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QUEENSLAND EMIGRATION SAIL- INGS FROM GREAT BRITAIN. The Fine Ships, "Highflyer," from London to Maryboro, 31st July; Scottish Prince," from London to Townsville, 21st August; A Clipper Ship, from Glasgow to Brisbane, 4th beptember. Female Domestic Servants and Farm Labourers have Free Passage. Apply to THE AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, 32, Charing Cross, London, S.W. Second Edition, with additions, HOW to PROVE a WILL WITHOUT the -LJ- AID of a LAWYER, either in Town or Country, with Hints to Executors. By Thomas King, Estate Agent, 272, Holloway-road, London, N. Post free of the Author, six stamps. Post free of the Author, six stamps. HOW to MAKE a DISTRESS for RENT. -Ll By Thos. King, Estate Agent, 272, Holloway- road, London, N. Contents: Preliminaries-The Warrant-The Levy-What Can and What Cannot be Distrained — Inventory — Excessive Distress — Valuation and Sale-Costs-Fraudulent Removal- Replevin-Distresses for Tithes and Rates-Lodger's Goods-Execution by Sheriff-Variety of Forms including Lodger's Declaration. A FAIR SKIN AND LOVELY COMPLEXION insured by the use of IVTADAME ROSALIE COUPELLE's EAU T: PAEADIS, the only certain remedy for skin diseases yet brought before the public. It is largely prescribed and used by the faculty, and whilst it permanently eradicates tan, sallowness, pimples, freckles, small pox marks, roughness, and effectually removes discolourations, it is perfectly innocuous to the skin itself. One trial will convince the most sceptical of its marvellous effects. There are many unprincipled and trashy imitations of the above, and the public are therefore warned that none is genuine unless bearing the signature "Rosalie Coupelle," to imitate which is forgery. Price 2s. 9d,, 43. 6d., and lis. per bottle, through all Chemists. Sold by H. Jones, Castle Street, Llangollen. SELF CURE NO FICTION! MARVEL UPON MAEVEL! NO SUFFERER NEED NOW DESPAIR, but without running a doctor's bill or falling into the deep ditch of quackery, may safely, speedily and economically cure himself without the knowledge of a second party. By the introduction of the new French Medicaments Therapion, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, a complete revolution has been wrought in this depart- ment of medical science, whilst thousands have been restored to health and happiness who for years previously had been merely dragging out a miserable existence. Therapion No. I.-A Sovereign Remedy for gleet and all discharges of the mucous membranes, whether of the urinary or other organs. t Therapion No. 2.—A Sovereign Remedy for syphilis in all its protean forms; skin diseases, and those complaints which mercury and sarsaparilla are popularly but erroneously supposed to cure. Therapion No. 3.—A Sovereign Remedy for debility, nervousness, spermatorrhoea, languor, incapacity for marriage, distaste for business or pleasure, love of solitude, blushing, indigestion, pains in the back and head, and all those disorders which the faculty so persistently ignore, because so impotent to cure or even relieve. Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis., of all Chemists. In ordering the above, the purchaser Should specify which number he requires. Read the new descriptive Pamphlet, sent post free for 3 stamps, by Mr. Lawes, Medical Publisher, Hand Court, Holborn. The stamp, to imitate which is felony, bears the word Therapion," in white letters, by order of Her Majesty's Hon. Commissioners, who thereby secure the proprietor against infringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. Sold by H. Jones, Castle-street, Llangollen. DR. DE ROOS' celebrated GUTTiE VIM, Or LIFE DROPS; for Spermatorrhoea, Noctur- nal Emissions, Impotency,Sexual Incapacity,Debility, Epilepsy, and all those Diseases for which Mercury, Sarsaparilla, &c., are too often employed by English Physicians to the ultimate ruin of the Sufferer's health. The Guttae Vitas are the result of long practical in- vestigation of the remedies best adapted for these diseases. Their rich stimulating, stomachic qualities, and, above all, their complete renovation of the ner- vous system, render them in every respect worthy their significant title. They may be taken without hindrance or restraint of diet, &c., and in this res- pect also they may claim pre-eminence over most other advertised medicines. By promoting digestion- nourishing the constitution-enriching without in- flaming the blood-bracing without stimulating the nervous system too violently-they strengthen the general habit, and restore the natural healthy tone of the nervous and muscular fibres, thus enlivening and invigorating both body and mind. The Guttce Vitae have been particularly successful with young people who have the appearance of old age; who are pale and effeminate, and who, having an utter distaste for everything, are incapacitated for study, business, or enjoyment. Thousands of apparently hopeless cases, givenup by the faculty, have been permanently cured, and have borne grateful evidence of the fact. Price 4s. 6d.,11s. and 33s.; to be had at the office of J this paper. I Berges woven rrom tnefinest Wools as supplied repeatedly to the ROYAL FAMILY by EGERTON BURNETT. Orders are daily arriving from all parts. Being of a dye which neither rain or salt water can affect, these SERGES surpass all others in appearance and durability. Prices from 1/2* to 4/6 per yard. New mixtures for Summer. Extra milled ditto lor trentlemen & Boys' hard wear, from 3/6 per yard Pattern books post free. Carriage paid on parcels over £ 2. EGtERTON BURNETT, WELLINGTON, SOMERSET. "DILLIAED-TABL E CLOTH. The Cheapest House in London for BILLIARD and BAGATELLE-TABLE CLOTH. MITCHELL, INMAN & Co.'s, 40, CLOTH FAIR, WEST SMITHFIELD, LONDON. Patterns sent post free. /2JJREATEST MARVEL OF THE AGE. GENTLEMEN'S MASSIVE GRADUATED CURB ALBERTS, best Finish, every link Stamped 18-c., cannot he told from Real at £10. Free by post for 18 stamps. Honestly cheap at 10/6. Address. STEWART & Co WholP^al* Jewellers, 121, Park Road, Liverpool. vvnolesale STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS. HIRING SYSTEM. Particulars post free. N. G. WILCOOKS. Back Street, BATH T OYSEL's PATENT HYDROSTATIC TEA and COFFEE PERCOLATORS. „ (Block Tin and Copper Bronzed). of^nch more than SOO.OOO are now in use, are w w ^sception, the simplest, and the most efficient ones L„2'roduced; they produce quickly, and with very little beautifully clear and fine flavoured Tea or Coffee, and effect a considerable saving by extracting all the strength. vost Is PATENT HYDROPULT. The best Portable Garden and Fire Engine made, weighs but 8-lbs., and will throw water 50 feet. ABOVE ARE SOLD BY ALL RESPECTABLE IRONMONGERS Manufacturers-GRIFFITHS & BROWETT, Birmingham, 21, Moorgate Street, London & 64. Rue des TournelIes, Paris WEIGHING MACUINKS A WKIGI1- » BRIDGES. Every variety of CRANES of manual or steam power. RICHARD KITCHIN. Warrington. Lancashire. SODA WATER and LEMONADE .MACHINES, HIRING SYSTEM. With recipes and information to make all aerated