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? BOOKS FOR THE M ILLION. TO BE OBTAINED 4C WESTERN MAIL OfFICE ST. UlY -STREET, CARDIFF. PRICE, Is.; POST FREE, Is. 3d CLOTH BOUND, GOLD LETTERED, PUBLISHED AT 2S. SACS. Actress's Daughter—M. A. Flsmiag- Alice—Bulwer Lytton. Anna Lee—T. S. Arthur. At the Mercy of Tiberius. Advice to Young Men, Ac.—W. Cobbetl Arabian Nights. Arthur, T. S.—Anna Lee. Alden, Mrs*—Interrupted. —New Graft on the Family Tresi Alcott, Miss—Little Women and Good Wires. Aiasworth—Miser's Daughter. Barnaby Rudge-Diokena. Barriers Burned Away-E. P. BN. Basket of Flowers and Lena Rinra-M. J. Bride's Fate—Mrs. E. Southworth. Bunyan, J.—Pilgrim's Progress. Bronte, E.—Wuthering Heights. Bronte, C.—Jane Eyre. '0 —Shirley. „ —Tenant of Windfell Ban. fieanett, Mr8.—Jane Shore. „ —Cottage Girl. —Gipsy Bride. Carried by Storm—M. A. Fleming- Changed Bridea-Mrs, Southworth. Cottage Girl—Mrs. Bennett. Cottage en the Cliff—Mrs. C. Masoa. Cobbett, W.—Advice to Young Mea. Cervanwø-Don Quixote. Cockton—Sylvester Sound. „ —Valentine Vox. Cummins-The Lamplighter* Daiay-E, Wetherell- David Copperfield—Dickens. Dombey and Son—Dickens. Don Quixote—Cervantes- DùIowned-Lytton. Dickens, C.—Barnaby Budge. '0 —David Coppertield. „ —Dombey and Son. —Martin Chuzzlewit. )J —Nicholas Nickleby. „ —Oliver Twist. M —Old Curiosity Shojk —Pickwick Papers. —Sketches by Boz. De Foe-Robinson Crusoe. Edith Lyle. Edna Browning. Ernest Maltravers—Lytton. Eugene Aram-Lytton, Eve of St. Agnes—Mrs- C. Muet, Endless Chain. Evans, A. J.—Vashti. Fair Rosamond—Miller. From Jest to Earnest—Roe. Farmer of Inglewood Forest—E. Helsui Forest Girl. Forrest House. Fleming, M. A.—Aotress's Daughter. M —Carried by Stem. „ —Queen of the Isle. Gentleman's Boek of Manners. Gipsy Bride—Mrs. Bennett. Gaskell, Mrs.—Mary Barton. Gretchen—Mrs. Holmes. Gideon Giles, the Roper. Handy Andy-Lever. Harry Lorrequer—Lever. Heart Histories and Life Pictures. Her Shield. Heart of Midlothian—Seott. Holmes, M. J.—Basket of Flowers, Jbe. —Gretchen. „ —Mildred. Helme. E.—Farmer ef Iaglewoed Fere St. Inez—A. J. E. Wilson. hfelice-A. J. E. Wilsen. Interrupted—Mrs. Alden. Ivanhoe—Scott. 111 graham—Prinoe of the House ef David. „ —Throne of David. —Pillar ef Fire. 'Jack's Coasin Kaie-E. 6. Kenyan. Jacob Faithful—Marryat. Jane Eyre—C. Bronte. Jane Shore—Mrs. Bennett. Jessamine. i Jew's Daughter. Knight ef the Nineteenth Century—Roe. King's Daughter. 'King's Own—Marryat. Kenyon, E, G.—Jack's Cousin Kate, -taring and Loving—Y. Town send. Ladv Jane Grey. "Little Women and Goed Wives—Miss AltOM Little Frolic. Toady's Book of Manners. Lamplighter—Cummins. Last Days of Pompeü-Lytton. Lytton, Bulwer—Alice. „ —Disowned. „ —Ernest Maltraver«. „ —Eugene Aram. „ —Last Days of Po^psij. o. —Paul Clifford. —Pelhara. Of —Rienzi.^ —Zanoni. Lover-Handy Andy. M —Rory O'More. Lever—Harry Lorrequer. Margies, The—E. J. Moore. ■flared—Holmes. Macaria—A. J. Wilson. Maria Marten. Marian Grey. Marv Barton—Gaskell. Martin Chuzzlewit—Dioke&e. Melbourne House—E, Wetherell. Miser's Daughter—Ainsworth. Marryat—Jacob Faithful. —Peter Simple. „ —King's Own. —Poacher, The. Miller. T.—Royston Gower. Maxwell—Stories of Waterloo. Moore, E. J.—The Margies. Mason, Mrll. C.—Cottage on the Clin. „ —Eve »f St. Agnes. Naomi—- W ebb. Nicholas Nickleby—Dickens. New Graft on the Family Oliver Twist—Dickens. Ooeninp Chestnut Burr—Roe. Old Cariosity Shop—Dickens. ftrince of the House of David—In graham. Poacher. The—Marryat. Pillar of Fire—Ingraham. Pamela—Richardson. •Pickwick Papers—Dickens. > ISssapes from the Diary of A Late Physicuui— Warren. Paul Clifford-Lytton. Pelfiam—Lytton. Peter Simple—Marryat. Pins. N«edles. and Old Tarns. Porter—Scottish Chiefs. Pilgrim's Progress—Bunyan. Public Reciter. Queechy—Warner. Queen of the Isle—Fleming. Rienzi—Lyfton. Robinson Crusoe. Rory O'More—I.over. Richardson—Pamela. Royston Gower—T. Miller. Rollins Stone. Roe, E. P.