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k WORK OF EXQUISITE MAGNIFI CENCE." AS HONOUR TO THE LIBRARIES OF THE COUNTRY." 'CREDITABLE TO AUTHOR, ILLUSTRA TOR, AND PUBLISHER." HANDSOMELY GOT UP PORTFOLIO OF PORTRAITS." w ELSH LYJEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, MR, T- MARCHANT WILLIAMS S NEW BOOK, ILLUSTEATED BY WILL MORGAN, THE WELL-KNOWN WELSH ARTIST AND CARICATURIST. Imperial 4to. Printed on Highly Finished ,tout Friction-glazed, Pape r. Handsomely bound in Cloth, Gold Embossed. Price 10s. 6d.; carriage, Is. extra. PRESS OPINIONS. The Welsh and English Press is unani- mous in its praise of this remarkable work. The following are excerpts from some of the criticisms that have already appeared :— -SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. "As far as the get-up is concerned, it leaves nothing to be desired. The portraits by Will Morgan, of "Welsh Review' fame, are worthy of the reputation of the artist. The sketches abound in smart sayings and in barbed witticisms. On the whole, and rant- ing the standpoint of the writer, the book is fair, and deals out equal treatment. • There are any number of good stories in it of Welsh politicians which have never before been published, and the reader will carry away with him a clearer estimate of the characters of the Welsh members and a better knowledge of the inner workings of Wenti polities than he had before. We welcome the appearance of the handsome volume, not only as a credit to a. Welsh publishing firm. but also as evidence of the high character of the Welsh representatives of to-day. FROM 'WALES." "W ebh Members of Parliament. 1894, is something new in Wales. It contains full length portraits of the 34 Welsh members, with a short, racy article on each. It is published at the "Western Mail" Office, a.nd it is impossible to give too much praise to the letterpress or to the way in which the illustrations have been re-produced. The portraits are excellent—the face, the pose, all peculiarities of expression and of dress—and the members of 1894 are brought very vividly before the mind of anyone who has happened to see them. There is an occa- sional dart of the caricaturist—for example, Mr. Herbert Lewis-who is described in the letterpress as a "very, very good young man," and who is really one of the best representatives Wales has ever had-is made to look more like Mephistopheles than Machiavelli. But, undoubtedly, this collection of portraits will be a delight for many a day, and Will Morgan has given himself a lasting place in Welsh history. Mr. Marchant Williams has a way of saying thing*. His stvle is pithy and forcible: if he has to choose between making an enemy and holding his tongue when he has a srood thing to say he generally says the srood thing. It would be a great mistake if Mr. Marchant Williams claimed accuracy as one of his virtues: but. his. I believe, is not one of his mistakes. He cannot be expected to know everything about the immortalised 34; but what he says, accurate or inaccurate, is highly entertaining—except, of course, to the 34 themselves. There is too much in the book about the late Montgomeryshire election and one is made to remember quite well the exact number of the 34 who totally abstain from in- toxicating matter and who cannot speak Welsh. I found the descriptions very interesting, but Vme to the conclusion that rather than have alefie in the Temple of Fame I am content vffifc being, like the author himself, out of Parliament, and out of a certain "set"' he denounces so freely. Mv friends when they see the book say they will buy it. MERTHYR TIMES." "Rarely, if ever, has a Wel*h firm turned out a work of such exoui«ite magnificence as this volume. The cover is a work of art. The printer has performed his part of the work in a, manner that is beyond all praise. In fact the get- 11P of the book would be a credit to any print- ing and publishing firm in the country. The artist also has ion* his work admirably. Air. Will Morgan's form as a character artist has spread ovr all the land. and praise of him sewns almost superfluous. From a mere literary point of view Mr. Marchant Wil- liams's work deserves high commendation. Inane platitudes and fulsome adulation are avoided; the style is piquant and racy, and the peculiarities of our M.P.'3 are handled in a sprightly, genial manner. There is not a dull or unreadable paragraph from start to finish." "SEREN CYMRU." -This is