drinks Particulars post free. N. G. WILCOCKS. Back St., BATH. rro BUILDERS, PLUMBERS, Decorators, -M- &c. New Illustrated price list, very much reduced for cash, free on application to ALFRED SXER, 6 & 8 Penton- ville Road, London, N. LKAD, ZINC, OILS, COLOURS, VARNISHES, and PAPER HANGINGS. T ITTLE WONDER PONY"3 All III AGE C^rt f18' Designs free. J.ROBERTS & SON8, West of England Carriage Works, Bridgwater. CAUTION. fTlHORLEY's FOOD FOR CATTLE Beware of Spurious imitations. Inventor's name Joseph Thorley on each packet, also SOLE ADDRESS, Thornhill Bridge Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London. Sold Everywhere. W S.RUMSEY'sROYAL(IXL) JEWELS 8LERY TABLETS, in Fancy Boxes with Brush and complete. IMPROVED NON-MEROURIAL and ROUGE PLATE Powders. ROYAL (IX.L) BRILLIANT FURNITURE POLISH. Manufactory: 281, CLAPHAM ROAD, LONDON, S.W. Second Ëdition-Just Published, Post-free 4 Stamps.. PILES, HÆMORRHOIDS, &C. Their Treatment and Cure by an entirely New Process. Address-GEORGE CHEVERTON, TUNBRIOGE WELLS Save 30 per Cent. by ordering direct from the Manufacturer, "DRYCE JONES, Manufacturer of PLAIN WjELSH FLANNELS, POWYSLAND Wonders & Olden Times.—Homespuns 8Jd.. 105d. &12Jd. per yard for Spring and Summer wear, as patro- nized by Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family and Aristocracy of Great Britain and the Continent. Sends Patterns Free by Post. Any length Cut. ROYAL WELSH WAREHOUSE, NEWTOWN, NORTH WALES. npHE London Fashionable Journals say, -1- "that rilHE ROYAL DEVONSHIRE SERGE, .L as sold bv SPEARMAN and SPEARMAN, OF PLYMOUTH, is the best, the cheapest, the most fashionable, and the most durable ot any article woven." According to the Queen. "Tt has no rival either in appearance or utility." These are Serges which stand any amount of hard usage that can be given them. and are now-produced in beautiful mixtures and shades for Spring and Summer wear in pItre Wool only. Patterns are sent upon application post free, and Carriage is paid on all parcels into London, so that the cost of transit to any other town is small indeed. The qualities for Ladies1 use commence at 1/3i the yard, and there are upwards of one hundred. For Gentlemen's Suits and Boys' Hard Wear the varieties in Navy Blue and mixtures are good and select Price from 3/6 the yard. The Navy Blue is Indigo Dye. Sea Water cannot hurt it." SAVE YOUR CARPETS. GLENPATRICK PATENT (CARPET LINING supplies a long felt want, adds greatly to the wear of the Carpet and to the warmth and comfort of the room, and is moderate in price. filTAIR PADS prevent the Carpet cutting, make the step soft to tread upon, and will last for years. Sales of Carpet Lining and Stair Pads always increasing- To be bad of all UPHOLSTKEEKS and Famishing Houses Manufactured and sold Wholesale only by A. F. STODDARD & Co., Paisley. 1 F){)0PATTERNS'>F NEW SILKS A J- "v- or Dress Goods post free. x -s* SILKS from 1 to 20 Gs. Fancy Dresses 7/3 to 5 Gs, Trade Write to D. NICHOLSON & Co., SO to 53, St. Paul's Mark. Uburch Yard, London, E.C. Established 1813. 