—Knight of Nineteenth Cental*. Shirley—C. Bronte. Sketches by Bos-Oickene. St. Elmo—A. J. E, Wilson. Stories of Waterloo—Maxwell. Sunday Sunshine. Susan Hopley Sylvester Sound—Cbckton. Scottish Chieh-Porler. Shadow on the Home. Story of Mary. Story of Mildred- Scott, Sir W.—Ivanhoe. —Heart of Midlothian. Southworth. Mrs. E.—Bride's Fate. Stowe. Mrs. Beecher—Uncle Tom's Cabin. Ten Thoiwand It Year—Warren. Tenant of Windfell Hall—Bronte. Throne of David—fngraham. Town send, V.—Living and Loving. —While it was Morning. I Thackeray, W. M.—Vanity Fair. Uncle Tom's Cabin—Beecher Stowe. I' Vanity Fair—Thackeray. Vashti—A. J. Evans. Valentine Vox—Cockton. What She Said and What She Meant. Without a Home—Roe. While it was Morning—V. F. Townseud. Wuthering Heights—E. Bronte. Wonder Gatherer. Wide, Wide World—E. Wetherell. Î Wetherell, E.—Wide, Wide World. » —Melbourne House. —Daisy. Webb—Naomi. Wilson, A. J. E.—Inez. „ —Macaria. „ —St. Elmo. .Warren, S.—Passages from the Diiry of a Physician. M —Ten Thousand a Year. M —Without a Home. n -Barriers Burned Away. —From Jest to Earnest „ —Opening a 0 £ <w%b« 1<W L.' Sugines* QlbbrtSSts DAVID JONES AND CO. (LIMITED) Will proTide a. SPECIAL JQISPLAT OF JJAMS AND BACON. AT I REMARKABLY LOW PRICES. OUR CELEBRATED BACON- Specially selected, Lean, and Perfectly Mild 4|d. per lb. OUR MILD CURED HAMS— Popularly known as "Our Little Beauties," small, Lean, nry Mild 6d. per lb. EGGS, FRESH FROM CAR- MARTHEN— Specially selected by our ewn men 8d. per doz NOTE OUR ONLY ADDRESS— JQAVID JONES AND CO, (LIMITED), THE PEOPLE'S POPULAR FOOD PROVIDERS, WESTMINSTER STORES k ARTON-STREET, CARDIFF t Natieaal Telephone, No. 621. Telegrams Pre mier," 36318 MORTIMER'S CROUP, COUGH AND WHOOPING COUGH Ml XT HUE IMPORTANT INFORMATION I CROUP is a ditease which mostly attacks young children, and ttute wh3 have once had ib ere mo.e susceptible of it than befo e; but this gradually wears &8 they. grow older. It sometimes terminates fatally '1\, thin twenty-foui- hours, although when -death happens it more ccmmcnly (CCUN on the fourth or fifth day. It commences usually with a slight cough, hoarseness, IDCI sneez:nsr, as in A common cold, but soon sucjesds a peculiar phrillueas and llinging of the voice as if the sound were seftt through a brazen tube; then comes the dreadful and distressing hard singing, and crowng ough, net unlike the barking of a dog. Whet, this is attended with difficulty of breathing the case calls for imme- diate atteation and meat active treatment. In this stage persons generally begin to get alaimed; but as it comes on mostly in the middle of the night it oftea proves fatal, because of the delay occasioned by waitlnr until the morning without medical aid. The Proprietor, having found his CROUP MIXTURE 10 efficacious in hia OWll family, and being bledBrd as a means of restoring his children repeatedly from this appalling disease, be tbinks it his duty to pareutl to give it a greater publicity. He has lad already the heartfelt gratitude of many mothers for being the meall8 of reatoring their children that were once givea up. While we hear of so many deaths from Croup, what a comfort it must be to have such a remedy ready at hand. What love can that mother have towards her child that will not procu-e for herself what has beea luch a blessing to others, wten it can be obtained at such a trifting amount, DIRECTIONS FOR USE. In Group, a good teaspoonful is tû be taken imme- diately, and repeated every haif-hour until the child vomits (sperates as an em:-tHc), and if the symptoms will not abate in a few hours it should be given in the same way, and a flannel dipped in Spirits of Camphor applied to the throat, and