a. particularly nice volume to look j at. and will be a valuable addition to every Welsh family. The portraits, on the whole, axe good. The descriptions by Marchant Williams are neat and comprehen- five. No doubt most of the honourable jrembers will feel that the light thrown upon them is veiy strong. The work of the publishers is all that could be desired. The volume is a credit to them and an honour to the libraries of the country. The Welsh section of the present Parliament is too im- portant to b" inlifFerent to this handsome md popular illustration of it.' "WREXHAM A DYERTISER." The work is admirably printed, and. al- though the political bias is strong, is credit- able to the a.uthor. illustrator, and publishers." "Y CYMRO." A book which we have been expecting for "DAILY TELEGRAPH." A handsomely got-up portfolio of por- traits. The artist has a bold and, on the whole, successful stvle, and his aim has evi- dently been to catch, not merely the features, but the manner of the man without accentuat- ing individual peculiarities as a caricaturist would do. As for the letterpress, if th«re is a long time, and have read with avidity. It is easy to perceive that the author s favourites are those members who in full sympathy with the Welsh people L — lor there is no more faithful Nationalist than *Ir. Marchant Williams.. We do not agree with all that is said S book indeed, we think it would take 50 men to agree with all the statements, many of which are exceedingly original. The volume is of historical value and interest, which will make it readable in years to come. The publishers' work has been most artistically done, and is worthy of the great and famous firm of Messrs. Daniel Owen and Co. A volume of such beauty, rreahneys. and absorbing interest to every Welshman, and withal so cheap, onsrht to any serious purpose in it at all. it is concealed bv a certain flippancy, which, however, renders the book light and readable." sell by thousands. GWALIA." A ntw I wok, which is really worth buy- ing and reading. As to the pictures, which are Mr. Will Morgan's work. the artist has been o successful that he has conveyed not only- the fares of the hon. members, but also the particular bodily ex- pression of each. The pictures themselves a.re well worth the price. The writer of the sketches 33 a roaster of his task. It would be difficult to have written them better. Once you commence reading it is difficult to lay the book aside. Deals impartially with Radical and Tory, pointing out the virtues and blemishes of the one and the other We advise nur readers, especially the vounger portion of them, to buy and read the book." TJ-AN AR "YWYSOGAETH." The volume is an honour to the author and the nublisher^ The first time in the history of the countrv that a similar undertaking has been taken in hand. • • • The ability and aptitude of Mr Marchant Williams are well known, anu he has shown considerable skill and wisdom in this work of his. The pictures also are good and striking Mes«r?- Daniel Owen and Co. have done their nar, of the work, as usual- admirably It is fullv w-Tth the price indeed, one wonders that the work, so well hmmrl and so well got up. could have been published at such a. low price." "THE JOURNAL." A lane and handsome volume. A well trot up book. and will be most interest- ing in the Principality Such a book will always be popular. particularly when ornamental a- well. This great Welsh National Work, on which Author, Artist, Engravers, and Printers have been engaged for upwards of seven months, is Now Ready, and can be •btained through all booksellers, and from the publishers, DANIEL OWES and CO. (Limited), St. Mary-street, Cardiff. The Book is undoubtedly the most elabo- rate worl- of the kind ever attempted, and contains a FULL PAGE PORTRAIT, etched in half-tone, and Biographical Sketch of everv Member of Parliament for Wales and Monmouthshire. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY D. OWEN AND CO. (LIMITED) I CARDIFF. SEPARATE PORTRAITS of the ib-.ve Members, printed on enamelled card and mounted on bevelled mount ready for framing. Is. 6d. each; by post, securely j>a«ked. 2*. ^ufcltratums* BOOKS FOR THE MILLION. TO BE OBTAINED AT w ESTER.N MAIL OFFICE ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. PRICE, Is.; POST FREE, Is. 3d CLOTH BOUND, GOLD LETTERED, PUBLISHED AT 2s. EACH. Actress's Daughter-M. A. Fleming- Alice-Bulwer Lytton. Anna. Lee-T. S. Arthur. At the Mercy of Tiberius. Advice to Young Men. &c.