1) R R S S E S, D R E"S S E S,~ D It E S S E S from The Cheapest House in •{ fwSi, 6d. per yard. J London. Patterns Free. 11/11 ner-rai-d 19S, REGENT STREET, LONDON. WALTER TRUEFI'I'T's, 1, New Bond » » Street, London. Hair in all the newest styles as worn in London and Paris. lilack, Brown and Golden Dyes. Kalotrikos the best dressing for the Hair, Athenian Water strengthens it. Sempervivens is the best Restorer. Gentle- men's Hats for India. &n. [jest Articles at moderate prices i~> ERLIN WOOL and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK IMPORTED DIRECT BY TY/|~ LEADER, 9, New Inn Yard, Shoreditch, LONDON, E.C. PERFORATED CARDBOARD, CANVAS, FILOSELLE,&c. Price Lists post free. WALKER's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London, 1862, Paris 1867. Silver from £ 3 3s. Gold from £ 6 Qs. 68,Cornhill, E C 230,Regent-st.,W. &76,Strand, W.C. Descriptive Pamphlet free. "DIMMEL's AROMATIC OZONIZER, a fragrant J-^powder,producing by slow evaporation the healthy emana- tions of the Forest. The best & only agreeable disinfectant 1/ bypost 15 stamps. 96,Strand; 128,Regent St.; U,CornhiH,London. rilHE ALLIANCE SOCIETY, J- 51, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C, INVESTORS 5 PER CENT. & LOANS FOB 20 YEAKS. By TONTINB BONUSES. DRAWINGS AND TENDERS. Prospectus, &c., on application to the Secretary. AGENTS WANTED. IV/FILNER'S SAFES, Best and Cheapest XTX- SAFEGUARD against FIRE and THIEVES. Phoenix Safe Works, Liverpool. |)'ARCY's DUBLIN STOUT. Guaranteed to be brewed from MALT AND HOPS ONLY. ANCHOR BREWERY, DUBLIN. (Largest Brewery in Ireland but one). PERFECTION IN WINDOW-BLINDS. The New EMPIRE PATENT CLOTH and IMITATION LACE BLINDS. J. A V E R Y & Co., 81, Great Portland Street, London, W. "Far surpass any material hitherto employed." Furniture• Gazette. Inside and Outside Blinds of every description. Prices and Patterns post free. 9 SIR W. A. ROSE & C 0:8 LIGHTHOUSE COLZA OIL. L HARP BRAND. Merchants &Refiners of all kinds of Burning & Lubricating Oils PRICE LIST FREE ON APPLICATION. Offices. 66, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C. ASBESTOS PACKING .1:1.. and ASBESTOS MILLBOARD FOR JOINTING. A new and indestructible Packing for Engine Glands and Steam-pipe Joints, excels all others, and works efficiently under the highest pressure. THE PATENT ASBESTOS MANUFACTURE, (Company Limited), 31, St. Vincent Place, Glasgow, & 10, Marsden St., Manchester. I^LARKE's ASPHALTE VARNISH PAINT. This composition combines all the impervious charac- teristics of Asphalte, with the preservative quality of Creosote. covers a larger surface than any sort of paint known with all the brilliancy of Japan Varnish; it dries rapidly, and is invalu- able for Ship or Yacht work or material requiring a prompt coating of an indestructible and preservative nature and for Iron and out-door work generally. Price in 40-Gallon Casks, 1/6 per Gallon, and in 10-Gallon Tins (included), 20/- per Tin. Best refined Tar, in 40-Gallon Iron bound Casks (included), 10/6 per Barrel. STOCKHOLM TAR SO/- per Barrel. CREOSOTE (C. & Co.'s Concentrated SANITARY) can be applied cold by simple immersion or with a brush. 13/- per 40- Gallon Cask or in Tins of 6 Gallons (included), 5/- per Tin. Best P ITCH in H cwt. Iron bound Casks, 9/- per Barrel. Lubricating Oil, 6d. and 1/- per Gallon in 40-Gallon Casks (included). The ROYAL MAIL, 3/3, in Casks free, or in 10- Gallon Tins, 30/- per Tin. Terms, nett. free on Rails. P.O.O, must accompany orders. T. V. CLARKE & Co., Asphalte and Creosote Works, Trundley Lane, Deptford, S.E. BUSINESS. By JAMES PLATT, Author of "Morality. 4Qfh &\lwihed' e%hth edition, revised. 46th, 47th, 48th, i ? n i1 tJ10lls £ ™d; Crown 8vo. 20S pages, cloth limp, pi ice Is. Contents:—Health, Education, Observation, Industry perseverance, Arrangement, Punctuality, Calculation, Pru- Withrt Truthfulness, Integrity, Money and what to do SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & CO.. Stationers' Hall-convt. EVIEWS of BUSINESS, in pamphlet of 32 pages crown octavo, may be had free at 77, St. Martin 's-lane. MI':< PLATT takes leave respectfully to suggest BUSINESS" might be given with advantage bv principals of large establishments to their employes. "DUSINESS, 8th edition, 46th, I7tli, 4Xth, 49th,~50th 1 thousand. "MORALITY, 3rd Edition, 11th, 12th, 13th7l4th: iyt 15th thousand. TVI 0A^L???