wetted oftel1. In Wheeping Cough, at the commencement, a tea- spoonful every half-hour until the child vomits (operates as an emetic), and a teaspoonful continued two or three times a day. In Coughs, Colds, or Sore Throats, a teaspoonful two or three timet a d»3E. PATRONISED BY THE PUBLIC FOR OVER 68 TEAKS, The following are a few -rom among THOUSANDS OF GENUINE TESTIMONIALS. The Originals may be seta at the Proprietors'; any- one doubting their eenuineness may write to Addresses given. From the Bight Rev. the LORD BISHOP OF SWANSEA. Dear Sir,—Our children frequently suffer from attackll of CM>up, and we have alwayø found Morti- mer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife saya she would not for anything he without dt in the house. Having had experience of its beneficial e1fect. upon our children, we gladly take ev^ry oppor- tvnitx of re 2ommf i.ding it tû our friends Yours very truly, J. SWANSEA. 66, Miskin-street, Cardiff, Feb. 28th, 1888. To M*. W. Francis, Chemist, Carmarthen. DraT Sir,-I have to acknowledge the receipt of the two bottles of Mortimer's Croup Mixture. I have found this preparation so very effective in cases oi Ctcup and severe Colds that, the (old sea ou e-pccially, I always like to have a supply at hand. Wherever there are children at all subject to (J-oup it is invaluable. I firmly believe that it has on more than one occasion sa, cd the lives of some of my children. I am by no means a believer in, or an of, the dndiscrirrinate USR of patent Meli- nines, but my experienc: of Mutimer's Croup Mix- ture has been such that I feel impelled, from It sense of duty to other parents, to send you this voluntary testimony. Very faithfully yours, B. G. EVANS. 165, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Mr. Francis.—Dear Si",—Please forward per return post a bottle of Mortimer's Croup Mixture. Why do you net have an agent at Cardiff? I was obliged last night to send for a medical man to attend my dild, 11"1'0 had an attack of Croup. Had I Mortimer's Crc-up Mixture in the house medical aid would have been unnecessary, as I have always warded off a serious attack by giving the Croup Mixture in time. I have used it for many years, and never find it fail. Yojr* truly, JOHN AARON. From thn Re. J. THOMAS, Baptist Minister, Tabernw Ie vma, Carmarthen. Dear Sir,-J haTe great pleasure iu testifying to th" rffiocy of Mortimer s Croup and Cough Mixture. We always have it in the house, and find it a most beneficial and invaluable remedy in Croup and Whoop- ing Cough. T )urs truly, J. THOMAS. Penrhos, Newnham-road, Bedford, Sir,—I received the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixture. Please SE od me twelve more bottles, as my children have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it åoes them 80 much more good than anything else; in fact, I bave nevej known it faU in Croup or Whooping Cough. Kindl] sent by. return end oblige, Yours truly, A. REES. Cobden Villa, Ferryside, Carmarthen. Mr. Francis.—Dear Sir,—Please send me another bottle of that valuable mcdScine for mer's Croup Itnd Cougb Mixture I. never like to be without it at hand. From long experience I can truly say it is the best medicin-3 I have used for Croup, Whooping Cough, and all other Coughs in Cliildren. A tever failing remedy in an attack of Cicup. Yours faithfully, D. T. MORRIS. Mav be obtained from any Chemist, in Bottles, at 1». 