- W. Cobbett. Arabian Niphts. Arthur, T. 8.—Anna Lee. Alden, Mrs—Interrupted. -New Graft on the Family Tree. Alcott. Miss—Little Women and Good Wivei. Ainsworth—Miser's Daughter. Barnaby Rudge-Dickens. Barriers Burned Awav-E. P. Roe. Basket of Flowers and Lena Rivers-Y. J. Holit es. Bride's Fate—Mrs. E. Southworth. Bunyan, ,T.-Pilg-rim's Progress. Bronte, E.—Wutheriug Heights. Bronte, C.—Jane Eyre. -Shirley. -Tenant of Windfell Hall. Bmnett, Mrs.-—Jane Shore. -Cottage Girl. H —Gipsy Bride. Carried by Storm—M. A. Fleming. Changed Brides—Mrs. Southworth. Cottage Girl—Mrs. Bennett. Cottage on the Cliff—Mrs. C. Mason. Cobbett. W.—Advice to Young Men. Cervantes-Doll Quixote. Cockton—Sylvester Sound. —Valentine Vox. Cummins—The Lamplighter- Daisy—E. Wetherell. David Coppertield- Dickens. Dombev and Sou—Dickens. Don Quixote Cervantes. Disowned- Lyt ton. Dickens. C.-Barnaby Rudge. —David Copperfield. Dombey and Son. —Martin Chuzzlewit. —Nicholas Nic-kleby. „ -Oliver Twist. -Old Curiosity Shop. —Pickwick Papers. „ —Sketches by box. De Foe—Robinson Crusoe. Edith Lyle. Edna Browning. Ernest Maltravers—Lytton. Eugene Aram—Lytton- Eve of St. Agnes-Mra. C. Mason. Endless Chain. Evans. A. J.-Vashti. Fair Rosamond—Miller. From Jest to Earnest—Roe. Farmer of Ingle wood Forest—E. Helme. Forest Girl. Forrest House. Fleming, M. A.—Actress's Daughter. „ -Carried by Storm. —Queen of the^a^. Gentleman's Book of Manner*. Sfi Gip-y Bride—Mrs. Bennett. flK Gaskell, Mrs.—Mary Barton. Gretchen—Mrs. Holmes. Gideon Giles, the Roper. Handy Aiidy-Lover. Harry Lorrequer-Lever. Hea.rt Histories and Life Pictures. Her Shield. Heart of Midlothian—Soott. Holmes, M. J.-Basket of Flowers, ko. -Gretchen. -Mildred. Helme, E.-Farmer of Inglewood Forest. Inez—A. J. E. Wilson. Intelice—A. J. E. Wilson. Interrupted—Mrs. Alden. Ivanhoe—Scott. Ingraham—Prince of the House of David. -Throne of David. „ -Pillar of Fire. Jack's Cousin Kate—E. C. Kenyan. Jacob Faithful—Marryat. Jane Eyre-C. Bronte. Jane Shore—Mrs. Bennett. Jessamine. Jew's Daughter. Knight of the Nineteenth Century-Roe. King's Daughter. King's Own—Marryat. Kenyon, E. C.—Jacks Cousin Kate. Ir Living and Loving—V. Townsend. Lady Jane Grev. Little Women and Good Wives Miss Alcott. Little Frolic. Lady's Book of Manners. Lamplig-h ter-C nmmins. Last Days of Pompeii-Lytton. c Lytton, Bulwer—Alice. „ —Disowned. —Ernest Maltravers. —Eugene Aram. JJ -Last Davs of p. ■neii. -Paul Clifford. —Pelham. I' -Rienzi. -Zanoni. Lover—Handy Andv. -Rorv O'More. Lever—Harry Lorrequer. Margies. The—E. J. Moore. Mildred—Hoimes. Macarin—A. J. Wilson. Maria Marten. Marian Grey. Mary Barton—GafkeU. Martin Chuzzlewit—Dickens. Melbourne House—E. Wetherell. Miners Daughter—Ainsworth. Marryat—Jacob Faithful. —Peter Simple. -KinR"s Own. —Poacher. The. Miller. T —Rovstou Gower. Maxwell—Stories of Waterloo. Moore. E. J.—The Margies. Mason. Mrs. C.-Cottar on the Cliff. £ ve of St. Agnes. Naomi—Webb. Nicholas Nickleby—Dickens. New Graft on the Family Tree—Mrs. Alden. Oliver Twist—Dickens. Openinsr a Chestnut Burr—Roe. Old Cariosity Shop-Dickens. Prince of the House of Da vid—- In graham. Poacher. The—Marryat. Pillar of Fire—Tn graham. Pamela—Richardson. -I' Pickwick Papers—Dickens. Passages from the Diary of A Late Physician- Warren. Paul Clifford—Lytton. Pelhnm-T<vtton. Petei JSimpie—Marry at. Pins. N^fdie-, and Old Yams. Porter—Scottish Chiefs. Pilgrim's Progress—Bunyan. Public Reciter. Qt:eec.hv- Warne-f. Qupen of the Tsle—Fleminy. Rienzi—Lytton. Rohinson Crusoe. Rory O'More—lover. Ri,.llardson-P:tmela. ROHton Gower—T. Miller. Rolling Stone. Poe, E. P.—Knight of Nineteenth Cent. Shirley—C. Bronte. Sketches by 130fr- Dickens. St. Elmo—A. J. E. Wilson. Stories of Waterloo Maxwell. Sunday Sunshiny Susan Hopley Sylvester Sound —Ctockton. Scottish Chiefs—Porter. Shadow on ihe Home. Story of Mary. Story o? Mildred Scott, Sir W. -I van hoe. -Heart of Midlothian. Southworth. Mrs. E.—Brides Fate. 3towa. Mrs. Beecher—Uncle Tom s Cabin. Ten Thousand » Year-Warren. Tenant of Windfell Hall—Bronte. Throne of David—Ingraham. Townsend, V.—I-ivinp and Loving. While it was Morning. Thackeray. W. M.—"Vanity Fair. Uncle Tom's Cabin—Beecher Stowe. Vanitv Fair—Thackeray. Vashti—A. J. Evans. Valentine Vox—Cockton. What She Said and What She Meant. Without a Home-Roe. it was Morning—V. F. Townsend. Wuthering H^Kts—E. Bronte. Wonder Gatherer. Wide, Wide WorM-E. Wetherell. Wetherell, E.