*Just Published, the third" edition How t»Mth> W?11'fnd 15th thousand) of MORALITY, iirme dnd eradicate the immoral customs, commis- S 5°" now so prevalent in every trade and profession urh!tPrt rh'atla^y t,he subject of our time. Mr. Platt has had 8m S1 w-i°i 1 notices of Morality, filling 48 pages demy in&JS sen<lthe same free to any on! who takes an how often*Vom™$eCt- TH thoughtful reader will observe srave on of ?n al"gument may involve a pages 2^11 14 2Q 4 wj01? (see Mr. Piatt's replies, to think the importance of being able notices "wherein thP aPParent trom a study of these acoordtnl to What LI has been so diversely interpreted, point ofview while right-1? each reviewer from his cannot fail to of intelligent critics elevate mankind iW fh 8 a11 those who are anxious to ye WTIT' hypocricies';wd di«- DUSINESS or 77, St. Mar. copy of^ithe^^Busine^" for one shillipk, post free, a of either Business" or "Qrality." DR. DE ROOS'S compound EENAL PILLS A certain cure for pains in the back, gravel Lumbago, &c. Price Is. lid. Sold at H. Jones's, 17 Castle-street, Llangollen. •PRO nnn t0 advanced by the NATIONAL aiUUjUUU DEPOSIT BANK. 16 and 17, Russell St,eet Oovent Garden, London, in sums l'rom £ 20 to £ 2,000 for short or long periods, to Clergymen, private Householders, Farmers, Graziers, Clerks, Lodging-house Keepers, and Trades men, upon their own security, without any kind of sureties. The strictest privacy guaranteed. If desired a gentleman direct from the Bank will call upon any responsible applicant in England or Wales and advance the amount applied for. Borrowers can also call or receive the money through the post. Genuine proposals immediately attended to. Prospectus, Balance Sheet, and Press Opinions forwarded. A. S. COCHRANE, Manager. NATIONAL DEPOSIT BANK, 16 & 17, RUSSELL ST., COVENT GARDEN, LONDON- The Manager has much pleasure in submitting the Profit and Loss Account, ending December 31st, 1877. and in stating that, notwithstanding the great depression which has prevailed during the past year in almost every department of commer- cial enterprise, and which indur-ed the Bank to reserve in hand a larger amount of unemployed capital than appeared absolutely necessary, the Manager and his Surveyors suc- ceeded in completing (exclusive of Loans upon Promissory Notes) 1,112 Advances of a permanent character (the borrowers residing in all parts of England and Wales), upon Mortgage of Furniture, Stock, Farm Produce, House Property, and Deposit of Collateral Security extending over various periods, not exceeding ten years, upon which the gross Profit amounted to the sum of £25,S15 14s. 5d. These figures w:'ll prove at once the magnitude of the business transacted, and the number of persons benefited thereby, and will st md forth as a gratifying proof of the popularity and stability of the Bank, at the same time assuring Depositors that their money is safely invested. Trade and Profit and Loss Account for the Year ending Dec. 311877. DR. £ s. A To Trade Expenses, including Law Costs, Salaries, Postages, Rent, Stationery and general Office Disbursements 3,228 7 5 „ Advertisements 2'200 6 7 „ Debate allowed on Loans paid'off before the allotted time 1,391 10 2 Sundry Losses 4,622 