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LOCAL & DISTRICT NEWS. LLANGOLLEN. ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fredericks, the celebrated London artistes, who are making their second successful tour of North and South Wales, will appear in their popular and highly-amusing entertainment on Monday evening next, July 29th, at the Assembly Rooms, Llangollen. Mrs. Fredericks represents no less than 20 different characters in one evening with remarkable rapidity. As they have for many years past ranked among the best' and most amusing entertainers of the day, those who can enjoy a hearty laugh should not fail to attend. LATTER-DAY SAINTS.—On Friday evening, two young missionaries preached in Chapel-square. They delivered pure gospel truths, but, alas! mixed with them the abominable doctrines of the Mormons, which, on being interrogated by the audience, they defended with no small amount of vigour. THE BAPTIST COLLEGE.—Several of the students at this college have received invitations to become pastors-Mr. T. Frimston, from Llangefni, Angle- sey; Mr. A. Morgan, from Festiniog; Mr. J. John, from Treuddyn and Leeswood and Mr. Benjamin Humphreys, from the Welsh church in Manchester, all the invitations having been accepted. PREACHERS FOR NEXT SUNDAY.—English Baptist Chapel (Penybryn), at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Rev. Dr. Ellis, pastor English Wesleyan Chapel (Market-street), at 11 15 a.m. and 6 p.m., student from Didsbury College Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, at 10 a.m., Rev. D. A. Williams, Llan- gollen, and at 6 p.m., Mr. Richard Williams, Glyndyfrdwy; Independent Chapel (Church- street), at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mr. John Owens, Bala; Welsh Baptist Chapel, at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.,Rev. Gethin Davies, The College, Llangollen Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, at 9 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Rev. Ellis Edwards, M.A., Bala College; Penllyn Mission Room, at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., SUNSTROKE.-As Edward Edwards, of John- street, was following his work on the Trevor- road on Monday last, he was noticed by passers- by to be staggering and unable to talk. This lead to his conveyance home, and Dr. Jones was sent for, who pronounced the case to be one of sunstroke. We hear that the poor man has been in a state of half-stupor since the attack, and his recovery is said to be doubtful. MR. EDWIN HARRISS, of 3, Erddig-terrace, Wrexham, begs to inform his pupils that he will resume lessons in this neighbourhood on Tuesday, August 6th. [Advt.] THE WEATHER.—After about a month of the most splendid weather which, most of the time, was of extreme heat, the thunderstorms and rains during the last few days in various parts were truly refreshing. But the storm did not reach this neighbourhood till Wednesday after- noon, when loud peals of thunder were heard and the showers were very heavy. The river Dee is slightly swollen, and is in fine condition for fishing. Wednesday's storm was very violent in Lancashire, Staffordshire, and Ireland, and several persons were injured and killed by the lightning. BOAT TRIP.-On Wednesday morning last, the members of the English Baptist Sunday School had their annual excursion to Chirk Castle. Three boats pretty well filled left the Llangollen Wharf at 10 45 a.m., the aspect of the weather at the time being rather threatening. Hopes were, however, entertained that the heavy mist overhanging the vale would clear up, as is often the case, about the middle of the day; but alas it commenced to rain at 1130, and continued incessantly until 1 o'clock. There was now some slight prospect of an improvement, but at 2 o'clock a thunderstorm came on, the rain at the time coming down in torrents. All the children and adults arrived at the noble castle in a sad great tavour on account ot the drenching ram. Also great praise is due to the housekeeper, porter and other servants, who did all they could to make their guests happy under the adverse circumstances in which they were placed. About 200 partook of tea, and at half-past 5 o'clock the party made their way towards the boats, in which they started at 6 45 p.m.,arriving at the Llangollen Wharf at 9 15, several of them being wet to the skin. CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY.—Sermons in aid of the funds of the Church Building Society through- out England and Wales were preached in the Parish Church on Sunday last, at 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m., by the Rev. R. Milburn Blakiston, M.A., the secretary. The discourses were listened to with much attention by the large audiences who filled the sacred edifice. DOG LICENCES.—When licences are taken out for all the dogs belonging to a pack of hounds, it shall not be necessary for the owner of the pack to take out licences for any young hounds under the age of 12 months, so long as they are not entered in, or used with any pack.—The 38th sec. of the Act 32 and 33 Vie., c. 14, which required farmers to pay the duty for dogs used by their shepherds has been repealed; and exemption from duty in respect of sheep dogs may now be obtained on the delivery of a proper declaration by the following persons, viz. :-A shepherd, for one or two dogs kept by him, and used solelv in calling or occupation as a shepherd. A farmer, for one or two dogs kept by him, and used solely in tending sheep or cattle on his farm. An occupier of a sheep farm, owning sheep which feed on common or unenclosed land, for three dogs, when the number of his sheep exceeds 400; for four 11 1 dogs, when the number of his sheep amounts to 1000; and tor one additional dog for every full number ot 500 sheep above 1000—for tending such sheep-but in no case shall exemption be allowed for more than 8 dogs kept on a farm.-It must be observed that the declarations and certi- ficates expire on the 31st December annually. If, therefore, a fresh declaration be not male before the end of the month of January in every year, shepherds and farmers keeping sheep dogs will be liable to penalties in the same manner as other persons keeping dogs without a licence.—A licence is not necessary in the case of a dog kept and used solely by a blind person for his or her guidance. —Police constables by this Act (41 and 42 Vic., c. 15) may now prosecute before a court of sum- mary jurisdiction for the recovery of the penalty any person found keeping a dog without a licence.




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