO USE, H OSWESTRY. g Invalides waited on at their own residence by H appointment. (478) ARTIFICIAL TEETH. é ATTENDANCEAT SHREWSBURY & BRIDGNORTH. Messrs. Eskell and Chittey, SURGEON-DENTISTS, 39, BENNETT'S HILL, BIRMINGHAM, MAY be consulted, as above, upon their newly- invented and unequalled PATENTED IMPROVEMENTS. From one tooth to a complete set of Mineral Incorrodible Teeth, of exquisite shape, workmanship, lightness, and purity, is made and fitted in a few hours, with perfect accuracy and immediate comfort, without wires springs, or fasten- ings, and with such inimitable resemblance to nature as to prevent detection. No bulk in the mouth to vitiate the taste or impede free utterance; no sharp edges to injure the gums, tongue, or palate they serve to support loose and tender teeth, rendering mastica- tion and articulation simple and easy. ARTIFICIAL TEETH as above, and including all charges, at about one half the usual advertised charges. Old cases remodeled upon the above principle at moderate charges.-All Consultation Free.-Stopping Extracting, Cleaning, and all operations performed, with the greatest care and delicacy. Constant daily attendance, at Birmingham, from 9ti117- xnr- o. x Shrewsbury every Saturday, at 13, High Street. Bridgnorth every Saturday, at the Journal Offices. Llangollen, by appointment only. Established 25 Years. NOTE.—Only London Address, A. CLIFFORD- ESKELL, 8, GROSVENOR STREET. (479) s W A I T C H E S & C L. 0 K S WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER By Special Warrant TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, And by Special Appointmentt to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES AND H.I.M. THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. PRIZE MEDALS-LONDON, DUBLIN, AND PARIS. BENSON'S WATCHES GOLD & SILVER Of every description, suitable JEWELLERY. for all climates, from 2 to 200 guineas. The Latest Fashions. CHRONOGRAPHS, CHRONOMETERS, BRACELETS. BROOCHES, KEYLESS, LEVERS, EARRINGS, LOCKETS, PRESENTATION, NECKLACES, CHAINS, REPEATERS, RAILWAY RINGS, STUDS, GUARDS', SOLDIERS', and PINS, CROSSES, ETC. WORKMEN'S W ATCEiES of ALSO IN DIAMONDS AND EXTRA STRENGTH. PRECIOUS STONES. BENSON'S "Workmen's" English Lover, as above, £ 5 5s. (Warranted.) BENSON'S "Everybody's" Silver Watch, Crystal Glass, as above, X3 3s. (Warranted.) BENSON'S CLOCKS SILVER AND ELECTRO-PLATE Of all hinds at 1 to 1000 For Presentation, etc. guineas. DINNER SERVICES, CHURCH, TURRET, TEA AND BREAKFAST CARRIAGE, CHIME, SERVICES, DINING AND DRAWING CRUETS, BASKETS, ROOM, INKSTANDS, CLARET HALL, SHOP, JUGS, LIBRARY. BRACKET. ETC. SPOONS, FORKS, ETC. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of WATCHES, the most comprehensive in the wofiiD, giving prices and illustrations of every kind. Just published, 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of CLOCKS, the largest yet published, with designs and prices. Free, 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of JEWELLERY, illustrated. 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of SILVER and ELECTRO-PLATE, illustrated. 2 stamps, BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of TURRET CLOCKS, illustrated. 2 stamps. WATCHES sent FREE and SAFE by POST. Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and Plate repaired by skilled workmen. Plate, Jewellery, and Watches exchanged. Clubs, Merchants, and Shippers supplied. Steam Factory and City Show Rooms- LUDGATE HILL; West-end Establishment- 25, OLD BOND STREET, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 174.0. (W) ROOD'S (LATE ABRAHAM & CO.), 20, LORD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. AS SUPPLIED TO THE B BINOCULAR GLASSES, "INMAN" LINE, THE MERSEY DOCK BOARD, &o. Prices 25s., 30s., 40s., &c. The Inman Glass, < £ 5 10s. Price Lists on Application. Optical and Mathematical Instruments. (635) SPECIAL—TO BE GIVEN AWAY!! A HANDSOME PIANO, HARMONIUM, ORGAN, and other Instruments full particulars )NE STAMP. The Musical Instrument Club Co., Hexham. (667) WATKIN & DAVIES, pLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, p AINTERS, HOUSE DECORATORS, SIGN WRITERS, GILDERS, AND PAPERHANGERS, CHAPEL STREET, LLANGOLLEN. (487) FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." MMHIWL