17 7 „ Interest paid on Deposits '805 1 10 „ Balance carried down, being the Net Profit" 13,567 10 10 £ 25,815 14 S On. £ a. d By Interest and Bonuses received upon Loans completed, after allowing for G-ovornment Stamps and Commission paid to Solicitors, Auctioneers, Agents and others, for intro- ducing Business 25,815 14 8 X25,815 14 5 By Balance, being Net Profit brought down £13,567 10s. 10d ?lave compared the foregoing figures with tne Books of the National Deposit Bank, and find them correct, T Ati -1 BA-.RRlS, Accountants, January 4th, 1878. 8, Old Jewry, E.G. Deposits received at the folJowing Rates of Interest:— £ 5 per cent. subject to Seven Days' Notice £ 6 per cent. subject to One Month's Notice. Interest paid Quarterly. ALEXANDER SARJANT COCHRANE, Manager < £ Banker- THE PATENT AMERICAN BRACE. NO MORE ROUND-SHOULDERED LADIES OR CHILDREN 1 l This Brace, in its peculiar construction, has all the advantages of A SHOULDER BRACE AND SKIRT SUPPORTER COMBINED. It expands the chest, and gives free respiration to the lungs will keep the shoulders straight. Relieves back, hips, abdo- minal organs, by suspending the entire weight of the skirts from the shoulders; entirely relieves the dragging down, weary feeling, and imparts new life to the wearer; is in- valuable for growing children at studies, preventing all tendency to round shoulders, strengthening the voice and lungs, and improving the figure; is worn without any inconvenience whatever, and is a positive comfort to the wearer. In ordering, please give chest measurement. THE PATENT AMERICAN BRACE. NO MORE ROUND-SHOULDERED MEN OR This Brace, in its peculiar construction, has all the DTTATTT advantages of a SHOULDER & TROUSERS BRACE COMBINED « the chest, and gives free respiration to the lunss bo«nm y°ur shoulders straight; does not disarrange the shirt b°s°m; cannot slip off the shoulders. There is less strain or, the buttons of the trousers than with common Braces p5,.i weans' ot the* Rrnr.« oa > Adjustable Back Strap, a gentle or powerful fif f °bUlned 5 attaches to the trousers at the samp Joints that the ordinary Brace does. In rainy weather th <■ •rousers can be raised from the heel without affecting the front In ordering, please give chest measurement. Post free in qualities, 2s. 6d., 4s., 6s., and 8s. P.O.O. PAYABLE AT GRACECHUKCH STREET J. D. HANBURY, Head Depot—79, Gracechureh St., London, E.C J 50 VARIETIES. 7d. Sorvia, Egypt, Brazil, Cuba, &c. lOn SCARCE VARIETIES, la. 7d. Finland, Moldo- -L \J\J Waliachia, B.me, Hanover, <fec, Over 300 different packets and sets always in stock. Illustrated Price Catalogue post free, Sd. Full particulars of all the above are given in the Illustrated Foren n Stamp and Crest Prospectus post free on application. STANLliY, GIBBONS & CO.. 8 Cower Street, London. 12, 1 n norb presents FROM 51. A 9 XJf V/ PARKINS & GOTTO'S, 27 & 23, Oxford St./W. Largest Stock iu Europe. Writing Oases, Dressing Oases, Bags, Albums, Purses. Inkstands, )esks. -l'.awn Tennis, ("ro- quet, & thousands of Fancy Articles for Presents. Lists free. ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY (Limited), No. 7, Bank Buildings, London, E.C. GBHERAIJ ACCIDENTS. PBHSONAL, Tjrjintijcs. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS. J DEATH BY ACCIDENTS. O. HARDING, Manager. PURE WATER-The Last Improvement, LIPSCOMBE and CO.'S PATENT SELF-CLEANING CHARCOAL FILTERS are three times more efficient & seven times more durable than any other. More than 300,000 are in use. 44. Queen Victoria-st., & 69, Oxford-st. Removing from Temple Bar.