—Wide. Wid" World. —Melbourne House. -Daisy. Webb—Naomi. Wilson. A. J. E. —Tnez. —Macaria. -St. Elmo. Warren, S.—Passages from the Diiry of a Physician. -Ten Thousand a Year. Burned Away. igublit Compamesu In Accordance with the Provisions of the Company'* Act of Parliament, luterest will be paid during Construction at the rate of 3 per cent. per annum. The LISTS will OPES on TUESDAY, January 29tn, and CLOSE on THUKSDAY, January 31st, for LONDON", and on FRIDAY, lebruary 1st, for COUNTliY APPLICATIONS. PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND JL DOCKS COMPANY. Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament, 31-;t July. 1894. AUTHORISED SHARE CAPITA! £ 600,000. Issue of £ 500,000 in 50.000 Shares of JE10 each, !'arable as follows— 10s. on Application, JSl 10s. on Allotment, and the Balance in Calls not exceeding E2 per Share, at Intervals of not less tha.n Three Months. The Liability of Shareholders is Limited to the Amount of the Shales Held hy Them. PIHECTOIfS. The ItighG Hon. the Earl of DLNKAYEN, K.P., Dunraven Castle, Bridgend, Chairman. Colonel JOHN THOMAS NORTH, Avery Hill, Eltham (Chairman of North's Navigation Collieries). Colonel W1UOHT, J.P. (Chairman Messrs. Wright, Butler, and Co., Limited, Gowerton, Paateg, and Cwmavcn. Steelworks, Gowerton, Panteg, and Port Talbot). S. H. BYASS, Esq.. J. P. (Messrs. R. B. Byass and Co., Tin-plate Manufacturers, Port Talbot). T. E. WATSON, Esq. (Messrs. Pyrnan, Watson, and Co., Steamship Owners and Coal Sliippers, Cardiff, and Director of the Ffaldau Collieries Company, Limited, Garw Valley). Colcrel C. R. FRANKLEN, R.A., J.P., Clemensfcone, Bridgend (representing Miss Talbot, of Margam Abbey, Glamorganshire). BANKERS. THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL BANK (LIMITED), CAKDifc'F, and their Branched, or their London Agents (Messrs. GiYII, Hills, Currie, and Co., 67. Lombard-street). ENGINEERS. J. A. McCOXXOCHiE, Esq., 12, Victoria read, Kensington. P. W. MEiK, Esq., 16, Victoria street, S.W. iUKSTljli BROWN, Esq., Guild-hall-chambers, Car- diff. AUDITORS. Messrs. DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS, and CO., 4, Lothburv, E.C. SOLICITORS. MMsrs. CHESTON and SONS, 1, Great Winchester- street. E.C.. London. L. G. WILLIAMS, Esq., 8. Charlei-strect, Cardiff. BROKERS. Messrs. SOPPER BROTHERS, CO, Throgmorton-atreefc, E.C., London. Messrs. FAITUEULL BEGG and CO., Bartholomew House, E.C., London. Messrs. THACKERAY and CO., Cardiff. SECRETARY AND OFFICES. EDWARD KXüX, Esq., Bank-chambers, Port Talbot. and 1, Great Winchester-street, London. The Port Talbot Railway and Dojke Company has been fornied for the following objects: — (1.) To acquire the existing harbour and dock* a'. Port Talbot, in the South Walea Coal- field, and to equip them with the best modern appliances for the shipment of coal, and for the Import Trade. (2.) To construct a new dock, with deep water lock and pi?rs, and to equip it with nc-.v tips and the best modern appliances for shipping coal, and for the Import Trade. (3.) To construct railways about 15 iniles in length, connecting the extensive coalfields in the Llynvi and Garw Valleys with Port Talbot, and opening up lajgu coaiReide at pI esellt undeveloped. DOCK ACCOMMODATION. The first instalment of the new dock will be nine acres in extent, which will be capable of considerable enlargement at a comparatively small expense. One spt-cial advantage possessed by the Company is that no extravagant expenditure on new docks is likely to be required, as the small new dock will be connected by means of the existing lock with the old dock. This latter contains a water area of 90 acres, the whole of which can be made available for deep water traffic as the trade develops. The outer sill of the new lock is at a lower level than those of the Roath and Penarth Docks at Cardiff and the best dock at Swansea, and will afford a depth of 31 feet at high water of ordinary spring tides. The total area of the Company's dock property exceeds 300 acres It is estimated that, after reserving ample quay space for all the requirements of an import trade, the new dock and the existing dock will provide sites for the erection of 18 coal tips of the most modern type, capable of shipping 4,000,000 tons of coal per annum. The new pier to he constructed to the north-west of the present entrance and the extension of the old pier are designed to make the docks easily acces- sible in all states of weather, and