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IMichael v Mdlie Lisette


I Michael v Mdlie Lisette ? A SPORTING MATCH IX PARIS. Cannon and Pierri in Training fox. the World's Championship Con- test on Saturday. Tiq a hit early in the day to sneak of the Cardiff- N ewport liutitch, but the intere.it j>i»t now being fcaicen M prodigious. The reason is, of course, that Cardiff beat Newport on che last occasion, and then Newjiort went and defeated the invincible Llanelly fifteen. Of course, tha last-mentioned victory is in. a. measure discounted by the fiasco at Aberavon on Saturday. Still, everyone knows wliiit it neana to meet Newport on their own ground. The Cardiff committee have not as yet decided on their team probably they are waiting to see if Sweet-Escotit will be able to play. The three-quarter line, I hear, will be Huxley, Driscoll, Nicholl-i, and Jones. The only doubt seems to be about the halves. Another match on Saturday that -s also creating an immense amount of interest is that between Cannon a.nd Pierri, which is hxed to take place at the Colonial-hall, Cardiff, ai eight o'clock. The referee appointed is Pike, of Barry, champion of Wales and the West of England in the Devon and Cornwall style. Pika has been written to. and we await his acceptance of the office. That the match will be a scorcher goes without saying. In their show business both Cannon and Pierri advertise themselves as the world's Gra?co-Roman cham- pions. Thus, on the result of this matoh, depends more than the stake alone, it means the winning or losing of a professional reputa- tion—in other words, bread and cheese. That a i.errifio crowd will be in attendance there does not seem the slightest doubt, for the interest in the match is only second to that of the matter between Cardiff and Newport The Roaltb (Cardiff) Harriers held a run, Oil Saturday last from the Ship Hotel, Barry. Twenty-one members turned out, and ha.d a good 8j miles spin in chuee of W. H. Evans, G. F. Harrison, and W. Murrell. who ha.d taken the bags. Of the three packs in chane the slow and medium lost the trail after going about a mile and a half, and managed to get OIl, the scent again just in time to see the fast pack a quarter of a mile ahead. The fast pack arrived home some time in front of the others, as the mediums were hampered hy a visitor from Barry being unable to keep up. The following were the first six home:—1st, H. F.airlamb; 2nd, R. H. Edwards; 3rd, R. Arnbu.ee; 4th. E. Thomas; 5th, E. Fairlamb; 61th, J. G Coppock. Next Staurday the club hold their third han- dicap in the series, for points. The majtoh between Jimmy Michael and MdlJe. Lisette a.t the Velodrome d'Hiver on Sunday -was, says "Sport and Play," a purely sporting tone, and yet it was not, for it would require one of Sam Weller's double-million magnifying glasses to discover the slightest element of sport in the race. Michael ivm to give the lady seven kiloms. in fifty, and it W3,' stated that this would dumpel him to break the record to win. But at no moment were the records in danger of falling, a.nd Michael won by no fewer than eleven kiloms. There was au enormous cmwd of spectators who followed the match in grim silence, broken by an occasional caustic "emark from the gallery, and it was oidy the Frc-nch gallantry for the fair sex which prevented them from breaking out into an uproar. Michael lapped L'sctte every flour or five laps, and at the end everybody felt relieved. It may be taken for granted that there will be no more such exhibitions for a long time to come. Michael Ita" returned to Wales fr>r a few weeks' well-earned rest. and it is said that before comtrg back to Fiance he may ride at the Agricultural Hall. "She Wore —,—. With brows upraised, and haughty glare To deal the snub polite. The Lady Grundy pauses where Heir i.ieces mart, alight From cycles of the newest type And daintiest designs; In costumes ideas ripe Drawn pretty near the line! "Now, Auntie, what' there wrong Svith theseTJ Said nice'ct number one. "The skirt comes quite below the knees," Cried t'other Amazon. 'Mv lears! l'm shvclled poor Auntie cried, "When 1 \v;:s voting, like you. 'Twas every modest mnid<ei> pride To keep those limbs from view!" "That's straiige," said Annie, with a Rash Of mirth within her eye, "Your condemnation seems to clash With r.. pong I've heard you trv. For Auntie! oft I've heard you xing, How ni the^e days of yore "V ou loved a maiden, thouch she but A wreath of roses wore ■" The s°co \d meeting >>f tho Carmarthenshire Cricket League, held recently, clearly shows that the movement hae, the approval of the local clubs, a.s a large muster of representatives attended, and "our additional club* were en- rolled. The following i.fficars were (lected: — President, Mr. T. Seymour, Pcntyberem vico- pre-ider.ts, Messrs. E. Trubshaw, F. N. Powell, II. Samuel, G. B. Elkington, R. S. Seymour, W. N. Jones, John Thcmisi, \Y. '1'. Nevill,, J. F. H. Buckley, Dan Williams, T. Jofkins, and W. O. Brigstcoke; secretary and treasurer, H. H. Linn, 22, Murray-street-, Llanell-. A match ccmmittee uiid ground inspection comn.itic-s were ;1,1"0 appointed. There is evarr indication that Cfini'.airthen cicket w il] be materially benefited by the formation of this League, both ins regairdis improvement- of grounds, and general revival of interest in the game. 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