—Agents in every town keep them in stock. RADFORD'S "'VOIV ILL" .V "SH UTTLE" B WASHING MACHINES.-WRINGING and 'Mangling Machines. PREMIER BOX MANGLES, CHURNS, &c., &o. Catalogues free by post on application. T. BRADFORD & Co., 140, 141, 142 and 143, High Holborn. London; 130, Bold Street, Liverpool; Cathedral Steps and Crescent Iron Works, Manchester. _0- TRON HURDLES7 IRON HURDLES. All kinds of Iron Hurdles, Continuous Fencing, Field and Entrance Gates, Manufactured by BAYLISS, JONES and BAYLISS, Victoria Works, Wolverhampton, and 3, Crooked Lane, King William Street, London. Catalogues free 011 application. "IVTYE & Co. IVriNCINGr and SAUSAGE Patentees VT MACHINES, Masticators to assist digestion, Knife Cleaners, Mills for 373, OXFORD ST. Cotfee, Pepper, Cocoa, &c. The New London Wheat Mills, Coifee Roasters, Garden Paaips, & other labour saving inventions. W. I Illustrated Catalogues post free. CHAMPAGNE CYDER, Lim^Juice Cor- dial&VINEtrAR. HENLEY fe SON, invite AGENTSfor sale of the above, all prize articles, of increasing demand. Pam- phlet on application. Office, Joiner StMToo)ey St., London, S.E. OLD S C 0 T C H f~H I S K T. Glenleven Malt. Established IOO Years TWO GALLONS of thi, FINE OLD WHISKY (Case and Bottles included) sent free to any station 011 receipt of 36/- JOHN HAIFT, SONS & CO.. MARKINCH. N.B. [ "IVTOTICE to CIGARETTE SMOKERS.— The finest TURKISH (I)UBEC BABAGEI) CIGAR- ETTES and TOBACCO.-J. GRUNEBAUM, Cigarette Manu- facturer, 45, Old Bond St., London, W. (Established 25 years) supplies the finest duality cigarettes only. The DubecBabagei surpasses all others from the delicacy of its aroma. Notice.—The following brands are specially recommended: Per IOO. Per 100. Upper Ten 6s. 6d. Telegrams 8s. Od. Irumps (cigar shape) 8s. 6d. ABC's 7s. 6d. Irumps (cigar shape) 8s. 6d. ABC's 7s. 6d. Millionaires 8s. 6d. Freemasons 9s. Od. Lords of England 10s. Od. Young Ladies' 4s. 6d. Sovereigns, 4s. Od. per 100. Sent free on receipt of remittance by J. GRUNEBAUM. Special terms for the trade. DAVID JACOBS, LICENSED VICTUALLER'S GLASS MANUFACTURER, 33, IIAYMARKET, LONDON. The Largest Stock of and China in the World, made expressly for the use of Hotels and Licensed Victuallers 15 per Cent, cheaper than any other house. Wholesale Prices..Dis- count for Cash. Caution in the Address Indispensable DAVID JACOBS, 33, HAYMARKET, LONDON. Illustrated Sheet forwarded on application. VISITORS to London should stop"at the Basinghall Hotel, 5 & 6, New Basinghail St., 1 minute from Moorgate St. Station. Ued Sc Breakfast a/G,Attendance l/-daily, TMPORTANT. Jo all who have a Garden, ^of Garden Manures, Seeds, Gardening Books, and all kinds of Garden requisites! Post free. SAMUEL HA-WXEY & Co.. 14. Eldon Screet, London. T-NDIA RUBBER STAMPS are the best T"fo,r 1Tr?eipiti,ng' s'a™ping envelopes, etc., & as linen markers. Agents Wanted everywhere. Assured Income. Send stamp for terms.—Where no Agent known order direct from the Rubber &tamp_Co. is, Holborn Viaduct, London. 1/\TEJ3G U Safety LIE L'S and HOISTS. .7 This Patent LIFT is far superior to all others, and accidents to life and property entirely prevented wherever it is used. Testimonials, Drawings, &c., post free. H.A. DAVIS, Engineer, Brindley St., New Cross, London, S.E. THE CITY of LONDON TEA COMPANY J 36. BASINGHALL STREET, E.C. Supply their Teas direct to private consumers. The City of London Tea Co.. invite attention to their Co-operative System, which enables small consumers to obtain their Tea direct from the Wholesale House. Price Lists with lul particulars post free on application. EAVE'S FOOI) FOR INFANTS! N YOUNG CHILDREN AND INVALIDS. Sold by CHEMISTS and GROCERS at home and abroad. TASMANIA.