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BALA. THE BODY OF A CHILD FOUND IN THE DEE.-On Friday, the 29th ult, an inquest was held at the Town Hall, before G. J. Williams, Esq., and a jury, touching the death of a newly born female child, found in the river Dee, at Park Bach. It was discovered by a gentleman from the vicinity of Llangollen, who had come up to fish, and who at once gave information to the police at Bala. A post-mortem examination had been made by Dr. Jones, who said that the child was born alive, but he could not say how long it lived after birth nor could he give the cause of death. He believed the body had been in the water for about ten days. The jury returned an open verdict of found dead." PETTY SESSIONS.—October 30th, before W. P. Jones, and E. G. Jones, Esqrs.—William Rowland, who pleaded guilty to being drunk and riotous on last fair day, was fined 5s. and costs. Thomas Jones, Ty'nywern, was charged by Henry 19th October.- Weetnan said that on that day Weetnan, with being in pursuit of game on the he was going to Penygarth, and when near the Rhiwaedog, he saw the defendant with a sheep dog and a terrier. The dogs were running a hare or a rabbit. He saw him beating the gorse. He saw the dogs a second time running a rabbit, and the defendant encouraging them. Witness then took him to Mr. Kickman. The defendant, who seemed to be about 14 years of age, said he was mending the hedge, and that the dogs ran after a rabit of their own accord, and he was trying to stop them when the keeper came up. He was discharged with a caution. ABERYSTWYTH. A JOURNEY ON THE CONTINENT.—A verg in- structive and interesting lecture was delivered on the above subject on Friday night week at the Shiloh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in this town by the Rev. Thomas Charles Edwards, M.A., principal of the University College of Wales, the chair being occupied by the Rev. John Williams, C.M., of this place. This was the first of a series of lectures to be delivered to the young men belonging to the Calvinistic Methodist chapels in the town. The Rev. William Evans, M.A., minister of the English Presbyterian Chapel in the place, moved a vote of thanks to the lecturer. Mr. Alderman Richard Roberts seconded the motion, which was heartily adopted. These lectures will be given weekly, and several able gentlemen are already announced to deliver them. HOLYHEAD. THE SUNKEN VESSEL EDITH,"—The s.s. Edith which was sunk through coming into collision with the Duchess of Sutherland in Holyhead harbour on the morning of September 8th, is still in the same position, the tops of her funnels and masts alone being visible. A contract for raising her was made with Mr. Shuttleworth, of Hull; but the work was considerably delayed, owing to the late arrival of a small screw steamer which conveyed the machinery and appartus from Hull, which had to put into some port for shelter through stress of weather. Divers have been continually at work, and they have succeeded in bringing ashore the vessel's cables, and other heavy articles, the releasing of which will greatly facilitate the work of raising her. On Wednesday and Thursday, October 27th and 28th, Mr. Shuttleworth made an attempt to raise her, but his best efforts were of no avail. The plan which he adopted was a simple one, and it is stated that several ships have been raised upon the same principle. Large india rubber bags were placed in the vessels's holds by divers, into which air was forced by machinery; and as these bags expanded, the water in the holds was necessarily forced out. The contractor was sanguine of success up to the last moment, but he was reluctantly compelled to abandon all hopes of fulfilling the contract, and has left the town. The JL. and N. W. Railway Company have now undertaken the work themselves, which has been commenced under the superintence of Capt. Dent, R,N. Large pontoons have been purchased for the purpose, which are to be lashed to the vessel at low water, and the result of a second attempt will be known in a few days. RHYL. THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE.—Our Rhyl correspondent writes—"The mystery connected with the sudden and somewhat remarkable disappearance of Mrs. West, wife of a London stockbroker, from her friends at Rhyl has been to some extent cleared up. Inquiries were made for the lady from her brother in London, but he has taken no notice of the letter. At length the police traced her to Liverpool, where she had engaged as teacher in a seminary; but instead of being found in the midst of her pupils, she was discovered by the park keeper of Stanley Park lying in a secluded part of the park asleep under some leaves. Seeing she was respectable he got her to town, but there she gave him the slip.' She is now in Liverpool, but, considering the whole of the peculiar circumstances of the case, it is not probable that her friends or the police at Rhyl will interfere further in the matter. No reason is given for the lady's remarkable proceedings.Liverpool Mercury. VAYNOL, near BANGOR. POPULAR ENTERTAINMENTS.—On Thursday evening, the 4th inst., the first of a series of the above entertainments was held at the schoolroom of the above place, when Mr. Rees Williams, Ty'nclwt, occupied the chair with his usual ability. The following programme was gone through to the satisfaction of all present Address by the Chairman. Song and chorus, Annie of the Vale," by Vaynol school juvenile party. Glee, 0 flodyn, tlws flodyn," by the Glee Party. Song and chorus, "J ust after the battle," by Miss Owen, Brithdir. Impromptu reading, "Y ddafad benllwyd" (children under fourteen years of age to compete) best, Henry Roberts, Treborth Farm; second, Elizabeth Jones, Penrhos. Song, Burlesque band," by the Vaynol school juvenile party, which was encored. Song, "Minstrel boy,' by Miss Ellis, Goetre. Song," Eryri," by Mr. H. Roberts, Glasinfryn. Glee, "Myfanwy," by the Gelli Glee Party. Recitation, "Yrhwn sydd heb ei fai