WORLD FAMED li km Trade Mark, Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER. SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches,Ulcer- ated Sore Legs,Old Sores,Glandular Swellings Cancerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolor. ations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine THOUSANDS OF TBSTIMOXIALS PROM: ALL PARTS. CURE OF DROPSY. Gomersal, Leeds. Dear Sir,-This is to certify that two eleven shilling bottles of Clark's Blood Mixture cured my wife when three eminent doctors were powerless. Her complaint was dropsy, and she had been ill nearly ten years. You are at a liberty to publish this if you please. Yours truly, "JOHN Cox. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse i. the vitiated blood whenever you find its im- purities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WOliLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each- sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great maioritv of long-standing cases.—BY ALL fsTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the world, or sent on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps, by the Proprietor, F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries' Hall, Lincolii. (492) DEBILITY AND NERVOUSNESS. Re-Issue of THE WARNING VOICE," DR. SMITH'S Celebrated Work, of which 500,000 Copies were Sold Revised Edition. Now Ready, 152 pages, by post to all parts of the World, in Envelope two stamps. THE WARNING VOICE. This is a specia Medical Book addressed to Youth and Manhood on the Cause, Symptoms, Consequences and Treatment of Debilitating Diseases. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine of the University of Jena, by Diploma, 1860. This Work gives ADVICE AND INSTRUCTIONS, the Result of THIRTY YEARS' PRACTICE for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &c., resulting from Exhaustion of Nerve Power, the effect of Overtaxed Energies, Enervating Habits, and other abuses of the system. Gives the ADVICE and INSTRUCTIONS by which thousands have been restored to health. Illustrated by Cases and Testimonials from grateful patients, with means of Cure used in each case. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London W.C. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. New Edition, Enlarged to 132 Pages, Price SIXPENCE Free by Post, Seven Stamps, in Envelope, to all parts of the World DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN; OR THE FEMALES' PRIVATE MEDICAL ADVISKR. By DR. HENRY SMITH. Gives a Full List of all Diseases or Ailments peculiar to the Female Constitution, their Nature, Cause, and Symptoms, with the Name of the Medicine in English proper for Cure. By the aid of this book females may form a Correct Knowledge of the Malady, and How to Cure it, without Consulting a Medical Man. It is the Woman's best Friend, and Guide to the Cure of all Diseases. This bouk is strictly for the use of Females. It is a private treatise on subjects of Vital Importance to Woman, in regard to which a terrible ignorance prevails—an ignorance which is Destroying the Lives and Sacrificing the Happiness of Thousands. It gives such Instructions as will supersede tlie Necessity of Calling in a Physician on all occasions, and otherwise tend to the Promotion of Health and Happiness in their households. Sent direct from the Author, DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Crescent, London, W.C. NOTICE TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. Consultation by Letter without Fee. DR. HENRY SMITH, (By Diploma of the Royal University of Jena,) who has devoted THIRTY YEARS to the Special Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System, resulting from Exhaustion of Nerve Power, Local Weakness, &c., will for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a statement of case, send his Opinion, with Advice and Instructions, which, if followed,will Insure a Cure. A "Confidential" form of Corra^pciiidcnce to assist the Invalids in describing their case sent Post Free. A personal interview and expensive Consultation-fee avoided. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, BURTON CRESCENT, LONDON, W.C, (192)