14d. ASK FOR MORTIMER'S GROUP MIXTURE. G WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS Is strongly recommended t. all patients wh. are tJr have been suffering from INFLUEN ZA, AJld also Patients whQ are convalescent after Fevers, Colds, Bronchitis, Ac., and are slow in recovering their accustomed strength and spirits. t GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. ?JT THE VEGETABLE TONIC. SPECIMEN OF TESTIMONIAL. INFLUENZA. Berkeley-riad, Bristol, June lStU. Gentlemen,—I have been very ill 1rit'k Influenza, followed by Congestion at the Lungs. Three weeks ag» ray coa- INFLUENZA. dition was critical, and when the danger passed I was very low and INFLUENZA, weak. About a fortnight ago the doctor said that I should take a fo-si INFLUENZA, tonic. I suggested "Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters." The very thing," INFLUENZA, he said, "take it three times a day." U Since then I have taken it regularly, and feel wonderfully benefited. It ÀII.8 restored strength to my limTrs, and given toUd fci my whole Yours sincerely, B. f. CHICK. GWHYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. ? THE VEGETABLE TONIC. Sold in 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Bottles. Samp s Is. ljd size. go See the Name Gwilym Evans" on Stamr, Label, and Bottle. This is important, as there are aumerous Imitations. Proprietors— QUININE BITTERS MANUFAC TURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 186. publtr .f).ntírtg. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. STEWART AND HARPER ?? (Stewart late from Jacobus) Have REMOVED FROM No. 24 TO 27, CASTLE ARCADE, And are now Showing a First-class Selection of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS At most Economical Prices. Our Specialities are :— Business Suits 42s. Od. To Measure. COTert Coats 35s, Od, Trousers 10s. 6d. EBusiness Ði)brt1)?t?. A RTIFICIAL rjlE ETH COMPLETE SEf ONE GUISBA. SINGLE TOOTH 2s. 6d. Five Years' Warranty. Prize Medal. GOODMAN & CO. 10, DUKE-STREET, and 56, QUEEN-STREBT, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH PAINLESSLY FITTED by Atmospheric Suction, at one-third their usual char ges. No Extractions neceiSsary; perfect and per. manent life-like appearance special SOFT PALATES for Tender Gums;perfect for Mastication and Speech. COUNTRY PATIENTS SUPPLIED in ONE VISIT, and Railwiy Fare allowed. fcPKCIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REPAIRS, EXTRACTIONS. STOPPING, Ac. TESTIMONIALS. Dr. ANDREW WILSON (late R.N.) says—"1 can re command Mr, Goodman as a verv skilful and humane Dentist His reasonable charges should attract to him all classes." Mr. E. VYSE. of Plaistow, says:—"I am very well pleased with the attention I have received from you. The Artificial Teeth supplied have ziven me perfect satisfaction, as a preTious bet J had from another dentist were by no means com. fortable. I am indebted to Mr. Andrew Wilton, editor of for recommending me to your establishment." Consultation* Free. Specialitv in WHITE ENAMEL and GOLD FILLINGS. AMERICAN DENTISTRY, and PLATELESS PALATES. Before entering look for the GOODMAN and CO., 10, DUKE-STREET, and 56, QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF. i'ONTWKi i>D: 5R. TAKF-STREET (over Glamor- tranahiie Bank). NEWPORT: 12, HANKSWELL BUILDINGS. SWANSEA: 15. CASTLE-STBEET. Hours: 10 to 9 Consultation free. SPECIAL SHOW OF NEW GOODS IN ALL EPARTMENTS AT BERRY & CO.'8 HOUSE FURNISHING WAREHOUSE 34 QUEEN. JGTREET, £ JARDIFF, LARGEST ASSORTMENT, BEST WORKMANSHIP, AND LOWEST PRICES OF ANY HOUSE IN TOWN NEW GOODS Arriving daily, including Latest Designs in Drawing-room, Dining-room, and Bed-room Furniture, Carpets, Bedsteads, Glass, China, and Earthenware, Clocks, Bronzes, Cutlery. Electro Plate, and Fa.ncy Goods. BASSINETTS AND MAIL CARTS TERMS—Lowest posisble prices for cash only. All Orders over £2 carriage paid up t. 100 miles GREAT SUCCESS of our iERINDA POR TRAITS, supplied a.t nett cost of manufactur- to all purchasers of £2 worth of goods. SATISFY Yoim Wil'l'l THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF OUR ADVERTISING COLUMNS THjB CHARGE IS A FARTHING A. WORD. PRESENTATION PASSES TO THE CARDIFF THEATRES. By arrangement