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MR. BRIGHT, while expressing his on the twenty-first anniversary of his political connection with the town, writes to say that he is too much disturbed by recent and still pressing sorrow to enable him to join in any public ceremony in which he was expected to take a prominent part. In accordance with his wish, the celebration will not, therefore, take place during the coming recess. SIR GARNET WOLSELEY, has visited Limasol, on the south coast. A deputation of Greeks, who form a large proportion of the population, waited upon him, and expressed the hope that England would follow the precedent pursued with regard. to the Ionian Islands. The Correspondent says that the disembarkation is procceeding with great alacrity, under the supervision of the Duke of Edinburgh. The heat is intense, but the troops are healthy. A LETTER has been addressed by the Crown Prince of Germany to the Queen, thanking her Majesty in the name of the Emperor William for the assistance rendered and the sympathy displayed by the English authorities and people on the Occasion of the sinking of the Grosser Kurfiirst. The Crown Prince adds that as he himself had the opportunity of witnessing,immediately after the catastrophe, the noble emulation with which the first help was rendered to the wrecked men on English soil, his satisfaction has been all the greater in expressing these sentiments, which he thoroughly shares. JOSEPH MOORE, eight years of age, was charged on Saturday afternoon, at the Southwark Police-court, with shooting and mortally wounding his sister, a child three years old, with a six chambered revolver. Mr. William Hemneslin, a German, said that he had adopted the two children, and that he kept the revolver loaded over his bed to protect himself, and that he was removing at the time of the occurrence. Mr. Benson ordered the boy to be given up to his uncle till after the inquest. GENERAL satisfaction is stated to be felt at (Vienna in regard to the terms of the Austrian tD proclamation to the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina which was publisked on Saturday night. SEVERAL thousands of Austrian subjects residing in Servia and belonging to the first, second, and third class reserves of the Austrian army have been peremptorily summoned to join their respective battalions. Uneasiness has been created at Belgrade by this measure, which is regarded as indicating a far greater army mobilisation on the frontier than that intended merely for the occupation of Bosnia. REPORTS current at Constantinople, that negotiations are proceeding for the cessioii of a portion of the Syrian coast and the Island of Tenedos to England, are denied both by the Porte and the British Ambassador. Persistent rumours are afloat, however, that negotiations, the object of which is known only to the two Governments, are being carried on between England and Turkey. 0 ORDERS are stated to have been given by Osman Pasha on Saturday to discontinue the entrenchment works on the lines defending Constantinople, all probability of a conflict with the Russians having passed away. A SERVANT-GIRL, named Mary Ann Brown, aged 18, was charged, at the Bow-street Police- court, on Saturday, with stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, the property of Miss Bella Goodall, the actress. The prisoner was taken into custody, smartly-dressed in the prosecutrix's clothes. She offered no defence, and was remanded for further examination. THE banquet given to Lords Beaconsfield and Salisbury by Conservative lords and commoners, on Saturday evening last, was numerously attended. The Duke of Buccleuch presided.: In responding to the toast of his health, Lord Beaconsfield said he shared the conviction of the noble duke that the result of the labours of the congress had been received with satisfaction by the country. But that satisfaction was not unanimous, and the policy of the Government was challenged. It was charged against them that they had deceived Greece; but in point of fact the Government had endeavoured to influence Greece by good advice. Lord Salisbury's proposition for the rectification of the Greek frontier included all that a sensible, and moderate man could desire, and congress ultimately adopted it. Referring to the convention of Constantinople, the Premier denied that the responsibility of England was thereby increased; on the contrary, he maintained that the convention diminished our responsibility, because, whatever ministry might be in power, it would eventually see the necessity of preventing the conquest of Asia Minor by Russia. He was astonished to learn that the convention had been described as an insane one. He believed that in that policy lay the seeds of future welfare, not only for England, but for Europe and Asia. The Marquis of Salisbury observed that probably no ministry had ever passed through a difficult crisis of foreign affairs amidst such a storm of abuse as the present Government had encountered. Among other speakers were the Lord Chancellor and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. OPERATIONS were on Friday resumed at the Eurydice, and in consequence of the time of tide flowing the work was continued until late in the evening. The Pearl and Rinaldo were successful, and the Eurydice was lifted and brought a. quarter of a mile nearer the shore. Two or three more lifts are yet reckoned before the wreck will be enabled to be pumped out and towed into harbour. On Friday the hammock nettings of the ill-fated ship could be clearly seen below water. If the weather continues fine the work will be continued every day. Saturday's operations resulted in the removal of the vessel a distance of three- sixteenths of a mile, into 33ft. of water. THE MARQUIS OF, LORNE, son-in-law of the Queen, eldest son of the Duke of Argyll, and M.P. for Argyleshire, has been appointed governor-general of Canada, in succession to 0 Lord Duiferin. The office is worth £ 10,000 a year and a residence. WHEAT-CUTTING is becoming general in the English Counties; the crop is said to have improved wonderfully in many parts of the country during the past month. Previous unfavourable reports as to the barley crop are generally confirmed. In many places, rain is needed for roots and aftermath. Oats and beans promise fairly..