sydd heb ei eni," in which four competed; best, Elizabeth Williams, Ty'nlan. This subject caused a great deal of applause, as the piece chosen was a real good one, and was well recited by the competitors. This ended the first part. The second part commenced with a song and chorus, Footsteps on the stairs," by a selection from |the Yaynol juvenile choir, which was capitally rendered, and was encored. Dialogue, The Miller," by Messrs. Griffiths and Evans. Song, "Through lanes with hedgerous pearly" on the tune "Boneddwr mawr o'r Bala," by the Vaynol juvenile choir, in English and Welsh, which was encored. Song, Peidiwch a dyweyd wrth fy nghariad," by Miss Ellis. Poetical, Mr. Rees Williams. Song, Wele oleu yn y ffenestr," by Miss Owen, and was encored. Glee, How bright and clear," by the Gelli Glee Party. Finale, God save the Queen," by Miss Owen. This being the first entertainment of this nature held in this locality, we were glad to find it so well patronised, and we hope the inhabitants will continue to appreciate them during the present winter. It is expected that much good will accrue from these meetings, and that young men will come forward to show their talented powers, which, we believe, will be far more beneficial to them in the end, than to waste their leisure moments and money at the public houses. After a proper termination, the com- pany dispersed, highly pleased with the enter- tainment. It is pleasing to state that the whole proceedings passed off in a most gratifying and satisfactory manner. We understand that the next meeting will be held on Friday evening, the 1. 19th inst.-— Correspondent. TREGEIRIOG- PLOUING MATCH.—A contest in ploughing took place in a field belonging to Mr. Ed. Edwards, Pentre-ucha, of the above place, on Friday last, the judges being Messrs. Robert Roberts, Vron, Slatyn, and Richard Lewis, Glan-yr-afon, Llan- silin. The first prize was awarded to Mr. John Morris, a servant in the employ of Mr. Lewis Edwards, Llwythder-issaf the second to Mr. J. Hughes, servant to Mr. John White, Ty-issaf, Tregeiriog; third to Mr. John Evans, servant at Llwythder-ucha; and the fourth to Mr. Thos. Evans, Fodwen. The ploughs of the first and third were made by Mr. L. Humphreys, Trap, Llanrhaiadr, and those of the other two by Mr. Zechariah Jones, Cynwyd. WREXHAM. ANOTHER ESCAPE FROM GAOL.—On Sunday morning, between ten and eleven o'clock, a young fellow named Jackson, who had been remanded until Wednesday on a charge of stealing a cow, made his escape from the Wrexham lockup. He succeeded in shooting back the bolt of the lock on the corridor door, and thus gained his liberty without being observed. He has not yet been re-apprehended. This is the fourth escape from the Wrexham bridewell within twelve months. LLANIDLOES. MUNICIPAL ELECTION.—The topic of the day in this town last week, was the municipal election There were eight gentlemen nominated, for the four vacant seats in the town council, as follows: Messrs. W. Thomas, Foundry, E. Bowen, grocer, E. Davies, manufacturer, G. Morgan, inn-keeper, T. O. Benbow, grocer, D. Davies, draper, E. Williams, inn-keeper, and R. G. Green- how, Hotel keeper. The former were the retiring four, but again offered themselves for re-election. The four successful candidates returned on Mon- day, the polling day, to be council men for the next three years, were Messrs. E. Davies, W. Thomas, R. G. Greenhow, and E. Williams. PREACHING MEETING.—Saturday evening and Sunday last, the 6th and 7th inst., the Congrega- tionalists of this town, held their annual preaching meeting, when those two eminent and popular ministers, the Rev. G. Williams, Abercanaid, and Dr. Rees (Gwilym Hiraethog), Chester, delivered seven excellent sermons to an extra- ordinary large congregations. TEA PARTY.—On Tuesday, the 9th inst. (being the Mayor's day), Mr. W. Thomas, the mayor of this borough for the ensuing year, gave a feast of tea and bara brith to upwards of one thousand two hundred children under the age of sixteen, belonging to the various Sunday schools in the town. This kind and benevolent deed will no doubt be long remembered by the children and their parents. In the evening, at Bethel Chapel, a public meeting was held, when suitable addresses were delivered by several gentlemen. Cortespondent. TREFEGLWYS. MINISTERIAL.—We are given to understand that the Rev. Elias Jones, Calvinistic Methodist minister, at Maentwrog, has. or is about resign- ing his pastorate duties at the above place, and has accepted an invitation to the pastorate of a church belonging to the same connection worshipping at Gleunant, Trefeglwys. He intends entering upon his ministerial duties there in the month of February, ..1876.-Riclls. CORWEN. DRAINAGE OF CORWEN.-At a meeting of the Sanitary Authority, held at the Boardroom, on Friday, November 5th, it was resolved to adopt the plans of the surveyor, and make a drain from Corwen to Bonwm. The proposal is opposed, by the ratepayers, as it will entail a very heavy expenditure, and it is rumoured that a public meeting will shortly be held on the subject. RHOSLLANERCHRUGOG. FUNERAL OF THE REV. JOSEPH JONEs.-The Rev. Jos. Jones, who was a native of Rhos, died on Monday, Nov. 1st, in his 53rd year, after a long and painful illness, leaving three young children-two girls and a boy to mourn their loss. He had been a preacher for the Calvinistic Methodist body for many years, and in the year 1868 he was ordained. On Monday, November 8th, at three p.m., his friends met at the Capel Mawr, and after suitable addresses by Revs. John Jones, Rhos. The procession wended its way towards Rhos Churchyard—the body being borne by six young men of Capel Mawr. In the evening a funeral sermon was delivered at the Capel Mawr by the Rev. J. Jones, pastor, from 1 Thess. iv. 14. The service was opened by Mr. Josiah Jones, Rhos (now of Bala College). The procession was as large as any we have witnessed at Rhos for several years.




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