it is confidently anticipated will give the port all the advantages of a gcoddeepwaterPort. The coal tips, dock raihvavs, and dock sidings will he the property nf and will all be worked by the Com- pany. and will l>e so designed that the Great Western and the Rhondda. and Swansea Bay Railway Com- panies will, by arrangement with this Company, have full facilities for handling all import and export traffic. The construction of the new dock will not interrupt the trade now carried on at the present dock. RAILWAY. The Railway will run from Port Talbot Dock through the Dyffryn Valley Coalfield to the important Colliery district of Maesteg in the Liynvi Valley, and thence to a junction with the Great Western Railway at Pont-y-rhyl in the Garw Vallev. The railway will have junctions with the Great Western Railway and the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway at Port Talbot. The Company has by its Act obtained running powers over the Great Western Railway to the head of the Garw Valley, which will allow the Port Talbot Company to have direct access to all existing collieries in that valley. Tlius the Llynvi, Garw, and Dyffryn Valleys, and the Glyncorrwg and Ogmore Coalfields, as well as the Rhondda Valley (access to which is given by the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway), will be brought into direct and closer communication with Port Talbot Dock, and a shorter route will be created to Swansea and the manufacturing district in that direction. The distance to Cardiff, which is at present the principal port of shipment, is 25 miles from the Llynvi Valley and 27 miles from the Garw Valley. The distance to Swansea by the existing route is 29 miles from the Llynvi Valley and 32 miles from the Garw Valley. The distance to Port Talbot will be about 9 miles from the Llynvi Valley and 16 miles from the Garw Galley, thus effecting a saving on the journey to port of 16 and 11 miles respectively all against Cardiff, and 20 and 16 miles respectively as against Swansea, and rendrrins: Port Talbot the natural place of shipment for these valleys. The wholf of the Port Talbot Railway lies within the South Wales Coalfield, and the average distance to the p.ft from the collieries intended to be served by the railway will be only 13 miles. The Barry Railway runs frnm Rarrv Dock for 10 miles before it reaches the coalfield, and the average distance to Rarrv from flip collieries i* 23 miles. Thp Port Talbot Railwav and Dor-k. therefore, offer to frpiq-hters such a substantial advantage in the savins; of tolls, ax compared with every possible com- peting line, that it must he to their interest to "end their traffic over this C'ompnnv's undertaking COAL TRAFFIC. Mr. Forster Brown, Mineral Agent to her Majesty's Commissioner of Woods and Forests, the Ecclesias- tical Commissioners, and the Duchy of Cornwall, whose I exceptional knowledge of the South Wales Coalfield was so remarkably demonstrated bv the accuracy of his forecasts in connection with the'Barrv Railway Company's undertaking, makes the following estimates as to the capabilities of this district:- LLYXVI VALLEY.—North's Navigation, Garth Merthyr, Maesteg Merthyr, and Llynvi Valley Collieries produce 700,000 tons per annum, which T'OKT" '"creased within the next three years to 1,250,000 tons per annum bv developments alreadv in progress. GARW VALLEY.-International, Ocean. Ffaldau Rraichycynimer. Nanthir, Llest Collieries, &c., produce about 700,000 tons per annum, which, with the improved railway facilities, will be consider- ably increased. r I'iJ^'1X, 'ORRWa- AVON, AND OGMORE !M ™^ mTT'iese coalfields now produce upwards ot l.UUU.OOO tons per annum. In the above districts there are 1,000,000.000 tons still undeveloped, besides a large Coal Area at Aberavon now ;n course of development by the Sandhills Company, and actually sur. rounding the Company's Dock. DYFFRYN* VALLEY AND MARGAM ESTATE.- Here th.re are 375,000,000 tons of undeveloped coal, which it is anticipated will be opened out immediately railway communication is established. .Negotiations are now in progress for sinking two pits to the Steam Coal measures in the Dvffrvn vallev. RHONDDA VALLEY.-The shorter distance to Port. will slni -st certainly secure a portion of the output from the collieries in the neighbourhood of rreherhert. frIh*' .Cr'T nP V fi^rantees cf traffic from the following collieries:—North's Navigation, A Merthyr. Maestecr Merthyr, Llvnvi Vallev Ocean, Ma»lau, and Llest Collieries, while as to the Marsram Estate, which comprises more than 20 000 acr.