with Mr Edward .Fletcher, the enterprising lessee of the Theatre Royal, Cardiff, and with Mr. Clarence Sources, the new lessee and manager of the Grand Theatre, Cardiff, we are enabled to present to our sub- scribers free passes admitting two persons to each of the above places of amusement. DOUBLE TICKETS FOR THEATRE ROYAL. As given by Mr. EDWARD FLETCHER, the enterprising Lessee. DOUBLE TICKETS !i') 1. Qr :C AND THEATRE. As given by Mr. CLARENCE SOUNES, the new Lessee and Manager. SUCCESSSFUL APPLICANTS.. The following persons will, on calling aft the "Evemnsr Express" Office, 56, St. Mary- street. Cardiff, receive the gift for which they applied. If messengers are sent they Jiust be provided with written authority to receive the gift. The full name and adaress of me applicant must in all cases be given. Successful applicants residing It. t a distance must forward 3d. in stamps to cover aost of postage. All gifts must be claimed within Three Days of announcement or they will be for- feited. Manning, (i., 29, Havelock-street, Temperancc Town Byrne, S., 130, Arran-street, Boath Hiscocks, Miss, Trevor House, Clive-st., Grange Morris, D. F., 18, Plantagenet-street, Riverside, I: Waller, H., 6, Clare-road. Riverside. James, A., 87, Tndor-road, Cardiff. C< TPAN LIST FOR APRI 30 Heine, M. A., 36. Oakley-street, Granpetown. Davies, Kate, 158, Cairns-street, C'athavs. Bncfeinijham, 11, Turberville-square, Canton. Davies, L., 35, Ziac-street, Kcath. 1895. SPRING CLEANING. 1895 CARPETS BEATEN by GOLD MEDAL Process. Also taken up and re-laid by Practical Men. CURTAINS CLEANED and Tinted, in our well known style, equal to new, from 9d per pair. WINDOWS CLEANED on Moderate Terms. Note Red Cross on Men's Jackets and on Trucks. WASHING LAUNDERED in a superior manner SHIRTS, COLLARS, CUFFS, &c., A SPECIALITY CARDIFF STEAM LAUNDRY, CARPET AND WINDOW CLEANING COMPANY (LIMITED), Postal Address and OSce 1, MINNY-ST KEET CATHAYS. Penarth Office 19, WINDSOR-ROAD POST CARDS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION 24213 TROUSERS. GUARANTEED PURE WOOL. SCOTCH AND IRISH TWEEDS. TO MEASURE. 12/6 • TO MEASURE. Nothing to Touch Them at the price in Cardiff FIT ABSOLUTELT GUARANTEED. THE CASTLE QUTFITTING CO 16, CASTLE.ARCADE (High-street End), QARDIFF DUCK & SON'S PRICES FOR PURE. DRUGS AND PATENT MEDICINES ARE THE LOWEST IN CARDIFF. SEND FOR PRICE LIST AND SAVE MONET ST: JOHN'S-SQUARE, (CORNER OF THE ARCADE), CARDIFF. e3963 NEWS OF THE WEEK JLH BEST FAMILY NEWSPAPE R -? R. J HEATH AND Sons c ARDIFF, pONTYPRIDD. AND L ONDON, JpiANOFORTE AND ORGAN ERCHANTS, (FROM "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," 9th JANUARY, 1894) "Verdict of Nine. Hundred."—Under this title Messrs. R. J. Heath and Sons, Queen-street, SJardia. pianoforte makers, organ builders. and music ware- housemen, have collected an imposing array of testi- monials and Press opinions relating to the quality 3l the musical instruments supplied by them. The dra is so well known in Cardiff, and, indeed, throughout South Wales and the West of England, that it is IMrdly necessary here to well upon its influence and commanding position. This collection of testimonials serves, however, to do something more than certify to the excellence of the instruments furnished by Messrs. Heath and Sons. It shows, in a sense, how uteadv is the growth among the general public of a desire for a knowledge of music, and how increas- ingly numerous, even in the homes of the working Glasses, are pianos, organs, and harmoniums. Ths great majority of the letters in this list relate to pianos, and while many of them have reference to Jioxt costly instruments containing all the latest Improvements, supp.ted to the well-to-do, the greater number related to serviceable instruments purchased for the homes of the