-Persolls intending to settle in Tasmania should applyfor FREE GRANTS of LAND and full information about the Colony, either personally or by letter to the Government Emigrant Agents TFTT? EMIGRANT and COLONISTS' AID CORPORATION Limited. C. Dugald Buckler, Secretary, 25, Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London. r|THE most WONDERFUL INVENTION J- of the Age is the PILE MICROPHONE. Post free 6/- Particulars post free. J-.s. Lancaster and Son, Birmingham' JJICYCLES, PALMER, EX-CIIAMPION. -•Best make any pattern. List on application. Fourphoto- graphs, Is. Victoria Works, Aston Park, Birmingham. UUSQUEHANNA JJILLS.——Professor WEBSTER'S celebrated Susquehanna Pills have, during the last 28 years, cured hundreds of thousands of indigestion biliousness, liver complaints, and diseases of the blood. BOOKS OF TESTIMONIALS from all parts sent free and post paid on application. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. The pills will be sent by return, post paid, to any address, for I3J 33, 54, and 132 postage stamna per box.—Address SAMUEL 11USHWORTH. Secretary Botanic Institute, NOTTINGHAM. ARDEN REQUISITES, GARDEN ROLLERS, WATER BARROWS, HOSE REELS IRON WHEELBARROWS, GARDEN SEATS, TABLES* &c„ &c. LAWN MOWERS by any known maker at lo per cent. DISCOUNT off Manufacturer's prices. Illustrated price list post free HENRY O'BRIEN & Co., Manufacturers and Merchants, 27, Clement's Lane, London. E.C. {-i- FARMILOE & SONS, BEER ENGINE MANUFACTURERS, BRASS FOUNDERS, &c ^;vri?l l,015eerT.En8i^?s* Mullers,Warmers, Glass and China Barrels, Pewter Pots, Filters, Taps, &c., kept in stock. Thp New ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE is now ready, post free Farrailoe & Sons, 34, St. John St., West -k°ndon, E.G. Or the goods can be obtained of any Ironmonger, or Plumber in Town or Country. "WE can honestly declare that MACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS are the best.Bury Times. "They COme as a boon and a blessing to men." j ^lckwick, the Owl and the Waverley Pen." Standard:says, "They are a treasure." TTTST FIRI? N4R??R Box' Sold throughout the World. COMMERCIAL PEN for Fine Writing FFOGVENTOLATINA TUBES, AIS15^ Sanitar v A ea?5ing House Cisterns and other improved Sanitary AWC'ances, the SANITARY ENGIENEERING and V.ENTILA ON COMPANY, 115, Victoria Street West- ininster, S.W. prospectuses free by post, also Sanitary He(ilth and He treatise entitled althy Romes," for 7 stamps. X Jp K K SHIRE S T O N^K iyrAHTTTN^ (random or dimension), ^gsfsteps, ^AmTONES3, Slabs Landin^ XHOMASWOOD&Ca,Spinkwell & Cliflfwood Quarries,Bradford, ML,i Quotations and Estimates given. THE C,FI,OF LONDON TEA COMPANY, «imnlv+?0t8JNGHALI' STREET, E.C. Tbp nitv i ijh-ect to private consumers. f!o onerative SvstoS? Tea 0°., invite attention to their £ ?„ir Tea direct fmA 5wMe5 small consumers to obtain TWP T I/TS the Wholesale House. -^u11 particulars post free on application. NEAYIUNG FOOD FOR INFANTS, YOUNG CHILDREN AND INVALIDS. home and abroad. RF ,r A IA-—Persons intending1 to settle fuU^?foiTOat^nUlAapPly for FIlEE GRANTS of LAND Sv letter to the Pn 1 Colony, either personally or ^■vr Tii HA NT awl Emigrant Agents,—THE Tirn^d C. Dul'ald ?,NISTS' AID CORPORATION Sate. Westminster, London6r' SeCre^aiy' ^ueen Anae'* CYHOEDDWYD YN DDIWEDDAR, PELS CHWECHEINIOG, QANIADAU EINION T) D U, H. Jones, Argraffydd a Chyhoe< flydd, Llangollen.