« nf coal Miss Talbot has inserted in her leases and will undertake to insert in future leases cove- nants compelling lessees to shin at Port Talbot'50 per cent, of the output destined for shipment nie best guarantee for the success of the under- taking hes however, in tile fact that Port Talbot is to* njftira! and moed economical outlet for one of the nchest portions of the South Wales OalflHd. to which f 1' ° m':e« nearer than Cardiff or Rirrv ,nd n to zo miles nearer than Swansea. The Port Talbot Kailnav will put an end to the excessive cost of eonnnjunieation witJl the sea and with the creat cenfrea of inland consumption, which has hitherto retarded the full development of this important, coal area his will be clparlv seen on reference to the afpom- nanmng man. on which the area in aueotjrtn u eol-nired erey. OENETTU, TR AFFIC. In addition to coal, n 1arare passenger traffic and a considerable import traffic in pitwnod. copper ore snd pb'tTlndT :7* 'ni*rp are 7 tin- Plate and cnvipor work; ,n active operation ,t p„rt fraW ;lA::rTn' ^i '*r-*iT,wa,<i ^twar* trarno mav he depended u-n from the important snirltin? ,-r,rh nf the U'o Tint. rnmranv an(fth; Co" rvm T1 W°rV* Wright. ltiitler, and Co. ('wm SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS. ihe Company has acquired from Miss Talbot 154 acres of freehold land adj iltz the docks, in con- sideration of a royalty of ,d. per ton on all minerals and foods shipped to and from the docks The Company has unlimited rights r4 user of this 'and which surrounds the dock, and will afford ample and convenient upace for the erection of works and ware- houses. and for everv possible requirement. This ar^iiv.-nnent is materially better than the corre- sponding arrangements in existence at Cardiff, Barry, in I Penarth. The pxistintr Harbour and DrY'k Works have been acquired for the sum of £ 50,600, payable in Ordinary hlures of the Company, and the Company have secured frrm Miss Talbot a lease for seven years from ti:c 25th March, 1S95, at a rent of £ 1,000"a year, of the wharf and land fthirtv-four acres in extent), w.tli 4,500 feet of wUer frontier, now in the oceupa- tien of Messrs. Wright, Butler, and Co., and with the option of acquiring her interest therein at anv t ine during the tfonn at the price of £ 30 000. SHARE CAPITAL. Of the authorised Sh.ire Capital o«f le600 030 the Company has issued £ 53.600 for the purchase of !,iie existing Dock, and £ 13,400 is reserved to be i-sued for the purchase of land and the erection of additional Coal-tips when required. The Directors have received undertakings from Miss Talbot and othe- persons of undoubted stability to apply for and take at par. without any under- writing commission, £ 480,000 of the present issue in the event f an insufficient puiiiic subscription- but no preferential allotment will be made except to freighters. The Company has thus arranged that nearlv the whole of its Capital shall lie subscribed without the payment of anv promotion moriev or underwriting I ;un\.08'J'I. and. with the nr(')(:liew of the Debentures t pibltr Companies* it will have funds more thin sufficient to secure the completion ot t,he Railway? and Dock. EOR ROWING POWERS. The Company is authorised to raise £174,000 capital by debentures or debenture stock, which will be issued at a rate of interest not exceeding 4 per cent. COST AND COMPLETION OF WORKS. Messrs. Pearson and Sons, Contractors, of West- minster, have entered into a. contract to construct the whole of the dock and railway works without any, extras, at a fixed lump sum price of £527,000. By this contract Messrs. Pearson and Sons undertake all risks of construction of every kind and undertake to hand over the whole of the railway works com- pleted within two years, and the whole of the dock works wittii-i three years, of the commencement of the works, and to maintain all works for twelve months after completion. ESTIMATED REVENUE. The Company will he secured in a large and grow- ing Coal tralfic, both bv substantial Colliery guarantees and hy the fact that the undertaking will afford a more direct and less costly communication ■vith Coal Ports than any existing or possible competitive route. A history of similar undertakings in South Wales de- monstrates (as will he seen from the following tahle) that these conditions must result in substantial