wage earning portion of the community. This growing love for so refining an art as music is a most favou rable sign. For though in the Principality music has for generations been the chief recreation for the people, it has for the most part been choial music in connection with churches and chapeh that has occupied attention. Instru- mental music is now, however, receiving its fair share of attention, and all those in true "sympathv with the art must trust that the movement will go steadily onward. These testimonials have been received from every quarter of the Principality, while not a few come from other portions of the United Kingdom, and some from South America, India, an.1 other distant countries. All speak most favourably of Messrs Heath's business methods as well as of their instruments. R. J. HEATH AND SONS INVITE INSPECTION. FULL If.J.USt'U V''Kf» LISTS AND VERDICT POST FREE. Grand Theatre Booking Oflloe, EP P S S GRATEFUL COMFORTING I BREAKFAST—SUPPER (JOCOA BOILING WATER or MILK t 3393 sESSIONS AND SONS, LIMITED IMPORTERS AND MINI] FACTO HERS OF TIMBER, SLATES, CEMENT, BUILDING MATERIALS, CHIMNEY PIECES, RANGES, GRATES, & SHOW ROOMS: — PENARTH ROAD CARDIFF riTHE CARDIFF MILK SUPPLY X COMPANY Are the largest retailers of milk in the Provinces. They deliver to all parts of the town twice a day. BUTTER, EGGS, RAW CREAM, AND DEVONSHIRE CREAM FRESH EVERY DAY FROM THEIR "MODEL DAIRY." Only the best of everything, so that the public can depend upon having good value.—Address, CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. e4192 ^EATmGS pOWDER." L "KEATING'S "pOWDER." «KEATING'S POWDER," "JJ-EAHNG'S POWDER," This Powder, so celebrated, is perfectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, FLEAS, MOTHS, BEETLES and all Insects (-vhilst perfectly harmless to all animal life). All woollens and furs should be well sprinkled with the Powder before placing away. To avoid disappointment insist upon having Keating's Powder." See the signature of Thomas Keating is on the wrapper, without which you are defrauded. No other Powder is effectual. Sold only in tins, d., 6d., Is., and 2s. 6d. gd~gdT_^pr^p^GER~^pINS 3d. 6d. 1 s. largerT^ !3d, 6d. 1s LARGER frINS d. A.RGER QMNS 3d 6d, Is jjARaER TT B EECHAM'S PILLS. B EECHAM'S PILLS, EECHAM'S PILLS. Worth a Guinea a Box. EECHAM'S PILLS. BEECHAM'S PILLS. -t-) For Bilious Attacks. EECHAM'S BILLS For Nervous pis orders. BEECHAM'S PILLS. For Indigestion in all its forms. BEECHAM'S PILLS. For Wind and Pains in the Stomach. EECHAM'S PiLLS. B For Sick Headache. EECHAM'S PILLS EECHAM'S PILLS Have Saved the Lives of Thousands. EECHAM'S PILLS. For Giddiness. EECHAM'S PILLS. B For Fulness and Swelling after Meals. EECHAM'S PILLS Are Worth a Guinea a Box. BEECHAM'S PILLS. A Wonderf ul Medicine for Females of all Age BEECHAM'S PILLS Are Adapted for Old and Young. AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. ATt'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. J £ AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. J £ AIE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. J £ AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. J £ AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS TT-AYE'S WORSDELLS PILLS They purify the Blood, and as a Mild but effectual Aj.crient are unequalled, an I beyond this they Biace f up the Nei\es and set every (>rgan in Healthy Action, | thus ensuring complete restoration to perfect health. Trey are A CERTAIN CURE for INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, HEADACHE, DYSPEI'SIA, DON- i ST1PATION, LIVER AND KIDNEY COMPI^INTS. i FOR LADIES OF ALL AGES THEY ARE J INVALUABLE. | Of all Cbemfats, Is. lid., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. per Box. i „ e4087 J





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