profits. Prices Per Cent. January, 1895. Last Half- 4 p.c. year's Deben- Pre- Ordi- Divid'nd tures. fer'nee nary Stock. Stock. -1-1-1- £ I;t; £ Barry Railway Com- pany 10 p.c. (4 D.C.) 132 241 Bhymney Railway 137Jxd Company 7J p.c. (4 p.c.) 137J 205 Taff Vale Railway 156Jxd Company 3J p.c. (3 p.c.) 136xd 80 'equal to 108xd equal ,8i p.c. on to 200 |the old for the Stock. Old ,8i p.c. on to 200 |the old for the Stock. Old Stock Ti e Taff Val» and Barry Companies are Dock Owners, and the accounts of the latter go to show that their dock is the more remunerative part of their undei taking. Mr. Forster Brown estimates that on completion of the Dock and Railway works 1,250,000 tons of coal per annum will be shipped at the docks, and that two years after their completion the shipments will increase to 2,000.000 tons. £ 30,000 of Capital will be reserved for the erection of additional tips to deal with the increased tonnage. The smaller quantity., with the import and passenger traffic, may be expected to yield a revenue of 64 per cent., and the larger quantity a dividend of 10 per cent., after providing for Debenture interest. The amount from time to time paid up during the construction of the works will bear interest payable out of capital at the rate of 3 per cent. per annum during the period limited by the Act for the construc- tion of the works, and not exceeding in the whole the sum of £ 75,000. Copies of the Act of Parliament, and of the Con- struction Contract, can be seen and other information obtained at the offices of the Solicitors of the Com- pany. Application for shares must be made on the ac- ccmpanving form, and forwarded with a deposit of 10s per Share to the Bankers of the Company, or to the Secretary at the offices of the Company, on or before the dates named at the head of this Prospectus. Application will in due time be made to the Stock Exchange for an official quotation. Prospectuses, Maps, and Forms of Application can be i"btained of the Bankers and Brokers, or of the Secretary of the Company. January 23rd, 1395. Xo PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND DOCKS COMPANY. To the Directors of THE PORT TALBÜT RAILWAY AND DOCKS COMPANY. Gentlemen,- Having paid to the Company's Banker* the sum of E-, l)eing a deposit of IN. per Share 011 Shares of B10 each in the above-named Company, I request you to allot me that nvniher of Shares upon the terms of the Company's Prospectus dated the 23rd day of January, 1895. And I hereby agree to accept the same or any less number that mav be allotted to me, and to pay the further sum of El 10s. per Share upon Allotment as provided hy the said Prospectus. And I authorise you to register me as the holder of the said Shares. Name in full Address Description Date 1895. Signature The Directors will accept applications made upon this form gent to the Secretary or the Bankers. 34916 Business Çtbbrt5sts. A RTI F I C I AL T EE T it, COMPLETE SEf ONE GUINEA. ."■INGLE TOOTH 2s. 6d. Five Years' Warranty. Prize Medal. GOODMAN & CO. 13, DUKE-STREET, and 56, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH PAINLESSLY FITTED by Atmospheric Suction, at one-third their usual charges. No Extractions necessary; perfect and per- manent life-like appearance; special SOFT I'ALATES for Tender Girus; perfect for Masticatioii and Speech. COUNTRY PATIENTS SUPPLIED in ONE VISIT, aDd Railway Fare allowed. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REPAIES, EXTRACTIONS. STOPPING, &c. TESTIMONIALS. Dr. ANDREW WILSON, (late R.N.) MyB- can reconiBksnd Mr. Goodman as a very skilful and humane Dentist His reasonable charges should attrace to him all classes." Mr. E. VYSE, of Plaiatow, says:—"I am very well pleased with the attention I have received from you. The Artificial Teeth supplied have given me perfect satisfaction, as a previous set 1 had from another dentist were by no mean. com- fortable. I am indebted to Mr. Andrew Wilson, editor of 'Health,' for recommending me to your establishment." Consultations Free. Speciality in WHITE ENAMEL and GOLD FILLINGS. AMERICAN DENTISTRY, and PLATELESS PALATES Before entering look for the n&me GOODMAN and CO, 10, DUKE-STREET, and 56, QUEEN-STREET. CARDIFF. i'ONTYP»:M)D: t>8. TAFF-STREET (over Glamor- iranshire Bank). NFAVPORT: 12. B A N KSWELL-B (HLDINGS. SWANSEA: 15, CASTLE-STREET. SWANSEA: 15. CASTLE-STREET. Hours: 10 to 8. Consultation free. TROUSERS. GUARANTEED PURE WOOL. SCOTCH AND IRISH TWEEDS. TO MEASURE. 12/6. TO MEASURE. Nothing to Touch Them at the price in Cardiff FIT ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED. THE CASTLE OUTFITTING Co 16, CASTLE-ARCADE (High-street End), QARDIFF For a Tlcl.Tig Throat, a Hacking Cough. •r a Cold on your Chest, you cannot do baiter than prescribe for yourself. 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The arm is so well known in Cardiff, and, indeed, throughout South Wales and the West of England, that it is hardly necessary here to well upon its influence and commanding position. This collection of testimonials serves, however, to do something more than certify to the excellence of the instruments furnished by Messrs. Heath and Sons. It shows, in a sense, how oteady is the growth among the general public of a desire for a knowledge of music, and how increas- ingly numerous, even in the homes of the working classes, are pianos, organs, and harmoniums. The great majority of the letters in this list relate to pianos, and while many of them have reference to .no.«t oostlv instruments containing all the latest improvements, supplied to the well-to-do, the greater numher related to serviceable instruments purjhased lor the homes of the wage-earning portion of the community. Thi, growing love for so refining an art as music is a most favou rable 811(n. For though in the Principality music has for generations been the chief recreation for the people, it has for the most part been choral music in connection with churches and chapels that has occupied attention. Instru- mental music Is now, however, receiving itA fair share "f attention, and all those in true sympathv with the art must trust that the movement will go steadily onward. These testimonials have been received from every quarter of the Principality, while not a few come from other portions of the United Kingdom, and some from South America, India, and other distant countries. All speak most favourably of Messrs Heath'# business methods as well as of their instruments. R. J. HEATH AND .SONS IVTITE INSPECTION. FULL ILT.rsTIf hn LISTS AND VERDICT POST FREE. Grand Theatre Booking OIBee. pjEECHAM'S PILLS. JgEECHAM'S PILLS, BEECHAM'S PILLS. Worth a. Guinea a Box* BEECHAM'S PILLS. For Bilious Attacks. BEEOHAM'S BILLS JD For Nervous Disorders. BEEOHAM'S PILLS. 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Chemist, Pontmorlais, and Georgetown^ -Lloyd, Chemi¡¡t, Oxford- ¡ street..oung. Chemist, High-street, Cannot lit, lrorn other Chemists. N.B.-None genuine unless hparing "G. D. Horton," in red across each label. Letters answered free. MANUFACTURER, Horsforth, Offers Lis Own Goods direct from the Loom at Mill Prices, viz. — Serges. Fancies, Cashmeres, Bieges, Meltons, Mantle Cloths, Patterns sent free on application. Save all intermediate profit. Special Lot of Dress Meltons, all shades, at per yard. Address—MANUFACTURER. HORS- FORTH. NEAR LEEDS, Business gfoiirastfg. X STOP ONE MOMENT. X Ob, dear doctor. must my darling die ? There is very little hope, but TRY ONE OF THE MOST REMAJRKA.BLE R EMEDIE OF THE AGE. rjlUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT JgALSAM OF inr ONEh Thousands of children have been saved from an untimely death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY No Mother should neglect to keep this Infallible Remedy in the House ready for any emergency. Remember that it is wiser to check a slight Cough at the commencement than to all ow it to develop into a lingering complaint. DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE IT TO THE BABY, Over 4,000 of Testimonials to hand from all parte o the World. r IT IS MORE THAN GOLD TO ME. My wife desires me to convey her best wishes for the success of your Balsam of Honey. It has been of great benefit to our little ones, who suffered from Bronchitis and Coughs during the last two most in- clement winters. It gives them instant relief. iurther, our medical attendant, Dr. JVnes, quite concurs in the frequent use of the Balsam when occa- sions require.—Yours faithfully, JOHN WALTER MORGAN, Esq., Brynheulog House, Hirwain. THE BRITISH ARMY SPEAKS HIGHLY OF IT During the twe years that our Regiment were in Pembroke Dock I used your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey, and found that there was not another Cough and Lung Cure on the British market equal to it. Send me on a case for my friends at ONCE.—Band- sergt. W. 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